1San Diego 2013
2Your Panel:• Gayle Lynn-Nelson, LexisNexisLibrarian Relations Group• Samuel Wiggins, Norton RoseFulbright LLP• John DiGil...
3Gayle APPwww.seamless.com
4Sam Techwww.sharelatex.com
6Gayle APPwww.uber.com
7Sam Newswww.rollonfriday.com
9Gayle Foodwww.edibleschoolyard.co
10Sam Funwww.xkcd.com
12Gayle Travelwww.virtualtourist.com
13Sam Referencewww.jiscmail.ac.uk
15Gayle Technologywww.bgr.com
16Sam Cookingwww.whisk.co.uk
18Gayle Referencewww.americanbar.org/publications/preview_home.html
19Sam Referencewww.marinetraffic.com
21Gayle Funhttp://whoisthemostfamous.com
22Sam Data Setsdata.gov.uk
24Gayle Technologywww.techdirt.com
25Sam Referencewww.whatdotheyknow.com
27Gayle Referencewww.tineye.com
28Sam Shoppingwww.notonthehighstreet.com
30Gayle Travelwww.lonelyplanet.com
31Sam EnvironmentFreecycle.org
33Gayle Referencehttps://startpage.com
34Sam Sciencewww.zooniverse.org
36Gayle Funhttp://whysiriwhy.com
37Sam Shopping/Searchwww.snapfashion.co.uk
39Gayle Referencehttp://99designs.com
40Sam Referencewww.accesstolaw.com
42Gayle Technologyhttp://snipreel.com
43Sam Catalogingwww.librarything.com
45Gayle Foodhttp://www.eatyourbooks.com
46Sam Musicwww.music.twitter.com
48Gayle Referencehttp://alltop.com
49Sam Politicswww.theyworkforyou.com
51Gayle Coolwww.paperlesspost.com
52Sam Referencewww.legalabbrevs.cardiff.ac.uk
54Gayle Funwww.myexwifesweddingdress.com
55Sam Referencewww.etymonline.com
57Gayle Time Managementwww.workflowy.com
58Sam Funwww.cheeseorfont.com
60Gayle Referencewww.findagrave.com
61Sam Funwww.sporcle.com
63Gayle Lynn-NelsonGayle has nineteen years ofprofessional experience in law firmand court libraries. She is active atthe ...
64THANK YOU!• Gayle Lynn-Nelson |gayle.lynn-nelson@lexisnexis.com• Samuel Wiggins |samuelhwiggins@gmail.com• John DiGilio ...
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60 Sites in 60 Minutes SLA 2013


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This is the 2013 slide deck from "60 Sites in 60 Minutes" as presented by Gayle Lynn-Nelson, Sam Wiggins, and John DiGilio in San Diego.

