Plug Your Magento Store to an ERP System Using Real Time Methods


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To be competitive in today’s online market it is essential for businesses to have a flexible eCommerce system. Paul Ambar, Head of Marketing at i95Dev, discusses the two basic decisions eCommerce store owners have when it comes to managing the front and back-end of their stores. Either they choose to manually update various systems, which is not only time consuming but could render inaccuracies, or they can benefit by integrating their store with an ERP system to improve productivity and efficiency.

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Plug Your Magento Store to an ERP System Using Real Time Methods

  1. 1. Plug your Magento with ERP System WEBINAR FACILITATED BY Aleza Shapiro Paul Ambar Henry Louis Marketing Specialist, Magento Marketing Head, i95Dev Sales Manager, i95Dev
  2. 2.  Introduction to i95Dev  What Makes Integrated Ecommerce So Today’s Important Today & What is it all about?Presentation  Standalone System Vs. Integrated Agenda System– Which is better ?  i95Dev GP Connect Demo  Discover the Savings of Integration  Conclude and Q/A
  3. 3. The i95Dev Company A Full Service eCommerce Company Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland 140+ Developers 1500 Clients Worldwide $12 Million in Annual Revenues
  4. 4. i95Dev & Magento: A Profitable Partnership 3.5 Years of Magento Practice Magento Expert Team Includes Strategists, Developers, Architects, Designers and Consultants Support Complex Integrations with Various ERP, POS, CRM, CMS, Mobile and Social systems Built over 40 Magento Integrations and 70 Ready-To-Use Extensions
  5. 5. Two Approaches to Integrating with ERP Standalone eCommerce Integrated eCommerce Treat your online shop Integrate your online and ERP systems as shop with your ERP separate silos of systems using more information and sync direct and real time data between the two methods using basic methods like batch uploads
  6. 6. What Makes Integrated Ecommerce So Important Today
  7. 7. Biggies Cant Escape Integrated Approach
  8. 8. Let’s Count the Way you Can Integrate your eCommerce with Different Systems Zero Integration Product Information Management Manual Integration Recommendati Catalogue on Engine (PIM) Management Personalizatio Mobile n Engine Configure Social Price/Quote Various Integration Points that Order SEO Management eCommerce contribute to the Online Advertising Lead Management DIGITAL CUSTOMER Data Exchange Reporting Supply Chain & EXPERIENCE Systems Fulfillment Returns CMS Management Customer Loyalty Account Real-time Integration ManagementScheduled Integration Management
  9. 9. Magento Makes it Easy to Integrate
  10. 10. Standalone vs. Integrated eCommerce System Which is better ? Standalone Integrated Consistent Information Throughout all Disorganized or Inaccurate Information Systems Increased Transparency and The Lack of Real-Time Information Information Flow to Enable Integration with Third Party, Suppliers, Vendors. Mistakes in Inventory and Pricing Can Real-time Updates for Customers Lead to Disaster The Requirement for Manual Work and Save on Labor, Operations and Decreased Productivity Coordination Costs Lack of Customer Interaction and Personalized Offers 360-Degree View of Shoppers A Time Consuming Headache Work Smarter not Harder
  11. 11. Magento - GP Connect
  12. 12. Data Synchronization Points
  13. 13. Process without ERP Integration
  14. 14. Process with ERP Integration
  15. 15. Save Big with Integration
  16. 16. Make the Most of Our Time Together Ask Questions !Make the Most of Our Time Together For More Information: Ask Questions ! Email Call 301.760.7499 Visit More Information: For Email Call the Conversation Join 301.760.7499 Visit Download FREE Trial Plug-in Download FREE Trial Plug-in