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This session with demonstrate how to launch an effective search (paid search) campaign in a new territory. By May the Danish market is due to be fully regulated providing the perfect case study of how to launch an effective campaign in this territory from both an operator and affiliate perspective. Our expert speakers from top search agency, Latitude and search monolith, Google will present key takeaways and processes that need to be followed from an account set up, launch and market size perspective. Attend this session to get all the tools you need to prepare for the Spanish licensing decision which is also expected summer 2012.

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  • Latitude has a best practice account structure that has proven time and time again to be very successful in the gaming industry. As part of the Danish Sportsbook account build, we mirrored the account structure we had in place in the UK. Based on our research, English is a popular language in Scandinavia (Denmark in particular), accounting for 86% of Danish natives 2nd language.  Utilising secondary research and data we identified the most popular sports in Denmark to be Football, Golf, Handball, and Cycling. Campaigns were built to cover all possible search terms relating to the sports in general, along with specific teams / athletes and events.Latitude’s expertise in Denmark, facilitated us in developing bespoke ad texts tailored to the meet the key demographic. One example of how gradual we went with ad copy is for the term ‘bet’. There is no direct translation for ‘bet’ in Danish, however ‘spil’ is the closest equivalent when put into context with the offers bet365 provide. Despite this, our research suggested that ‘bet’ was still a very popular term which users search on in Denmark. In order to achieve the highest possible CTR, Latitude trialed both “bet” and “spil” in ad texts across a number of campaigns to establish which terminology is most effective in this market. Options for structuring your accountBest practice is to group around 15 or fewer similarly themed keywords together in the same ad group, which then allows the ad texts in that group to be relevant and targeted to each keyword. This should also enable the keywords to attain the best possible click through rate (CTR).There are many ways to structure an account, each with their own pros and cons:ManageabilityMaking changes to the account is quick and straightforwardAnalyticalAnalysing the data is straightforward and optimisation is easier to implementReportingCompiling certain types of reports can be more easily done
  • Language nuances are a key consideration within any site and content should therefore be created by native speakers to improve user journey, usability and conversionContent should be specific to the product and again be written by native speakers to make it clearer and more engaging. Simply translating content from UK sites using google translate etc will impact on acquisition of users/trust etc. It is so impactful that research we did in France suggests that this would put off a user straight away and they are more likely to also click on a .fr domain than a and even a .com (although this isn't as impacting)Monitor trends in the various countries as again the use of simply translating the keywords you have used for the UK is not the best way to create an international PPC campaign. There will also be differences in search keywords being used and the relevant demand so this should be considered at all times and reviewed at least monthly
  • Most campaigns we have run maintained 98%+ impression share helping to us capture as many users as possible. The average CTR’s for the account are 9.89%, largely down to our high average position and highly targeted ad texts.  Due to on-going optimisation of the account, month on month Latitude has increased depositor totals by 288% whilst reducing the CPFA by 62%. We’ve done this by expanding our presence on the top converting keywords. Since launch we’ve managed to double the conversion rate through in-depth analysis and optimisation to channel spend through the best performing areas of the account. In March 2012 we exceeded the depositor total by 446% whilst achieving a cost per fund account (CPFA) 81% lower than the target set by bet365. Following this, in April we exceeded the depositor target by 1,350% whilst achieving a CPFA 93% lower than the target. In the case of bet365, we are consistently in position 1, and have achieved similar results with mobile, as we have with desktop The learning taken from this launch will be replicated as we work with bet365 to expand their international PPC presence. This campaign has been a huge success since launch, which we will use as a template for future expansion strategies. The key objective when launching in a new territory on PPC is to ensure we are one of the first to market. This enables us to develop a strong position before the competition arrives. This forward planning enables bet365 to keep costs as low as possible whilst firmly establishing themselves as a market leader.
  • Overall Spain’s gambling market is expected to grow to Euro 39 billion by 2010. The market figures alone are impressive - total market size in 2010 of ca. EUR 28 billion in turnover/wagers and EUR 9.5 billion in gross revenues. The online gambling market (gross revenues) is estimated at EUR 465 million in 2010 and expected to grow to over EUR 680 million in 2015 (MECN research)38% of Spain’s 44 million citizens have access to the Internet via a fixed line connection, but they also have one of the largest mobile communication markets in Europe. It is estimated that 64% of mobile customers play games, versus 50% of residents with a home connection.In 2010, the online gambling industry in Spain totaled €315 million in profits
  • Maximising the Opportunity of Emerging Markets_Neil Fairweather

    1. 1. MAXIMISING THE OPPORTUNITY EMERGING MARKETS 24/05/2012 Presented by // Marketing // to: Igaming Supershow Latitude Digital Marketing
    2. 2. AGENDA• Know The Market• Account Structure• Use Native Speakers• Test & Innovate
    4. 4. DENMARK 200k Sportsbook Mobile clicks are 45%Impressions in April across Cheaper Mobile and Desktop terms Spil the biggest native keyword CPC’s for top 2 Odds and Bet the terms £3-£5 on largest Volume keywords average in terms of Impressions
    6. 6. RECOMMENDATIONS• Best Practice Structure• Create both Native and UK creative’s & Keywords based on demand• Identify Key Sports, teams and events• Test and refine
    7. 7. USE NATIVESPEAKERS• Have to be native!• Tailor Content• Monitor trends• Test and Trial
    8. 8. INTERNATIONALSUCCESS• High CTR (Over 9%)• Exceeded Account targets by over200%• CPFA’s over 60% lower than target• Optimisations across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop All of which enables competitive
    9. 9. WHY CONSIDER SPAIN?• 38% of 44 million citizens have fixed line connections• One of largest mobile communications market – 64% playing games on mobiles• Market size in 2010 estimated at EUR 465million• Expected to grow to EUR 680million in 2015
    10. 10. KEY TAKEAWAYS• Know The Market• Account Structure• Use Native Speakers• Test & Innovate