In the Balance: Tools to Increase Your Personal & Professional Productivity


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Work, work, work… Most of us do it to live. Sadly, an increasing number of us also feel like it is all we live to do. But is it a sign of the times or more indicative of our own inability to effectively balance our work and our lives? Work is certainly a big part of our lives and we should enjoy and be good at what we do. But there is so much more to life than shifts, time clocks, bosses and pay checks. Separating our lives from our jobs is a form of art and one of the keys to real well-being.

Join iBraryGuy and librarian John DiGilio for an exploration of hot new tools that can make you more productive both personally and professionally. These are tools that can help you find your balance and increase your overall well-being and happiness. The same technology that makes you a superstar at the office can be used to make you shine at home. Come check out some cool sites and fun apps and strike your own balance for the better.

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In the Balance: Tools to Increase Your Personal & Professional Productivity

  1. 1. In the Balance:Tools to Increase Your Personal & Professional Productivity Presented by John J. DiGilio, MLIS, JD
  2. 2. Agenda• Work-Life Balance Defined• Trends in Today’s Work Habits• Taking Control• Sites & Apps: • Setting Goals • Finding Support • Getting Healthy • Having Fun
  3. 3. What is Work-LifeBalance?‘Work-life balance is not about the amountof time you spend working vs. not-working. It’s more about how you spendyour time working and relaxing,recognizing that what you do in one fuelsyour energy for the other.’ - Julie Morgenstern, Productivity Guru
  4. 4. What is Work-LifeBalance?• Anyone can find it• No single prescription• Unique to each person• Takes commitment• Requires action
  5. 5. Why Work-Life Balance?• Disappearing boundaries between work life and home life• Technology & Connectedness• Adverse affects on us• Adverse affects on our work• WE ARE LOSING IT!
  6. 6. Why Work-Life Balance?• ¾ Americans say job = stress• Over half say productivity suffers• Over half say job invades home• Almost half give up vacation• Cost to employer = $300 Billion +
  7. 7. Take Control!• Manage your time• Set realistic goals• Gather support• Put health first• Find your fun
  8. 8. GOALS: LifeTick
  9. 9. GOALS: 43Things
  10. 10. GOALS: SolidGoals
  11. 11. SUPPORT: Mindbloom
  12. 12. SUPPORT: TaskRabbit
  13. 13. SUPPORT: DailyStrength
  14. 14. HEALTH: HealthMonth
  15. 15. HEALTH: LoseIt!
  16. 16. HEALTH: MyFitnessPal
  17. 17. FUN: GrubWithUs
  18. 18. FUN: CatchaFire
  19. 19. FUN: SkillShare
  20. 20. To Reiterate:Work-Life Balance•IS possible•Is unique to you•Requires commitment•Takes action
  21. 21. THANK YOU!“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but ofbalance, order, rhythm and harmony.” - Thomas Merton