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Sla 60 sites in 60 minutes 2012 list


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The plain list of sites from the 2012 presentation of 60 Sites in 60 Minutes by Gayle Lynn-Nelson and John DiGilio (iBraryGuy) at the SLA Conference & INFO-EXPO.

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Sla 60 sites in 60 minutes 2012 list

  1. 1. 60 Sites in 60 Minutes for 2012 The Final List! Johns List Site URL Gist 1 Join.me http://join.me Meetings made easy 2 Skillshare http://skillshare.com Knowledge sharing for profit 3 TaskRabbit http://taskrabbit.com Getting tasks done 4 Jig http://jig.com Knowledge Sharing 5 Mindbloom http://mindbloom.com Self-improvement made easy 6 Pinterest http://pinterest.com Share the things you like 7 Sharetivity http://sharetivity.com Social network leveraging 8 Google Drive http://drive.google.com Cloud storage 9 Dear Blank, Please Blank http://dearblankpleaseblank.com Fun!10 WonderHowTo http://www.wonderhowto.com/ Knowledge Sharing & Fun11 Twisted Sifter http://twistedsifter.com/ Web aggregator12 The Verge http://www.theverge.com/ Tech news & reviews13 The SetUp http://usesthis.com/ Knowledge Sharing14 Big Think http://bigthink.com/ Knowledge Sharing15 The Five http://www.getthefive.com/ Editorial / Opinion16 Job Poacher https://jobpoacher.com/ Employment17 ResumeBaking http://www.resumebaking.com/ Employment18 Faveous http://www.faveous.com/ Web Curation / Sharing19 Utopic http://utopic.me/ Web Curation / Bookmarking20 Scoopt.it http://www.scoop.it/ Web Curation / Sharing21 Jux https://jux.com/ Blogging22 Penzu https://penzu.com/ Blogging / Journaling23 Daily Tekk http://dailytekk.com Tech news & reviews24 ShowMe http://www.showme.com/ Knowledge Sharing25 Udacity http://www.udacity.com/ Knowledge Sharing26 Knoema http://knoema.com/ Data mining27 We Feel Fine http://www.wefeelfine.org/ Fun!28 Rome2Rio http://www.rome2rio.com/ Travel28 Goby http://www.goby.com Travel / Fun30 Catchafire http://www.catchafire.org/ Volunteering Gayles List Site URL Gist1 Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/apps/ App2 OpenTable http://www.opentable.com/ App3 The Mary Sue http://www.themarysue.com/author/Fun4 Deadline Hollywood http://www.deadline.com/hollywood Fun5 dietbet.com www.dietbet.com Fun6 Goodreads www.goodreads.com Reference7 Box.net www.box.com Reference8 AARP eBookstore http://bookstore.aarp.org Reference9 TimeBanks http://timebanks.org Reference HOME-PDCjjdigili$Admin DocsSLA 60 Sites in 60 Minutes 2012 List.XLS
  2. 2. 10 Poynter www.poynter.org Reference11 Meeting Wizard www.meetingwizard.com Reference12 Klout www.klout.com Resource13 lawtoolbox www.lawtoolbox.com Resource14 Google Translate http://translate.google.com/# Resource15 MLB Trade Rumors http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/ Resource16 Real Clear Politics http://realclearpolitics.com Resource17 CopyPasteCharacter http://copypastecharacter.com Resource18 Slick Deals http://slickdeals.net/ Resource19 truecar.com www.truecar.com Resource20 Garagesaletracker www.garagesalestracker.com Resource21 YouCaring.org www.youcaring.org Resource22 Mint money management www.mint.com Resource23 Salesforce www.salesforce.com Technology24 Tekserve http://www.tekserve.com Technology25 Techland http://techland.time.com/ Technology26 Stillness Buddy https://www.stillnessbuddy.com Technology27 Digital Trends http://www.digitaltrends.com/ Technology28 Ita Software Itasoftware.com Travel28 Bidding traveler Biddingtraveler.com Travel30 Luxury Link Luxurylink.com Travel HOME-PDCjjdigili$Admin DocsSLA 60 Sites in 60 Minutes 2012 List.XLS