Newsletter: Happy Holidays, December Edition


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Happy Holiday to everyone.

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Newsletter: Happy Holidays, December Edition

  1. 1. Offering brands, agencies and media companies the worlds best mobile solutions and industry expertise since 2004Dear Reader, December 2011First, everyone here at iLoop Mobile would like to wish you and your In This Issuefamily a happy and healthy holiday!Looking back at 2011, this year will be remembered as key for mobile,  Leadership Thoughts: Fivesocial and integrated marketing in general. As you have probably 2010 Key Takeaways andobserved over the past several years, marketers have been touting "the Four 2012 Best Practicesyear of mobile—Well, its pretty much happened.  Recent Press ReleaseThis year has seen mobile marketing go from "hype, desire and dabbling"  Past Webinarsto a channel that has taken a seat at the CMOs table. While overall  About Usmobile marketing spend is still small compared to other channels, it hasbecome a basic fact that mobile is now mission critical to any business ormarketing organization, requiring much more attention and certainly moreresources and budget. Recent Press ReleaseThis year, weve witnessed three events that have dramatically matured 12/05/2011: WAU Movil Choosesmobile marketing and bridged the gap between early mobile adopters and iLoop Mobile As Mobile Marketingthe emergence of mobile as mass marketing: Provider  The now deep market penetration of smart phones, creating a significant consumer desire and appetite for all things mobile and mobile web  The growing adoption of Android lowering the cost of smart Past Webinars phones and tablets, making them affordable to many Did you miss one of our webinars?  The adoption of social media by brands and consumers creating View all our past webinars here. new behaviors and expectations regarding relationships with brands and products You can also view and download deck presentations on ourReviewing 2011 in Numbers with Five Key Takeaways: Slideshare Channel.We reached 5.3 billion mobile subscribers in 2011—thats 77 percent ofthe world population. 86% of US mobile users use their mobile phonewhile watching TV, and one third of users access Facebook from a mobiledevice. By 2014, mobile Internet is projected to surpass desktop Internetusage (The International Telecommunication Union).Takeaway #1: Still think you dont need a mobile optimized website?Feature phone sales still outnumber smartphones 4:1 (IDC) worldwide.Takeaway #2: If your mobile strategy doesnt include feature phones, itdoesnt include a large chunk of your customer base. Connect with UsSMS is the king of mobile messaging with 8 trillion text messages sent in2011. But consumers are also rapidly embracing mobile email, IM andMMS. Application to person SMS (A2P) such as automated alerts frombanks, offers from retailers, and m-tickets is expected to overtake personto person SMS in 2016 (Portio Research).Takeaway #3: Is your opt-in CRM database ready to embrace the mobilerevolution?
  2. 2. 71% of smartphone users who see TV, print or online ads do a mobilesearch (Google/Ipsos).Takeaway #4: Will they find your mobile site or your competitors? About Us iLoop Mobiles solutions includeThe average download price of a mobile app is falling rapidly on all SMS/MMS marketing andvendor app stores, except Android. 1 in 4 mobile apps once downloaded messaging, mobile coupons withare never used again. point of sale integration, CRM basedTakeaway #5: Dont ignore key basics of mobile marketing for the glitz of messaging, location-based servicesan app. and targeting, mobile sites, HTML5 and apps, mobile content delivery,Unless an app offers critical functionality that only an app can provide to and APIs that permit a wide range ofyour target users, invest in a long term integrated mobile marketing other mobile services. iLoop Mobilestrategy with mobile messaging (SMS/MMS) and an optimized mobile offers its solutions platform as a self-site. A smart phone app is not a mobile marketing strategy. service SaaS (software as a service) license with strategic and professional services when needed. 2012: Looking Ahead With Four Mobile Best PracticesDesigning a mobile marketing strategy is not simply a collection of isolated mobile campaigns. It involves theintegration of mobile into all your digital and traditional marketing channels.At iLoop Mobile, we spend considerable resources sharing our knowledge. Here are some specific, actionablebest practices that apply well for mobile. With social media and mobile technologies evolving almost everymarketing practice, youll see marketing priorities to be more and more focused on personalization, relevancy,and sharing capabilities.Best Practice #1When targeting a specific market, know your customer or audience. Miller Coors launched Coors Light using theNational Puerto Rican Day Parade highlighting the word "Emborícuate" which translates "Become Puerto Rican"in Spanish. However it can also be interpreted as "Emborráchate," or to get drunk. An online controversy startedand the company ended up donating $75,000 in scholarships to the National Puerto Rican Day ParadeFoundation.Best Practice #2Stay focused on what makes you different. For the new Fiat 500 launch, despite the impressive piece of media,the car maker forgot to tell the basic story, why I would want to buy this car. View the video here.Best Practice #3For consumers to respond to the overwhelming amount of information they receive, more than ever youll need tocreate personal communication that is simple, straight to the point and compelling. Mobile video and textmessaging have proven to be more efficient and effective media to connect and engage with customers. Theirimmediacy is a big advantage, with SMS/MMS messages being read within 4 minutes of reception.Best Practice #4Make your content sharable. Friends, family and colleagues have become the "gold standard" point of referencewhen deciding to buy something. Enable your customers to share the content or messages they find valuabletheres a good chance the people they know will find them valuable too. Take advantage of the fact the mobileand social media make the barriers to word of mouth vanish.At iLoop Mobile, we have the mobile experience and expertise to make mobile and new media work for you.2011 saw us surrounded by the best of the best in mobile marketing thought leadership, leveraging our existingin-house expertise with market leading partners such as Lenco Mobile for MMS, Locaid for LBS, and Webtrendsfor analytics.2012 should be an even more amazing year and we are excited to continue the journey with you.Warm regards,Virginie Glaenzer,Director of Marketing