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TUSSO | Unique
Premium Espresso Concept
A contemporary, revolutionary concept that challenges the conventional wisdom and strict traditions in the gourmet espresso category.

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TUSSO | Espresso v4 [HD] - En

  1. 1. Premium Economy Value Packespresso espresso espressochocolate drink chocolate drinkaccessories accessories*design award**taste award more products follow...
  2. 2. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.
  3. 3. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptA   contemporary,   revoluEonary   concept  that  challenges   the  convenEonal  wisdom  and   strict   tradiEons   in   the   gourmet  espresso  category.  
  4. 4. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptTUSSO   offers   two   types   of   espresso,   saEsfying   the   two   main   «schools»   of  espresso  drinkers:   those  who  like  their  coffee   with  notes  of  chocolate   and  citrus  and  those  who  like  a  robust,  spicy  brew.T1   is   a  blend  of   Arabica  coffee  beans   culEvated  at  high  alEtudes   in  South  and  Central  America  and  Arabica  beans   grown  in  eastern  Africa.  The  former   brings  sweet,  refreshing,  and  pleasantly  acidic  notes  to  this  blend,  while  the  east  Africa  beans   add   fine   floral   notes   and   an   aroma   reminiscent   of   chocolate.   Espresso  made   from   our   T1   blend   has   a   velvety   cream,   hints   of   sweetness   and   a  refreshing,  lemony  feel.T2   The   finest   Arabica   beans   from   Central   and   South   America,   lightly   roasted,  meet  the   Robusta  variety   of   Central  Africa  in   this   hearty  blend.  The  result  is   a  strong  but  balanced  flavor,  robust   aroma,  rich  body  and  long-­‐lasEng  cream.  This  blend  is  ideal  for   lovers   of  spicy  espresso  with  strong   character  or  of  cappuccino  that  delivers  a  strong  coffee  flavor  that  marries  perfectly  with  milk.  
  5. 5. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniqueEspresso  Pods  TUSSO  Espresso  for  home  and  office.The   most   popular   and   widely   used   product   for     making   excellent  espresso   at   home,   at   work,   and   in   restaurants.   Individual   packets   are  especially   easy   to   use,   don’t   require   extensive   coffee   know-­‐how,     and  guarantee  a  consistently  high  quality  coffee  with  absolutely  no  waste.  TUSSO  pods  come  in  packs  of  20  and  150  servings.
  6. 6. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniqueEspresso  Pods  100%  ArabicaA  blend  of  coffee  beans  from  the  high  alEtudes  of    South  and  Central  America  and  eastern  Africa.  The  former  brings  sweet,  refreshing,  and  pleasantly  acidic  notes  to  this  blend,  while  the  east  Africa  beans  add  fine  floral  notes  and  an  aroma  reminiscent  of  chocolate.  The  end  result  is  an  espresso  that  has  a  velvety  cream,  hints  of  sweetness  and  a  refreshing,  lemony  feel.DECAFTUSSO  decaf  brings  you  all  the  pleasure  of  an  espresso  with  none  of  the  caffeine.  Our  decaf  brims  with  all  the  liveliness  of  a  great  cup  of  espresso  and  let’s  you  drink...all  you  want.  
  7. 7. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  espresso,  cappuccino,  freddo  cappuccino...
  8. 8. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  espresso,  cappuccino,  freddo  cappuccino...
  9. 9. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  espresso,  cappuccino,  freddo  cappuccino...
  10. 10. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  espresso,  cappuccino,  freddo  cappuccino...
  11. 11. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Espresso  ConceptCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  espresso,  cappuccino,  freddo  cappuccino...
  12. 12. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Chocolate  DrinkTUSSO’s   drinking   chocolate   was   awarded   with   the   highest  honors   (3  stars)  at  the  InternaEonal   OrganizaEon  of  Taste  and  Quality  in  Belgium.  Superior  Taste  Award  2008  iTQiTUSSO   Chocolate   is   a   pure   drinking   chocolate,   redolent   of  chocolate’s  mysterious  aromas  and  perfumes.  A  cup  of  TUSSO  drinking   chocolate   is   so   deliciously   thick   it   is   like   having  chocolate   that   literally   melts   in   your   mouth.   Our   drinking  chocolate  should  be   savored  warm   with  whole   milk.   Steam   it  with  milk   or   make   it   in   a   double   boiler.   You   can   also   make   it  into   a   granita   or   slushy   and   iced   chocolate   by   pulsing   it   in   a  high-­‐speed  blender  with  ice.    
