Gender presentation


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Gender presentation

  1. 1. There is no need for temples,No need for complicated philosophy…Our own brain, our own heart – is our temple; The Philosophy is kindness…
  2. 2. Celebrating DiversityMakabagong Kasarian
  3. 3. Baby Boy Baby Girl When a person is born,they are immediately classified as a baby boy or a baby girl..
  4. 4. And everybody ishappy because all issimple and clear…
  5. 5. There are males FemaleMale and females..
  6. 6. Woman You have XX for females Man and XY for males.. and we all live happily XX ever after.. XY
  7. 7. Turner Syndrome Only one fully functional X.. And now we find out there are females who lack sex-determining chromosome..
  8. 8. Klinefelter’s Syndrome XXY SyndromeOr males with So without theiran extra X choice - they arechromosome also females biologically..
  9. 9. Swyer Syndrome XY chromosome pattern in females Natalie Kirk who found out that she had Swyer SyndromeAnd individuals who have female appearance and femaleexternal genitalia but with an XY chromosome. This chromosomeoccurs 1 in 30,000 people because of gene mutation.
  10. 10. Is it really just either male orfemale? Biological Sex… is based on…1. CHROMOSOME…. XX or XY (?)… .. and then sometimes …. ….X only.. or XXY also..2. EXTERNAL GENITALIA… GENITALIA penis or vagina.. or… both… 
  11. 11. Hermaphroditeswith both male and female reproductive organs
  12. 12. Is it really just either male or female? Biological Sex…1. CHROMOSOME…. XX or XY… CHROMOSOME ….X only.. or XXY also..2. EXTERNAL GENITALIA… penis or vagina.. or… both…  THERE IS MORE DIVERSITY IN BIOLOGICAL SEX!.. who says biological sex truly come only in two forms?
  13. 13. Swyer Syndrome XY chromosome pattern in females Jeanne Nollman is married with two adopted teenage children. She is trying to help other children and their parents learn and embrace their “gender”Improved understanding of gender identity led to shift inmedical strategies.. Before, what a child looked like fromthe outside and how they were raised would define theirgender. Now, Stanford’s Center for Biomedical Ethicspermit people to choose their gender or be both and its ok. ok
  14. 14. ZOE BRAIN (intersex) A Rocket Scientist from Canberra, Australia. He was born in 1958 and is happily married since 1981. He fathered a son in 2001. As he grew older, his physical features turned into that of a female’s...he said..“How was I to know I was different? ”
  15. 15. People like me have been described as the spawn of Satan.Well, how does one argue against that? I can show that I’ve led a pretty decent life, that I’ve contributed to society, that I’ve tried to be a good parent. But society, in return, has largely denied my very existence
  16. 16. Intersex “But for my partner….having your husband turn into a woman before your eyes is shattering. And what do I tell my son? This is miraculous, and wonderful, and hilarious, and terribly tragic too.” “So, what am I? After the transition I really wondered about this. Am I male? Am I female? Am I some sort of mix?You know, what the heck, at the end of the day , I’m me!”
  17. 17. Intersex a general term used for a variety of conditions in which aperson is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy thatdoesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of male or female - with ambiguous genitalia -diff. physical conditions like congenital adrenal hyperplasia, progestin induced virilization, androgen insensitivity syndrome etc. -..aka.. Hermaphrodites
  18. 18. Hermaphroditewith both male and female reproductive organs
  19. 19. Hermaphrodite… from a woman…
  20. 20. to aman With both male and female reproductive organs
  21. 21. …so… does sex determine gender ?Biological sex .. refer to the biological characteristics that distinguish female from male … chromosomes, gonads, hormonal mix, genitaliaGender… refer to the social, psychological, and cultural definitions of woman / feminine and man / masculine … refers to expectations for men & women.. example… feminine woman... gentle, long hair, soft-spoken, pretty … masculine man… mascular, aggressive
  22. 22. Gender ….is dictated by SocialInstitutions We grow up learning the “masculine” or “feminine” ways of acting.. Family Peers Community School MediaChurch Statebut… not all females are feminine and not all males are masculine..
  23. 23. …so… does sex determine gender ?Biological Sex Gender physiological characteristics socialized gender roles - chromosomes - attitudes - external genitalia - behaviors biologically determined?? socially constructed “male” and “female” .. “masculine” and “feminine” and the intersex… and those in between?
  24. 24. Gender… ways of acting…Is gender really just either masculine or feminine? Is gender unchanging or fixed ? Is it really based on biological sex?but … what the culture has divided into “masculine” or “feminine” ways of acting are simply human behaviors, which all people are capable of expressing… … men can be gentle and women can be goal-oriented…
  25. 25. Gender as PerformanceGender… is a way of acting the body…“one executes it, institutes, produces and reproduces it, wears it, flaunts it, hides it, but always stylizes it in one way or another.” (Butler, 1989)… We ‘do’ Gender… we don’t ‘have’ one .. - gender is something that people ‘do’, it is an accomplishment, a performance… what we present to others, our actuations - it is not something we have.. it is not something inborn, or even internal..When a woman acts coy or cute, she is ‘doing’ gender…When a man acts tough and insensitive, he is ‘doing’ gender…
  26. 26. Dad wears skirt to support dress-wearing son Nil Pickert’s five-year-old son enjoyed wearing dresses when their family lived in West Berlin. Dad said “ I didn’t want to talk my son into not wearing dresses and skirts. He didn’t make friends in doing that already and after a lot of contemplation I had only one option left: To broaden my Father shoulders for my little buddyof the Year and dress in a skirt myself.”
  27. 27. Dad wears skirt to support dress-wearing son Dad says he’s trying to raise his son to believe he doesn’t have to conform to social expectations just because of his sex. “I’m not one of those pseudo-intellectual daddies that rambles on about studyinggender justice, and then, as soon as the child is born, falls back into the comfortable and clichéd gender roles.”
  28. 28. Transgenderedrefers to anyone who blurs traditional gender lines(i.e. transexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers, drag queens, gender benders/blenders, androgynes, etc.)
  29. 29. Transgendered DEAN SPADE   Raised in rural Virginia by a single working mother on welfare, Spade was exposed early to injustice, poverty, and sexism. When she was 14 and his mother died of lung cancer, she was left in the care of two sets of foster parents.  Spade was once arrested simply for trying to use a mens restroom in Grand Central Station. Even though she broke no law, he was held in jail for 23 hours. "We have to walk through the world with a lot of fear and trepidation, not knowing when someone will victimize us," he said.
  30. 30. Transexual- individuals who have chosen to live as amember of the sex other than their own birth sexsome undergo physical changes, while others chooseto retain the physical body of their birth sex
  31. 31. Transexual After living in England for 5 years,Mianne Bagger from the age of 3, Miannes family moved back to Denmark where she, and her parents, started playing golf at Holstebro Golf Klub in 1974. Bagger moved to Australia in 1979. In 1995, she had sex reassignment surgery. In 1998, she returned to golf, as an amateur in Australia.She caused media stir in 2003, when she played theAustralia Womens Open and attempted to join theAustralian Ladies Professional Golf association (ALPG).
  32. 32. " she said. "I would not feel comfortable competing if I felt I hadan advantage. From what I have experienced and from themedical research I have read, there is no advantage at all. All I want to do is carry myself with dignity.“ " There is a lot of misunderstanding about transexual women in society. I cant blame people for that. Why would people know anything about it? There is not much else I can expect, really. But if they want to talk about it, I am pretty open about my situation, explaining what goes on and what changes happen to the body. I would like people to have all the facts before they judge me."
  33. 33. One’s sex is not necessarily relevant to one’s gender performance..Biological Sex …. is diverse… XX, XY, X, XXY..Gender… can be any behavior… along the continuum… of feminine to masculine behaviors…Biological sex and gender…. (intersex, hermaphrodite, transgender, transexual) It’s okay for men to cry, to be gentle, loving and kind…
  34. 34. Sexual Orientationbased on the sex (same or other) of the people towhom one is emotionally and sexually attracted toStraight… referring to heterosexual identity … people attracted to the opposite sex..Gay… usually a term for men attracted to other menLesbian…a term for women attracted to other womenBisexual…a person who is emotionally and sexually attracted to either male or female serially or simultaneously
  35. 35. To Parents who Discover their Child is Gay.... When you hit puberty and your hormones kickin you realize that you find the opposite sexattractive.. Its not different for gay kids, they hitpuberty and realize they are attracted to the samesex.... It has nothing to do with choice.. You can choose choiceto be a theif or glutton but you cannot alter the wayyou are made.. Your child has not chosen to feel thisway and they just grow up gradually realizing theyare different as their sexuality developed.. You’renot so different yourself when you find yourselfattracted to the opposite sex..
  36. 36. To Parents who Discover their Child is Gay.. Science already proves that there is Geneticpredisposition in the growing fetus which issubjected to a certain set of hormones in the womb... Ask any gay person and they will usually say theyfelt different to all the kids growing up whichsuggest that our sexuality is hardwired before birth.... They are good kids but they are made to feeldirty, unworthy and shameful aboutsomething they have no control over..
  37. 37. To Parents who Discover their Child is Gay.. Adolescence is such a difficult time as it is foreveryone and yet - gay children have to face theadded fear of rejection, perhaps even scorn andabuse.... Every Religion basically conveys loving oneanother, being good people and making your ownanotherlife and other people better.... Remember the golden rule.... Take it to heart.... Live it!
  38. 38. Biological Sex – Gender – Sexual OrientationXX, XY, XXY, X, To whom one is attracted to.. … could be of the same sex or of Intersex, the opposite sex… HermaphroditeGender… can be any behavior… along the continuum… of feminine to masculine behaviors… male masculine attracted to a man female feminine attracted to a woman male feminine attracted to man/woman female masculine attracted to a man hermaphrodite female-male attracted to a man
  39. 39. When Cynthia was born, doctors took their best guess asto whether she was a girl or a boy, and a surgeon alteredher ambiguous genitalia to match. Cynthia has breasts, a vagina, and the Y chromosome of a man. She was born with the chromosome; the breasts are largely the result of hormone therapy and the vagina is partially a surgical creation.
  40. 40. Her father seemed to bear a burden of anxious guilt for years, she says. Her mother “was an emotional basket case about anything about me.” And the price they paid to protect her was to uproot themselves and leave both sides of the family behind in Chicago. “I love my dad and I’m very interested in keeping my relationshipwith him,” she says. “But there’s a chasm with my dad. He loves meand he wants to have a relationship, but there’s this space between us. It’s his shame, his embarrassment, his pain. It’s ‘Look what we did to you.’”
  41. 41. Intersex Four decades after being assigned to the female gender, Cynthia has entered a many-layered coming-out process. It entails gradually letting people at work understand that “there’s a reason I never have a time of the month when you see me take my purse into the ladies’ room with me.”
  42. 42. And then I fell in love… with…. Farrah.. My father was like.. ‘You’re a girl.. People will think you’re a weirdo.’ I was like.. ‘What do they have against Farrah?’ You realize now that I am an XY individual, so I was just being an average guy.But it looked to him like I was into something homoerotic. And it was just my body telling me what I liked.”
  43. 43. Are they differentcompared to us?
  44. 44. So whatif they are different???
  45. 45. So what if you are different?
  46. 46. INSIGHT, I believe, refers to the depth of understanding that comes by setting experiences, yours and mine , familiar and exotic , new and old, side by side, Learning… by letting them speak to one another – Mary Catherine BatesonIt’s the most unhappy people who most fear change..
  47. 47. At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time. – Friedrich NietzscheYou are a unique being.. No one will ever be like You.. Just Stand Up! 
  48. 48. There is no need for temples, No need for complicated philosophy…Our own brain, our own heart – is our temple; The Philosophy is kindness …
  49. 49. Season Three of Korea’s Next Top Model featuresamong its cast of aspiring fashionistas Choi Han-bit,who is transgender. Ee Choi, 26, studied traditional dance in college. With the support of Choi’s parents, she received gender- reassignment surgery six years ago and changed her name, which means “ray of sunshine.”
  50. 50. In a 2009 interview with Korea Times, she said “self-confidence” was her coping mechanism for dealing withintolerance: “I have found many sexual minorities whodistanced themselves from society to avoid public exposure,”Choi explained. “I would like to advise them not to hide and[to] come out. With a fear of public attention, it’s all butimpossible to change people’s attitude toward us.”
  51. 51. Firework.. Download for video
  52. 52. To Parents who Discover their Child is Gay.. Genetic predisposition.. Homophobic society.... Your head is filled with misinformation.. It has nothing to do with choice.. Its part of nature..Why.. We don’t know..Homophobic society.. Its taken all of your child’scourage and trust in you to finally tell you the truth
  53. 53. They are exactly the same person they were beforeThere is homophobia in the world.. And I hope we don’t get it from youMisinformed prejudices that our society engendersLack of acceptance, love and support..They want the same as you – to find a mate that they can fall in love with and share their lives with..Wealth of human love that exists in this planet..
  54. 54. Biological Sex... is also based onGONADS …. Ovary or testesINTERNAL GENITALIA … uterus or vas deferenceHORMONAL MIX… testosterone…SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS … facial hair… breasts… THERE IS MORE DIVERSITY IN BIOLOGICAL SEX!.. who says biological sex truly come only in two forms? … Male or Female ?