Last airbender research


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  • Go into a little more detail on the main game
  • Info graphics and charts!
  • Last airbender research

    1. 1. Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy Studio: Paramount Pictures Release Date: July 2, 2010
    2. 2. Splash Page: Trailer  Tickets & Showtimes  Register for Updates Facebook Fan page Link  Social Sharing Links
    3. 3. Register Form Allows users to receive updates via email or text.
    4. 4. Homepage Menu: Video, Gallery, About, downloads, features, partners and register. Share it Button, Facebook fan page link, register for updates link. All are persistent throughout site.
    5. 5. Videos 6 videos, all are under a minute. Each provides information on the main characters including the villains, the plot, and short clips of action scenes with special effects.
    6. 6. Gallery Series of action screen shots, most of them are pulled from the trailers.
    7. 7. About the film Synopsis, cast, crew, production notes
    8. 8. Downloads •Wallpaper •Icons Twitter skins •Countdown widget.
    9. 9. Countdown Widget Includes html embed code to add to a website, blog, or myspace profile but not to facebook.
    10. 10. Games Has 8 games, each game takes you to a different webpage that is hosting that game. The main focus game is linked to Facebook . Also promotes Wii and Nintendo DS game.
    11. 11. Features •5 different areas that the movie takes place in. • Pause, rewind or fast forward. • Content displayed with specific area. •Gives great movie insight. •Great graphics.
    12. 12. Partners Specifics of partner relation pop up.
    13. 13. Analysis of website What works: • The simplicity of the splash page layout. • Fast upload of homepage. • Their Facebook page is easily accessible. • Feature page with captioning. • Great transition effects.
    14. 14. Analysis of website (cont.) What doest work: • Not mobile accessible • Website not completely finished. • Movie trailers look very identical.
    15. 15. Analysis of website (cont.) Overall Look and feel: • Great original artwork, screenshots and video. • Simple and easy to navigate. Doesn’t overwhelm the user. • Great information on the characters and environment.
    16. 16. Fans: 184,032 Update Frequency: Long-Lead: about 2 times a month 5 Months Out: 2 times a week 4 Weeks Out: 2 times a day By The Numbers Start Date: June 23, 2009
    17. 17. Strategy INFORMATIVE UPDATES: Early stages of their updates: Pictures, links, and video trailers. This kind of update generated about 300- 3000 likes and 90-900 comments. Most response updates between the three.
    18. 18. Strategy (Cont.) CALL TO ACTION UPDATES: Used frequently closer to release dates. Tell users to click on a link that would take them to their website or affiliates. This kind of update generated about 300- 600 likes and 70-400 comments. It was the least response update between the three.
    19. 19. Strategy (Cont.) Asking a question: This was the most common form of updating that generated the most responses and like from users. This kind of update generated about 300- 1500 likes and 100-700 comments.
    20. 20. Strategy (Cont.) USERS 10 posts by users on their fan page every hour. Currently more negative opinions about the movie. Admins do not reply to any of the post. More fake posts in beginning. Average of .03% (724) users liked it. .1% (243) users commented on post.
    21. 21. •The last air bender does not have an official twitter account. •There is a handful of twitter accounts created by fans for the movie and the cartoon. With the most having 2,000 followers. Interesting Activity: •The last airbender was a trending topic on and off for 2 days in a row (the day before the release and the day it was released. •Critic Roger Ebert’s tweet about the movie could have been the igniting spark to get the movie into TT status, his tweet was also retweeted more than 100 times. •The majority of the twitter community followed a similar path as Ebert in criticizing how disappointing the movie was.