PR: Google GOMO and iLoop mobile team up to provide mobile web services and solutions


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iLoop Mobile teams up with Google GoMo to help enable businesses with mobile Web marketing

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PR: Google GOMO and iLoop mobile team up to provide mobile web services and solutions

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Google GoMo and iLoop Mobile team up to provide Mobile Web Services and SolutionsiLoop Mobile teams up with Google GoMo to help enable businesses with mobile WebmarketingSan Jose, CA—November 1st, 2011—iLoop Mobile, an industry leader for mobilemarketing solutions and services today announced they have teamed up with Google fortheir new GoMo initiative to help businesses “go mobile” with tools and resources formobile Internet sites and marketing.Google GoMo ( is a Google-led initiative dedicated to helpingbusinesses reach their customers or audiences via the mobile Internet. GoMo offers a hostof services, information, and industry resources to facilitate entry into the exponentialgrowth opportunity offered by mobile Web access.On Google’s GoMo website, businesses can use the GoMoMeter tool to see how theirwebsites look and perform on mobile devices, and receive personalized recommendationsfor developing a more mobile-friendly experience for their sites. The GoMo online websitehas information about current mobile trends, best practices for launching mobile sites, anda select list of providers—of which iLoop Mobile is a member—to help companies andagencies build sites for mobile.“We are very excited to be a part of this Google initiative, and see it as an ideal way to helpthe market reach the mobile consumer,” said Steven Gray, COO at iLoop Mobile. “Ourparticipation in helping Google enable businesses with the unparalleled power of trulyuntethered, anytime, anywhere mobile Web dovetails perfectly with our mobile siteservices and solutions. Combining Google’s massive reach and knowledge with theexpertise and experience of premier mobile Web developers like iLoop Mobile brings greatbenefits to businesses seeking to engage with their customers via mobile Web.”
  2. 2. For Google’s GoMo, iLoop Mobile offers strategy for mobile Web marketing, mobile sitedesign/management, and sophisticated site performance analytics. The services andsolutions can fit the needs of both large and small companies across different verticals.iLoop Mobile has helped tier-one publishers, media companies, brands and agencies withsite planning, creation, content management and analytics to address a wide range ofvertical specific needs for content publishing, CPG, retail, hospitality, health care andautomotive. Full professional design services including HTML5 are available, as well as aself-service platform for site creation/management offering both an easy-to-use drag anddrop site builder, and access to a code editor to program more specialized sitefunctionalities. iLoop Mobile’s mobile site solutions also feature site and content deliveryoptimization, an integrated CMS, and APIs for outside Web services. ###ABOUT ILOOP MOBILEAs the leading mobile marketing service organization, iLoop Mobile offers brands, agencies andmedia companies access to the world’s best mobile platform and the industry expertise to gowith it. iLoop Mobile’s core values are an unwavering commitment to its customers, anunshakeable commitment to innovation and an on-going commitment to educating the mobilemarketplace. iLoop Mobile’s solutions include SMS/MMS marketing and messaging, mobilecoupons with point of sale integration, CRM based messaging, location-based services andtargeting, mobile sites and apps, mobile content delivery, and APIs that permit a wide range ofother mobile services. iLoop Mobile offers its solutions platform as a self-service SaaS (softwareas a service) license with strategic professional services when needed.CONTACT: Virginie Glaenzer | virginie dot glaenzer at iloopmobile dot com - Cell: + 1 408-799.8194. Social Channels: Twitter: @iloopmobile, Slideshare