Military Strategic Communications Application Brief


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Military Strategic Communications Application Brief

  1. 1. Military Strategic Communications Application BriefMilitaries know that the ability to exchange voice, video anddata traffic between headquarters, mobile command centers Military Satcomand troops in the field provides a strategic advantage. With IP-based satellite communicationsmultiple simultaneous and often transient global deployments, delivers the reliability and flexibilitythe challenge is extending broadband connectivity no matter military organizations require towhere troops are located, despite rough terrain and hostile operate securely and effectively.environments. Theatres of operation often are located well out With a seamless global network, militaries can:of reach of existing communications infrastructure.In order to support mission-critical applications across all sites  Extend broadband connectivity to mobile operations centers,and to remain interoperable with other networks, militaries troop monitoring andrequire an IP-based solution that provides uniform connectivity intelligence gatheringwhether a unit is stationary or on the move. And, due to the  Provide situational awarenessclassified nature of military communications, traffic needs to the warfighter withto be protected by the most stringent security standards. portable equipmentFor this reason, many military organizations are looking to  Establish satellite linkssatellite to bring the same, secure, always-on broadband for quickly and easily in avoice, video and high-speed data applications, shared battlefield situationbetween headquarters and units deployed in the most  Enhance troop morale,remote regions of the globe. welfare and recreation services
  2. 2. Ensuring Dependable ConnectivityiDirect - A Trusted, Proven PlatformThe iDirect platform is a two-way broadband IP communicationssystem. With the high-speed connectivity and mobilityiDirect enables, militaries have access to real-time strategiccommunications that increase situational awareness andsupport successful mission outcome.Guaranteed ReliabilityThe often sensitive nature of a military’s voice, video anddata traffic requires superior network performance inany location and under any harsh condition. iDirect’s IP-satellite broadband solution is designed for high availability.Technological advancements, including Adaptive Codingand Modulation (ACM), enable powerful data throughputrates and guaranteed connectivity even during deterioratinglink conditions, such as inclement weather.Bandwidth Availability iDirect Intelligent Platform™iDirect’s shared TDMA-based system offers the efficiency of Delivers the highest qualityan organization-wide bandwidth pool without sacrificing the broadband connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed.availability that is crucial for military organizations. Any siteon the network is guaranteed the bandwidth it requires based  Maximum availability and performance for ensuringon real-time demand. Data is prioritized so that mission broadband access in anycritical applications always take precedence over other environment or geographynetwork traffic. If the need arises to transmit large, constant  Military-grade encryptionvolumes of data, as might occur during a time of rapid protects sensitive trafficdeployment, the iDirect platform can switch to a dedicated  Industry-leading efficiency forsatellite link for a given period of time. large traffic volumes and high- bandwidth applicationsTrue Mobility  Adaptive links preserveWith fully broadband-enabled vehicles, deep-ocean vessels connectivity duringand manned and unmanned aircraft, a military organization severe weathercan effectively communicate, share critical information and  Intuitive network managementprovide support for its mobile armed forces. iDirect’s platform system enables centralenables these types of mobile communications by maintaining monitoring of all sitesconnectivity as a system travels across a geographical regionand crosses satellite footprints.
  3. 3. Enabling Increased CapabilitiesStringent Security StandardsMilitary communications require secure channel activity, With the high-speedcontrol channel information, unit validation and physical connectivity and mobilitysecurity. iDirect’s platform is in compliance with the highest iDirect enables, militarieslevel of security standards, including TRANSEC and STANAG, have real-time access toand its routers and line cards, with tamper-evident coating, strategic communicationsrecently received Federal Information Processing Standards that increase situationalPublications (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 validation. The content and awareness and supportsize of all user and network link layer traffic is completely successful mission outcome.undetectable to adversaries.Critical Application SupportIP-satellite broadband’s independence from terrestrial andwireless infrastructure uniquely positions the technologyto provide militaries with the broadband connectivity tosupport an ever-expanding variety of applications.Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)With a state-of-the-art mobile operations center, commanderscan utilize advanced IP applications to monitor troop locations,communicate tactical plans and advantageously allocateresources in the field. With the flexibility and reliability offered bysatellite communications, they can gather and share intelligencefrom unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground vehicles andsensors. More sharing of real-time information means moreinformed decision making when lives are on the line.Situational AwarenessThe same mobility that maintains IP-satellite connectivity forvehicles, vessels and aircraft on the move, provides individualsoldiers the ability to communicate with command. Thanksto smaller antenna and low-power terminals, warfighters cancarry communications systems with them to receive battlefieldimagery, to transmit situational video to base and receivetelemedicine consultation for soldiers.
  4. 4. Keeping Militaries ConnectedMorale, Welfare and Recreational (MWR)The availability of always-on voice, video and data servicesalso serves to boost troop morale by allowing communication withfriends and family back home and the participation in online trainingand distance learning. Personal communications and trainingexercises will not interfere with mission critical applications due toiDirect’s ability to prioritize data across applications.Crisis ManagementShould a terrestrial network fail, the independence of an IP-satellite broadband system makes it ideal to ensure continuityof communications. In the event of a national crisis or manmadethreat, satellite can provide military organizations the capabilityto replace or augment the primary network and quickly set upcommunications onsite and while on the move. iDirect 13865 Sunrise Valley Drive Herndon, VA 20171 +1 703.648.8000 +1 866.345.0983 Advancing a Connected World