Geoff hughes my experience of social product design 2013-02 (Feb)

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  • 2001- 2007 Like this train, requirements management for global giants meant you had no creative control over the speed or direction of the projects you were working on.
  • When I think of building online resource using Social Product Design I think of following metaphor: Users as the reservoir of water, Pre-launch Product development as digging dry channels and aquifers for the water to (hopefully) flow through Quality of Design as the Degree of ornateness in the finish Success is measured in the number of users - When you break the barrier does the water flow down the channels and aquifers you designed, or does it run off to neighbouring land?
  • 2007-2009 How we did noddy design in those days. Not best practice. Check out the “old skool” Facebook layout. The aim of the business was to use the affiliate marketing industry for good – to collect money from commissions and share this with the charity of the user’s choice. In the water metaphor, we built intricate (but not pretty) dry aquifers before testing the water supply. We over invested in the product before investing in Design.
  • Infographics Quality? Not great using Microsoft PhotoDraw!
  • All our Development was done by a great and enthusiastic Developer called Russ in the USA. We didn’t budget for a Designer so our problems originated there perhaps. “ Wireframe” as sent between me and Russ.
  • Another “Wireframe”, showing progress
  • Being on Skype meant pointing at issues was not possible. (Voice quality was good then but screen sharing was not). I had to screenshot each ticket and write notes on top using a tiny mousepad and pen device.
  • The ticket system – trac – still highly recommended.
  • Finally we did get there – these were some of the Funds we created with the Charities and Firms we targeted.
  • This was how the model worked. If Businesses like Next,, Northern Rock (!), RIAS and Thales… who supported Charities like Marie Curie Cancer Care… would divert all their office supply spending through Fund it Frog… we could create a large (affiliate marketing) income for the Charity from nothing more than existing stationery budget. Our strapline at one point was Truly free Money.
  • Our vision. Unfortunately this is a mock-up. We found it very hard to get Charities to buy in to the idea of raising money in this way. They are in a very hard position where the use of their logo is a source of income – so agreeing to let us use it for free would create problems with the tax man later.
  • Thank you Spotify for letting us copy your Design.
  • This screen shows the Social layer. We developed the “My friends are buying” feature independently from Facebook’s Beacon. But the impact of Beacon was on our minds as we rolled this out.
  • You’d search for a gift – say a set of golf clubs
  • You’d ask to Buy it Now
  • You’d be redirected to the retailer’s site. Any commission would come to us. 50% was given straight to the Charity. The costs of the business came out of our 50%.
  • An awesome feature – all the payments you made over time to hundreds of retailers. This still does not exist anywhere else on the internet. (The closest to it is eBay and Amazon’s history section but it is limited to their marketplace sellers.) This was for 900 high street and online retailers in the UK!
  • Several years later this was an honest account from my friend Simone. Hard to listen to though his words were, he was technically right.
  • PR: - Win a day in a Ferrari – sent out to some 250,000 postmen and women in the UK - On the radio with Amanda and Toby - Featured at Twestival thanks to the photographer and an article written by the then less famous Milo Yiannopolous!
  • This was always a huge volume play. With only a few hundred users When we saw how little we were making we had to stop. 
  • 2009 briefly… Became Social Media Guy This presentation was viewed a large number of times loads of great screenshots and analysis of how badly brands approached Social Media back in 2010.
  • 2009-2011 The tables are turned - great times working as Campaign Director for large brands via Nudge Social Media Diary booked up weeks in advance Ideas coming in from great brands and being improved for best practice by myself, Toby, Steve and Iskandar
  • The social layer. Still a critical requirement of any app page or content on Facebook. Ask yourself: can I do this on the web? If you can – then do it on the web and don’t waste your time in Facebook. Ask yourself: what is the social layer that makes Facebook the natural place for this feature? Do this using Facebook (on Facebook or on the web) and it will succeed. Budget for Marketing the app too!
  • Working now at Social clay (co-Founder and CEO) We create awesome content for Brands, matching their business goals to targeted, measurable campaigns.


  • 1. General AssemblyMy experience in Social Product Design - 5th February 2013 -
  • 2. Ac c e nt ur e28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 2
  • 3. 28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 3
  • 4. Fund i t Fr og
  • 5. Fund i t Fr og
  • 6. Fund i t Fr og28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 6
  • 7. Fund i t Fr og
  • 8. Fund i t Fr og
  • 9. Fund i t Fr og
  • 10. Fund i t Fr og
  • 11. Fund i t Fr og
  • 12. Fund i t Fr og
  • 13. Fund i t Fr og
  • 14. 28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 14
  • 15. 28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 15
  • 16. Fund i t Fr og
  • 17. Fund i t Fr og
  • 18. Fund i t Fr og
  • 19. Fund i t Fr og
  • 20. Fund i t Fr og
  • 21. Fund i t Fr og“During your Fund it Frog years I was embarrassed to be your friend” – SimonMis-allocation of resources:•£2k a month on Developers for 18 months•4 hours a day on noddy Designs (Microsoft PhotoDraw) as co-founder•4 hours chasing Charities and Firms•4 hours Managing the Developer, Server•Operations•Marketing budget was actually £200 – business cards and flyers.•Free PR (see next slide)
  • 22. Fund i t Fr og
  • 23. Fund i t Fr og
  • 24. “ Soc i a l M di a Guy” e March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 24
  • 25. Nudge Soc i a l M di a e28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 25
  • 26. Nudge Soc i a l M di a e28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 26
  • 27. Nudge Soc i a l M di a e28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 27
  • 28. Nudge Soc i a l M di a e28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 28
  • 29. Soc i a l c l a y28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 29
  • 30. Soc i a l c l a y28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 30
  • 31. Soc i a l c l a y28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 31
  • 32. Soc i a l c l a y28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 32
  • 33. Soc i a l c l a y28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 33
  • 34. Soc i a l c l a y28th March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 34
  • 35. Pr i ma r y c ont a c t s Geof f Hughes C Oa dc -o n e E n o u drf +4 2 3 9 3 6 4 0 37 78 +4 7 1 1 01 1 4 81 6 2 g of s c lly o e f o iaca .c m @ fc b o .c m s c lly a e o k o /o iaca March 2012 Social clay @ SMWF 35