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Local Search Optimization Presentation Miami Florida
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Local Search Optimization Presentation Miami Florida


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Our Chief Digital Officer, Joseph Mohay spoke about Local Search Engine Optimization at the Miami, Florida Small Business Expo on January 16th, 2014. We had a great crowd show up and ask very detailed …

Our Chief Digital Officer, Joseph Mohay spoke about Local Search Engine Optimization at the Miami, Florida Small Business Expo on January 16th, 2014. We had a great crowd show up and ask very detailed questions about local marketing tips and tricks, best practices and trends for 2014. For more information on how to optimize your local business or multi-location franchise, call us at 800-836-9097 or visit

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Integra(ng  Local  Internet  Marke(ng  For  Your  Business   Workshop  RM  #  4:  2pm  –  2:45pm  
  • 2. Agenda   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Local  Search  Market  Opportunity   Local  Search  Op4miza4on     How  To  Rank  On  Google+  Local   Local  Online  Reviews   3rd  Party  Directory  Sites   Local  Search  Toolkit   Ques4ons  
  • 3. Local Search Market Opportunity 22 million businesses in the United States 25% visible online
  • 4. Local + Mobile 50%+ of mobile queries have local intent 90% take action as a result Consumers want data to be right at the moment they need In the age of mobile and local search, companies that adopt a real-time mindset and invest in the technology and data to make that happen for their consumers will win
  • 5. 9  
  • 6. An SMB’s Marketing Budget •  SEO (includes Google+ Local) is clearly seen as the most effective internet marketing channel for SMBs •  After SEO, it is Local Online Directories that are seen as the most BrightLocal SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2013 in partnership with effective technique.
  • 7. Local  Search  Op=miza=on  
  • 8. Local  Maps,  Organic,  Sponsored   Paid   Free  
  • 9. Why  Local  SEO?   30%  of  all   searches  are   Local  Intent  
  • 10. Evolu=on  of  Google+    Local  
  • 11. Google+  Local  Page  
  • 12. Verify,  Claim,  Op=mize  G+  Local   •  Claim  &  Verify  your  free  business   lis4ng  by  searching  your  company   name  on  Google   •  List  your  official  business  name   •  Get  your  category  right  and  pick  as   many  relevant  ones  avail   •  Business  Descrip4on  should  have   relevant  local  search  terms   •  List  your  services,  areas  served,  specific   benefits,  photos,  website  link,  email   •  Logo  and  cover  image   •  Link  the  page  onto  your  website  
  • 13.  Op=mize  Your  Site  For  Local  Search   •  Put  1-­‐2  local  search  terms  that  are   relevant  to  your  services  you  offer   •  Every  page  of  your  site  can  (and   should)  feature  a  different  4tle  tag.   •  Place  your  target  city  &  brand  name   •  Name,  Address,  Phone  should  be  on   bo]om  of  each  of  your  pages   Brought  To  You  By:  Phil  Rozek   www.  
  • 14. Google  Reviews  
  • 15. 29  
  • 16. Ask  for  online  reviews  
  • 17. Steady  Flow  Of  Reviews   •  Aim  for  1-­‐2  reviews  per  week,   once  you  get  to  10  you  will  see   stars   •  Give  them  printed  out   instruc4ons  that  walk  them   through  the  review  process   •  Have  a  sec4on  on  your  site  with   clickable  icons  to  the  most   important  review  sites   •  If  sa4sfied  customers  know  that   you  value  their  opinions,  they   will  be  glad  to  leave  you  a   review  
  • 18. Best  Prac=ces  For  Reviews   •  Make  it  as  no-­‐pressure  as  possible   •  Do  not  offer  incen4ves  or  pay   customers  for  reviews   •  Do  not  set  up  a  laptop  or  IPAD,  Google   knows  where  it’s  coming  from.  (IP   Address)   •  Don’t  ask  friends  or  family  members   •  Respond  to  reviews  oaen  and  thank   customers  who  leave  nice  reviews   •  Gather  reviews  in  your  spare  4me  
  • 19. Third  Party  Directory  Sites  
  • 20.   Some  Defini=ons  To  Know   •  Google+  Local  Page:  Business  Profile   that  details  your  business  informa4on,   service  offerings,  customers  can  write   reviews,  you  can    link  your  website,  get   customers  to  choose  you.     •  Cita=ons:  Simple  lis4ngs  of  your   business  informa4on  on  3rd  party  sites  &   directories   •  NAP  Info:  Name,  Address,  Phone   •  Local  Aggregators:  Spreads  your   info  to  tons  of  other,  smaller  business   directory  sites.  
  • 21. Getting an SMB Found An SMB Must Have Accurate Data Online •  Consumers need to be able to trust the data they find about a business •  There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up at a shop or restaurant which has closed down, moved or never even been located at that address! Wrong address 0 Reviews Corrected Address 81 Reviews
  • 22. Getting an SMB Found The “Richness” of Listings are Important •  Richness refers to descriptions, photos, hours, etc. •  Knowing the type of services, opening hours, payment options is useful information for potential customers. •  It also supports the data you load into Google+ and gives Google further proof points to corroborate the data it has about a business
  • 23. Local  Search  Toolkit   Complete  Package  of    Local   Search  &  Reputa4on  Tools  
  • 24. Google+ YellowBook Bing Local MojoPages Yahoo Local InsiderPages HotFrog WhitePages SuperPages YellowPages Angie’s List Yelp Kudzu Foursquare MapQuest STEP:  1   ShowMeLocal Manta Merchant Circle Citysearch Acxiom, InfoGroup, Neustar / Localeze and Factual.
  • 25. Before: After: Results:" •  Extended tab content •  Member since •  Hours of operation •  Payments accepted •  Enhanced images •  Connect to merchant •  Business description " = enhanced content  
  • 26. STEP:  2   Sheer Volume of Citations Still Influences Local Search Ranking •  Quantity of structured citations is the 6th most influential factor in the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. •  Getting a spread of citations across a wide range of relevant & appropriate sites is still a very valid and beneficial task for an SMB or SEO to tackle.
  • 27. STEP:  3   Review  Me  Web  Page  
  • 28. STEP:  4   DIY  Reputa=on  Intelligence   Email  Alerts  When  You  Receive  An  Online  Review  
  • 29. STEP:  5   Reporting Dashboard Client View – Local Visibility Report •  Timeline showing chronological progress of order •  Pie chart showing number of directories client is listed in/type of directories client is found in •  Speedometer showing search ranking of business name/ business keywords •  Directory icons linking to live listings on directory site •  Submission status of listings •  Color/Symbol status of Listing’s description, hours, website, logo, images, & video
  • 30. WIN  FREE  Local  Marke=ng     For  12  Months.   $1000  Value!!!  
  • 31. Who  Is  Integrated  Digital  Strategies?   •  Veterans  of  Digital  Marke=ng  &  Tradi=onal  Media   –  Over  30  years  of  combined  experience   •  Full  Service  Account  Management   –  Online  and  Offline   •  Proven  Success  In  Local  Internet  Marke=ng  Strategies     –  Boston,  Orlando,  Miami,  and  U.S.   •  Best  in  class  digital  marke=ng  team:   –  –  –  –  –  –  Web  Designers  &  Developers   SEO  &  Local  SEO  Marketers   Paid  Search  &  Targeted  Display  Ad  Strategists   Social  Media  Marke?ng  Managers,  Videographers   Content  Writers  &  Bloggers,  Inbound  Marketers   Email  Marke?ng  Specialists,  Sales  coaching  
  • 32.                        Ques=ons