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Android devs, meet real world
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Android devs, meet real world


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A presentation from the Mobile Barcamp in Ljubljana, 2011

A presentation from the Mobile Barcamp in Ljubljana, 2011

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  • 1. Android developers, meet real world Life lessons of mobile business Jan Isakoviččetrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 2. The world, as seen by some devsčetrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 3. Application development + = Idea Technical knowledgečetrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 4. Users image (c) TheOatmeal ZOMG BEST APP EVERčetrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 5. Developer image (c) Disney Corpčetrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 6. Yeah, right.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 7. Idea / execution I’ll make a 100% crowdsourced app that needs thousands of active users - and I’ll release it with no seed content. It’ll work! Your brilliant idea probably isn’t. Ask around.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 8. User experience I’ll just throw something together. People don’t care about that anyway, it’s the technology that matters. Oh yes they do. Get a designer.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 9. The importance of tech The cloud-based distributed platform uses an optimized queryengine to achieve real-time results on a data set ordered in an A* tree.... ZZZZZZZZZ Tech is largely irrelevant, especially for new apps and services with no scaling issues. Sorry. Features matter.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 10. Privacy mattersLet’s make an app that will enable users to snap pictures of theirmedical problems and send it to us for a remote diagnosis. We’ll get a local doctor to help us. Guess how many users did.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 11. Circumstances matterLet’s make an app that will enable users to snap pictures of theirmedical problems and send it to us for a remote diagnosis. We’ll get a local doctor to help us. ... IN AFRICA Best idea ever!četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 12. Social aspect Only losers use Facebook -OR- People will love making accounts on my mobile platform and friending people Social data is important and on Facebook. Don’t make people re-enter their social graph - they won’t.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 13. Ease of use I know! I’ll force users to register to be able to use my mobile app and I will require them to enter a CAPTCHA on the mobile app registration screen. ...četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 14. User feedback I don’t need it -OR- The user comments and app rating will be fair, coherent and constructive User feedback is a black box of random. If you want useful feedback, you will have to get it yourself.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 15. App promotion If I build it, they will come. No, they won’t. Promotion and sales are a big part of software development.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 16. Competition May the best app win! Yeah.. not necessarily. Dirty tricks are part of the game - be prepared.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 17. Ecosystem My platform is the best platform ever and so it shall remain. .. said a Symbian developer, January 2011. Don’t get tied down to one platform or provider.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 18. Venture capital We got 1 million USD in funding! We’re rich!You got 1 million because you probably need 2 million to get to the profitable point - and you will have to come up with the difference.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 19. Realism If (Operator X / device maker Y) will preload my app on their phones, the sky is the limit! They won’t. Get real.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 20. Market share If I get just 2% market share I will be more than profitable!The only way to get to 2% share is to fail while trying to get 80% of market share.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 21. Market size Japan: 2,000,000 subscribers Slovenia: 30,000 subscribers (maybe!)četrtek, 26. januar 12
  • 22. .. any more examples?četrtek, 26. januar 12