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  • 3. 1.BUSINESS PROFILE1) Company Entity Business Name • YOUNEX BUILDER CORP.Business Address • 228 De Harmon Industrial Park Harmon Guam Mailing Address • P.o.box 12007 Tamuning Guam 96931 U.S.ABusiness Number • (671) 649 - 4111 Fax Number • (671) 646 - 0761 E-Mail Address • Younexyoon@yahoo.com Tax ID •98–0098158 GRT Number •892551 Business Area • Contractor & Trader Page 2
  • 4. 1.BUSINESS PROFILE2) Executive Management Mr. Kil Koo Yoon C.E.O. / General Manager Mr. Dou Kyun Mok President Mr. Park Jae Won Corporate Secretary Page 3
  • 5. 1.BUSINESS PROFILE 3) Principle and Officers Mr. Kil Koo Yoon C.E.O. General Manager Mr. Dou Kyun Mok Pr esident Dep. of Dep. of Q.C Dep. Of Construction AccountantMr. Suk Hwan Yoon Mr. Byung Ock Kim Mr. Hee Yeoul Lee Mr. Do Seog Lee Mr.Randy Paguio Mr. Nestor YayaMr. Hermie Quizon Mr. Lamberto Garrote Mr. James Reyes Mr.Darwin Isip Mrs. Josephine Sotto Mr.Hyuncheol Kim Page 4
  • 6. 2. Construction Contract References1. Micronesia Mall – 1986Location : Cor. Marine Drive & Route 16, Upper Tumon, GuamOwner : GrandspanContract Amount : $ 1,157,890.00Description of Project : Two – Storey Shopping CenterScope of Work : Finishing, Dry Wall Partition & Tile Work (Labor & Materials)2. Hatsuo Golf Course - 1987Location : Talofofo, GuamOwner : HatsuoContract Amount : $ 3,989,450.00Description of Project : Golf Course ClubhouseScope of Work : Civil, Structural & Finishing Works (Labor & Materials) Page 5
  • 7. 2. Construction Contract References3. Talafofo Golf Course - 1990Location : Talafofo, GuamOwner : Pricia IncorporatedContract Amount : $ 4,875,350.00Description of Project : Golf Course ClubhouseScope of Work : Civil, Structural & Finishing Works (Labor & Materials)4. Hyatt Regency Guam – 1991 to 1992Location : Hotel Road, Tumon Bay, GuamOwner : E.I.E. IncorporatedContract Amount : $ 5,281,875.00Description of Project : 15 Storey Hotel BuildingScope of Work : Civil, Structural & Finishing Works (Labor & Materials) Page 6
  • 8. 2. Construction Contract References5. Royal Palm Hotel – 1993 to 1994Location : Hotel Road, Tumon Bay, GuamOwner : Kawasho International Guam Inc.Contract Amount : $ 5,198,879.00Description of Project : 12 – Storey Hotel BuildingScope of Work : Civil, Structural & Finishing Works (Labor & Materials)6. Guam Airport (Phase 1) – 1995 to 1996Location : Airport Road, Barrigada, GuamOwner : Government of GuamContract Amount : $ 3,695,978.00Description of Project : Airport BuildingScope of Work : Concrete Topping, Fire Proofing Work Acoustic Ceiling, Dry Wall,CMU,Masonry Tile Works, Floor & Wall Stone Works Page 7
  • 9. 2. Construction Contract References7. Southern High School Project – 1996 to 1997Location : Sta. Rita, GuamOwner : Government of GuamContract Amount : $ 4,761,475.00Description of Project : Two – Storey BuildingScope of Work : Civil, Structural & limited finishing works Bldg. 6,7,8,9A,9B,9C,10Retaining Walls & Affiliation Building of Football, Softball & Baseball,Road Works (Labor & Materials)8. GPA San Vitores Substation – 1997 to 1998Location : San Vitores, Tamuning, GuamOwner : Government of GuamContract Amount : $ 458,475.00Description of Project : 1 – Storey Substation BuildingScope of Work : Civil, Structural & Finishing Works (Labor & Materials) Page 8
  • 10. 2. Construction Contract References9. Mandara Spa – Outrigger Hotel - 1999Location : San Vitores, Hotel Road, Tumon, GuamOwner : Tanota & PartnersContract Amount : $ 882,358.00Description of Project : Tenant Improvement AreaScope of Work : Architectural, Electrical & Mechanical (Labor & Materials)10. HIGH Class, Micronesia Mall - 2000 Location : Dededo, Guam Owner : TRINOVA, Inc. Contract Amount : $ 382,369.00 Description of Project : Tenant Improvement Area Scope of Work : Architectural, Electrical & Mechanical (Labor & Materials) Page 9
  • 11. 2. ConstructionContract References 11. Onward Beach Resort – Ext. – 2001 to 2002 • Location : Tamuning, Guam • Owner : Onward Beach Resort • Contract Amount : $ 1,882,652.00 • Description of Project : 21 – Storey Hotel Building – New Tower • Scope of Work : Structural, Architectural & Finishing Works(Labor & Limited Materials) Page10
  • 12. 2. Construction Contract References12. La France Rest. – 2001 to 2002 Location : Tumon Bay, Tumon, Guam Owner : Tanota & Partners Contract Amount : $ 482,652.00 Description of Project : Tenant Improvement Area Scope of Work : Architectural, Electrical & Mechanical (Labor & Limited Materials)13. Regency Hotel – 2002 to March 2003 Location : San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam Owner : Tanota & Partners Contract Amount : $ 1,135,458.00 Description of Project : Renovation Work 10-Storey Hotel Bldg. Scope of Work : Finishing Work (Labor & Materials) Page 11
  • 13. 2. Construction Contract References14. Mandara Spa at Ohana Oceanview Hotel 2003 Location : San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam Owner : Tanota & Partners Contract Amount : $ 264,000.00 Description of Project : Tenant Improvement Area Scope of Work : Interior Finishing, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Work Page 12
