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LAC 2011-WordPress Advanced


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You know WordPress, you're probably using it for some of your sites. You've done all the basics as far as optimization, it's time to go deeper. Showing you the advanced controls of several WordPress …

You know WordPress, you're probably using it for some of your sites. You've done all the basics as far as optimization, it's time to go deeper. Showing you the advanced controls of several WordPress plugins and the new possibilities offered by the recent WordPress releases, Joost is going to show you how you can use WordPress even more effectively to build and optimize your sites. For those of you who dare show your sites, Joost can even give advice for improvements right on the spot. So bring your laptops and make sure to take notes, as this session is going to be packed with tips and tricks.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. WordPress Optimisation40 tips, in 40 minutes, and then some questions!
  • 2. Open Source Theology AffiliateWordPress Apple Geek Marketer CSS SEO Speaker Blogger Online marketer
  • 3. Section #1: Speed!
  • 4. 01 Tip Section #1: Speed Install W3 Total CachePreferrably with APC / Memcached for database caching
  • 5. 02 Tip Section #1: Speed Combine CSS files into one big CSS file and then minify Same goes for JavaScript, most of which should be loaded in the footer. (W3 Total Cache can help with that)
  • 6. 03 Tip Section #1: Speed Kill some plugins...And try to replace them for custom code or similar ones. Some plugins are god awful.
  • 7. 04 Tip Section #1: Speed Offload as much as you can Images to a CDN Javascript to a CDN or to Google:
  • 8. 05 Tip Section #1: Speed Use CSS sprites have a look at
  • 9. 06 Tip Section #1: Speed Clean up those sidebars. Do you really need all those badges? Even more important: do your visitors need them?
  • 10. 07 Tip Section #1: Speed Still slow? Switch to better hosting.
  • 11. Section #2: SEO
  • 12. 08 Tip Section #2: SEO Set Pretty Permalinks And yes remove post id, date and other nonsense.
  • 13. 09 Tip Section #2: SEO Cloak your f*ing affiliate links.
  • 14. 10 Tip Section #2: SEO Give Robots directions Noindex wp-admin, login and register pages etc. using the WordPress SEO plugin:
  • 15. 11 Tip Section #2: SEO Write better titles Use WordPress SEO
  • 16. 12 Tip Section #2: SEO Write good meta descriptions If you don’t, do NOT auto generate them. (Unless of course you’ve got an awesome description template)
  • 17. 13 Tip Section #2: SEO Create proper pagination Using wp-pagenavi by Lester Chan, f/i.
  • 18. 14 Tip Section #2: SEO Disable paged comments They suck.
  • 19. 15 Tip Section #2: SEO Add value: Use custom taxonomies and custom post types Custom Post Type UI Ultimate Post Type Manager Ultimate Taxonomy Manager
  • 20. Section #3: Maintenance
  • 21. 16 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Backup your database every few hours Using f.i. Lester Chans WP-DBManager plugin or any of the other plugins out there
  • 22. 17 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Add this line to your wp-config:define(WP_ALLOW_REPAIR, true); To auto repair your database when needed
  • 23. 18 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Backup your files every day Use WordPress Backup:
  • 24. 19 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Check your queries Use the Debug Queries plugin to check for plugins gone mad
  • 25. 20 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Run Akismet Kill those spam comments.
  • 26. 21 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Check the referrers for comments
  • 27. 22 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Make sure your scraper scripts don’t get fed spam
  • 28. 23 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Track your uptime Use Pingdom, or another tool, but be the first to know when your site is down.
  • 29. 24 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Check 404’s Use the 404 notifier: and fix them using Redirection
  • 30. 25 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Remove unneccesary meta info // Remove Really simple discovery link remove_action(wp_head, rsd_link); // Remove Windows Live Writer link remove_action(wp_head, wlwmanifest_link); // Remove the version number remove_action(wp_head, wp_generator); (or you could just use my WordPress SEO plugin)
  • 31. Section #4: Social
  • 32. 26 Tip Section #4: Social Allow & encourage people to share your content Use those Twitter Tweet & Facebook Like buttons
  • 33. 27 Tip Section #4: Social Doing newsletters? Add a refer a friend button on the thank you page!
  • 34. 28 Tip Section #4: Social Or... Use my Comment Redirect plugin, and add the refer a friend there!
  • 35. 29 Tip Section #4: Social Make sure your comments are gravatar enabled.
  • 36. 30 Tip Section #4: Social Buy me a beer later, Grolsch, or Heineken :) and yes I know it’s only just noon or so, who cares?
  • 37. Section #5: Analytics
  • 38. 32 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use Google Analytics and my plugin for it (or if you wear a tinfoil hat or you’re German, use Clicky & my plugin)
  • 39. 33 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use an RSS footer (do I need to mention my WordPress SEO plugin again? ;) )
  • 40. 33 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use RSS link tagging it’s in my Google Analytics plugin or use (getclicky will understand GA Campaign tagging too)
  • 41. 34 Tip Section #5: Analytics Track traffic coming from Twitter:
  • 42. 35 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use hash tag based campaign tracking: #utm_campaign etc.
  • 43. 36 Tip Section #5: AnalyticsUse comment redirect to track first time commenters
  • 44. 37 Tip Section #5: Analytics Track comments as a goal! Use an onclick javascript with a minor delay.
  • 45. 38 Tip Section #5: Analytics Track RSS subscribers the same way
  • 46. 39 Tip Section #5: Analytics Start optimizing: which traffic leads to more subscribers / proper click outs? And yes that means forgetting about Digg.
  • 47. 40 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use my blog metrics plugin Improve yourself each month!
  • 48. Conference / Party in Amsterdam 10 speakers 15 attendees include:Bob RainsMarcus TandlerFrank WatsonDennis Goedegebuure (Direct of SEO @ eBay)
  • 49. Feedback? Questions? Need help?Email: joost@yoast.comTwitter: @yoast 51