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The Next Millionaire Maker Presentation | TNMM COOP

The Next Millionaire Maker Presentation | TNMM COOP



http://tnmmcoop.com ...



Join the Newest Money Making Craze Online
If you spend most of your time surfing the net and using social networking sites why not earn while doing it.



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    The Next Millionaire Maker Presentation | TNMM COOP The Next Millionaire Maker Presentation | TNMM COOP Presentation Transcript

    • THE COMPANY Internet based business 53 Neal Street, City of London RykerDolanson, CEO Started last July, 2011 2
    • Our Products Over 230 E-books, Educational Videos, Software and Graphic Programs! Retail Price: $10 - $50 each. 3
    • How to earn online with us??? Register and pay the one time payment for only You can download all the products and resell it at $10 - $50 each!!! All the money goes to your pocket directly! 5
    • Introducing 6
    • The 6 slots should be filled withthe following: 7
    •  D – direct referrals SO – spillovers(direct referrals of your sponsor) SU – spillunders(your direct referrals) F – followers (direct referrals of your recruits) N – new entry (same name) 8
    • 3 ways to earn in 2x2 Matrix DRC – Direct Referral Commission CC – Cycle Commission MC – Matching Commission 9
    • -DRC- Direct ReferralCommission 10
    • D– Direct Referral - Direct Referral Commission D D 11
    • DRC – Direct Referral Com Direct referral commissions are not given just once, but every time your direct referral cycles. 12
    • CC – Cycle CommissionsEarn a Commission on every Cycle! How does it work? 13
    • When you complete the 2x2 matrix orwhen you fill allthe 6 slots underyou, then that is ONE COMPLETE CYCLE 14
    • There is no limitin cycle per dayand you receive your full commission. 15
    • MC – Matching Commission 16
    • You will earn your matching commissionwhen your direct referrals cycle and match on left and right… 17
    • D D If you have one leftand one right referral, you won’t get thematching bonus right away.. But.. 18
    • D DWhen your referrals cycle, you will get the bonus!!! 19
    • But what if the situation goes like this??? Because the company is so generous that you won’t have to wait for your referral to match, for you to earn. So when your direct referral cycles either from right or from left, The company will give you half of your matching bonus right away!!! 20
    • What if you only recruited one direct referral??? When your direct referral cycles, the system will put him at your empty slot, because it is a forced matrix! 21
    • CYCLED! And when your direct referral continues to cycleYou can still receive the other half of the Matching Commissionand you can CYCLE! 22
    • Look at this domino effect CYCLEDAs you can see at the above scenario When A3 cycles the system will re- you still have one empty slot under entry A3 to the empty slot of D3 and D2 to cycle. D3 has also one empty when D3 cycles the system will re-slot under D2 to cycle the same with entry D3 to your empty slots so thatA3. What is good with the Follow Me you may cycle. The system will helpMatrix is when A3cyles it’s a domino us to cycle faster thanks to THE effect. MILLIONAIRE MAKER Follow Me Matrix system. 23
    • Pay out is daily and no minimum amount. No limit in profit a day and infinite cycles.Direct referral, matching, and cycle commissions depends on what MATRIX LEVEL you are in. 24
    • Matrix Level CommissionsLEVEL ENTRY DRC MB CC 25
    • How do we level up? We can level up through cycles. We need to cycle each level twice. First cycle, you earn the Cycle Commission, but on your second cycle, the system will automatically use your Cycle Commission for the entry payment of the next level, and the same process until you reach the highest level. When you entered the next level, your previous matrix will continue to cycle letting you earn continuously. 26
    • Continues to $50 Cycle Commission cycle Earn $50 Cycle will be used for the next Earn $50 Cycle Commission level entry Commission First Cycle Second Cycle Third Cycle The sameprocess untilyou reach thehighest level,the Platinum Level First Cycle Second Cycle Earn $100 Cycle $100 Cycle Commission Commission will be used for the next level entry 27
    • You will continue to cycle like this forever!!!Note: Only 2nd cycle commissions are thecommissions that you wont be allowed towithdraw because it is used for upgrade. 1st cyclewill be yours and 3rd cycle UP will be yours too. 28
    • What if you registered 3 names??? How much will you earn??? 30
    • 31
    •  3 cycles x $50 = 6 direct referrals x $2.5 = Matching commission = Since 3 of your names cycled, they will be reentered, thus allowing you to earn another 2 direct referral commission x $2.5 =  YOUR TOTAL COMMISSION = OR $1,550 x 3/cylce = $4,650 or P199,950 per cylce And since we have 5 matrices, your profit with all matrices is multiplied by 3 32
    • How to cash out??? All payments and cash outs are made via AlertPay, you can secure an account for free at https://www.alertpay.com Secure a Debit Card with VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS logo because these are the cards honored by AlertPay. e.g. SmartMoney, Unionbank EON card, BDO debit card 33
    • Summary of Benefits For More Information: Videos, Downloadable Presentations www.TNMMCOOP.com www.tnmmcoop.com/teammembersFacebook: TNMM COOP 35
    • HOW TO START??? 36