  • 14. 2. Construction Contract References15. Guam International Airport – 2002 to 2003 Location : Tamuning, Guam Owner : Government of Guam Contract Amount : $ 820,000.00 Description of Project : Terminal Renovation & Structural Upgrade Work Scope of Work : Finishing Work (Labor & Materials) Page 13
  • 15. 2. Construction Contract References16. Leo Palace Hotel & Resort – 2002 to 2003 Location : Manenggon Hills, Yona, Guam Owner : Miyanma Development Incorporation Contract Amount : $932,500.00 Description of Project : Renovation Work Scope of Work : Architectural, Plastering, Structural Work Finishing Work Page 14
  • 16. 2. Construction Contract References17. Leo Palace Hotel & Resort – 2002 to 2003 Location : Manenggon Hills, Yona, Guam Owner : Miyanma Development Incorporation Contract Amount : $932,500.00 Description of Project : Renovation Work Scope of Work : Architectural, Plastering, Structural Work Finishing Work18. Onward Beach Resort – 2003 Location : Tamuning, Guam Owner : Onward Beach Resort Contract Amount : $ 462,000.00 Description of Project : Typhoon Repair Work Scope of Work : Repair Gypsum Board Wall & Ceiling New Tile / New Paint / New Water Slide etc. (Labor & Materials) Page 15
  • 17. 2. Construction Contract References19. BBQ Pavilion – March 2003 to June 2003 Location : Tumon, Guam Owner : Westin Hotel Contract Amount : $ 198,000.00 Scope of Work : Steel Structure Work (Labor & Equipment only )20. Typhoon Repair Work at Alupang Beach Tower Condominium – 2003 to 2004 Location : Tamuning, Guam Owner : Alupang Beach Tower Contract Amount : $ 2,170,000.00 Description Project : Typhoon Repair Work Scope of Work : Repair Gypsum Board / New Carpet New Wood Floor / New Paint / New Window / New Door, etc. (Labor & Materials) Page 16
  • 18. 2. Construction Contract References21. Baseball Stadium Project at Leo Palace,Yona, 2003 to 2004 Location : Yona, Guam Owner : MDI Guam Inc. Contract Amount : $ 290,000.00 (Labor only) Description of Work : Concrete Structure Work for Baseball Stadium Page17
  • 19. 2. Construction Contract References22. Misc. Work at Guam Plaza Hotel 2003 to 2004 Location : Tumon, Guam Owner : City Hill Company (Guam) Ltd. Contract Amount : $ 3,200,000.00 Description of Work : Various Renovation & Repair Work Scope of Work : Reroofing Work, Interior Work for New Store, Furniture Fab. Interior & Exterior Painting, Tile Work Page18
  • 20. 2. ConstructionContract References 23. Bank of Guam, Main Headquarters Bldg.2004 to 2005 •Location : Hagatna, Guam •Owner : Bank of Guam •Contract Amount : $ 2,900,000.00 •Description of Project : Curtain Walls (Bay Window) Replacement & Typhoon Pongsona •Damage Various Restoration & Renovation Work •Scope of Work : Replacement of Baywindow, Remove/Replace Damaged Gypsum •Board Wall & Tile Ceiling, Mold Remediation Work,Remove/Replace Carpet, Crack Repair Page 19
  • 21. 2. Construction Contract References24. Agana Shopping Center Renovation 2003 to 2004 Location : Agana, Guam Owner : Gregorio F. Perez, Inc. Contract Amount : $ 705,400.00 Description of Work : Concrete Structure / Interior Finishing Page20
  • 22. 2. Construction Contract References25. Bank Of Guam ( Three Branches ) 2006-2007 Location : Harmon, Tamuning and Tumon, Guam Owner : Bank Of Guam Contract Amount : $ 323,352.00 Description of Project : Interior Renovation Work Interior Finishing, Electrical, Plumbing And Mechanical Work. (Labor and Materials) Page 21
  • 23. 2. Construction Contract References26. Saipan World Resort, 2005 Location : Beach Road, Susupe, Saipan Owner : Saipan World Resort Contract Amount : $ 1,800,000.00 Description of Project : Upgrade & Renovation Scope of Work : Interior Renovation & Waterproofing Page22
  • 24. 2. Construction Contract References27. Guam Plaza Hotel 2006-2008 Location : Tumon, Guam Owner : City Hill Company ( Guam ) Ltd. Contract Amount : $ 7,940,680.00 Description of Project : Hotel Renovation Work Bldg. I , II, & III with 506 rooms, Hallways & Elevator Lobbies Interior Finishing, Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical works (Labor & Materials) Page23
  • 25. 2. Construction Contract References28. Tarza 2006-2007 Location : Tumon, Guam Owner : City Hill Company (Guam) Ltd. Contract Amount : $ 530,000.00 Description of Project : Construction of New Concrete Slab Roofing (6 Pavillion Roof Top) Page24
  • 26. 2. Construction Contract References 29. Joinus Restaurant 2007Location : Tumon, GuamOwner : City Hill Company (Guam) Ltd.Contract Amount : $478,506.00Description of Project :Restaurant Renovation Work Interior Finishing, Electrical,Plumbing & Mechanical works. (Labor & Materials) Page25
  • 27. 2. Construction Contract References30. Emerald OceanView Project 2009-Present Location : Johnestown Tamuning Owner : Younex International Corporation Contract Amount : $150,000,000.00 Description of Project : Two 16 Storey and Two19 Storey Bldg. Condominium with included Amenities Page 26
  • 28. 2. Construction Contract References31. UKUDU Workforce Housing May 2010 - Present Location : Tanguinsen Road Dededo Owner : Younex Enterprises Contract Amount : $209,000,000.00 Description of Project : Workforce Housing Village for 18,000 Thousand Temporary Workers Page 27
  • 29. 2. Construction Contract References32. Guam Plaza Hotel 2011 Location : Tumon, Guam Owner : City Hill Company ( Guam ) Ltd. Contract Amount : $ 900,000.00 Description of Project : Renovation of Multipurpose Room, Hallways & Elevator Lobbies Interior Finishing, Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical works (Labor & Materials) Page28
  • 30. 2. Construction Contract References33. D.M.R Building 2011 - Present Location : Lot No.5211-2-2-1-R2-R1,Barrigada,Guam Owner : Data Management Resources Contract Amount : $2,290,000.00 Description of Project : Office Building Scope of Work : Architectural, Electrical & Mechanical (Labor & Limited Materials) Page 29
  • 32. 4. COMPANY ORGANIZATION MAJOR ACTIVITIESA. Feasibility StudiesB. Construction, Project Study and EvaluationC. Project Management and AdministrationD. Planning, engineering, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining. 1. Civil Works – highways & bridgeshas had maintained a complete manpower which support itsactivities. The break, drainage system, waterlines and underground storage facilities. 2. Architectural Works – building and housing works, office buildings, school buildings, hotels, airport and other facilities. 3. Structural Steel Works 4. Temporary building and temporary fenceWith these services, Younex Builder Corporation downs of manpower resources are as follows: Executive Management Staff 10 Engineers 8 Foremen 5 Administrative Staff 5 Skilled Workers Carpenters 150 Plasterers 10 Cement Masons 100 Steel Workers 40 Electricians 5 Mechanics 5 Painter 10 TOTAL MANPOWER 348 Page31
  • 33. 4. COMPANY ORGANIZATIONYounex has the qualified manpower, tools and equipment necessary to undertake most of any of the construction or renovationprojects.FUNCTIONAL STATEMENTSFunctional statements have been prepared for each of the major organizational element.The functional statements are not meant to identify every small sub-function, but instead provide general guidance to responsible managers and supervisors. When a project has been awarded, selected functional statements are revised tocover those areas where more detail directions are required.PRESIDENT / GENERAL MANAGERThe company President / General Manager takes an active roles in management.He ensures that each individual project, regardless of size or scope, is provided with the resources necessary.To ensure all work is accomplished on or ahead of the scheduled completion, and meet or exceed the prescribed quality standards.To ensure that the project shall only be accomplished in a safe environment. He plays a key role in the office management byensuring policies are published for those activities requiring such action and the development of procedures to be followedin carrying out the various task. Page 32
  • 34. 4. COMPANY ORGANIZATIONOFFICE MANAGERThe office manager, under the direct control and supervision of the President / General Manager, acts as department head.The office manager provides administrative coordination among department heads and established work priorities based onguidelines drawn by the President / General Manager. He fills the gap in office management to allow the President /General Manager to make job site inspection; meets with clients, subcontractors, engineering firms, and key materialand equipment suppliers.FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENTThe company finance management responsibilities are assigned to the President /General Manager who provides overall supervision and direction to the finance and accounting department.The department has a direct support role to project management in the accounting and distribution of funds for all contractexpenditures including expenditures for subcontractors and supplies.PROCUREMENT / PURCHASINGProcurement department is a company support element reporting directly to the President /General Manager. The department provides direct support to the construction department in the purchase,ental, and leasing of equipment, tools and materials. The department maintains a library of catalogsand references concerning various types of materials, tools and equipment. Page 33
