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Overview of InsideView and SalesView

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  • I’d like to discuss InsideView can help you increase your sales productivity.
    There is a fundamental shift that is taking place – social media is changing customer buying behavior. And this has big implications for how sales organizations can sell to such customers. And we think that SalesView, our flagship product, can help sales organizations be more effective and productive, and take advantage of this fundamental shift.
    Our flagship product, SalesView is the only sales productivity solution in the market. Market-leading companies – including Adobe, SuccessFactors, and United Healthcare – are using SalesView to dramatically transform their sales organizations and get measurable results in improved sales velocity and higher win rates.
  • There’s a fundamental shift taking place amongst today’s customers. One that we call Customer 2.0.
    Today’s customers are very savvy – they mainly rely on social media and their networks – to learn about how to solve their specific business challenges and to research solutions
    They no longer listen to vendors and analysts. They listen to peers who review products they are looking to buy
  • Today’s customers are not very responsive to traditional marketing and sales campaigns – email blasts, cold-calls, etc
    They want sales & marketing organizations to be much more relevant to their needs & challenges, and also know when to reach them.
    Unlike before – when customers needed to also be educated as part of the buying cycle, Customer 2.0 is likely to have already researched solutions by the time they become “leads”.
    Sales organizations need to align with Customer 2.0’s expectations, in order to engage with them
    They need to make sure that they know how to reach their prospects, when to reach them, and how to be relevant to their specific business needs and challenges
  • For sales organizations, transforming their processes so that they can better reach Customer 2.0 can be a daunting challenge.
    Many sales organizations use a variety of traditional media, CRM, and social media tools. And some don’t even have either CRM apps or use social media tools.
    They might use LinkedIn to check contacts, use Hoovers to check company information, and then manually enter the data into their CRM. When researching an account, they might do a Google search or before a customer meeting, do a Twitter search to see if there are any conversations about the prospect Company.
    While these approaches are a step in the right direction, they are very manual, fragmented and disconnected, and are neither productive nor very effective in finding relevant business challenges of their prospects and urgent initiatives that their specific contacts are working on. Plus, it is very hard for every rep to do this for every customer interaction in a easy and efficient manner
  • At InsideView, we believe that leading sales organizations are adopting a new approach, Social Selling, to reach customer 2.0 – while at the same time being effective and productive.
    Social Selling consists of the following components – Listen, Connect, and Engage
    Listening to your prospects and customers, so that you can understand their unique needs and business challenges
    Connecting with them through networks that are common between you and your prospects
    Engaging with them in a relevant conversation about what value you can provide to address their unique needs and challenges
  • Sales organizations need to be able to Listen to their prospects and customers, so that they can understand their unique needs and business challenges.
    They need to be able to listen to what prospects are saying, what the prospect’s customers are saying to each other. The end goal is to really be able to zero in on key business trigger events that could lead to a selling opportunity – such as leadership changes, expanding operations, new compliance requirements, or competitor events
    Understanding prospects and customers requires that sales organizations monitor not only social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) but also traditional media – consisting of company/contact directories, news sources, trade journals, press releases, SEC filings etc.
    Insideview makes the job of listening to customer-to-customer conversations (in social media) and traditional media sources very simple, easy, and automated. We monitor and aggregate information from 20,000+ traditional and social media sources, generate relevant and intelligent insights on business events, and make these insights easily accessible – via the web, mobile, and/or CRM.
  • After listening to identify the right sales opportunities at the right time, you need to connect with the right person within the sales organization
    While sales reps can reach a few contacts through their personal networks, they can increase their reach exponentially by relying on networks of their previous employers, co-workers and reference customers
    InsideView allows you to leverage your existing relationships, helps you discover new professional connections, and maximizes the potential of your network for connecting with your customers & prospects
  • Listening to your customers and prospects to learn about their key business challenges and needs and connecting with the right person, allows you to engage the prospects (and customers) in relevant conversations at the right time.
    Instead of the traditional cold-calling techniques that waste valuable time for both sales reps and prospects, you can now have a meaningful conversation with prospects that are ready to engage and buy.