Published in: Technology, Education

60 Sites in 60 Minutes SLA 2013

  1. 1. 1San Diego 2013
  2. 2. 2Your Panel:• Gayle Lynn-Nelson, LexisNexisLibrarian Relations Group• Samuel Wiggins, Norton RoseFulbright LLP• John DiGilio, Reed Smith LLP
  3. 3. 3Gayle APPwww.seamless.com
  4. 4. 4Sam Techwww.sharelatex.com
  5. 5. 5Johnwww.wherecoolthingshappen.comCool
  6. 6. 6Gayle APPwww.uber.com
  7. 7. 7Sam Newswww.rollonfriday.com
  8. 8. 8Johnwww.upworthy.comInspiration
  9. 9. 9Gayle Foodwww.edibleschoolyard.co
  10. 10. 10Sam Funwww.xkcd.com
  11. 11. 11Johnhttp://dp.laCool
  12. 12. 12Gayle Travelwww.virtualtourist.com
  13. 13. 13Sam Referencewww.jiscmail.ac.uk
  14. 14. 14JohnCurious.comLearning
  15. 15. 15Gayle Technologywww.bgr.com
  16. 16. 16Sam Cookingwww.whisk.co.uk
  17. 17. 17Johnwww.feedly.comNews
  18. 18. 18Gayle Referencewww.americanbar.org/publications/preview_home.html
  19. 19. 19Sam Referencewww.marinetraffic.com
  20. 20. 20JohnHadonejob.comHumor
  21. 21. 21Gayle Funhttp://whoisthemostfamous.com
  22. 22. 22Sam Data Setsdata.gov.uk
  23. 23. 23Johnwhowhatwhy.comNews
  24. 24. 24Gayle Technologywww.techdirt.com
  25. 25. 25Sam Referencewww.whatdotheyknow.com
  26. 26. 26Johnthewirecutter.comTech
  27. 27. 27Gayle Referencewww.tineye.com
  28. 28. 28Sam Shoppingwww.notonthehighstreet.com
  29. 29. 29Johnlongform.orgCool
  30. 30. 30Gayle Travelwww.lonelyplanet.com
  31. 31. 31Sam EnvironmentFreecycle.org
  32. 32. 32Johngoodnoows.comNews
  33. 33. 33Gayle Referencehttps://startpage.com
  34. 34. 34Sam Sciencewww.zooniverse.org
  35. 35. 35Johnskillcrush.comLearning
  36. 36. 36Gayle Funhttp://whysiriwhy.com
  37. 37. 37Sam Shopping/Searchwww.snapfashion.co.uk
  38. 38. 38Johnwww.brainpickings.orgCulture
  39. 39. 39Gayle Referencehttp://99designs.com
  40. 40. 40Sam Referencewww.accesstolaw.com
  41. 41. 41Johnwww.good.isInspiration
  42. 42. 42Gayle Technologyhttp://snipreel.com
  43. 43. 43Sam Catalogingwww.librarything.com
  44. 44. 44Johnwww.passiveaggressivenotes.comHumor
  45. 45. 45Gayle Foodhttp://www.eatyourbooks.com
  46. 46. 46Sam Musicwww.music.twitter.com
  47. 47. 47Johnqz.comNews
  48. 48. 48Gayle Referencehttp://alltop.com
  49. 49. 49Sam Politicswww.theyworkforyou.com
  50. 50. 50Johntheswizzle.comUtility
  51. 51. 51Gayle Coolwww.paperlesspost.com
  52. 52. 52Sam Referencewww.legalabbrevs.cardiff.ac.uk
  53. 53. 53Johnwww.kidrex.orgSearch
  54. 54. 54Gayle Funwww.myexwifesweddingdress.com
  55. 55. 55Sam Referencewww.etymonline.com
  56. 56. 56Johnwww.conferencebites.comInnovation
  57. 57. 57Gayle Time Managementwww.workflowy.com
  58. 58. 58Sam Funwww.cheeseorfont.com
  59. 59. 59Johntwit.tvNews
  60. 60. 60Gayle Referencewww.findagrave.com
  61. 61. 61Sam Funwww.sporcle.com
  62. 62. 62Johnwww.dudeiwantthat.comGadgets!
  63. 63. 63Gayle Lynn-NelsonGayle has nineteen years ofprofessional experience in law firmand court libraries. She is active atthe national, regional and local levelin professional library associations.Gayle is a past president of the NewJersey Law Librarian Association(NJLLA), as well as a faculty memberof the Technology Committee for theLaw Librarians Association of GreaterNew York (LLAGNY).Gayle has also chaired and servedon various AALL and SLAcommittees. In addition to herprofessional affiliations, Gayle haswritten various articles which haveappeared in NJLLA In Brief, PLLPerspectives, SLA Chapter News,Information Outlook and Trends inLaw Library Management andTechnology. She has been a featuredspeaker at national, regional andlocal library association conferences.John J. DiGilioJohn DiGilio is the National Manager ofResearch Services for Reed Smith, LLP.He has over 15 years of large law firmlibrary and legal information vendorexperience.John is very active in the law and lawlibrary communities. He has written fornumerous regional and nationalpublications as well as taught collegeand graduate courses in such topics asbusiness ethics, e-commerce, fairemployment practices, researchmethodology and business law. As anSLA member, he is a two-time DanaAward recipient. John is the Past-Chairof SLA’s Legal Division, Chair of theLegal Division’s ProfessionalDevelopment Committee, and a 2012candidate for SLA Treasurer.John’s sites: http://www.ibraryguy.comhttp://www.johnd2012.comOur SpeakersSamuel WigginsSam is an Information Officer forNorton Rose Fulbright LLP.Sam sits on SLA Europe’s board ofdirectors, and chairs their eventscommittee. For the last year , Samhas also acted for the Legal Divisionas their ethics ambassador, and is amember of SLA’s nominatingcommittee for 2013/14.In the rest of his spare time, Samhelps to run #uklibchat every monthon Twitter and competes regularly intaekwondo, in which he holds a 2ndDan black belt.Sam blogs at libwig.wordpress.com
  64. 64. 64THANK YOU!• Gayle Lynn-Nelson |gayle.lynn-nelson@lexisnexis.com• Samuel Wiggins |samuelhwiggins@gmail.com• John DiGilio | jdigilio@reedsmith.com
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