Tapping into Social Media for Sales with InsideView


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Tapping into Social Media for Sales Empowerment and Productivity

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  • One trend that I have been seeing lately is that customers have gone from a listen mode, to an active engagement mode – before the sales cycle has even begun. They are connecting with customers, reading reviews and blogs, finding people they know and essentially forming a decision before you have even engaged. This is a huge shift that requires a different approach on prospect engagement.
  • At InsideView, we believe that leading sales organizations are adopting a new approach, Social Selling, to reach customer 2.0 – while at the same time being effective and productive.Social Selling consists of the following components – Listen, Connect, and EngageListening to your prospects and customers, so that you can understand their unique needs and business challengesConnecting with them through networks that are common between you and your prospectsEngaging with them in a relevant conversation about what value you can provide to address their unique needs and challenges
  • - Bottom box
  • SalesView can help you get significant improvements in productivity across your revenue cycle – you might call it the Campaign-Renewal cycle. Whether you’re looking to get more results from your marketing, inside sales, or field sales efforts, SalesView can help: For lead generation, SalesView can help you get a much higher quality of leads than traditional marketing data providers Many InsideView customers shave off a 1-2 hours/rep/day that their sales reps need to spend in researching prospects and at the same time are realizing higher lead conversion rates For field sales organizations, using SalesView can help speed up the sales cycles and increase win rates, because the reps can create a value proposition that meets their prospect’s unique business challenges and urgent initiativesSalesView can also help field sales organizations increase account revenue and renewal rates by enabling them to increase their wallet share within their accounts and drive higher renewal ratesFor sales management, SalesView can improve sales productivity across the sales organization - for new reps as well as experienced reps. Many InsideView customers report much higher rates of CRM adoption soon after deploying SalesView, because reps find the intelligence provided by SalesView indispensable
  • The benefits you’ll hear cited by our individual customers are corroborated by a recent Aberdeen Group study on the impact of various sales intelligence solutions. The study, which surveyed over 400 companies, found that InsideView customers are achieving 32% better performance than non-customers in current lead conversion rates and quota attainment. And despite the 2008 and 2009 recession, InsideView customers have actually posted year-over-year gains in quota attainment, revenue, win rates, and lead conversion rates!
  • Tapping into Social Media for Sales with InsideView

    1. 1. How to Tap into Social Media to Drive Enterprise Sales Results Umberto Milletti Founder and CEO
    2. 2. Agenda • Using Social Media To Drive Sales Productivity • Stories From The Trenches • Social Media For Marketing Productivity | SLIDE :2
    3. 3. "... Social media has become massively more important because customers have stopped listening to vendors and analyst/reviewers. Think about that. Most of your marketing and analyst relations and press relations are being trumped by customers talking to customers." - Geoffrey James, BNET | SLIDE :3 Customer 1.0 Customer 2.0 Customer Behavior is Changing!
    4. 4. | SLIDE :4 “Social selling allows an average sales person to become a top performer… in a way that was only accessible to the top sales guard in the past.” AXEL SCHULZE Blog : What is Social Selling? Connect + Engage = Listen Social Selling: A New Approach to Engage the Customer
    5. 5. Sales Staying Relevant is Becoming Overwhelming!
    6. 6. InsideView increases sales productivity by delivering relevant business and social insights when and where you need them. What We Do
    7. 7. My Employer Target Company Gerald S. Casilli Board Member - InsideView Also Works at Xactly Corporation (Board Member) Team Previous Employer Target Company Cory Ayres Former, Salesforce.com Now Works at Xactly Corporation Director, Corp Sales Connection via Greg Volm Smart Connections – Identify entry points Cory Ayres Director of Corporate Sales Xactly Corporation 35 S. Market Street San Jose, California 95113 Corp. Phone: 1-(408)-977-3132 Corp. Fax: 1-(408)-977-1261 Email: cayres@xactly.com More Info: Search Google / Search Jigsaw / Search LinkedIn Smart Records – Close the loop Daily Summary Alert Acquisitions Xactly, Inc – Xactly to Acquire Centive Xactly Corporation today announced it has acquired the Lowell, MA-based company Centive to become the software industry’s largest …. Smart Agents – Delivered via Email Engage at the Right Time with the Right Message
    8. 8. STANDARD AGENTS MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS LEADERSHIP CHANGES MARKET EVENTS CURRENT INITIATIVES BUSINESS CHALLENGES NEW REGULATIONS COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS COMPETITOR EVENTS Expanding Operations Granite Const.– Wins 29M Govt Expansion Contract Mexico...Granite Construction Incorporated (NYSE: GVA | PowerRating Financed by the American...TradingMarkets - Jul 28, 08:32 PDT Funding Developments Zynga – Zynga receive additional $75M in funding Leadership Changes Taleo says CFO to resign CFO Katy Murray announced intention to resign on October 1 or until successor is appointed Competitor Events Onesource to be sold to private equity firm – future in doubt… BUSINESS INSIGHTS | SLIDE :9 Listen To Your Customers Get Relevant and Timely Business Insights
    9. 9. Stay Relevant With Your Prospects Get 360° View of Their Social Profiles
    10. 10. Co-workers Reference Customers Previous Employers Connect With The Right People Use Your Existing and Hidden Relationships
    11. 11. | SLIDE :12 Optimized Interface For Sales Productivity | Seamless Integration | Within Accounts, Leads, Contacts, & Opportunities SalesView Mashup For Oracle CRM OnDemand InsideView for Oracle CRM On Demand
    12. 12. MARKETING INSIDE SALES FIELD SALES ✔ More high quality leads ✔ Shorter sales cycles ✔ Improved win rates ✔ Increased account revenue ✔ Higher renewal rates ✔ Faster pre-call research ✔ Better lead conversion rates Lead Generation Lead Qualification Opportunity Management Up-sell & Cross-sell METRICS SALES LEADERSHIP ✔ Higher sales productivity ✔ Faster ramp-up for new hires ✔ Greater CRM adoption | SLIDE :14 Increase Productivity: Across the Revenue Cycle
    13. 13. | SLIDE :15 600+ Customers / 30,000 End-Users
    14. 14. YEAR-OVER-YEAR PERFORMANCE Reps Achieving Quota Revenue Win/Loss Rate Lead Conversion Rate Source: Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Group, October 2009 (n:422 Companies) | SLIDE :16 InsideView Users Are More Productive
    15. 15. 17 | SLIDE :17 200% year-over-year increase in call volume 240% year-over-year increase in transactions 30% increase in productive reps 3X increase in prospect attendance in field events Reduced pre-call preparation time by 1-2 hours per day per rep Improved high-end selling through connections to C-suite 12% increase in pipeline over initial 6 month deployment 320+% ROI due to additional deals closed Increasing Customer Productivity
    16. 16. Stories From The Trenches Mark Campbell Regional Manager CRM Application Sales Deb Westman Director Sales Operations
    17. 17. “SalesView has increased lead gen productivity by 3x in terms of call volumes as well as opportunities generated. On-boarding SalesView has been the easiest thing we’ve done, with respect to sales applications.” • CHALLENGES – Gathering account and contact intelligence quickly – Cost of getting sales data for all sales reps – Integration with CRM • SOLUTION – SalesView for Oracle CRM On Demand • RESULTS – 3x increase in rep productivity (call quantity) – 3x increase in opportunity generation – On-boarding in just minutes - Deb Westman Director Business Services Operations Experian Marketing Services Case Study:
    18. 18. “SalesView significantly accelerates account research with one-stop-shop access to prospect data and enables more relevant customer engagement with alerts on compelling business events.” • CHALLENGES – Improving account intelligence – Better alignment between inside & outside sales • SOLUTION – SalesView for Oracle CRM On Demand • RESULTS – Accelerated account research – More impactful customer interactions drive deals forward “SalesView is easy-to-demo and critical for prospecting” - Michelle Coolican Business Development Manager Oracle Health Sciences Global Business Unit - Christina Langone Sales Representative Oracle CRM OnDemand Case Study:
    19. 19. • Defining Productivity • Individual Rep Productivity • Productivity Across Sales Teams • Using Social Media | SLIDE :21 Key Topics
    20. 20. Social Media For Marketing Productivity Sundeep Parsa Director Product Management Oracle
    21. 21. | SLIDE :23 The Sales & Marketing Divide Lack of Intelligence Limits Marketing Productivity Scoring based on data Name Email Paid Lists Inbound Inquiries $$$ • Expensive lists with inaccurate contact information • Nurturing and scoring based only on user behavior • Limited lead intelligence Nurturing based on data Marketing Qualified Leads ≠ Sales Qualified Leads
    22. 22. | SLIDE :24 InsideView Marketing Intelligence Business and Social Insights to Increase Marketing Productivity Paid Lists Inbound Inquiries $$$ Scoring based on intelligence Nurturing based on intelligence DEMOGRAPHICS ENRICHED WITH SOCIAL PROFILES Name Title Email Phone Relationships Work History Interests Address Biography BUSINESS INSIGHTS New Regulation New Initiatives Leadership Changes Funding Developments Expanding Operations Marketing Qualified Leads = Sales Qualified Leads
    23. 23. | SLIDE :25 Identify New Opportunities | Revive Passive Opportunities | Tighter Sales and Marketing Alignment InsideView Powers Oracle Marketing On Demand InsideView Marketing Intelligence Business Insights Trigger Event-Based Campaigns
    24. 24. THANK YOU Umberto Milletti, Founder and CEO Email: umberto@insideview.com Twitter: @umbertom