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Integrating technology into the teaching of ela

Integrating technology into the teaching of ela






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    Integrating technology into the teaching of ela Integrating technology into the teaching of ela Presentation Transcript

    • Integrating Technology into the Teaching of ELA Grades K-5 for the Marysville School District By Hope Zick-Powell
    • What is ELA?
      • ELA is the study of reading and writing.
      • The goal is to have students be at or above grade level in this core subject area.
    • What is technology in education?
      • Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.
      • Taken from:
      • The Definition of Educational Technology
      • by
      • Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)
      • Definition and Terminology Committee
      • http://www.indiana.edu/~molpage/Definition%20of%20ET_classS05.pdf
      • Two board goals that this addresses:
      • Increase student achievement in K-12 reading and writing literacy.
      • Incorporate available technology to advance the learning process.
    • How can we achieve this with what we have?
      • Each classroom is equipped with a smart board and student computers.
      • There is a computer lab that is available for usage.
      • The Technology Teacher does an excellent job of helping students have time to work on projects, that are related to the core subject areas.
      • There are over six video camera through the building available for classroom usage.
      • There also are two scanners available for usage in each building.
    • Do I as a teacher need additional training
      • First training will be provide because it is one of the board goals.
      • Secondly we participate in PLC’s which is another board goal and one would be amazed what they can learn through colleagues, online tutorials, etc.
      • Lastly the students are amazingly and surprisingly already well versed in their understanding of technology.
    • Technology Standards for the State of Michigan
      • Kindergarten through second grade technology standards
      • Third through fifth grade technology standards
      • By incorporating technology into the everyday classroom these standards become easily met!
    • How will we do this?
      • Technology should not be integrated for only saying that you have incorporated technology.
      • It instead should be a natural flow of technology just as one would use a text book for reading, or a pencil and paper one should use for writing.
    • How will we do this?
      • By using the to,(model for the students),with (do together) and by(do it one their own) model technology will be incorporate into ELA learning.
    • How often should technology be used?
      • Technology should by used at every chance that it is appropriate to fit into the lesson.
      • It should be used as a natural progression that does not interfere with the content that is being taught but instead enhances it to make students excited and taking ownership of their work.
    • How to we keep our resources up to date?
      • Our district is very fortunate that our relationship with the technology agreement with St. Clair County Resa our equipment and software is kept up to date with the current available technology.
    • How to we keep our resources up to date?
      • It is up to us through our use of our PLC’s and given common grade level planning time to keep up to date on new technology and resources that we can incorporate into our instruction and classrooms.
    • Student Involvement
      • The degree in which students will be involved naturally depends on the grade level that one teaches.
        • In Kindergarten one would have the students do less then a fifth grade teacher
        • It should be a natural progression throughout the grades
        • Expectations should be raised as time goes on for each grade level as the students learn more with in each year of lower grade implementation.
    • Expectation for Teachers in Student Involvement
      • Communication is the Key:
        • Teachers will need to be aware of the technology standards for their grade level and communicate to the other grade levels what their grade team has taught and had the students create finished products, what technology the students have been exposed to and to what level is the students competency in utilizing the technology.
    • Expectation for Teachers in Student Involvement
        • Communication is the Key:
            • Also communicating with the building technology teachers about what the grade is working on so that he or she can reinforce and enhance the learning.
    • Blabberize!
      • Blabberize is a free website that allows one to put words into animated pictures. The students can add moving mouths to the pictures and change sizes of it. They then add sound to the pictures through mp3 recording microphones or phone calls in that are added to the pictures.
    • Why Blabberize?
      • Blabberize allows students the opportunity to practice their oral language skills and fluency if one chooses to have the students do reading and add them to their babbers. It makes students excited about reading because they like to see the pictures of themselves or anything talking with their voice!
    • Why Blabberize?
      • It is a great outlet for students to share their finished writing products! It makes them very excited to complete their writing in order to share them in this fashion.
    • Why Blabberize?
      • By using Blabberize to enhance your lesson planning for ELA students are using technology as a natural part of their learning, and incorporating it into the practice of everyday learning.
    • Blabberize-Put it into action!
      • By using the to, with and by model the students catch onto this very quickly
      • The following slides will show how I used this with my fourth grade students.
    • Blabberize
      • First I created a Blabberize ahead of time and linked it to my classroom Protopage. I used a picture of myself because the students found this very humorous, they could not wait to try this themselves!
      • Blabberize created for demonstration
    • Blabberize
      • I then picked one of our favorite classroom books and took a picture of the cover. Then the students in groups with my assistance used the call in feature to add vocals . The then took turns changing the mouths, using the smartboard.
      • Classroom created example
    • Blabberize
      • Next the students were able to create their own blabbers
      • An example of a student created example of an author study report
    • Blabberize use what we have!
      • Use the cameras, scanners, etc to upload pictures for the students. Orginal artwork can be a very indivdized touch. These pictures then allow them then to create their own blabbers. Link the finished product to your classroom websites to share with their families and school administrators.
    • How to control the blabbers!
      • Create an account and allow the students to operate under you. This allows you to control the content. Unless parents help the students to create their own individual accounts. This though becomes harder for you to control. But only link those with appropriate content.
    • How to use Blabberize
      • Cheat Sheet on how to use -For those of you who would like to print out a hard copy to refer bake to
      • How to video -This is a very helpful tool that shows one how to use it
      • The Actual site itself- Is very self expanitory and has an excellent blabber expaling how to use it!
    • How does Blabberize fit into ELA? What others are saying around the country :
      • Poetry reading and improved fluency
      • What other teachers are doing to use it in the classroom
      • Report Writing
      • Finger Plays
      • Reading and writing examples from a second classroom
    • Blabberize a brief summary
      • Blabberize can be used in all facets of the ELA teaching, basically one needs to just think outside the box and incorporate it into the classroom. If you are unsure of ideas on how it would be a best fit for your classroom, a few example have been provided, but the internet is full of ideas and lesson plans on how to use this tool.
    • Blabberize helps us reach our goals!
      • The creation of Blabbers allows for a natural integration of technology into the classrooms. At the low grades teachers may want to use the same picture for each student. At the upper grade the students can scan or upload their own pictures and become more complex into their creations. But this simple website excites the students about learning which is a common grade level goal.
    • Internet Safety
      • All students at the beginning of every school year are provided with an internet safety course. One is also provided for the parents. The district also has programs that try to filter out in-appropriate content. It is still our job as educators to make sure that students know proper internet safety. Thus if you still fear the internet perhaps the following software is more your style to implement in your classroom.
    • Moviemaker -----What is it?
        • Windows Movie Maker is a video creating/editing software application, included in Microsoft Windows Me, XP, and Vista. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie . New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. It can apply basic effects to audio tracks such as fade in or fade out. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file.
        • Taken From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Movie_Maker
    • Why use Moviemaker?
      • Moviemaker is software that is available to all students and staff in the Marysville School District It is currently installed on all computers. It can be used to create timelines, enhance PowerPoints, or create movies from video clips.
      • The students need to know how to do these things as part of the technology standards as well being able to compete in a global economy.
    • Why use Movie Maker?
      • Just as with Blabberize, it is a natural transition to use Moviemaker in the teaching and student products of ELA.
      • Instead of creating pieces of writing or book reports in which the students often see as tedious or pointless it allows them to create a product that they are displaying their knowledge of content as well learning need technology skills.
    • Moviemaker-put into action
      • Once again using the to, with and by model the students caught on very quickly.
      • They were also able to use the cameras without any instruction to record their own video clips
    • Moviemaker
      • In this example the students were to write a paragraph about a special person in their life. I then recorded each student reading the writing samples. Then I should them I to upload and place each clip into Moviemaker, change the timing, add transitions and background music. The writing took one class period and the lesson on moviemaker took another.
      • Special Person Movie
    • Moviemaker
      • Next for to step, the students filmed themselves in groups and we practiced whole group with student lead instruction and helping in creating the movie. The topic of the movie was on the story elements in the classroom novel Esperonza Rising. The movie was done instead a report.
      • Esperonza Rising Sample
    • Moviemaker
      • Finally the students were able to do all of the steps on their own. The students had the best grasp of story Elements and the highest test scores on the comprehension of the Novel to date. They truly loved creating their “movies”.
      • Student example of movie base on Book, Day of the Iguana .
    • How does Moviemaker fit into ELA? What others are saying around the country :
      • 402 ELA lesson plans that use moviemaker
      • 3 rd grade vocabulary lesson based on the book Officer Buckle
      • Why use digital media in the classroom?
      • Microsoft lesson plans for movie maker
    • How to use Moviemaker
      • Moviemaker teachers guide by Microsoft
      • It comes with downloadable PDF’s for those of you who prefer hard copies to video tutorials.
      • Step by step on how to use Moviemaker
        • This site breaks down the steps in using the software into very simple steps.
    • Moviemaker a brief summary
      • Moviemaker is an amazing tool that all of us have access! The students love making the movies, it can be used to complete reports, record fluency, display comprehension, and also as a publishing resource for writing. The ideas are endless. The students thrive under the usage for this product. Just as with Blabberize the integration of this into instruction and learning are endless.
    • Moviemaker-also helps us to reach our goals
      • They use of Movie maker helps to integrate the technology goals. It also allows for flexibility in the students reaching their goals since it is such a flexible program that allows for adaptability at all levels. Just a as with Blabberize it allows for the students to become competitive learners utilizing technology with an outlet for their individuality.
    • Moviemaker-also helps us to reach our goals
      • The movies created can be shared on websites or even just among the students. The parents as well as administrators are very excited to see these results. Another idea to show or communicate the products is for example the fourth grade is doing reading thethers plays, video recording them and putting them inot moviemaker and creating DVD’s as gifts for family Christmas presents.
    • How to prevent overload
      • No one expects you or your students to be master blabberizers of moviemakers overnight. Start slow, incorporate the technology in small steps.
      • Rely on your grade level team for support and ideas.
      • Utilize the technology teacher to help teach what you don’t feel comfortable.
    • How to prevent overload
      • If the students seem more overwhelmed then excited---back off and reteach
      • Do not treat the understanding of Technology any differently then you would any of the other content of the curriculum.
      • Reteaching is often the key
    • Create a classroom of Critical Thinkers!!!
      • Incorporating Blabberize or Window’s Moviemaker helps the student to show a true understanding of the ELA material. They must not just be able to have knowledge of the content but a higher level of thinking to be able to create a finished product. They must have a vision of an end product to create the product, this can only be done with a deeper understanding and focus on the end goal.
    • Create a classroom of Collaborators!!!
      • Though both Blabberize and Window’s Movie Maker can be used to create individual products. They can also be used as seen from some of the samples to create group collaborations. It is through these shared learning experience that students learn the importance of working in a partnership in order to have a high quality product that meets a certain criteria.
    • What are the hurdles we must overcome?
      • In order for this to be a successful endeavor all staff must be willing to embrace the technology and be willing to take the on new ways of teaching.
      • Staff also must be opening willing to go each other for support and questions, it only through collaboration and communication can the influx of technology for students in all grades at the elementary level be achieved.
    • How do we measure success?
      • We measure the success by many ways:
        • An increase in the students achievement of technology standards.
        • An increase in the state test scores in ELA i.e. currently the MEAP Test.
        • An increase in the district Dibels composite scores which assess ELA
        • An increase in the district writing score as graded on MEAP rubric
        • Personal satisfaction in teaching a lesson that truly engages all learners.
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