    Here’s an example scenario: <Use your own examples that are most relevant to your prospects>
    At InsideView, we take pride in using Social Selling techniques for our own sales and marketing efforts and are our own best customer
    One of our reps got a SalesView alert on Xactly’s acquisition of Centive, and quickly learned that Cory at Xactly was the right person to speak to; The rep was also able to learn that his boss and Cory had been colleagues at
    Using both of these critical pieces of information, the rep reached out to Cory at Xactly and had a relevant conversation that led to a very fast sales deal
  • SalesView is the only sales intelligence and productivity solution in the market, that is built from the ground-up for selling to Customer 2.0
    We help you listen to your prospects and customers by aggregating and analyzing information from social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, and a number of others) and traditional media (news, company & contact data, trade journals, etc), and providing the most relevant insights in a very easy-to-use format right where you need it.
    We also help you connect with the right people within your prospect and customer organizations by leveraging your existing as well as hidden professional networks such as reference customers, co-workers, and former employers.
  • At InsideView, our customers’ success is our mantra, throughout our organization.
    We ensure your success with SalesView through our comprehensive portfolio of services:
    Value-added consulting services to help you transform your sales organization into a best-in-class organization that is focused on improving sales velocity and productivity, and to get you up and running quickly with SalesView
    Blended and tailored education services to meet your unique training needs
    Flexible support services to keep you up and running with SalesView
    We deliver value to our customers using the well-honed expertise of our expert teams and well-defined roll-out processes. We strive to deliver results – your sales productivity and effectiveness are what matter most to us.
  • SalesView can help you get significant improvements in productivity across your revenue cycle – you might call it the Campaign-Renewal cycle.
    Whether you’re looking to get more results from your marketing, inside sales, or field sales efforts, SalesView can help:
    For lead generation, SalesView can help you get a much higher quality of leads than traditional marketing data providers
    Many InsideView customers shave off a 1-2 hours/rep/day that their sales reps need to spend in researching prospects and at the same time are realizing higher lead conversion rates
    For field sales organizations, using SalesView can help speed up the sales cycles and increase win rates, because the reps can create a value proposition that meets their prospect’s unique business challenges and urgent initiatives
    SalesView can also help field sales organizations increase account revenue and renewal rates by enabling them to increase their wallet share within their accounts and drive higher renewal rates
    For sales management, SalesView can improve sales productivity across the sales organization - for new reps as well as experienced reps. Many InsideView customers report much higher rates of CRM adoption soon after deploying SalesView, because reps find the intelligence provided by SalesView indispensable
  • The benefits you’ll hear cited by our individual customers are corroborated by a recent Aberdeen Group study on the impact of various sales intelligence solutions. The study, which surveyed over 400 companies, found that InsideView customers are achieving 32% better performance than non-customers in current lead conversion rates and quota attainment. And despite the 2008 and 2009 recession, InsideView customers have actually posted year-over-year gains in quota attainment, revenue, win rates, and lead conversion rates!
  • Some logos to remove
    -John Hancock
    -Visage Mobile
    -Rearden – LISTED TWICE
  • Aggregation is the first step required in listening and understanding your prospect
    InsideView brings together the best information from traditional data providers, emerging Web 2.0 sources, and social media
    We then apply technology to compare similar company and contact profiles from many different data sources, identify likely matches, reconcile any conflicting data points, and then generate the most complete and accurate record possible -- what we call a Smart Record.
    For example, a single Smart Record might represent the compilation of
    a title and biography from Thomson Reuters
    a board memberhsip from Capital IQ
    an email address and direct phone # from Jigsaw or NetProspex
    work history from news, press releases or social media
    professional intererests and other insights from Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn
    Our approach gives you the most complete and accurate profiles possible, along with unique insights from social media you won’t find anywhere else
  • The next step to effectively listening and understanding prospects is finding relevant insights and events that your sales team can act on
    Our Smart Agent technology automatically monitors and alerts your sales reps about key selling opportunities and threats in their accounts
    Your team can leverage an existing library of Standard Agents like leadership changes, new product launches, M&A activity, etc.
    And you can quickly create your very own Custom Agents to identify whatever unique business events represent an opportunity for your company
    Our intelligence helps you find the right trigger events so you know when to engage and never worry about missing an opportunity
  • After listening to identify the right sales opportunities at the right time, you need to connect with the right person to get engagement
    InsideView allows you to leverage both your existing and untapped professional connections
    Our integrations with LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to quickly tap into your existing network of personal connections
    And our Smart Connection technology discovers new professional connections you didn’t know existed via your customers, your colleagues, and your work history
    Our application is designed to help you leverage your existing relationships, discover new professional connections, and maximize the potential of your network to get engaged with customers & prospects
  • Relevant insights and connections are only actionable if they’re delivered in the right context and workflow
    InsideView has always focused on sales productivity rather than data. Our applications…
    Are designed to streamline the most common and research intensive sales tasks
    Deliver relevant and actionable insights where your sales team can act on it – directly in your CRM
    Our native CRM mash-up integration delivers intelligence into every Lead, Account, Contact, and Opportunity
    And for road warriors we deliver all of these insights via the browser and email as well
    The end result is a more productive sales force that is able to engage in relevant conversations with customers & prospects
  • InsideView has always focused on just one thing: increasing sales productivity
    We aggregate the best data sources to provide you the most accurate business, contact, and social media profiles
    We monitor and alert you of key business events so you can identify the right selling opportunities at the right time
    We leverage existing social relationships and identify entirely new business relationships to maximize the reach of your network
    We integrate all of this intelligence into your existing workflow, making it accessible within your CRM, email, browser, etc.
  • Just look at what UHC has to say!
  • With ‘Quick Start’ get a fast start from the moment you launch with all of your Territories, Watchlists, Agents, Connections, etc. already configured.
    Territory and Account Planning is a living and evolving process. In this course we enable your team to create and manage to meaningful and relevant account plans that guide the activities and opportunities within an account.
    With Custom List Building get relevant, targeted company and key people leads to pump up the volume and fill your funnel.
    With tailored dashboards. We can help you measure the shape and velocity of your sales funnel. Track key metrics and make corrections while there is still time to correct.
    Transition from 1.0 to 2.0 - Learn how to increase the quantity and quality leads through today’s technology. Leverage social networks and gain unsurpassed insight into your prospects. The most important call in your sales cycle is your first call. Establish a well-defined ‘consultative in approach’ process, integrated tools and execution.
    We can help you Coach - Win more sales opportunities by aligning your selling methodology to your customers buying cycle. Learn new techniques for relationship, opportunity, value, proof, and proposal, and how to move forward those ‘stuck’ deals. Change the game in terms of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales organization
  • InsideView has established a truly customer-focused culture throughout the organization and not just in the customer-facing departments. Everyone here is empowered to act in the pursuit of total customer satisfaction. Our Customer Success Managers (CSM’s) with years of industry knowledge and business solutions experience bring high returns on your investment by understanding your needs and applying our value.
    Most of our customers are not your average company. They utilize technologies such as SalesView and the expertise of our Customer Success Managers to improve their business and sales process. Naturally, the results have been healthy for their business. You can count on us through every step from deployment to your eventual success and return on investment.
    Our SAAS delivery model is low risk and has a quick-time-to-market. Since we’re in the cloud, there are no large on premise infrastructure hassles! Our Customer Success Managers work with you through your governance and procurement processes to ensure a smooth implementation and ease of adoption. We help you analyze your current sales process and optimize the velocity of your sales funnel and conversion rates.
    An implementation can take a day or weeks, depending upon your needs. We have standard training readily available, or we can customize your awareness and adoption program. We stay engaged to sustain your momentum.
  • Learn how to leverage key insights, events, connections, business information and contacts from the very first session. Sales View Managers Learn the best ways to leverage the newest Sales 2.0 technologies and how to use SalesView in coaching to raise the performance of your sales team. Administrators learn the best ways to configure SalesView to increase adoption and lead generation conversions - both increasing your sales revenues and ROI from SalesView.
    Choose to attend an Instructor-Led public session with other sales professionals, a private online or onsite session for only your organization, or work with our experts to customize the deployment of SalesView to your organization with branded and tailored content specific to your sales process.
    Compliment our Instructor-Led training sessions with self-paced, ‘How Do I’ e-learning Vignettes targeted to individual needs
    Any size, from individualized coaching sessions to Webinars for larger enterprise rollout. Whether you are training 10, 100, or 1000, we’ll work with you to determine an approach that will ft your timeline and your budget.
