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Robin Colner, Founder and CEO of DigiStar Media, discusses how to handle negative comments spread about your business over social networks.

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  • WSJ and Ogilvy
    People love to take to the airways
    Bad news spreads faster than good news
    Everything happens at lightening speed
    People demand hyper-transparency
    One tweet can be heard around the world
  • Dialogue is even more important than the canned PR response
    Search can contribute to a multimedia disaster organic search is sensitive to social media content Have a plan in place, with people, responders, minimize approvals
    Detractors use the same tools and one tweet can be heard around the world
  • How should they have responded?
    Dave Carrol Launched his career
  • There is no boundary between personal and professional
  • Will you boycott Applebees?
  • McDonalds
  • Nothing says tragedy like cranberry scones
  • Social Media & Crisis Management

    1. 1. Social Media & Crisis Management iCAN –Global Entrepreneur’s Breakfast Forum 1/15/2013 Robin Colner, Founder & CEO
    2. 2. Rapid Real Time Response is Critical in the Social Media Age
    3. 3. Most Crises Play out in Social Media • At some point every brand and business will have to handle one or more of the following negative situations on their social media platforms: • 1. A rogue employee posts something detrimental to the company. • 2. An unhappy customer posts something negative about their experience. • 3. A product or service fails which often turns into a PR crisis
    4. 4. How to Handle a Crisis in Social Media? Always PREPARE and Be READY with the RIGHT Plan
    5. 5. Great Examples And Lessons Learned
    6. 6. United Breaks Guitars Lesson: Train your Staff to Provide Excellent Customer Service – Respond with an Apology IMMEDIATELY & Don’t Throw Your Customers’ Precious Cargo
    7. 7. Domino’s Pizza – YouTube Fiasco Lesson: Have a Social Media Policy, especially if a franchise – View policies at p
    8. 8. Paula Deen, Home Depot, Mountain Dew – Forgot to Be Politically Correct Lesson: Avoid Racial Slurs – It’s a Social Media Hot Button – Offline mistakes move online
    9. 9. Home Depot Apologizes and Sacks the Agency and Employee Lesson: Be Humble, Monitor Creative Outputs – It is better to be Caring than Clever
    10. 10. Mountain Dew – The Most Racist Commercial Yet
    11. 11. Justine Sacco Gets Sacked – Spawns #HasJustineLandedYet Lessons: The individual will suffer – Companies often rebound from bad PR- Be careful of jokes on Twitter,
    12. 12. Applebee’s Firing Creates a Firestorm “We wish this situation hadn't happened. Our Guests’ personal information—including their meal check—is private, and neither Applebee’s nor its franchisees have a right to share this information publicly. We value our Guests’ trust above all else. Our franchisee has apologized to the Guest and has taken disciplinary action with the Team Member for violating their Guest’s right to privacy.” Lesson: Have all Employees Sign a Social Media Policy Agreement and Explain it!
    13. 13. JPMorgan - #AskJPM Backfires Lesson: Companies should avoid open Q & As, leave them to the President and Celebrities
    14. 14. Burger King Gets Hacked Lesson: Protect your Passwords, Monitor and Supervise Social Platforms – ALWAYSHootsuite Google Alerts, Talkwalker,
    15. 15. Red Cross Response Hits the Funny Bone “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer… when we drink we do it right #gettngslizzerd” Lessons: Use Humor Carefully When Appropriate to diffuse the backlash and if no one was hurt Always Respond Quickly and Apologize
    16. 16. The Epicurious Breakfast Flop Lesson: Never Newsjack a Tragedy w/ Brand Promotions – Avoid Canned Responses a Regret is not an apology
    17. 17. Uber – A Surcharge Lesson Lesson: Prepare for Criticism in Advance by Early Messaging and Web Disclaimers
    18. 18. SouthWest Airlines – Fl.345 Nose Dives at LGA – SWA Responds w/in Minutes Lessons: Rapid Response & Honest Communication Helps a Brand Control the Story Fans will come to your defense Turn a negative to a positive
    19. 19. Build a Community of Brand Advocates on Social Media Platforms so They Will Defend You “The Best Time to Fix the Roof is When the Sun is Shining.” J.F.K. Pay it Forward and Pay it Back – Quid Pro Quo is key Follow the 90/10 Rule of self-promotion Always Thank, Retweet and Comment to your Fans, Followers and Partners – Be Proactive Identify and Build Relationships with Influencers Create Fan Appreciation Campaigns
    20. 20. West Jet Airlines Plays Santa
    21. 21. Best Practices for Social Media Crisis Management – PREPARE P – Plan Ahead with a Crisis Mgmt. Strategy R – Respond Rapidly – Put lawyers on speed dial E – Empathize w/detractors – Don’t Criticize or Act Defensive P – Proactively establish a social media policy that employees sign and know consequences A – Avoid politically incorrect, racial references R – Resolve issues sensitively and give people a place to find out info E – Engage critics to show authentic concern but take individual issues offline ASAP
    22. 22. The RIGHT Plan R – React Responsively in Real-Time & in Stages I – Investigate (Listen & Monitor) to Identify Influencers, Analyze Sentiment and Implement Appropriate Action G – Go Offline to Resolve Complaints – Never Delete Posts w/ Complaints H - Humble and Honest reactions T - Train your employees to prevent and contain a crisis and help Social Media Generate Positive Outcomes
    23. 23. Thank you!
    24. 24. Thank you for Connecting with Robin Colner & DigiStar Media DigiStar Media @RobinColner Personal: RobinColner Company Page: DigiStar Media  Website:  Blog: