iHT² Health IT Summit San Diego "7 ideas in 7 minutes" with Buzz White, VP of Sales at Pristine


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Presentation "7 Ideas in 7 Minutes"

Buzz White
Vice President, Sales

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iHT² Health IT Summit San Diego "7 ideas in 7 minutes" with Buzz White, VP of Sales at Pristine

  1. 1. 7 Ideas 7 Minutes Buzz White VP, Pristine Re-envisioning Health Care
  2. 2. Lite Technologies • Redefining what is “Necessary” o The Health IT Revolution is GONE; now it’s time to INNOVATE o “Computers are EATING Health Care” – Kyle Samani, HISTalk • Emphasis on Meaningful Use or a Meaningful User Experience? Innovation will occur with the redefinition of the User Experience • Drive efficiency in record keeping and understand what are truly meaningful metrics to track o Enhance these basic truths to begin defining the value of today’s technology
  3. 3. Simplified HIE • Problem: Expense for the HIE Organization and Participants • 2013 eHealth Initiative: The Challenge to Connect o Achieving interoperability is a top concern o Sharing data outside an integrated health system is difficult and expensive o Only 50% of HIEs can exchange a CCD • This only matters for Meaningful Use!!! • Why is this a PROBLEM? Simplicity is Key o Drive down costs while implementing meaningful infrastructure o Don’t get distracted by bells and whistles (or “value added” services) • Create the platform with basics, not the entire App Store
  4. 4. Patient Portal Stickiness • Drive patient engagement and promote buy-in o Allow me to understand and invest in my own care • Give me a reason to log into my patient portal more than one time a year • Allow me to leverage my different technologies to provide a complete picture of myself • Reveal the Lost City of Atlantis Patient Generated Information o Enhance your understanding of the patient by learning directly from the patient o Only 17 of 200 responding HIEs provide the ability for patients to contribute information – 2013 eHealth Initiative: The Challenge to Connect
  5. 5. Optimization • Problem: As we shift from per encounter models to a system pushing risk onto the providers, efficiency and effectiveness management goes beyond just costs • Solution: Full Contact and Person Management Systems o Track every encounter, every touch, every call, every thought o Do NOT start over at each visit o Keep everyone on the team on the same page Your “sale” is a healthier patient and a better person, every person on your team must track your pipeline and measure your success • Develop additional elements of analytics to provide a more thorough view of the person
  6. 6. CIE Integration • “You are only a patient 1% of the time, but you are a person 100% of the time.” • Leverage Community Information Systems to gain a better understanding of a patient outside the clinical setting o Enhanced behavioral health services • Understand the Socioeconomic aspects of patient lives and how they drive decision making processes
  7. 7. Money Health • Sabermetrics for Health Care • The search for objective knowledge about a person’s health • Understand the ELEMENTS and Predict the OUTCOME • Question Traditional Measures o Current reward structure o Current Quality Metrics • Constantly Evolve o New incentives o New Quality Metrics
  8. 8. The Black Box • Health Care has invested in theories and practices of standardization of care across multiple institutions to promote patient safety and quality of care We must provide a simple mechanism to guide users while rigorously tracking adherence • We must now hold ourselves accountable for following these guidelines with auditable processes o We need to know every step taken by each person to measure accuracy and compliance o Then we can measure the true impact of standardization of care and make appropriate changes and adaptations to continue to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety o If we understand everything that happens, we can more effectively understand the outcome
  9. 9. Available for parties. Buzz White buzz@pristine.io 512.998.2244