Kiddicare I Crossing Case Study


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iCrossing Case Study: Kiddicare

Kiddicare's award winning paid search campaign achieves an outstanding average ROI of 10:1.

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Kiddicare I Crossing Case Study

  1. 1. ContaCt us: +44 (0)1273 827 700 Better than the Best iCrossing’s award-winning searCh work for kiddiCare meant even tougher targets for 2008 overview Kiddicare is a baby products and accessories retailer terminology target customers were using around NATURAL SEARCH driving 80% of its sales via the web. iCrossing UK related products. PAID SEARCH has successfully managed paid and natural search SOCIAL MEDIA campaigns for Kiddicare for a number of years, winning Merchantize CONTENT the Revolution magazine award for search campaign of the year in 2007. Technological innovations developed within iCrossing DISPLAY ADVERTISING were introduced. First was Merchantize, iCrossing’s USER EXPERIENCE advanced search management system, which However, with increasing competition and substantial combines a best-of-breed bid management tool WEB DEVELOPMENT investment in new website features, distribution and with advanced analytics and reporting. Data from a ANALYTICS AND INSIGHT warehousing, Kiddicare was looking for an even bigger Kiddicare Consumer survey was used to run a trial uplift in online sales and brand awareness. of MSN Demographic targeting, increasing bids for core-target clientele, based on gender, age range and Meanwhile, growth in the number of stocked items location. meant that the campaign was becoming more complex, and an advanced strategy was required to improve site XML product Feed visits and conversions, without impacting on the overall iCrossing developed an XML product Feed that cost per order (CPO). automatically alerts the assigned Paid Search Analyst to new product lines, removed products and restocked Given the effectiveness of the existing paid search products based on inventory available on the Kiddicare strategy - as well as the amount of inventory on the site, by constantly comparing it with a central database Kiddicare site - iCrossing and Kiddicare had to focus on that identifies any changes automatically. For products deeply advanced search techniques and innovations to within existing campaigns, individual ad groups are meet the new objectives for 2008. paused and resumed, according to their availability. oBjeCtive By comparing the new file with the database, the For 2008, Kiddicare set new, even tougher objectives to system identifies three types of product change: ‘new’, improve its business: ‘out of stock’ or ‘back in stock’. Depending on the change, the system then acts in the following ways: 1. Drive new customer acquisitions at a CPO of £7 or less ‘New’ - an email is produced detailing all the 2. Increase demand for the Kiddicare product range information the agency needs to create a new ad group in the PPC campaign system, including product type, 3. Distinguish Kiddicare in a saturated market place description, model, price and destination URL 4. Provide synergy with the client’s TV campaign ‘Out of stock’ – the specific ad group relating to that strategy product is paused automatically by matching the The strategy was all about focus and highly advanced unique product code with the ad group in Google monitoring of the paid search results of both Kiddicare Adwords and its competitors using the best-converting search terms. Search term research was developed using ‘Back in stock’- the specific ad group is re-enabled in linguistic profiling to identify the language and the same way Our website Our blog:
  2. 2. The client’s affiliate network manager was also notified results NATURAL SEARCH of any brand infringements, in order to reduce CPCs iCrossing began the new strategy on Kiddicare’s paid PAID SEARCH search campaign in January 2008 and, in the first SOCIAL MEDIA TV Campaign month of use, average cost per order dropped by six CONTENT To meet the TV campaign objective, bids were and a half times, from £83.49 to £12.76. By September, it had dropped to £7.81. DISPLAY ADVERTISING increased on those products featured in the client’s TV USER EXPERIENCE campaign to ensure maximum visibility. Geo-targeting was used to target those areas being reached through Meanwhile, average conversion rate from click to WEB DEVELOPMENT the TV advertising. Extra terms, ad groups and copy purchase increased in February more than six times, ANALYTICS AND INSIGHT were created to support the promotion of the client’s from 0.34% to 2.14%. In September, it stood at 3.12%, domain and 6 featured products. Each product was more than nine times higher. given its own campaign, containing both brand and specific product terms, aiding both budget allocation Since May 2008, the campaign has produced an ROI of and optimisation. 10 times investment or more without fail. Competitor monitoring via Adgooroo identified, for example, that Mothercare had increased visibility on core Pram terms - bids and terms were adjusted accordingly. Hitwise was used to monitor referring terms and Adgooroo to police brand bidding and to highlight rogue affiliate activity. Focus was placed on high-value products such as prams with relevant creative built and price points trialled to aid CTR and reduce CPCs. Our website Our blog: