Data science and visualization lab presentation


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The Data Science and Visualization Lab! This product is based on a component of research that delves into and innovates on the processes of data science – collection, storage/management, analysis and visualization. You have probably come across one of our amazing info-graphics. What else can you do with data?

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Data science and visualization lab presentation

  1. 1. Data Science and Visualization @iHubResearch
  2. 2. Data in Africa Common challenges – Accessibility/ Availability and Quality How can we discover data and surface information?
  3. 3. – How does Facebook and Amazon suggest friends you may know and recommended items to purchase? – How can we solve the never ending traffic problems in the city? – How does NYC determine the frequency of subway trains all day; all weekend? Photo courtesy of #kenya365
  4. 4. What is Data Science? The process of using data to surface information and tell stories Data Science includes collecting data, cleaning and managing the data, making it tell its story, and presenting that story to others
  5. 5. An ideal Data Scientist is: 1/3 part Mathematician 1/3 part Computer Scientist 1/3 part Artist
  6. 6. How can we innovate in each of these processes?
  7. 7. Data Collection •  Survey management processes: – Mobile and web data collections tools – Open Data Portals – Crowdsourcing tools
  8. 8. KODI
  9. 9. Data Storage •  Data Storage/Warehousing: –  MySQL; NoSQL; SparQL; Linked Data; Azure; Amazon Cloud Services; Dropbox –  What formats is the data stored in? –  Data Cleaning processes – Need tools such as Google Refine?
  10. 10. Data Analysis Analytical Tools: Excel; SPSS; S; R; Python; Stata; Pivot Tables Data Mining Processes: Hadoop; Weka
  11. 11. Data Visualization •  Data Visualization: Charts; graphs; pictures; maps •  Infographic tools: Illustrator;; ManyEyes; GIS mapping; Tableau •  HOW NOT TO VISUALIZE YOUR DATA!!!
  12. 12. *iHub Research_ Data Science and Visualization Lab
  13. 13. Data Visualization We are surfacing new data - Latest stats in African tech. sector.
  14. 14. Data Visualization We are providing a melting pot for different industries/sectors to utilize technology to discover and use data for decision making.
  15. 15. Data Visualization We are setting local industry standards on the use of data and influencing critical data focusing policies: Data Protection laws; FOIs; Privacy and Security.
  16. 16. Data Visualization We are innovating on new ways to effectively discover and use data in our local settings
  17. 17. Gsma
  18. 18. On-going Projects •  Umati II – automation of hate-speech monitoring process •  3Vs Crowdsourcing Framework– viability, validation and verification •  Investment Research– Mapping the Tech. Investment Landscape in Kenya •  Infographics– Africa infographics; Tech statistics and data •  Data Warehousing solutions - Tools to archive and discover our own research data and information
  19. 19. How can you be part of this? Training Business Support Consultancy Use Cases for iHub Cluster Data Challenges 
  20. 20. Example of sites developed by Code4Kenya