iGo2 Corporate Overview

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About who we are at iGo2 and how we can help you

About who we are at iGo2 and how we can help you

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  • 1. iGo2 GroupThe Experts In Social Business
  • 2. AgendaØ  The Power of Social BusinessØ  Who is iGo2?Ø  iGo2 Focus AreasØ  PartnersØ  CustomersØ  Founders of iGo2 Group
  • 3. The Power of Social BusinessØ  Social Business is disruptive Social Business changes everything for an enterprise:Ø  Social Business is dynamic Ø  Sales, marketing, service Ø  Human resources Ø  Product management Ø  Channels Ø  Processes Ø  Organisational models
  • 4. Who is iGo2 Group? We build successful social enterprises through:Ø  Effective social strategiesØ  Comprehensive social business intelligenceØ  Social platforms for community buildingØ  Responsible social governance
  • 5. The Founders of iGo2 GroupØ  All Certified Strategists in Social MediaØ  Each founder has more than 20 years business experience in IT and industry
  • 6. iGo2 Focus Areas formulating policy and strategy through researching Strategy your brand, customers, partners and competitors monitoring, collecting and analyzing social data to Intelligence make informed, agile business and policy decisions building ‘owned’ social platforms for listening, support,Communities building, collaboration and content social business metrics, ROI, policy and guidelines,Governance processes
  • 7. 8 Point Framework for Social Business 1.Assess 8.Monitor 2.Strategise Social Business 7.Engage   3.Create Framework 6.Share 4.Protect 5.Participate
  • 8. Social Strategy: Creating Customer Value From Social Brand To Social BusinessØ  Focus on external communications Ø  Focus on internal communicationsØ  Engagement with the social customer Ø  Engagement with employeesØ  Owned by marketing Ø  Owned by the entire organisationØ  Measured by clicks, impressions, Ø  Measured by organisational reach, Likes, comments, RTs, etc. changeØ  Budgets allocated toward Ø  Budgets revolve around internal agencies, community communities, social technologies, management, Facebook and training applications, blog development, etc
  • 9. Social Business Intelligence ServicesØ  All social data streamsØ  Drilldown analysisØ  Sentiment analysisØ  Comparative analysisØ  Drilldown to influencers andsourcesØ  Slice and diceØ  Periodic reporting – weekly,bi-weekly, monthly, real time
  • 10. Potential Value of Social IntelligenceØ  Crisis managementØ  Reputation managementØ  Project monitoringØ  Improve customer service and loyaltyØ  Competitor intelligenceØ  Partner intelligenceØ  Improve product and service developmentØ  Improve target marketingØ  Grow revenueØ  Deflect costsØ  Policy or initiative review
  • 11. The Social Ecosystem WikisParticipatingListening, establishing reputation(I’m one of you)ManagedListening, supporting, buildingreputation, marketing External CommunitiesOwned Closed NetworkListening, supporting,building relationships,collaborating Example: customer communities Internal Communities Example: channels, members Example: Intranets, communities of practice
  • 12. Many Social Tools Available Today Author(s) write articles Variety of people edit the content of a Users comment to author single piece of contentEngagement focus: On the author Individually, Engagement focus: On the content these tools do not equal community Variety of people publish comments Individuals publish files, picture, or video on specific topics or questions for users to comment on Engagement focus: On the topic Engagement focus: On the media
  • 13. Communities Enable Relationships Owned CommunitiesØ  Regular interaction among members who are united by a common interest allows for relationships to be formed Member to Member Collaboration
  • 14. Different Objectives Social Networks Online CommunitiesRelationships Business Objective Primary Purpose Primary Enabler Common Activity Relationships
  • 15. Community Use Cases - (80% of clients) Corporate Communication Internal Employee Networking &Communities Collaboration Innovation Customer Driven Support External Interactive MarketingCommunities Association Marketing
  • 16. ®Telligent - The Leader in Social Community Software
  • 17. Tactics – Presence Development
  • 18. Some of Our Clients
  • 19. Our Partners
  • 20. Thank You Contact UsAddress: iGo2 Group Pty Ltd 153 Walker Street, Level 8 North Sydney 2060 AustraliaEmail: contact@iGo2Group.comPhone: +61 2 9954 0070Website: www.iGo2group.com