Newsletter: October 2011


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In this issue, you’ll find the following topics:

- Budgeting for Mobile Marketing
- Using 2D Barcodes in Mobile Marketing
- Event: MMA Forum
- Tip of the Month
- Deal of the Month
- Press Release


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Newsletter: October 2011

  1. 1. Offering brands, agencies and media companies the worlds best mobile solutions and industry expertise since 2004Hello Everyone,In this months newsletter, well be covering some key ideasto support creating budget space for mobile marketing. You In This Issuewill find market data and strategies to give you a basis for October 2011starting or augmenting your companys investments inmobile marketing.  Budgeting for Mobile MarketingSince 2004, iLoop Mobile has been a key player in helping  Using 2D Barcodes in Mobilecompanies successfully engage with their customers via the Marketingmobile channel. Our company was a founding member of  Event: MMA Forumthe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to establish  Tip of the Monthinnovation and leadership in the mobile marketing industry  Deal of the Monthworldwide.  Press ReleaseTwo common challenges we hear to adopting mobilemarketing are "we want to engage in mobile marketing butwe dont have a budget," and "we dont know how toincorporate mobile marketing with our current overallmarketing plan." Upcoming Webinar:This month were offering some market data, and a feweasy steps to help your company start mobile marketing. Learn how 2D BarcodesThis is just the tip of the iceberg, we encourage you to visitand use as a resource our free Mobile Marketing Resource and Mobile Phones canCenter where a library of market data, and vertically Bridge the Digital andorganized mobile marketing information can be easily Physical Worldssearched.It is part of our companys mission to help customers,partners and the market in general understand the When: October 27thopportunities in mobile marketing. Time: 10am PSTLet us know if there are other specific topics of interest Paul Cunnington, Microsoft directoryoud like us to cover in the future. TAG products management and Michael Ahearn, iLoop Mobile VPBest regards, strategic marketing will dive into theVirginie Glaenzer Microsoft Tag opportunity andDirector of Marketing explain how it fits into a mobile marketing strategy.
  2. 2. Mobile marketing is important Eventsnow: look at the data Meet with us at the MMA Forum on Nov. 17th in Los Angeles, CA.Today, it is a basic fact that the mobile channel is Michael Ahearn will be presentingubiquitous: 83% of US adults own cell phones and nearly one of the pre-conference sessionsthree-quarters of them (70%) send and receive text on mobile marketing.messages. Almost half (45%) are using MMS for imagesand videos (ComScore Aug 2011).Due to the overwhelming mass of information we receive ona daily basis, the mobile channel stands out particularly forits personalization and convenience: 31% of these text Tip of the Monthmessaging users prefer to be contacted via text whensomeone needs to reach them. Eight CRM tips for Better Mobile Engagement:Mobile display ads underline how mobile has become a Tip #1: Mobile CRM is notpreferred channel for consumers in brand engagement. For advertisingtelecom, mobile ads achieve six times the performance ofPC online browser-based ads. Read more.Now, combine mobile marketing with a social mediaexperience and the opportunities skyrocket: 53% of activeadult social media users follow a brand, and almost 40% of Newssocial media users access social media content on mobilephones. Put two and two together and in this scenario you 9/12/2011: iLoop Mobile Partnersget 100! Read more. with Dialog Health LLC to Shift Healthcare Communications from PUSH to PULLStarting mobile marketing iseasyAs we know, getting budget approval for mobile marketing Deal of the Monthrequires data to support the investment. Weve just touchedon arguments above to support this, but just look around East coast campaign: text VIOC5 toyou and the evidence is clear, major brands and their 58720 for $5 off oil change atexecutives have no doubt that mobile is the future of their Valvoline.customer engagement. Do you want more deals?The next step in adopting mobile marketing is to select Text ILOOPDEALS to 44264goals, which are measurable, for engaging your customers and see the best mobile marketingor audience that will provide confidence to your company campaigns in Top three goals using mobile marketing are: 1msg/wk. Msg&DataRatesMayAply. Reply HELP 1. Increase sales: customer acquisition, ARPU, for help, Reply STOP to cancel. (877) 561-8045 loyalty, retention, cross sell and up-sell 2. Increase brand recognition and awareness 3. Reduce costs in customer service, customer support and customer marketing itselfWith this in mind, the final step is to figure out how much Connect with Usbudget youll need to accomplish the marketing objectivesyouve identified. Mobile marketing campaigns can be asaffordable, a few thousand dollars for basic but effectiveSMS initiatives to much higher investments in evergreenbrand environments like a brand site or app. Checkout Lexus mobile experience on your smart phone.