  • Your company is unique, that is why we offer 3 programs.
    Our support goes beyond transactions and our team regularly receives commendations and is regarded as a key differentiator in customer satisfaction. Our specialists are accustomed to serving individuals, corporate and enterprise environments. You’ll be aligned with the proper resource for your issue on a case by case basis.
    Our experienced and highly skilled support representatives use diagnostic troubleshooting techniques, and remote desktop sharing technologies to rapidly solve any issues that may arise. They are competent in each CRM that SalesView integrates with.
    For your business to thrive, your sales organization must be agile. We provide you with coordinated account management, solutions-planning assistance, proactive advice and direct intervention on your behalf when issues arise.
    Participating in the IV CAB offers several benefits, including increased recognition for your work, added visibility for your company, peer-to-peer networking, and the ability to develop stronger relationships with InsideView and provide input on future product releases. For InsideView, CAB members support important marketing and sales activities by providing firsthand accounts of customer experiences with InsideView solutions.
  • Business Challenge:
    Increase Sales Productivity
    More effective sales prospecting
    Increase Marketing Campaign effectiveness
    More leads & email addresses
    Improve demographic data
    Improve the quality of the data in SFDC
    Named Account Management
    Need for hierarchy information
    Access to Named Account information
    Demographics for territory account assignments
    The current application…
    Database was not as robust – heavy on account information
    List sources not as extensive
    Limited executive level contact information in target companies (no email addresses)
    No Integration with CRM (SFDC)
    Too much manual effort to obtain information
    Why InsideView:
    Increase Sales Productivity
    Easy to use, integrated to SFDC, single interface
    Access to high level contacts & Account hierarchies
    People, Key Info, Watchlists, Buzz, Competition, News
    Increase Marketing Campaign effectiveness
    Provided a more robust database of leads (quantity & quality)
    Provided better demographic data
    Easy import & de-dupe process to SFDC
    Improve the quality of the data in SFDC
    Salespeople could import contacts easily with de-duping (1 at a time)
    Marketing could easily import leads )bulk imports)
    Single SFDC user interface allowed both Sales & Marketing to do more updates
    Named Account Management
    InsideView provided the Account hierarchies
    InsideView provided Access to Named Account information
    InsideView provided Demographics for territory account assignments
  • Challenge:
    CEO/CFO target – need relevant conversation starter, events drive conversation
    30% of business from referrals
    Growing from 90 reps to 135 reps due to acquisition – need to increase new rep ramp up time
    Need to drive sales productivity by 15% - with expected LTV revenue of 500K per rep
    Why InsideView:
    Relevant interaction increases sales velocity
    Intelligent prospecting
    Targeted prospecting
    Provide value in context as part of the existing sales process
    New Geo Expansion anecdote:
    600 targets in Atlanta
    15 closed accounts 3 months later (much faster than earlier geo expansion efforts)
    Resulting in LTV of over $2M
  • Challenge:
    Reliance on prospect data from multiple commercial sales database subscriptions, with inaccurate, aging, or conflicting information
    Excessive account research time taking away from rep productivity
    Difficulty connecting with senior executives in target companies
    Inaccurate and incomplete data in CRM
    SuccessFactors had been using InsideView as a pilot since 2006, and expanded the deployment in 2007 since the solution was ideal for their top-down selling focus. After careful evaluation of several other solutions, SuccessFactors aligned all 170 sales staff members around InsideView in 2008.
    Why InsideView:
    Even when SuccessFactors transitioned from their old CRM system into, there was no disruption to the sales intelligence available to the sales reps
    InsideView’s Smart Connections find new connections into sales prospects by surfacing how targeted individuals are connected to “friendlies” inside SuccessFactors’ customer network through colleagues, common board of directors, previous employers, or reference customers.
    InsideView’s Smart Agents arm sales reps with reasons to reach out to prospects and engage them in conversation by delivering timely and relevant intelligence on key events and business activities, such leadership changes and expanding operations.
    InsideView’s native CRM mash-up delivers intelligence about each target account exactly where the sales reps need it – within their lead or account window – making the reps far more productive.
    SalesView’s native integration with improves CRM usage, while the synchronization feature increases the quality of the CRM data with single-click update of data.
  • Challenge:
    Overall team productivity, particularly for new hires, and historically low adoption/utilization of sales intelligence tools by the sales team.
    Why InsideView:
    Using SalesView they were able to improve prospecting and account development activities across the sales team, particularly for new hires and reps inheriting a new territory. With SalesView they were able to get up to speed and engage with their named accounts much more quickly and efficiently. And leveraging Smart Agents & Connections, they could determine which companies to engage and when based on key business events, relationships to existing customers, company executives, etc. This led to a 30% increase in productive, quota attaining sales reps across the team in just one year. A big part of the lift came from new hires and existing reps working new territories.
    The relevant insights provided by SalesView specific to each reps territory, along with the native CRM integration that delivers this information within each account/lead/contact/etc, led to 100% adoption of SalesView across the sales team. In fact Ariba expanded their use of SalesView several times, growing from a regional proof of concept to a global roll-out and standardization across sales & marketing.
    Ariba also uses InsideView for targeted prospecting for their field marketing activities and were able to move the customer to prospect ration in their field marketing event from 90/10 to 60/40, while maintaining the quality and quantity of the attendees.
  • Challenge:
    Inaccurate and incomplete data in
    Reliance on lists generated from multiple sources with often conflicting information, including, Jigsaw and Hoover’s
    Insufficient prospecting activity - both horizontally and vertically
    No “single source of truth” for account opportunity or territory management
    Why InsideView:
    After evaluating Hoover’s, OneSource and Jigsaw, Innotas selected SalesView for the following reasons, all critical to the company’s effective reach into the SMB business market, their sweet spot.
    SalesView has a native integration with The CRM mash-up delivers intelligence about each target account exactly where the sales reps need it
    SalesView presents multiple threads into an opportunity – and the intelligence is more fresh and complete since it is aggregated from multiple sources.
    SalesView includes not just static business data like some other providers but also timely business news and alerts on prospect companies.
    SalesView scans a wide breadth of data sources across the social Web – not just business data. Access to social intelligence increases the rep’s chances of reaching prospects, either via actual introductions or the initiation of “warmer” calls.
    SalesView’s native integration with improves CRM usage and quality of CRM data.
  • Challenge:
    Brought in to revamp sales and marketing efforts in Sept ‘08
    MS Dynamics CRM and Hoover’s were already in place, however:
    Prospect database was obsolete and inaccurate
    Retail and QSR contacts (the target market!) were practically impossible to get through Hoover’s
    Needed executive level contacts in target companies – especially marketing titles
    Sales team didn’t use CRM solution regularly
    Why InsideView
    SalesView trial demonstrated significant value over Hoover’s
    Depth of contacts was far superior to Hoover’s based on head-to-head tests in few active campaigns
    Alerts brought relevant news about target accounts directly to the sales team
    Adopted SalesView even though 6 months left on the Hoover’s contract
    More accurate data = Targeted prospecting = better leads
    Customized marketing campaigns directed only at select titles at companies meeting relevant trigger event criteria
    Relevant interaction with prospects = Proactive sales people = Accelerated sales cycles
    Intelligence to call the right people at the right time
    Timely and relevant insights to make entry into new accounts or revisit existing accounts
    Business or social connections to turn a cold call “warm”
    Accessed within our CRM platform = CRM system more valuable to reps
  • Another one of our customers, Advantage, I’ve mentioned them before, they wanted to build pipeline.
    Improve the quality and amount of sales leads
    Easily create customizable agents to alert sales on potential sales leads
    Smoothly integrate regional searches with smart agents
    Decrease time spent researching sales leads
    Aggregate sources of candidate intelligence and route them to the appropriate recruitment channels quickly and efficiently
    Why InsideView:
    Application is highly intuitive
    Customization of smart agents is easy to use and manipulate
    SalesView scans a wide breadth of data sources across the social Web delivering fresh and complete intelligence
    By using our Smart Agents to find targeted, high-quality leads they are now seeing a 50% lead to opportunity conversion rate, which is 4 to 5X any previous lead source. And in the first 60 days alone they were able to close $200k of net new revenue. So for them, it’s not only about efficiency, it’s also about growing the pipeline.
  • - Bottom box
  • - Bottom box
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  • - Bottom box
  • Today’s customers are not very responsive to traditional marketing and sales campaigns – email blasts, cold-calls, etc
    They want sales & marketing organizations to be much more relevant to their needs & challenges, and also know when to reach them.
    Unlike before – when customers needed to also be educated as part of the buying cycle, Customer 2.0 is likely to have already researched solutions by the time they become “leads”.
    But most customers still might not know exactly what they need and how much value they can get, in terms of specific solutions.
  • In order to be effective and productive, sales organizations can no longer use traditional selling approaches – contact lists and cold-calls – to reach Customer 2.0
    They need to make sure that they know how to reach their prospects, when to reach them, and how to be relevant to their specific business needs and challenges
    For sales organizations, transforming their processes so that they can better reach Customer 2.0 can be a daunting challenge.
  • InsideView Overview

    1. 1. Improving Sales Productivity July 2010
    2. 2. “Social media has become massively more important because customers have stopped listening to vendors and analyst/reviewers. Most of your marketing and analyst relations and press relations are being trumped by customers talking to customers. ” Geoffrey James From his Blog : Sales Machine The Customer is Driving the Conversation | SLIDE :2
    3. 3. Sales Approaches Need to Align with Customer 2.0 | SLIDE :3 YOUR SALES REP Reach the right person at the right time with the right message CUSTOMER 2.0 Receive information that’s relevant to current initiatives or urgent business challenges
    4. 4. Current Sales Approaches Are Ineffective For Customer 2.0 | SLIDE :4 Manual, Disconnected Processes | Low Productivity | Poor Effectiveness CRM Traditional Media
    5. 5. Social Selling: A New Approach To Engage Customer 2.0 | SLIDE :5 EngageListen Connect + “Social selling allows an average sales person to become a top performer… in a way that was only accessible to the top sales guard in the past.” AXEL SCHULZE Blog : What is Social Selling? =
    7. 7. | SLIDE :7 Existing Network + Connect Previous EmployersReference Customers Coworkers CONNECTIONS DISCOVER AND USE KEY RELATIONSHIPS TO REACH YOUR PROSPECTS
    8. 8. Engage | SLIDE :8 Hi Cory, This is John from InsideView… Wow, how did he know all that? 1. I recently heard that Xactly acquired Centive – Centive was one of our existing customers. 2. And from your last Tweet, sounds like you may need a hand with the M&A? LISTEN 1. Greg Volm, whom you worked with at, suggested I give you a call. CONNECT REACH THE RIGHT PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME WITH THE RIGHT MESSAGE
    10. 10. Your Success, Not Just Support | SLIDE :10 Comprehensive Portfolio of Services Consulting • Value-added services • On-boarding and roll-out + Education • Role-specific curriculum • Standard and custom options • Remote and on-site Support • Tiered offerings • Multi-channel support • 24x5 coverage + “InsideView’s excellent training and support during roll-out has been critical to our success.” JIM LANE VP National Accounts Sales Reporting & CRM Solutions, United Healthcare
    11. 11. MARKETING INSIDE SALES FIELD SALES Increase Sales Productivity: Across the Revenue Cycle ✔ More high quality leads ✔ Shorter sales cycles ✔ Improved win rates ✔ Increased account revenue ✔ Higher renewal rates ✔ Faster pre-call research ✔ Better lead conversion rates Lead Generation Lead Qualification Opportunity Management Up-sell & Cross-sell METRICS SALES LEADERSHIP | SLIDE :11
    12. 12. CURRENT PERFORMANCEYEAR-OVER-YEAR PERFORMANCE Reps Achieving Quota Revenue Win/Loss Rate Lead Conversion Rate SalesView Users Are More Productive Source: Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Group, October 2009 (n:422 Companies) | SLIDE :12
    13. 13. Our Customer Growth • 600+ customers • 35,000+ end users “Slam Dunk!” ZDNet / Paul Greenberg Top 100 Private Software Company JMP Securities The Top Rated Application AppExchange
