CleanTech: Green Solutions from Sweden U.S. Tour


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Lars Ling is Founder and CEO of CleanTech Region Solutions, the leading sales and marketing accelerator of green innovative solutions from Sweden. He provides an overview of his organization and the global market for cleantech and sustainability.

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CleanTech: Green Solutions from Sweden U.S. Tour

  1. 1. CleanTech - Green Solutions from Sweden U.S. tourNew York, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco2013Lars Ling, Founder & CEO, CleanTech Region Solutions
  2. 2. Sponsors CleanTech Region Green Solutions U.S tour 2013
  3. 3. Continue of World tour 2010-2014Singapore, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney,Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco,Washington, Chicago, Fayetteville, Sao PauloBrasil - Machakos - Bangalore - New York - San FranciscoNairobi - Rio.....To find potential green projects, customers, partners and capital to createsustainable growth that makes a difference and new jobs in the U.S.Objective
  4. 4. CleanTech = Job creation
  5. 5. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iCANglobal inc.iCAN-Global LLC and the CleanTech Region Form a Strategic Partnership forthe Globalization of Clean Technologies Through the iCAN-Global NetworkNew York May 15Les Neumann, Chief Executive Officer of iCAN-Global LLC, a New York based virtual cleantech accelerationand commercialization network and Lars Ling, CEO & founder of CleanTech Region of Sundsvall Swedenannounced the formation of a strategic partnership for the commercialization and globalization of cleantechproducts from Sweden in New York and throughout the expanding iCAN-Global network.
  6. 6. Social - Yes
  7. 7. CleanTech Enterprise promotor & Matchmaker- We accelerate innovative cleantech companies to find Customers,projects, Partners and Capital- In the U.S are we looking for projects for the companiespartnering on next slide. We can also provide services infinding Clean Technologies needed in the U.S.- We are also looking for potential partners, collaborations andinvestors interested in innovative green solutions from Sweden- We are based in Sweden, strategy to grow with partners globally,Singapore is up
  8. 8. Sponsors CleanTech Region Green Solutions U.S tour 2013
  9. 9. Investing 20 Billion SEK inWind powerEnergy Efficient houses, Renewables, solar, wind, bioenergy, Ecotourism.Good examples
  10. 10. Good examples
  11. 11. Good examples
  12. 12. Good examples
  13. 13. Challenge and opportunity- We are growing with almost 400.000 people/day up to 2050- People that Need houses and buildings, which consume 40% of ourenergy, they need food, they need water to produce food, this is a challengeand it is just not sustainable.- By far the biggest opportunity in EcoCycle Design – Energy efficient andecologic houses and buildings – world largest business opportunity- 3100 billion euro – The CleanTech Market by 2020- Blue Economy, 10 milj jobs in 10 years with 100 innovations- Action to be taken now to create new jobs, focus on young generation,technology, policymakers and investors in collaboration
  14. 14. So, what will YOU do now!Old Economy New EconomyAutopilotFantasydreamingMirror rear viewNew modelspotential5th wave 6th waveFear New ideaOthers want You wantThe paradigm shift is happening
  15. 15. CleanTech Region awarded the most innovative region in the world2010 in competition with 40 regions worldwide by the magasine The New Economy(UK based)Awards”Swedens SiliconValley”
  16. 16. 17CleanTech Region U.S. - New York, Les Neuman, CEO mobile +1 914-645-1919CleanTech Region HQ - Sweden, Founder & CEO Lars mobile +46 72 740 66 06, skype:larsovelingRead online: lThank you