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iSalesDoc Cloud Service

  1. 1. iSalesDoc The i2D Cloud Service overview Open the i2D Server in your browser: Enter your login You need an iPad to make the most of this guide. Do you have it with you?
  2. 2. iSalesDoc Managing Apps and Accounts A-Z Here you can manage the accounts of your colleagues and costumers. Every single iPad has its own login to the server. i2D Manual How to create i2D Apps in i2D XML without programming. Account settings Basic information about your account: -How many apps -How much storage space -How many users Homepage The main page will be empty when opening the i2d server account for the first time. Afterwards your i2D App Icons will be shown and accessible for editing.
  3. 3. iSalesDoc Hello World! App Hello World Build upon the Hello World demo app consisting of: •settings.xml •icon.png •toc.png •helloscreen.jpg Then zip-compress all four files into a .zip file and rename it to .i2d Now your i2D App is ready for upload to the i2D Server.
  4. 4. iSalesDoc Tagging and uploading your Apps Tag before Uploading your i2D Apps i2D Apps are created locally on your computer. All the files making up your App are then zipped together, renamed from „.zip“ to „.i2d“ and uploaded to the i2D Server. Before selecting a file to upload you need to enter a unique, arbitrary Tag, e.g. „mytag“, which will be associatedHello World Build upon the with that i2D App. Then click onto theHello World demo app. arrow icon and choose the .i2d file you want to upload.
  5. 5. iSalesDoc Managing App metadata App details After successfully uploading the i2D App, it‘s icon will be shown. The upload can take a couple of minutes depending on the size of your Apps content, so be patient. Click on the App icon and you will see detailed information about your i2D App: •Title •Upload timestamp •Size in MB •the Filename •the associated Tags Click on Edit to change the Apps tags. To update an App (with a new .i2d file) click on Upload anew. And to edit the settings.xml directly online click on Edit settings.
  6. 6. iSalesDoc Managing iPad user accounts Add new user Each iPad running i2D Viewer typically gets its own login, defined in the A-Z section of i2D Server. To create a new user click Add user. The Username and Password that you Tags are key! choose here must then be entered in Your Tags determine which Apps a user the Settings section of i2D Viewer on can download and view on his iPad. the iPad. To link users with apps you therefore need to enter the Apps Tag names into this cell. Tags are seperated by comma!
  7. 7. iSalesDoc Download i2D Viewer and edit settings Enter user‘s login data which you created on the i2D Server. Then select USA and press Check for updates.Get i2D Viewer for freeDownload the i2D Viewer from theApple App Store. Settings of i2D Viewer Start i2D Viewer on your iPad and touch on „Settings“.
  8. 8. iSalesDoc Downloading your App to iPad Want more? Check the i2D Manual online Log into the i2D Server and click on i2D Manual to learn about all the options that are at your disposal.Downloading your AppsAfter the download, your App iconis shown. Touch it to start your App.