Tron legacy Marketing Campaign


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Tron legacy Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Release Date: December 17, 2010
  2. 2. Plash Page •Lite version option •Launch trailer •Website is a page under
  3. 3. Homepage •Home •Ride light cycle •Create/Edit program •Codex •Tron Legacy •Chronology •Downloads •Games •Music •Media •News •Product
  4. 4. Create/Edit Program 1. Create Program 2. Answer series of questions 3.Customized it by uploading image 4. Receive points for creating 5. Points are redeemable For download aka upgrades.
  5. 5. Create/Edit Program (Continued) Change name Use rewards Towards upgrades Users upgrades Ride light cycle Edit facial data
  6. 6. Upgrades Include: Exclusive Wall papers, images, and printable posters.
  7. 7. Synopsis/Cast •Movie summary including. •Cast and crew.
  8. 8. CODEX: About Tron The Story Tron (Original) Tron: Legacy
  9. 9. CODEX: Characters TRON TRON LEGACY •Choose a characters between users and programs •Character info includes: -Actors name -Faction -Era -Allies -Enemies
  10. 10. CODEX: Vehicle •Choose from 5 different vehicles. •Info includes: -Owner -Special capabilities
  11. 11. CODEX: Weapons and Items •Choose from 5 different weapons. •Describes weapons abilities and powers.
  12. 12. CODEX: Locations •Choose from 8 different locations. •Brief description of locations significance
  13. 13. CODEX: Lexicon •Gives definitions of movie terminology.
  14. 14. CHRONOLOGY •Gives you highlights from Tron, Encom, and Flynn lives. •From 1970 through 2010.
  15. 15. Downloads •Poster •Wallpaper •Buddy Icon
  16. 16. Games: Classic Arcade Main Menu Choose from a series of games Games are very traditional Very simple and easy to play
  17. 17. Games: Iphone App •Users are able to connect to to official mobile site •Watch latest movie trailers •Check out art and relive ComicCon •Unlock exclusive clock when using Monster docking station
  18. 18. Game: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Game trailer About the game Special features In game screen shots
  19. 19. Game: Wii, DS About the game Screen shots
  20. 20. Music Grammy Award-winning duo Daft Punk will be scoring The film.
  21. 21. Media VIDEOS GALLERY
  22. 22. NEWS •Articles from Comi-Con •Iphone Apps •Magazines
  23. 23. Products Graphic Novel Gaming Chair Docking Station Itunes App
  24. 24. Sweepstakes •Users can enter a series of sweepstakes. •Prizes include: Red carpet premiere, video game prize pack, trip to Disneyland, autographs, posters, and gear. •Prizes are unlocked by the number of users that enter.
  25. 25. •There’s a lot to do in the website. Can keep the user busy for days. •Has a lot of information on the movie. •Option of navigating the website in Lite version, (no flash a lot faster). •Traditional Tron arcade game. Easy and entertaining to Analysis of website What works What doesn’t work •Need to install a plug in to play the game. Which is a slow process. •No social media share incentives. •Information overload, un- organized info can be overwhelming for first time users.
  26. 26. By The Numbers Fans: 248,988 Update Frequency: Not a lot of activity
  27. 27. Strategy •Informative: Links, photos, videos, and surveys. •They upload movie screen shots one at a time adding a story caption with it. •Updates on cast and crew’s recent activities like interviews or appearances. •Use the Facebook poll app to ask users questions. Updates
  28. 28. Custom Tabs- TRONiverse Click anywhere on the globe To get the comments from that area Comments from users
  29. 29. Custom Tabs – Tron Hub Enter Zipcode for Screening info Preview Apps Shop online Get on the Tron- Niverse grid
  30. 30. By The Numbers Followers: 7,287 Update Frequency: Started: July 6, 2010
  31. 31. Strategy Updates: •Same updates as FB. •Use Hashtags. •No personal tweets are formal and informative. •No Mentions •No RT’s •No Lists
  32. 32. Flynn Users play along in the search for Flynn.
  33. 33. Flynn Lives Fans: 11,111 Started: Feb 22, 2010
  34. 34. Zero Hour Fans from major cities around the world are called upon to unlock this puzzle by entering a code to their respected number.. Enter code Cities involved Codes to unlock
  35. 35. Zero Hour (continued) Fans from major cities around the world are called upon to unlock this puzzle by entering a code to their respected number.. Step 1: Locate Destination Step 2: Identify agent Step 3: Convey password Step 4: Receive cell phone Step 5: Follow directions Step 6: Get secret code
  36. 36. It only took a matter of hours until all users from different Of the world were able to unlock the poster. Zero Hour (continued) Step 7: Enter code online Step 8: Begin unlocking poster
  37. 37. Circuit Pulse Users enter phone number Users receive a phone call then asked to enter code: Users must then use the process of Elimination on their phone to guess the code to gain access to the site.
  38. 38. Circuit Pulse When entering the right code, users get access to a sneak preview of the movie. Also a phone number where they can call and talk to Flynn.
  39. 39. Flynn Frontier
  40. 40. Flynn Frontier About the author Critical Raves Dedication
  41. 41. Flynn Frontier (Excerpts)
  42. 42. Digital Urban Sprawl Users play along in the search for Flynn. Click on games to name it. Red dots show All the games on The map.