  13. 13. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Chocolate  AccessoriesCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  hot  and  even  frozen  chocolate  drink
  14. 14. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.TUSSO  |  UniquePremium  Chocolate  AccessoriesCan  innovaEve  design  advance  haute  cuisine?  The  answer  is  right  in  front  of  you  in  our  complete  line  of  original  accessories  for  hot  and  even  frozen  chocolate  drink
  15. 15. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.
  16. 16. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.
  17. 17. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.
  18. 18. TUSSO  ®  is  a  registered  trademark  of    DRACULI  COFFEE  S.A.
  19. 19. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  makes  the  most  complete  line  of  espresso  products  specially  designed  for  authenEc  espresso  bars.  Espresso:  4  types  of  authenEc  espresso  for  every  preference.  Chocolate:  Make  it  your  next  sweet  and  sinful  indulgence.  InnovaEve   coffee   accessories   designed  for   the   specific   daily   needs  of  the  contemporary  Espresso  Bars.  
  20. 20. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!Four  authenEc  espresso  opEons...to  take  with  you.  Bistro  Limited  (Limited  producEon)  |  With  sweet  brushstrokes,  a  complex  aroma,  and  the  characterisEc  acidity  of  Arabica.  Perfect  for  coffee  lovers  who  prefer  to  savor  their  espresso  on  its  own,  several  Emes  a  day.  Extra  Bar  |  The  most  popular  espresso  in  the  So!  Series.  So  balanced  in  flavor  and  aromas  it  can  be  savored  as  a  classic  espresso  or  as  either  a  freddo  or  cappuccino.Bar|  Original  espresso  with  an  especially  strong  character  that  appeals  to  espresso  maniacs!  Ideal  to  enjoy  it  as  a  cappuccino  or  freddo.Napoli  Bar  |  The  Napolitan  version  of  espresso.    It  stands  up  to  unusual  coffee-­‐making  condiEons,  such  as  hard  water  or  low  water  temperature.  «Napoli  Bar»  proves  itself  best  in  difficult  situaEons.
  21. 21. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  authenEc:  Contemporary  accessories  for  the  authenEc  espresso  bar.  So!  accessories  are  designed  with  pracEcality  and  aestheEcs  in  mind  and  are  the  perfect  vehicles  for  showing  off  the  qualiEes  of  a  great  cup  of  coffee.  
  22. 22. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  authenEc:  Contemporary  accessories  for  the  authenEc  espresso  bar.  So!  accessories  are  designed  with  pracEcality  and  aestheEcs  in  mind  and  are  the  perfect  vehicles  for  showing  off  the  qualiEes  of  a  great  cup  of  coffee.  
  23. 23. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  authenEc:  Contemporary  accessories  for  the  authenEc  espresso  bar.  So!  accessories  are  designed  with  pracEcality  and  aestheEcs  in  mind  and  are  the  perfect  vehicles  for  showing  off  the  qualiEes  of  a  great  cup  of  coffee.  
  24. 24. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  authenEc:  Contemporary  accessories  for  the  authenEc  espresso  bar.  So!  accessories  are  designed  with  pracEcality  and  aestheEcs  in  mind  and  are  the  perfect  vehicles  for  showing  off  the  qualiEes  of  a  great  cup  of  coffee.  
  25. 25. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  authenEc:  Contemporary  accessories  for  the  authenEc  espresso  bar.  So!  accessories  are  designed  with  pracEcality  and  aestheEcs  in  mind  and  are  the  perfect  vehicles  for  showing  off  the  qualiEes  of  a  great  cup  of  coffee.  
  26. 26. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011So!  espressoAuthenEc  espresso  to  go!So!  authenEc:  Contemporary  accessories  for  the  authenEc  espresso  bar.  So!  accessories  are  designed  with  pracEcality  and  aestheEcs  in  mind  and  are  the  perfect  vehicles  for  showing  off  the  qualiEes  of  a  great  cup  of  coffee.  
  27. 27. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  28. 28. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011Ellinikos  &  SmirneikosGreek–Turkish  style  coffeeThe  Draculi  family’s  Greek  coffee:Our  grandfather  was  from  Smyrna  and  brought  with  him  to  Greece  his  devoEon  to  quality  and  innovaEon  and  his  knowledge  of  excellent  coffee.  For  three  generaEons  we  have  been  advancing  the  tradiEonal  ways  to  create  high-­‐quality  Greek  coffee.  The  Draculi  family  Greek  coffee  brings  together  the  product’s  rich  heritage  and  modern  technology  to  create  two  unique  products:  Greek  TradiEonal  Coffee  [ε:  ellinikos]  and  our  Smyrna  Excellence  blend  [σ:  smyrneikos]Packaging  design  award:  Ermis  Gold  2008  
  29. 29. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011Ellinikos  &  SmirneikosGreek  –  Turkish  style  coffeeEllinikos  [ε]:  TradiEonal  blend  of  Greek  coffeeProcessed  with  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  technology.  It  is  the  best  Greek  coffee.  Package  size:  200  g  |  500  gSmyrneikos  [σ]:  Premium  Greek  Coffee.  This  blend  of  7  coffee  varieEes  has  a  complex  aroma,  unique  flavor  and  intense  personality.  It  is  coffee  for  the  truly  discerning  palate.  Package  size:  200  g  |  500  gPackaging  Design  Award:  Ermis  Gold  2008
  30. 30. The State-of-the-art Facilities DRACULI COFFEE S.A. The Coffee Experts™ Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  31. 31. green coffee reception and quality control
  32. 32. green coffee prior-cleaning and classification
  33. 33. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  34. 34. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  35. 35. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  36. 36. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  37. 37. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  38. 38. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011 roasting, grinding and packaging
  39. 39. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  40. 40. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  41. 41. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  42. 42. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  43. 43. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  44. 44. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  45. 45. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  46. 46. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  47. 47. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  48. 48. Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
  49. 49. DRACULI  COFFEE    |  The  Coffee  Experts™Available  Products  ,  2011Espresso  in  beans    [QS/VL]:         250g  |  500g  |  1Kg  |  3.5KgFilter  ground  coffee    [QS/VL]:         250g  |  500g  Filter  coffee  in  beans      [QS/VL]:         500g  |  3.5KgGreek  ground  coffee*:         200g  |  500grGreek  coffee  in  beans*:         4kgFrozen  coffee  with  chocolate  [inst.  powder]:     800g  |  1KgChocolate  drink    [inst.  powder]:       1kgInstant  chocolate  drink    [inst.  powder]:     1kgAvailable  Services,  2011Private  Label      [ProducEon]Private  Label    [MarkeEng    and  Design    New  Brand  or  Packaging]Basic  Training    on  coffee    [inc.  TasEng]Advanced  Training  on  coffee    [inc.  Advance  TasEng]  QS:    Quad-­‐seal,  stabilo  pack  VL:  one-­‐way  degassing  valve*Greek    coffee  is  rela:vely  similar  to  Turkish  /  Arabic  style  coffeeQuality  Management  system    ISO  22000:2005  cerEfied  by  TUV  Hessen
  50. 50. The  CompanyOne  family...  three  generaEons...  one  obsession...  three  names!For   three   generaEons,   the   Draculi   family   has   devoted   itself   to  the  fostering  the  art  of  making  excellent  quality  coffee.    Our   passion   for   coffee   began   85   years   ago   in   Evia   Greece,  where  we  produced  excellent-­‐quality  Greek  coffee.  We  conEnued  by  developing  a  line  of  filtered  coffee  and  then,25  years  ago,  created  a  top-­‐quality  espresso  line.  The  family  secret:  Our   passion  for   excellent  coffee  and  devoEon  to   innovaEon   and   differenEaEon.   The   three   names   that  differenEate  our  unique  coffee  products  today  are:TUSSO|Unique                        So!Espresso              Blend-­‐65
  51. 51. AwardsiTQi  2008TUSSO  Drinking  Chocolate  is  awarded  with  the  Superior  Taste  Awards  highest  honor,  3  stars,  at  the  iTQi  2008  in  Belgium.  ERMIS  2007TUSSO  Espresso  Gourmet  is  awarded  for  its  innovaEve  design  at  the  ERMIS  Awards  in  2007.  The  awards  take  place  at  the  Megaro  Mousikis  in  Athens.  
  52. 52. Contact  us Plant: Thesi  ProfiEs  Helias 34500  Aliveri-­‐Evia GREECE Central  Office:   4  Voriou  Ipirou  street 12241  Egaleo  –  Athens GREECE GPS:  37°597.25"N    -­‐    23°4028.62"E T.:  +30  210  5620334 E.:  info@tusso.eu Export  Manager Alex  Jaehn M.:  +30  694  4827499 E.:  alex@tusso.eu www.tusso.eu Follow    us  on  facebook:  www.facebook.com/TUSSO.Espresso      
  53. 53. DRACULI COFFEE S.A. The Coffee Experts™ Copyright    ©  DRACULI    COFFEE  S.A.    2011
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