Rural Fire Services - why they need a Social Strategy


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An Assessment of Rural Fire Services and a view (maybe controversial) that they need a drastic rethink of Social

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Rural Fire Services - why they need a Social Strategy

  1. 1. iGo2 OverviewiGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions
  2. 2. AgendaØ  The Power of Social MediaØ  Who is iGo2?Ø  RFS OverviewØ  PartnersØ  CustomersØ  Founders of iGo2 Group
  3. 3. The Power of Social MediaØ  Social Media is disruptiveØ  Social Media is dynamicØ  Social Media changes everything for a business –  Sales, Marketing, Service –  Human Resources –  Product Management –  Channels –  Processes –  Organisational Models
  4. 4. Who is iGo2 Group? iGo2  is  a  Social  Business  product  and  services  company.  iGo2  helps  organisa9ons  like  yours  leverage   the  power  of  Social  Media  and  Networks  through  relevant,  focused  and  business  oriented  solu9ons.   We  assist  to  connect  you  with  your  markets  and  customers;    convert  your  social  data  to  business   intelligence    and  manage  your  Social  Media  presence  for  maximum  impact.   Whether  your  business  is  already  ac9ve  in  Social  Media  –  but  needs  to  do  it  beEer  –  or  whether  you   are  just  star9ng  out,  iGo2  can  provide  everything  from  consultancy  to  a  complete  tailored  solu9on.  Ø  A holistic approach to Corporate Social MediaØ  All members are Certified Strategists in Social MediaØ  Utilise proven methodologies for : –  Social Media Assessments –  Social Media Strategy Development –  Social Media Programs and ROI –  Channel Empowerment through Social Media
  5. 5. iGo2 Focus Areas Strategy  :  formula9ng  policy  and  strategy  through  researching  your  brand,  customers,  partners  and  compe9tors  Tac9cs:  building  your  social  presence  and  integra9ng  to  your  business  processes;  training    and  empowering  employees   and  partners.  Intelligence:  monitoring,  collec9ng,  and  analyzing   social  data  to  make  informed  and  agile    business  and  policy   decisions.   Tools:  delivering,  installing,  suppor9ng  and    integra9ng   best  of  breed  products  for  u9lising  the  social  web    
  6. 6. Social  Media  Monitoring   Social Intelligence Services   •  Monitor  “Brand”   on  behalf  of  all   Brigades   •  Govern  /  Audit   Trail   •  Full  BI  Capability  •  All social data streams•  Drilldown analysis•  Sentiment analysis•  Comparative Analysis•  Drilldown to influencers•  Drilldown to sources•  Slice and dice•  Periodic reporting – weekly, bi weekly, monthly, real time
  7. 7. Rural Fire ServicesCan  Social  aid  RFS’s  Key  Strategies?    
  8. 8. Member  &  Stakeholder  Issues:  •  What  is  the  Brigade  policy/process/ guidelines  for  Social?  •  What  is  the  Corporate  policy/ process/guidelines  for  Social?  •  Who  do  I  listen  to  and  why?  •  Who  runs  the  crisis  management   and  what  is  the  Social  Policy?  •  Where  is  the  source  of  truth?  •  Who  owns  the  community?  •  How  do  I  share  learnings?  •  How  do  I  network  with  peers?  •  Where  is  the  center  of  innova9on?  •  How  do  I  foster  Partnerships?  •  Is  MyRFS  a  community  and  socially   integrated?    
  9. 9. iGo2’s “initial” advice to RFS Assess  Ø  Start Listening in Monitor   Strategise   all channelsØ  Develop a Social Strategy through performing an Protect   Social   Business   Create   Social Assessment Framework  Ø  Implement iGo2’s 8-Point Social Engage   Par9cipate   Business Framework Share  
  10. 10. Different Objectives Social  Networks   Online  Communi9es  Rela9onships   Business  Objec9ve   Primary  Purpose   Primary  Enabler   Common  Ac9vity   Rela9onships  
  11. 11. The  Social  Ecosystem   Wikis  Par@cipa@ng  Listening,  establishing  reputa9on  (I’m  one  of  you)  Managed  Listening,  suppor9ng,  building  reputa9on,  marke9ng   External   Communi9es  Owned   Closed  Network  Listening,  suppor9ng,  building  rela9onships,  collabora9ng   Example:  stakeholder  communi9es   Internal   Example:  channels,  members   Communi9es   Example:  Intranets,  communi9es  of  prac9ce   Copyright  2011  Telligent.  All  rights  reserved.  
  12. 12. Communities Enable Relationships Owned  Communi@es  Regular  interac@on  among  members  who   are  united  by  a   common  interest   allows  for  rela@onships  to  be   formed   Member  to  Member     Collabora@on    
  13. 13. Community Use Cases Internal  Communi@es   External  Communi@es   (80% of clients) Corporate   Customer-­‐Driven   Communica@on   Support   Employee  Networking  &   Interac@ve  Marke@ng   Collabora@on   Associa@on   Innova@on   Management  
  14. 14. RFS CommunityBuild  cause  awareness  •  Create  a  hub  that  serves  as  a  focal  point  for  the  RFS  •  Increase  SEO  placement  and  decrease  SEM  spending  •  Leverage  WOM  to  scale  and  reach  new  supporters  Engage  members  to  increase  membership  &  outreach  •  Reinforce  RFS  members’  sense  of  iden9ty,  affilia9on  and  value  •  Enable  members  to  easily  find  peers  and  support  •  Connect  poten9al  RFS  members  to  programs        Increase  your  value  proposi@on  &  improve  efficiency  •  Uncover  trending  topics  quickly  and  take  ac9on  •  Curate  the  content  being  created  by  RFS  members  online  •  Generate  new  opportuni9es  for  ad  hoc  par9cipa9on  
  15. 15. Social Media Crises• Social Media Crises arise from anumber of different social channels•  Crises occur in every majorindustry from manufacturing toRetail to Celebrity Source  :  Al9meter  Consul9ng  :  How  Social  Businesses  Prepare  
  16. 16. Why Social Media Crises Occur• More than one cause may apply•  A Crisis may be 3 levels: •  Negative publicity •  Negative publicity + forced changes •  Direct financial impact
  17. 17. Anatomy of a Social Media CrisisCould they be averted? Reasons for internal Failure
  18. 18. Potential Value of Social IntelligenceØ  Crisis ManagementØ  Reputation ManagementØ  Project MonitoringØ  Improve customer serviceØ  Competitor intelligenceØ  Partner intelligenceØ  Improve product and service developmentØ  Improve target marketingØ  Grow revenueØ  Deflect costsØ  Improve Customer LoyaltyØ  Policy or initiative review
  19. 19. Our Partners
  20. 20. Our Customers
  21. 21. The  Founders  of  iGo2  Group   Ø  All  Cer4fied  Strategists  in  Social  Media   Ø  All  have  more  than  20  years  business   experience  in  IT  and  industry  iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions