Social media monitoring analysis using Qantas

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Product Overview …

Product Overview

It's never been easier to hear what your customers are saying about you or on subjects you are interested in.

Social Media Analytics Methodology

iGo2 is redefining social media analytics with a powerful service suite that provides customers with the services to measure, monitor, understand and engage with the social media landscape. iGo2 offers instant access to all social media conversations from blogs, social networks and micro-blogging services to forums, video sites and media sources.

The opportunity to listen and leverage that information to your benefit has never been more available and more abundant.

Fundamentals of iGo2’s Social Listening Service

Data Collection: Conversations happening within social and traditional media are continuously collected, and cleaned of spam. Essentially we can monitor all social sources of on line conversations except where a forum might be password protected
Information Processing: Proprietary language processing and text analytics technology is applied to extract insights and intelligence.
Data Analysis: Metrics and comparative trends focused on buzz, geo-demographics and sentiment are calculated.
You: Collected insights and metrics are delivered via user friendly and intuitive reports.

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  • 1. Free:  Social  Media   Monitoring  Analysis   Using  Social  Media  Monitoring  iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social technology solutions
  • 2. Why?  Ø  There  is  an  amazing  amount  of  informa7on  on  your  compe7tors  in   the  social  web  wai7ng  to  be  unlocked  Ø  Differen7a7ng  your  brand  and  your  organisa7on  presumes  you   know  what  your  compe77on  is  doing  Ø  Crea7ng  a  smart  strategy  for  customer  engagement  means   knowing  what  your  compe77on  is  doing  Ø  Compe77ve  analysis  can  help  you  understand  what  works  and   what  doesn’t  Ø  WHO  are  the  key  people  at  your  compe7tors?    Ø  WHAT  are  your  compe7tors  doing  on  the  social  web?  Ø  WHEN  are  they  engaging?    Ø  WHERE  are  they  engaging?  Ø  HOW  are  they  engaging  and  HOW  are  they  perceived?        
  • 3. Listening  is  the  Key  to  Engagement  Ø   All  Social  Media  ini7a7ves  need  to  start  with  Listening   Ø   Understand  where  you  are   Ø   Understand  the  topics  and  issues  of  interest   Ø   Lets  you  create  meaningful  goals  for  your  own  ini7a7ves  Ø   The  crea7on  of  a  Social  Media  Strategy  requires:   Ø   An  agreed  goal  or  goals   Ø   A  resource  plan  to  support  it   Ø   Knowledge  of  what  your  compe77on  is  doing     Ø   A  set  of  metrics  to  measure  progress  Ø   Listening  to  compe7tors  and  their  networks  provides:   Ø   Future  key  hires   Ø   Insight  into  programs,  tac7cs  and  strategies   Ø   The  means  to  differen7ate  and  stay  ahead  
  • 4. Ac;vity  Summary  
  • 5. Blogs  Sen;ment  and  Demographic  
  • 6. Blogs  and  News  
  • 7. Blogs  Buzz  &  Word  Cloud  
  • 8. Video  Results  
  • 9. Last  50  Tweets  
  • 10. iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social technology solutions