Android devs, meet real world


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A presentation from the Mobile Barcamp in Ljubljana, 2011

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Android devs, meet real world

  1. 1. Android developers, meet real world Life lessons of mobile business Jan Isakoviččetrtek, 26. januar 12
  2. 2. The world, as seen by some devsčetrtek, 26. januar 12
  3. 3. Application development + = Idea Technical knowledgečetrtek, 26. januar 12
  4. 4. Users image (c) TheOatmeal ZOMG BEST APP EVERčetrtek, 26. januar 12
  5. 5. Developer image (c) Disney Corpčetrtek, 26. januar 12
  6. 6. Yeah, right.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  7. 7. Idea / execution I’ll make a 100% crowdsourced app that needs thousands of active users - and I’ll release it with no seed content. It’ll work! Your brilliant idea probably isn’t. Ask around.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  8. 8. User experience I’ll just throw something together. People don’t care about that anyway, it’s the technology that matters. Oh yes they do. Get a designer.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  9. 9. The importance of tech The cloud-based distributed platform uses an optimized queryengine to achieve real-time results on a data set ordered in an A* tree.... ZZZZZZZZZ Tech is largely irrelevant, especially for new apps and services with no scaling issues. Sorry. Features matter.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  10. 10. Privacy mattersLet’s make an app that will enable users to snap pictures of theirmedical problems and send it to us for a remote diagnosis. We’ll get a local doctor to help us. Guess how many users did.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  11. 11. Circumstances matterLet’s make an app that will enable users to snap pictures of theirmedical problems and send it to us for a remote diagnosis. We’ll get a local doctor to help us. ... IN AFRICA Best idea ever!četrtek, 26. januar 12
  12. 12. Social aspect Only losers use Facebook -OR- People will love making accounts on my mobile platform and friending people Social data is important and on Facebook. Don’t make people re-enter their social graph - they won’t.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  13. 13. Ease of use I know! I’ll force users to register to be able to use my mobile app and I will require them to enter a CAPTCHA on the mobile app registration screen. ...četrtek, 26. januar 12
  14. 14. User feedback I don’t need it -OR- The user comments and app rating will be fair, coherent and constructive User feedback is a black box of random. If you want useful feedback, you will have to get it yourself.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  15. 15. App promotion If I build it, they will come. No, they won’t. Promotion and sales are a big part of software development.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  16. 16. Competition May the best app win! Yeah.. not necessarily. Dirty tricks are part of the game - be prepared.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  17. 17. Ecosystem My platform is the best platform ever and so it shall remain. .. said a Symbian developer, January 2011. Don’t get tied down to one platform or provider.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  18. 18. Venture capital We got 1 million USD in funding! We’re rich!You got 1 million because you probably need 2 million to get to the profitable point - and you will have to come up with the difference.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  19. 19. Realism If (Operator X / device maker Y) will preload my app on their phones, the sky is the limit! They won’t. Get real.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  20. 20. Market share If I get just 2% market share I will be more than profitable!The only way to get to 2% share is to fail while trying to get 80% of market share.četrtek, 26. januar 12
  21. 21. Market size Japan: 2,000,000 subscribers Slovenia: 30,000 subscribers (maybe!)četrtek, 26. januar 12
  22. 22. .. any more examples?četrtek, 26. januar 12