  • 35. 4. COMPANY ORGANIZATIONCONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENTThe construction department is the operational arm of the company and is responsible for the successfulaccomplishment of construction and renovation projects. The department is responsible to provide project management in accordance with company policies and procedures. The Project Manager is the department headand reports directly to the President / General Manager. He conducts weekly meetings with key staff membersproviding the status and progress for all project assignments. He also assists other company elements, engineeringin particular, in preparing and reviewing cost estimates for potential new work.ENGINEERING SUPPORT DEPARTMENTThe engineering department is the technical arm of the company and provides direct support to the constructiondepartment. The Chief Engineer is the head of the department and he reports directly to the President / General Manager.PROJECT MANAGEMENTProject Management is the responsibility of the President / General Manager who delegates responsibilitiesto individual project managers. Project Manager may delegate some of the functional responsibilities tofield site engineers, depending on the size and nature of project. Page 34
  • 36. 5. SCHEDULING SYSTEMScheduling resources on a time phase basis for the accomplishment of the various work tasks involved inproject execution is one of the most exciting and important management tools available to a contractor.Presently, Younex utilizes two types of schedules: a simple Bar Chart and the Critical Path Method (CPM).Both types can be very accurate and provide the desired results. Normally, the complexity of the projectdetermines the method of scheduling to be employed. Projects with relatively few activities and short time durationare normally scheduled using bar charts.Regardless of the type of schedule employed, responsible individuals must manage schedules on a dailybasis to ensure the appropriate resources are applied properly the way they are planned.This is a great amount of information that must be known before any type of schedule can be developed. The most important is a correct and detailed scope of work. The description of work is normally providedto the contractor in the form of drawings and details written on the drawings; however, the total scope of work may be included in a narrative description, or in the specifications, or any combinations thereto.When a solicitation package is received, Younex assigns engineers, estimators, and other technical personnel.Their task is to identify the complete scope of work. After the scope is known, the same or other responsibleengineers and estimators can continue the work to determine resources necessary to accomplish thework scope. Normally, Younex will accomplish a detailed estimate where materials, manpower, andequipment requirements are identified. This is the best method especially if all or majority of work isto be accomplished utilizing in-house capabilities. Page 35
  • 37. 5. SCHEDULING SYSTEMWhen subcontractors are employed, Younex must prepare the necessary documents to obtain the resources thesubcontractor proposes to utilize to accomplish designated scope of work. As a rule of thumb, subcontractorsdo not want to provide contractors with detailed estimate, which will identify the materials, equipment and manpowerrequired. However, this information is critical if a proper schedule is to be developed. Since general partners ofYounex have been in the construction business for over nine years, we have build relationship with a great numberof subcontractors. These relationships have allowed Younex to obtain the necessary data to prepare a workable schedule.When a detailed estimate is completed, the next major step is to determine material and equipment requirements.Not only must they be identified, coordination must be made with the various suppliers and / or manufacturersto determine the availability. This effort can be time consuming.After a clear scope of work is completed and identified other variables such as manpower by craft, availabilityof materials and source of equipment, scheduling work can commence either using bar chart or CPM Method.It would appear the next step would be, to lie out the activities based on the estimates. This might be the case,but most often, the client states a date all work must be completed. If the date is sooner than the initial estimate, then a detailed analysis must be made to determine methods to accomplish the work task in less time. Increasingmanpower is normally the method used; however, other actions are sometimes required such as material and equipment expediting.After time duration for each task meets an acceptable timetable, then work can commence to lie out the schedule.The schedule normally always starts with the notice to proceed (NTP). The next step is the administrative tasksthat must be accomplished, i.e., submission of surety bonds, insurance certificates, contract acceptance, quality control, and safety plans. The administrative tasks most often have to be provided prior to any site work. Page 36
