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LAC 2010 - How To Be A Good Sports Betting Affiliate
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LAC 2010 - How To Be A Good Sports Betting Affiliate


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With the recent downturn in the economy, it has become imperative for individuals and operators to generate extra revenue through new strategies, cutting costs, and demanding accountability. …

With the recent downturn in the economy, it has become imperative for individuals and operators to generate extra revenue through new strategies, cutting costs, and demanding accountability. Interestingly, this has led to an increase in new affiliates. Becoming a sportsbetting affiliate appears to be a simple win-win situation, especially from an operator’s perspective. However, there are a mass of considerations to ensure it is successful. Arusha will be providing a complete guide on how to become a super affiliate whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

Speaker: Arusha Iqbal, EasyOdds

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. How To Be A Good Sports Betting Affiliate Arusha Iqbal Sales and Account Manager
  • 2. Introduction
    • Growth in sportsbetting
    • Rise in number of affiliates
    • Time, effort and constant innovation needed to be a successful affiliate
    • Five areas that create a good sportsbetting affiliate:
    • Analysis and Understanding
    • Being Technologically Adept
    • Cross Product Promotion
    • Working harder AND smarter
    • Industry Presence
  • 3. Analysis and understanding
    • Legislation and Regulatory issues
    • Be aware of regulatory issues affecting your partners
    • Which new markets are opening up for e-gaming?
    • Which external factors influence the regulation of gambling?
    • Maximising operator margins
    • How do these external factors affect your partners?
    • Help to minimise any threats and maximise on the opportunities available
  • 4. Analysis and Understanding
    • Financial analysis and understanding
    • What financial information are your partners providing you and is it enough?
    • Analysis of performance key to monitoring ROI
    • Identity theft/ fraud measures
    • Do your partner’s anti-fraud measures affect your performance as an affiliate?
    • Tracking and affiliation structure
    • Importance of web analytics and in house tracking for customer segmentation and remuneration
    • Using tracking to evaluate the success of promotional elements
    • Using tracking to help improve website design.
  • 5. Technologically adept
    • Risk management
    • Disaster recovery system- Cyber criminals, Bots, DOS, DDOS
    • Important to invest in proven technology
    • 60% of companies that lose all their data close down within six months
    • Content provision
    • Benefits of RSS feeds- real time content
    • Video content/ preview videos
    • Live streaming
  • 6. Technologically Adept
    • Growth markets
    • Video content, live gaming, mobile gambling, live streaming, in running
    • What can you as an affiliate support?
    • Ability to represent in-running markets
    • In running is a massive growth area for bookmakers bringing in between 30-70% of some operators gross margins
    • In running coupled with live streaming is a lucrative scenario
    • How can an affiliate cater to real time betting?
  • 7. Cross product promotion
    • Rise in affiliates
    • Rise in affiliates for sportsbook and gaming
    • TV and reality betting bridging the gap between sportsbetting and gaming
    • Importance and value of gaming
    • High lifetime value of gaming players
    • Cross product promotion can provide lucrative revenue for the affiliate
    • Cross product promotion and methods
    • Reviews, banners, creative, live gaming, demos
    • Look beyond poker, casino and bingo into skill games, slots, financial markets and mobile betting
  • 8. Super-affiliates work smarter AND harder!
    • Website design
    • Keep it current, updated, ever-evolving
    • Create an affinity with the operators
    • Know your target market and design accordingly
    • Monitor your competitors
    • SEO and PPC
    • Be careful not to attract bounty hunters
    • Social networking
    • Range of markets
    • Need wide range of markets to cater to diverse international operators
    • More revenue opportunities
  • 9. Being equipped for conversion
    • Converting traffic and unique visitors into clicks, registrations and new depositing players.
    • Player identification
    • Player acquisition
    • Player conversion
    • Player retention
    • Player reacquisition
    • Maximising and utilising operators creative tools
    • Graphics, landing pages, database promotion, banners
    • Co-branding offers and emails
  • 10. Industry presence
    • Excellent account management
    • Communication and client relationships
    • Catering to operator objectives
    • Industry presence
    • B2B and B2C presence
    • Being a super-affiliate!
  • 11. In Summary
    • Technologically adept
    • Cross product promotion
    • Financial analysis
    • Industry presence
    • Time and effort invested
    • Thank you for your time…