    14. 14. 14How SalesView is Helping Our Customers “SalesView enables our sales team to engage with prospects in a deeper, more relevant manner. The insights we gain from SalesView are pivotal in helping us foster and close important deals .” “We are very excited to have chosen SalesView. Our Sales Executives and their support team are able to easily stay current with news relevant to their accounts and identify additional sales opportunities, without leaving their CRM.” “Using SalesView, we have reduced the time for our new sales reps to be fully productive by 50%. We have accelerated our customer acquisition rates and increased our incremental customer lifetime value by $500K" | SLIDE :14
    15. 15. Product Detail
    16. 16. Aggregation Smart Records™ provide complete and accurate profiles | SLIDE :16 Name Title Email Phone Relationships Work History Interests Address Biography Emerging Data Name Title Address Email Phone Smart RecordsTM Social Media Name Title Work History Relationships Interests Traditional Data Name Title Address Biography Most complete profiles | Most accurate information | Unique insights from social media
    17. 17. Insights Smart Agents ™ find the right prospects at the right time | SLIDE :17 Our Standard Agents • Leadership Changes • Mergers & Acquisitions • Expanding Operations • Funding Developments • New Product Launches …. Your Custom Agents • CRM / ERP Initiatives • Travel Expense Programs • New Retail Locations • Competitor Deals • Product Recalls …. + = Selling Opportunities “Oracle announces new Regional Director of North American Sales…” Find the right sales triggers | Know when to engage | Never miss an opportunity
    18. 18. Connections Smart Connections ™ discover key relationships | SLIDE :18 + Previous Employers Reference CustomersCoworkers SALESVIEW Existing Network Access existing relationships | Discover new professional relationships | Maximize the power of networks
    19. 19. Access Smart Views ™ deliver intelligence at the point of need | SLIDE :19 CRM Mashup Browser Email Optimized interface for sales productivity | Leading CRM integration | Within Accounts, Leads, Contacts, & Opportunities
    20. 20. Differentiation
    21. 21. Social Networks Emerging Data Providers Traditional Data Providers Aggregation Detailed Business Profiles ✔ ✔ ✔ Detailed Contact Profiles ✔ ✔ ✔ Insights Alerts on Key Business Events ✔ ✔ Customizable Event Monitoring ✔ Connections Access to Existing Social Connections ✔ ✔ Discovery of New Business Connections ✔ Access Native CRM Integration ✔ ✔ ✔ Alerts via Email, Web, Mobile ✔ Differentiation Social Networks Traditional Data Providers SalesView is the only solution designed for sales productivity Emerging Data Providers
    22. 22. Customer Success
    23. 23. 23 Our Impact | SLIDE :23 “We are very excited to have chosen SalesView. Our Sales Executives and their support team are able to easily stay current with news relevant to their accounts and identify additional sales opportunities, without leaving their CRM. InsideView’s excellent training and support during roll-out has been critical to our success.” VP Global Sales National Accounts Sales Reporting and CRM Solutions
    24. 24. Consulting Alignment &Techniques for Improving Sales Productivity | SLIDE :24 Value-Added Services •Quick Start •Territory and Account Planning •Custom List Building •Dashboards for Sales Productivity •Transitioning to Sales 2.0 •Coaching
    25. 25. On-Boarding Methodology and Processes For Helping you Realize Value Quickly | SLIDE :25 InsideView on-boards most customers in just a few days Define goals, identify key metrics, and understand trends: • CRM usage • SalesView usage • Sales velocity and conversion metrics PLANNING Implement SalesView: •CRM Integration •Configuration •Provisioning •Sales process alignment IMPLEMENTATION Train all stakeholders using role-based curriculum: • Users • Administrators & Managers • Executives Drive adoption & awareness: • User adoption campaigns • Executive sponsor campaigns TRAINING, ADOPTION, & AWARENESS Measure adoption and value: •User surveys •Regular usage and metrics reviews • Recommendations for improvements MEASUREMENT & OPTIMIZATION
    26. 26. Education Multiple Training Options For Your Unique Needs | SLIDE :26 Blended Curriculum ✔Relevant ✔Tailored ✔Anytime, Anywhere! 99% of SalesView TEAM Customers use our training Foundations • SalesView Basics • SalesView for Managers • SalesView for Administrators Advanced • List Building • Territory and Account Planning • Custom Configuration • SalesView Best Practices