  • 38. 5. SCHEDULING SYSTEMThe actual work schedule must identify critical factors to be realistic. For example, the schedule will identifydates of materials / equipment orders, ship date time, or manufacturer and ship time, if not readily available,date arrived at job site. Materials and equipment must be at job site ready for use prior to manpower installation.This means materials and equipment must be inspected immediately upon receipt. When materials and equipmentto be installed or use is ready for installation, schedules must ensures that manpower has the correct toolsand equipment necessary for professional, safe installation.Work schedules must be designed in such a fashion to provide flexibility for unforeseen problems.Younex pledges to apply the necessary resources, i.e. manpower, materials and equipment to ensure qualitywork is performed in accordance with the established and client approved work schedule.Younex understands the importance of construction schedule and we have demonstrated the success of oureffort with all the projects we have completed. Page37
  • 39. 6. SAFETY PROGRAMSAFETY PROGRAMThe most basic and fundamental aspect of company’s safety program is our total commitment;to provide safe working environment free from recognized hazard for all our employees. To achieve this goal, senior management of Younex accepts the responsibility for accupational safety and health as an integral part of each job task.Our first step toward our commitment is to publish and distribute to all our employees, as well as subcontractors,a corporate SAFETY POLICY. The management safety policy statement will outline the company’s philosophyon safety and sets the tone for management commitment to that safety effort. The policy is simple and concise;identifying the overall objectives of the company with its safety program.The purpose of a safety policy is to stimulate awareness of safety in others and show their own interest.It will be the responsibility of others to cooperate in maintaining working conditions safe and healthful.Safety and accident prevention is not the sole responsibility of management. Every individual is responsible fortheir portion. The safety plan discussed herein is designed to be general in those areas where detailed scope ofwork is not yet known. After notice to proceed, then a detailed plan is provided that incorporates all elements of the project.Younex understands that accidents prevention is not free. Like any other prevention accident prevention costmoney and most of the time expensive. It may be expensive at a glance but very beneficial to the companyat the end. Every project includes a budget for safety awareness; signs, posters, handouts, and etc., plus safetyequipment, clothing and very importantly, tools that are safe and used only for the purpose they are designed. Page 38
  • 40. 6. SAFETY PROGRAMPROJECT MANAGEMENT AND SAFETYSenior management establishes company policies, but field or job site management must enact orimplement them. The best corporate safety policy is totally ineffective unless it is property implemented in the field.To ensure safety policies are enacted at field locations, the following actions are taken:CARE ABOUT PEOPLEField managers must care about the safety of their employees. They must also earn employees’ respect.SITE INSPECTION AND DEFICIENCIESScheduled and unscheduled safety inspections at the job site location are being undertaken by senior managementpersonnel such as the Safety Engineer, General Manager and Project Engineer. Formal inspection includes the use ofpre-established checklist to determine condition and deficiencies. Records of all inspections are maintained and copiesare distributed to concerned personnel. A follow-up action program will be initiated to ensure all corrective action is takenand the unsafe condition removed or eliminated. Page39
  • 41. 6. SAFETY PROGRAMSAFETY ORGANIZATIONOur safety organization follows a line and staff concept for coordination and administrative control.The organization was designed along functional lines to ensure it can fulfill its goal for safety management.Staffing under the Safety Department are staffs of the Construction Department assigned safety responsibilitiesand authority in writing? Under this concept, the Safety Engineer has technical control over operational personnel forsafety related matters. This is nothing new or unusual about his type of a functional organization. The concept has beenproven sound and is employed on the majority of all construction and renovation projects. Most quality controlorganizations are designed and operated in the same fashion.SAFETY FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITYAs with all other aspect of business operations, the success of Younex Safety Program is dependent on management’s assignment of responsibility to specific individual. Younex has made clear assignments of responsibility to members of the project safety team to ensure that those members understand their role inthe safety effort. The established responsibilities allow line management and individual alike to be held accountable for results in the accident prevention program.As stated above and in earlier discussion, we have laid out management’s commitment and responsibilitiesby providing each line management their functional responsibilities as follows: Page 40
  • 42. 6. SAFETY PROGRAMORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – OPERATIONS MANAGER – SAFETYManagement responsibility include the following:* Impress upon all supervisory personnel the responsibility and accountability of each individual to maintain a safety and healthy workplace.* Provide employees with the necessary safety training in all facets of their work operations.* Disseminate safety information, reports, accident data, and changes in health and safety regulations or codes that pertains to company operations.* Provide all supervisors with copies of all written appropriate and applicable rules and regulations.* Incorporate safety when planning for all phases of the project to maximize the use of engineering and administrative controls in the overall accident control program.* Continue to monitor all aspect of the program for overall effectiveness, necessary assistance to field personnel, and compliance with company policy and safety regulations.* Conduct and assist higher management in conducting safety inspections and accident report analysis.* Provide administrative reports concerning safety as directed by the Safety Engineer.ORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – CHIEF ENGINEER – SAFETYThe Safety Engineer will direct the duties and responsibilities concerning safety management.The Chief Engineer is responsible for the active administration and control of all aspect of safety programat the workplace. The Chief Engineer can most effectively reduce the occurrence of accident and improve safety.Duties and responsibilities include the following: Page 41
  • 43. 6. SAFETY PROGRAM * Planning and requiring that all work operations be done in compliance with established safety r egulations and work practices. * Appointing competent person (as defined by OSHA) to assist in the project safety program. * Ensuring the availability of all necessary personnel protective equipment, job safety materials, and first aid facilities. * Ensuring that all new employees are properly instructed in safe work practices, hazard recognition, and OSHA required training, and conducting safety training programs prior to field assignments * Ensuring the maintenance of all safety record keeping and documentation. This includes accident reports, employee training records, and all OSHA record keeping. * Instructing all supervisors about their safety responsibilities prior to initial project activities. * Reviewing all lost-time injury accident, and property damage reports with the appropriate supervisors. * Ensuring to the greatest extent possible subcontractors’ compliance with the company’s accident prevention policy, and all applicable federal, state and local standard and regulations. * Communicating to all employees regarding safety related information and reports. * Keeping company home offices informed of all safety activities, communications, and problems. * Properly treating all injuries and investigating all accidents, injuries, or property damage occurrences.ORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – SAFETY SUPERVISORHe is the most senior Civil Engineer from the Construction Department. The Safety Engineer will direct his duties and responsibilities concerning safety management. It is realized that the attitudedeveloped by workers toward safety is a direct reflection of the supervisor. Therefore, all supervisorsmust pay attention to and take appropriate action on employees safety suggestions and report unsafeconditions and practices. The following supervisory responsibilities address these objectives: Page 42
  • 44. 6. SAFETY PROGRAM* Ensuring that all employees under his supervision understand their safety responsibilities.* Ensuring proper use of all necessary personnel protective equipment. Acting without delay to address all hazard and unsafe conditions or actions within the scope of his area of responsibility.* Cooperating fully in the investigation of any accident, taking all necessary measures to prevent recurrence, and reviewing causes and possible prevention of accidents with employee(s) involved.* Informing project management of any safety problems that lie beyond his authority to correct.* Holding weekly toolbox safety training meetings with the workers under his supervision and maintaining proper toolbox documentation and submitting them as directed.* Caring for all injuries immediately and reporting all accidents properly. A report should follow all injuries involving lost time, doctor’s care, or damage to company property, equipment, or facilities above a potential cost set by the company.ORGANIZATION ELEMENT – EMPLOYEEThe term employee includes all field hands, craft persons, lead men, operations, technicians, or laborers.Employee plays a vital role in the safety program. Without the full understanding and cooperation of eachemployee, the company cannot hope to achieve the full potential of the accident prevention program.Employees’ responsibilities include:* Consistently observes work conditions, operations, equipment, and tolls for the purpose of accident prevention.* Complies with all federal, state, and local regulations as well as safe work practices and company safety rules.* Uses all necessary personal protective equipment, safety equipment and safe work practices required for the safe performance of the job. Page43
