Deck webinar: Last minute mobile campaigns for the holidays


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Deck webinar: Last minute mobile campaigns for the holidays:
Summer is speeding by and before you know it, "back to school", Thanksgiving and Christmas will be on all marketers' minds. Don't find yourself at the end of December asking why you've let another year go by watching your competitors brag about their mobile enabled campaigns.
Don't read about how mobile marketing was executed for this year's Holiday Season, be part of it. This webinar will give you the info and ideas on how to mobile enable your traditional Holiday marketing channels without headaches or busting the budget. This year's Holiday shopper (like last year's), will be mobile. Make sure you are too.
It's not too late plan mobile enabled campaigns for Q4 2011 if you get started now. This webinar will help you explore mobile opportunities that easily integrate with your Holiday marketing strategies and objectives.

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Deck webinar: Last minute mobile campaigns for the holidays

  1. 1. Last Minute Mobile Campaigns for the Holidays MDA Men’s Stores Gift idea for dad: Hugo Ideas for last minute mobile enabled Boss dress shirts with marketing campaigns for the holiday season Euro open collars are in 2011. Survey of target consumer needs and this year. 20%off today behaviors, marketing objectives and only at all stores. campaign types and ideas. Prepared by: Michael Ahearn, VP Strategic Marketing Angel Evan, Director Mobile Strategies
  2. 2. About iLoop Mobile•  Industry leading technology and services make it fast and easy to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns and content delivery initiatives worldwide McDonalds: Enjoy one•  Award winning iLoop Mobile Platform for creating FREE Small McCafe. Code 34d83w Exp.1/6/10 Text state-of-the-art SMS campaigns, mobile sites, mobile HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel. coupons, and other mobile marketing initiatives•  Industry leader in mobile marketing strategy, managed service campaign delivery and professional services•  Campaign design that achieves mission critical marketing objectives, answering the individual needs of customers•  Customers include Fortune 500 brands, agencies, media companies, and other tier-one companies
  3. 3. By the Numbers: Mobile Phone Penetration & Use Total mobile subscribers US: 234M All Subscribers Youth Demo 13-24 Smartphone 33% 38% Feature Phone 67% 62% Use apps 39% 50% Use browser 40% 54% Use email 34% 41% Use SMS for marketing 27% 44% Access Social or Blog 29% 48% Watch TV or Video 7% 11% Comscore 2 month period ending May 2011
  4. 4. Shoppers: Requested In-Store Mobile CapabilitiesPlease rate how useful the different pieces of information wouldbe to you when you are shopping in a store (% very helpful)Feb 2010 Communispace In Store Mobile Experience Survey
  5. 5. Smart Phone Penetration US smart phone penetration Dec. 2010: 27% 34% US SMART PHONE PENETRATION TODAY* Highest % age demos of smart phone users: 25-34 year olds @ 27% 35-44 year olds @ 21% Gender splits 53% male / 47% female *Comscore 3 month average ending June 2011
  6. 6. Smart Phone Penetration Market penetration by end of 2011... 50% Looking Ahead to Q3 2011 Estimates: Mobile Subscribers: 300M+ Smartphone User Base: 150M Mobile Internet Users: 120M Mobile Video Viewers: 90M Neilsen Nov. 2009
  7. 7. By the Numbers: Mobile Shopping & Smart PhonesMobile Shopping: The mobile phone is THE shopping companion today 79% Have used a smart phone to help with shopping To find a retailer 54% To compare prices 49% To get promos or coupons 48% To read reviews or product info 44% 74% Have made a purchase on smart phone Google/Ipsos OTX Dec. 2010
  8. 8. By the Numbers: Smart Phone Usage In a typical week…. 81% 77% 48% Browse the Use a Watch video Internet search Google/Ipsos OTX Dec. 2010 engine
  9. 9. By the Numbers: Mobile Smart Phone Search 71% Users search as a result of seeing an ad —online, phone, TV, print, in-store etc. 400% Growth in mobile searches the past year Google/Ipsos OTX Dec. 2010
  10. 10. By the Numbers: Mobile Search is Local 30% Mobile smart phone searches are local 95% Smart phone users have looked up local info Call a business 61% Visit a business 59% Make a purchase 44% 88% Local info seekers take action within a dayGoogle/Ipsos OTX Dec. 2010
  11. 11. Who are Prime Holiday Mobile Targets?•  Black Friday Maniacs: It’s the Price Stupid! §  Deal hunters for mobile coupons and promotions §  Don’t make last minute decisions on where they are going to shop•  Busy Moms: The Designated Family Shopper §  User reviews for products using mobile site as resource §  List management: generate gift lists of products with the nearest store §  Ongoing messaging through Nov/Dec to keep your store/products top of mind•  Last Minute Males: Desperation Shoppers §  Help with ideas on what to buy •  SMS/MMS keyword opt-in or mobile site for gift suggestions with promo/coupon offer •  Gift Matcher via keyword (husband, child, daughter etc.) §  Mobile promo or coupon incentive offers •  Incentives may be decider on where to buy (Macy’s vs. Nordstrom) •  BTW the gender response is near even split 48% male, 52% female §  Research on the go or in-store via mobile internet: store finder, price comparison, select products for holiday promotion etc.•  Couch Shoppers §  They’ll be using every mobile/social channel in shopping behavior
  12. 12. Top Uses for Mobile in Retail
  13. 13. Marketing Objectives for Mobile Holiday•  Using Standard ROI Measurements §  Increase Sales: spike store traffic §  Spike KPIs: amplify KPI with mobile enablement §  Decrease Cost: not a real ROI goal, holiday campaigns are more short term•  Increase Holiday Promo Awareness §  Facilitate participation in holiday product promos §  The Holiday Competition: Make your holiday promos the one’s they go for (ex. Toy industry Walmart vs. ToysRUs vs. Target etc. competing for same customer with same products)
  14. 14. Marketing Objectives for Mobile Holiday•  Customer Service & Support: Make Shopping Easier §  Store location §  Price comparison §  Store hours §  Product availability & inventory (not database integration but simple click call, published inventory information on popular or hard to get items)•  Provide Product Info to Close Sales §  Provide all info customer requires to make the purchase (Ikea, Bev Mo) §  Improve POS communications: use mobile as hyper shelf talker•  Cross Sell & Up Sell•  Less Important Marketing Objectives §  New product awareness §  Loyalty & retention
  15. 15. Shopper Helper Case Story•  Simplify food and wine pairings with in-store mobile “wine guide”•  Text the desired food type, cuisine, specific dish or main ingredient to 411511 (ex. CASSOULET to 411511)•  Data sent to food pairing database for reply SMS•  3 wine pairing choices are sent back via SMS•  Helps shoppers with immediate advice, overcoming “wine choice overload” when dealing with store shelves•  Promoted in retail stores with shelf talkers and neck hangers on product itself•  Simple yet effective example of using SMS to reduce pain of choosing matching customer with the right product
  16. 16. Last Minute Campaign IdeasOpt-in for Ongoing Messaging: 12 Days of Christmas §  SMS or MMS alerts §  Message every day with gift ideas, can be segmented each day for different types of people you’d need to buy for §  Option: discreet keywords for possible gift recipients (dad, mom, uncle, girlfriend, grandmother etc.) §  With suggestion give promo info or coupon offer—loss leaders to drive traffic and increase basket size §  Option: mobile site with deal of the day, gift idea of the day, gift recipient categories (gifts for dad etc.), gift search engine §  Coupons §  Promotional ads §  Event info §  Give-aways §  Downloads
  17. 17. Last Minute Viral Campaign Ideas•  Stocking Stuffers §  Simple coupons and promo messages sent from retailer §  Option to advertise them as viral “forward to your friend” promos similar to email “friends and family” holiday promos•  Santa’s Little Elves Jordan’s Jewelers §  “Send to a Friend” peer-to-peer SMS/MMS messaging Dear Jim, §  PC Web or mobile site page allows customer to send We got Stacy’s list to Santa. Jewelry is at the top of her list for to another user a “Santa’s Elves” hint on what they Xmas. Santa and our store worked a deal for 20% off all diamond want for the holidays which is a promotional offer or tennis bracelets this weekend coupon only. Regards, The Elves §  Example: wife sending hint to husband she wants jewelry—retailer enables variety of promo offers she can auto-forward to husband §  Can be simple SMS, SMS with link to graphic coupon with QR code, or graphic coupon with unique keycode for single redemption only §  Option for message personalization/addressing
  18. 18. Holiday Mobile Microsites•  Simple mobile sites for holiday exclusive offers and interactivity §  Concise, limited holiday product promotions—position them front and center §  Products marketed as “gift selection” §  Tie in to circular promotional strategies §  Key is to keep it simple, focused to fit the exact holiday needs of customer §  Great end of year item for marketing budget §  No upkeep required or additional resources post holiday period—site has finite shelf life
  19. 19. Holiday Mobile Microsites•  Key mobile site components §  Product descriptions as gift assortment, gift ideas or special holiday products §  Inventory §  Store locator with hours §  Reviews/user reviews §  Alert sign up for holiday messages and ongoing messages past the holidays—excellent time to start/ build mobile alerts database for upcoming year §  Santa’s Elves hints UI to forward to a friend §  Facebook/social integration to post gift hints on user’s own wall or someone else’s wall
  20. 20. Lowest Hanging Fruit: Easiest Holiday Campaign•  Mobile Coupons or Promotions §  SMS or MMS §  Keyword + short code opt-in §  Expiration date on coupons/promos §  Can be publicized in traditional media to drive store traffic, or drive specific product sales with in-store promotion of mobile coupon keyword•  Redemption Scenarios §  No POS redemption tracking, just show the message with general promo deal (e.g. percentage off all items) •  No limit to number of redemptions §  Simple POS redemption/tracking with ASCII redemption code in SMS that corresponds to barcode paper sheet scanned by cashier at POS §  Option of full POS integration for redemption/ tracking with SMS coupons redeemed with phone number on standard debit card pads, full QR code delivery scanned at POS, bonus card integration and more…but need to start today
  21. 21. Mobile Search Ads•  We Highly Recommend Paid Mobile Search Ads §  All mobile users are searching for holiday product purchases on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.) §  All the advantages of online paid search available on mobile device §  Click thrus really count because good chance the customer is outside shopping and looking for info §  Increasing uptake and success for mobile search advertising— experiencing year on year growth of 27% §  Click to call mobile search ads show 6-8% better click thru rate than ads without a number or URL associated with it* Mike Steib, Google quoted in Mashable July 20, 2010
  22. 22. Just Silly Fun Stuff for the Holidays•  Text to Santa §  Keyword SANTA sends SMS from Santa to user §  Sponsored by brands and retail stores, can be promoted in-store §  Promotional messages can be inserted about events, products, services, promotions etc. §  Some brand affinity (remember, the dancing elves CGC cards…this was integrated into OfficeMax’s online site last year)•  Mobile Christmas Cards §  Mobile or online site with branded Christmas cards that are personalized and sent peer-to- peer…images, animations, even videos via MMS or mobile site pages•  Holiday Themed, Branded Rich Media Delivery §  Video, animations, special video ads etc.
  23. 23. Thank YouVisit to learn how we can help you mobileenhance your holiday 2011 marketing.Contact (408) 907-3360 and we ll help youget started. h"p://twi" h"p:// h"p://­‐‑mobile h"p://