How to use Mobile Marketing In 4 simple stepsFreeMobileMarketing is an easy-to-use free online marketing service that allo...
Guidelines and Responsibility for marketing message usingFreeMobileMarketing.netFreeMobileMarketing is a free, community s...
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Product: How to get Started with Mobile Marketing for Free


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A step-by-step guide on how to get started with mobile marketing for free.

All you have to do is sign up, customize and advertise!

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Product: How to get Started with Mobile Marketing for Free

  1. 1. How to use Mobile Marketing In 4 simple stepsFreeMobileMarketing is an easy-to-use free online marketing service that allows businesses to send specialoffers, coupons and games using SMS. This test service is meant for people interested in trying out basic SMSmarketing. Although standard text messaging rates apply, there is no charge for the service or the short codekeyword available on a first-come, first-served basis. 1 | Create Free Account 2 | CustomizeSign-up on Your message can contain up to 140 characters. Edits are instant and the possibilities are endless.Fill the online form, agree to terms and click register. FreeMobileMarketing is not an alert subscription: it is aYour username is a unique keyword short code so be one-time SMS transaction. You can use it for coupons,creative and short for people to easily remember. special offers, games and more. Up to 250 people per month can receive your messages. This service doesn’t3 | Advertise include reporting or database access. Use our print in-store flyer; add it to business Coupon Special offer Game cards or in a triangle center piece. Congrats! Congrats! Clue #1 Get 10% off Free appetizer What fish has your next for one dinner the most purchase purchase sodium? 4 letters, 408 931 6875 starts with T Show to cashier Use Social Media Channels Update weekly Facebook page and send daily tweets 4 | Make it Fun but be Responsible like: Make sure to notify your employees to keep tally of how  “Text “SUSHI” to 20757 for a special discount to our many people use and make it fun to use for your loyal customers” customers! Please, read next page for appropriate  Check out our new specials! Text “SUSHI” to 20757” content. So be creative and let us know how we can help you increase your business!What People are Saying“Our restaurant competes with other places and we are Jared Mendiola of Fresh Cold Produce, a video productionalways looking for creative ways to reach out to customers,” company in Santa Clara, California, said: "Now that I usesaid Jun Chon, Owner and Executive Chef at the BlueFin, I can reach out to more people while Im on theJapanese Restaurant, located in San Jose, California, go. Sometimes I forget to bring business cards to the events I“FreeMobileMarketing helped us kick off our social media go to, and this is an innovative new way to spread the wordmarketing. It’s easy to customize and easy for our customers about my use. We are doing a mix of weekly specials and games,like txt clue hunt, where every week customers text our short Standard Message & Data Rates May Apply. Terms of Servicecode SUSHI, collect clues to find a word and win prizes.” Powered by
  2. 2. Guidelines and Responsibility for marketing message usingFreeMobileMarketing.netFreeMobileMarketing is a free, community service where many businesses share the service on a single short code for trialmobile marketing campaigns and mobile marketing education. This means that you as a user can affect the service as awhole, in the sense that the service can be interrupted due to any inappropriate content. SMS campaigns are run on carriernetworks and the carriers themselves audit messages within the service, and reserve the right to shut off all campaigns onthe short code if inappropriate or non-compliant content appears in any message sent by any user of FreeMobileMarketing.We expect all users to use the service responsibly so that the community as a whole is not negatively affected. Usingcommon sense usually will suffice, but here are guidelines and regulations as to the “dos and don’ts” for your marketingmessages:Inappropriate Content: The use of inappropriate content in SMS campaigns is strictly prohibited. Below describesinappropriate content. Campaigns that offer inappropriate content may be terminated. Wireless Carriers Reserves the right toclassify any material as inappropriate.Wireless Content Guidelines Classification CriteriaMobile content will be classified as Restricted Carrier Content or Generally Accessible Carrier Content based on existingcriteria used to rate movies, television shows, music and games. Content is generally considered “Restricted” if it containsany of the following restricted content identifiers:  Restricted Carrier Content o Intense Profanity o Intense violence o Graphic depiction of sexual activity or sexual behaviors >Nudity o Hate speech o Graphic depiction of illegal drug useAny content that has not been classified as “Restricted Carrier Content” will be considered “Generally Accessible CarrierContent” and will be subject to be available to all consumers.  ProfanityUse of profanity in products that can be exchanged through the use of SMS technology is strictly prohibited. Lyrics,Wallpapers, Song Titles, SMS alerts, and moderated SMS interactive communications containing profanity must be removed.If a particular piece of content is incomplete without using a profane word, it is permissible to offer this product only after theword have been altered to be less profane (i.e. Sh*t)  Drug Use Any reference to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other controlled substances is strictly prohibited. This includes verbal and nonverbal actions in which a person could conclude that promotion of drug use is intended.  Sexual Conduct Content of adult nature is not allowed. Adult nature includes sexual explicit images and textual communications that are sexual graphic.  Sexual Explicit Images:- No exposed breast or genitalia either cartoon or real, is permitted to be offered.- No images meant to insight sexual activity may be offered. This includes images depicting any sexual act.- Textual Communications: Any controlled communications between a campaign and subscriber must not contain contentthat could be considered sexually explicit. Content directed at encouraging sexual acts or to excite a subscriber in a sexualway is not allowed through SMS premium services.