    27. 27. Support | SLIDE :27 • Email • 48-hour response times • Email • Chat • 24-hour response times • Email • Chat • Phone • 12-hour response times • Personal Support Rep • Beta participation • Customer Advisory Board (CAB) participation Silver Gold Platinum
    28. 28. Case Studies
    29. 29. CHALLENGE – Prospecting effectiveness – Quality of CRM data IMPACT – Increased Sales Productivity – Increased Marketing Campaign Effectiveness – 12% increase in pipeline over initial 6 month deployment – 320+% ROI due to additional deals closed – all directly attributable to prospects discovered through SalesView Customer Success: “The breadth and depth of the prospect data, the relevance of the alerts around crucial selling opportunities, and insights into key executive connections, coupled with its powerful CRM mash-up, make SalesView a highly effective sales and marketing productivity enhancer.” David Fitzgerald, EVP Sales, Marketing and Services
    30. 30. CHALLENGE – Improve sales productivity through acquisition – Accelerate sales cycles IMPACT – Increased sales productivity leading to incremental sales cycles delivering $500K in incremental LTV / rep / year – Decreased time to full sales productivity by 50% – Expanded into new geographies more profitably with accelerated customer acquisition rates . “The SalesView mash-up with gives me great functionality and excellent usability – basically everything I need for boosting sales effectiveness– all in one place. We have realized huge gains in productivity and the sales team is excited!” Tina Babbi, Vice President Sales and Service Operations Customer Success:
    31. 31. CHALLENGE – Accelerate research and lead qualification IMPACT – Reduced pre-call preparation time by 1-2 hours per day per rep – Improved volume-selling through increased call readiness – Improved high-end selling through connections to C-level executives – Increased relevancy of customer interactions – Increased CRM adoption “InsideView provides an intelligent solution that enables both high-end selling through connection analysis, especially with C-level executives, and volume-selling by reducing preparation time for calls.” Alex Saleh, Vice President, Global Sales Operations Customer Success:
    32. 32. CHALLENGE – Sales team productivity, particularly for new hires – Low adoption of previous sales intelligence tools IMPACT – 30% increase in productive reps from ‘08 to ’09 – 2X faster ramp rate for new hires & new territories – 3X increase in prospect attendance in field events – 100% sales team adoption – Renewed & expanded four times (15->200+ seats) “The insights we gain from SalesView are pivotal in helping us foster and close important deals.” Jason Solinger, Director, North America Sales Customer Success:
    33. 33. CHALLENGE – Inaccurate and incomplete sales data – Poor territory management – Complex prospecting process IMPACT – 200% year-over-year increase in call volume – 240% year-over-year increase in transactions – Nearly 1000% year-over-year increase in actual number of customers contacted “SalesView’s ability to sharply increase the data quality being used by the Innotas sales team has led to higher productivity and accelerated sales cycles. Simply put, better data means warmer sales calls – and that’s huge.” Kevin Kern, VP of Worldwide Sales Customer Success:
    34. 34. CHALLENGE – Prospect database was obsolete and inaccurate – Needed executive level contacts in target companies IMPACT – 30% more contacts in contact database – Increased marketing campaign effectiveness – More accurate account data and relevant prospect interactions – 100% sales team adoption “Our trial with InsideView demonstrated significant value over Hoover’s based on head-to-head tests in several active campaigns. SalesView’s tight integration with our CRM was another key factor in our decision-making. We adopted SalesView even though we still had six months left on the Hoover’s contract.” Glenn Haertel, Executive Vice President Customer Success:
    35. 35. CHALLENGE – Aggressive revenue goals – Too few qualified, meaningful leads IMPACT – 5-10 leads per day per rep via Smart Agents – 50% lead conversion to real opportunities – $200K revenue growth in first 60 days using SalesView . “SalesView has helped us zero in on prospects that ultimately materialize into actual opportunities. We have experienced 100 percent adoption by our sales team in a short period of time and envision SalesView becoming a core part of our day-to-day sales efforts.” James Zagelmeyer, Executive Vice President Customer Success: