Deck Presentation: Mobile Statements, Billing and Payments


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Discover the efficiency and cost saving of mobile enabling customers and patients’ communications. See how SMS, MMS and mobile web can augment or replace some of your key business and healthcare communications and processes.

We'll cover the following topics:

•Mobile Statements: What it is, why it works and how you can use it to reach your target consumer
•Key use cases for mobile statement campaigns and how they address different marketing and business objectives
•Key success metrics that should be tracked

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Deck Presentation: Mobile Statements, Billing and Payments

  1. 1. Mobile Statements | Billing | Collections | PaymentsPart of the iLoop Mobile Webinar SeriesDecember 15, 2011
  2. 2. About iLoop Mobile•  Industry leading services and solutions make it fast and easy to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns and content delivery initiatives worldwide McDonalds: Enjoy one FREE Small McCafe.•  Award winning iLoop Mobile Platform for creating Code 34d83w Exp.1/6/10 Text HELP for help. Text state-of-the-art SMS/MMS campaigns, mobile sites, STOP to cancel. mobile coupons, CRM & LBS segmented messaging, apps and other mobile marketing initiatives•  Industry leader in mobile marketing strategy, managed service campaign delivery and professional services•  Campaign design that drives consumer engagement that achieves mission critical marketing objectives, answering the individual needs of customers and industry verticals•  Customers include Fortune 500 brands, agencies, media companies, and other tier-one companies
  3. 3. About Lenco Mobile MMS SOLUTIONS & SERVICES o  Mobile Coupons & Promotions o  Mobile Billing, Statements & Payments o  Rich Media Delivery•  Programs for customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction, and video/rich media delivery for publishers and media companies•  Experience: delivered over 500+ million MMS worldwide and launched thousands of campaigns•  Unsurpassed technology, campaign creative, marketing knowledge and list management to achieve client and vertical specific marketing and business goals•  Carrier grade infrastructure with device detection for optimized performance•  Direct Tier 1 carrier connections for deployment worldwide•  CRM segmented messaging & LBS•  Comprehensive QR and Microsoft Tag integration for opt-in•  Analytics to measure campaign performance
  4. 4. Disadvantages of Paper Statements •  Long time lag to reception •  No confirmation of receipt •  40% of mail never reaches the recipient* •  Cost of paper and impact on environment •  Wasted postage •  No tracking* Statistics based on research conducted by the Ellerines Group
  5. 5. Disadvantages of Online/Email Statements•  Additional security software may be required for email with access codes complicating user experience•  Delivery of online/email statements is not guaranteed, many never reach the recipient•  Internal email servers may block delivery to recipients—high percentage (60%) of email is blocked by corporate spam filters•  Delivery reports are inaccurate—they are solely based on successful submission to the delivery server
  6. 6. Disadvantages of Online/Email Statements•  Delivery to a “correct” email address assumes receipt was successful and the mail was read…but many people have multiple email accounts, many of which are not used•  Delivery does not account for responses to the statement, and doesn’t report if it was read•  Online statements are still considered insecure due to high rate of online fraud…viruses, malware and many other avenue to hack in•  For users without secure or private Internet access, shared terminals and “over the shoulder” access is psychological barrier for adoption•  Requires Internet access
  7. 7. Advantages of Mobile Statements•  Reliable delivery of statements in an absolutely secure channel—the customer’s private phone. It’s on their person, with security passwords, and far less likely to be hacked than a computer•  Increase customer satisfaction indexing•  Improve collections and reduce bad debt•  Delivers statement information directly and instantly to customers in MMS graphic rich format—no lead time•  5/5/5 Customer Reception Axiom: 5 days for paper, 5 hours for email, 5 minutes for mobile•  9 out of 10 people receiving the message will open it and take action•  Most people have one cell number, and never change it (unlike email)•  Offers consumers convenience for budget planning, spend tracking and error detection anytime, anywhere that is device independent with no need for Internet connection•  Personalized for each individual customer much like a paper letter•  Integrates easily with mobile web for full account access for transaction history
  8. 8. Advantages of Mobile Statements•  No Printing, No Paper: mobile statements are 70% less than the direct cost of paper statements with lowered carbon footprint•  Enables inexpensive, high volume delivery•  Complete Measurability: delivery report proving reception of statements by the consumer•  Device independent and no Internet connection needed•  Fully integrated with secure mobile sites with customer’s account information—cell phone numbers are unique and cannot be faked or duplicated bypassing the need for extra security requirements•  Ideal for financial services, health care and customer care applications
  9. 9. Mobile Statements SystemNo Additional Development RequiredMobile offers a unique approach to the implementation, where customer identity remains secure while allowing usaccess to their required information for statement generation. A simple RSS feed to a secure server will ensurestatements are sent out via an automated process every month.
  10. 10. Mobile Statements: ReportingMessage Status Summary* Campaign Example
  11. 11. Push Statements: Enrollment Process 1. 2. 3.Short codes can be Enrollment can be After enrollmentused in traditional incentivized via mobile statementsmarketing channels special offers. are sent out via anfor on & offline to automated processdrive opt-ins. every month. Merchandise Sweepstakes Tickets Account Credit Music Content
  12. 12. Push Statements: Fulfillment Process 1. 2. 3.After enrollment Customers view Mobile sites linkedmobile statements, their secure mobile to the mStatementcustomized by statements and can contain anyhandset capabilities, have the option to desired webare sent out via an also view more content based onautomated process content on a mobile the needs of theevery month. site. Reporting is user and the available to ensure company issuing deliver and receipt the statement. of the message.
  13. 13. Pull Statements Options SMS to Site: Personalized SMS with site link in SMS to site PIN entry. 53626 Hi Mr Venter. please click on this link to access your statement www.jstfer?sde/ Credit SMS to Site: PIN can be provided by user via SMS as part of opt-in before link to site is sent or…. SMS to Site: Personalized link directly to site statement. Mobile number is used for user validation. SMS to MMS: direct to MMS using phone number as userDirect Option: Direct validation.access to site via URLwith PIN validation. SMS to MMS: PIN provided by user via SMS as part of opt-in before MMS is sent.
  14. 14. Multi-faceted Customer Engagement Mobile Statement Options With mobile statements, customers can click-to-call from the text portion of the message and connect with call center representative to resolve account issues or can be directed to a mobile site and resolve the issue themselves. Statements can be scheduled to balance call center scheduling needs. Mobile statements work seamlessly across different handsets. Demo: Text PAYCHECK to 53626
  15. 15. Mobile Statement (MMS) Live Demo 53626 Credit Text CREDIT to 53626
  16. 16. Mobile Statement (MMS) Live Demo
  17. 17. Financial Services: Mobile Statements
  18. 18. Flow Diagram: Delivery to Mobile Phone
  19. 19. Mobile Statement & Collection Phase 1: Statements•  Uses ongoing Mobile Statements as seen earlier as direct account summary/alert communications•  Immediate reminder of outstanding amounts for overdue customers, and balance for current customers•  Receipt of statement can be verified and reported, to know which customers have received statements and which have not•  Initial statement serves as first “soft” reminder in the collections process without pressing the customer
  20. 20. Mobile Statement & CollectionPhase 2: Friendly Reminder•  Implemented 5 days after initial receipt of Mobile Statement•  Addresses customers at risk of not paying their installment on time•  Personalization give the message a friendly tone but with a resolution call to action•  Link at the end of the message redirects customer to the Collections Mobile Site
  21. 21. Mobile Statement & Collection Phase 3: Collections Mobile Site•  Provides customer with overview of account status and outstanding balance•  Notification of how many days until next payment, or days payment is overdue•  Offers customer alternate payment date•  Alternate payment date is fed back to the bank to manage an control repayment expectations, and to follow up if re-scheduled payment is not made•  Customer can opt to be contacted directly by a call center customer service agent for more repayment options•  Note: mobile interaction process has offered many self-serve options for customer account and payment management before ever resorting to costly agent interaction, which is limited to a bank controlled, limited interaction
  22. 22. Mobile Statement & Collection Phase 4: Reminder SMS•  With information gathered in Phase 3 (repayment options/commitment) bank can monitor repayment date scheduled•  On day of repayment, bank can send an SMS MobiBank would like to to remind customer of commitment to pay remind you of the agreed repayment date to settle the outstanding•  SMS reminder prompts repayment as installment on your required, or monitors a response from the account. Should you have customer should their be issues any queries, please contact at (877) 333-2322.•  The alternate call to action gives the customer Reply STOP to stop. the positive experience of offering options to make arrangements should they be unable to make the installment
  23. 23. Statements & Collection Phase 5: Second Reminder•  If the repayment has not been resolved by the SMS reminder, an MMS with a more stern tone is sent insisting on payment before additional measures are taken•  This MMS is sent 5 days after the second repayment date has been missed•  This is the final stage in the Mobile Collections model, if there is no response to this MMS a call center agent will call the arrears customer
  24. 24. Mobile Statements: CRM & ReportingPhased Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer communications is customized for each phase in customer relationship management, with data indicatingsuccess metrics for each phase.
  25. 25. Why Mobile Statements for Health Care•  Decrease operating costs for delivering health care related statements or information•  Deliver time sensitive content (from health care provider to patient or vice versa)•  Offer 24/7 access to medical information•  Make internal and external organization/enterprise communications more efficient—e.g. information delivery within a hospital or from a health care organization to doctors or pharmacists•  Offers immediacy of communication or interaction…no time lag•  Everything that happens is measurable with verified delivery•  Important Factor: HIPPA compliance with patient data in mobile channel
  26. 26. Health Care Statement (MMS) Live Demo 53626 Medbill “CREDIT” To 53626 Text MEDBILL to 53626
  27. 27. Health Care Statement (MMS) Live Demo
  28. 28. Basic SMS Customer Service Statements•  Received an order•  Invoice has been sent Hi Mr Venter.•  Money transfer has been sent or received•  Product availability Hi Joe,•  Transaction verification Your money transfer was picked up by Sarah today transfer # 6332241221•  Shipment has arrived•  Any other statement or information
  29. 29. Customer Service Statements & Billing MMS: Retail Customer Accounts Mobile Site
  30. 30. Case Study: Carrier & Tax InvoicesDuring 2010, a mobile carrier engaged with a national tax agency (IRS type government agency)seeking to improve efficiencies in the provision of tax invoices to their customers. One of the optionsidentified was the delivery of monthly tax invoices to customers using MMS. The program was set upwith the following provisions: •  Targeted at a limited number of customers •  Sending of an introductory message to the selected customers •  Parallel distribution of the electronic and paper based invoices •  Provision of an opt out mechanism to selected customers •  Follow up on a random sample of the selected customers to evaluate the success of the program •  Formal report back to the IRS agency with success measurements Intro Statement Sample Statement Sample
  31. 31. Case Study: Carrier & Tax InvoicesDelivery DataSCRUBBED DATA TOTAL Identified recipients after opt out and device compatibility check 189 775DELIVERED Total Distributed 189 775SUCCESSFULLY RETRIEVED Successfully delivered and confirmation of retrieval by customer 146 437 receivedUNCONFIRMED Successfully delivered but no confirmation of retrieval by customer 43 335 receivedUNSUCCESSFUL DELIVERY No delivery to customer 3Customer Feedback SurveyDid you receive your March invoice via MMS?89% of the respondents indicated that they had received the invoice via MMS. Thiswould indicate that a large percentage of the invoices reported as Unconfirmed abovewere indeed successfully delivered. 0%11%On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent, how would you rate the Rating1MMS invoice?89% on 5 or 4, with no ratings lower than 3, it is clear that the MMS invoice was well Rating2received by the targeted customers. Rating3 58% 31% Rating4Would you be satisfied with the MMS invoice as a permanent replacement forpaper version? Rating577% indicated they would be satisfied with the MMS invoice as the default service.
  32. 32. Case Study: Carrier & Tax InvoicesEnvironmental ImpactThe environmental impact of producing and shipping your paper bills, statements, and payments eachyear per 100,000 customers is:Paper 67,200 Pounds of 1,181,376 Miles driven in your This amount of paper car consumed Greenhouse Gas is the equivalent 60,000 Gallons of gasolineTrees 806 Trees of: consumed consumed 13,680 Trees planted (andGreenhouse 1,174,718 Pounds of grown for 10 years)Gases greenhouse gases produced 4,8 Acres of deforestation 209,088 Square feet of 587 Tons of deforestation greenhouse gases produced Solid Waste 3,828 Household garbage bags filled by wasteWater 640,927 Gallons of from paper production wastewater prevented from discharging into 2,73 Dump trucks filled by lake, streams waste from paper and rivers production 1 Olympic size Gasoline 21,722 Gallons of gas swimming pools consumed by mailing filled with waste bills, statements, and water payments.
  33. 33. Thanks, we’d be glad to answer any questions and schedule ademo of the our solutions and services.Contact: (408) 907-3360