  • 45. 6. SAFETY PROGRAM* Corrects any unsafe work practices within the scope of the work operations and reporting any unsafe work actions or conditions to the supervisors.* Examines tools and equipment before its use and advising supervisor of any defects or problems; do not use defective tool or piece of equipment for any reason; do not use tools or equipment improperly or in a manner for which the tool or equipment was not designed.* Stops work if conditions present an immediate danger to life, limb, or property and reporting such conditions immediately.* Avails all company and industry sponsored safety training, information, or program.* Assist other employees in performing their work in a safe manner by informing them of potential problems, unsafe conditions, or unsafe actions.ORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – SUB-CONTRACTORAll subcontractors are required to adhere to the company’s accident prevention program.Including safety responsibilities into subcontractors’ contract scope of work ensures this Acceptance.Additional responsibilities include:* Abides to all safety rules of the owner and the other subcontractors.* Notifies all other subcontractors when actions or activities of your work operations may present a safety or health problem to other subcontractor’s employee.* Informs the company whenever they will be on site.* Reports and observes unsafe conditions or actions to the appropriate authority. Page 44
  • 46. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMThe management of Younex Builders Corporation is committed to provide the necessary resources to establishan effective quality control program. The program function in such a manner to ensure the project will becompleted within time allotted and in accordance with industry standards and applicable contractdirections and specifications.Quality Control has been around nearly as man existed. History recorded quality control measuresdated back in the 18th Century B.C. when King Hummurabi of Babylon established laws on tradeand commerce, under which subjects prohibit giving poor services or unequal value in trade.Traders have to satisfy their customers by correcting the deficiencies in the services they provided or commodities they traded. We have come a long way since the time of King Hummurabi, however,the philosophy of quality control has not changed much. Quality is a universal need.Though we may first think of quality in terms of products or services, we seek quality in all what we do. This means that Younex, there is a quality of management, quality of accounting, quality of administrativeservices, quality of purchasing, quality of production, quality of services, and indeed quality of assurance and control.We understand that there are varying degrees of quality control which are governed by economics.Total quality control is a very good goal but too expensive to achieve since it involves back-up system. The balance between quality and cost had been reached when the client developed standards andspecifications to be founded. Our program for accomplishing the quality control measures necessaryto satisfy the requirements stated in the contract and acceptable industry standards are provided herein below. Page45
  • 47. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMOur company’s first step to achieve our commitment in providing effective quality control program is to publish and disseminate to all our employees as well as subcontractors a corporate quality control policy.Our company quality control policy outlines the philosophy in quality control and sets the same tonefor management commitment to that effort.The purpose of our quality control policy is to stimulate awareness to others and motivate them tosolicit their interest and cooperation for making the program a success.Quality control is employee’s responsibility regardless of their organizational assignment.Support elements include such activities as administration, finance, accounting, safety, subcontractadministration, and procurement.The scope of quality control requirements is directly related to the requirements of the project.This means that our company is committed to provide necessary resources, i.e., manpower, tools,equipment, and materials required to achieve the goal of accomplishing the work in accordance withthe specifications and quality standards. The applications of this procedure will apply: 1) When the procedure is called in the contract or is referred in other document which are they called up In the contract or when a jurisdictional authority calls it for. (Local standards and codes) 2) To the operations carried on within the company in respect to project work. 3) When an ongoing project is to be assessed and this procedure is being used. It should be noted that if conflicts arise between the requirements of this procedure and other quality control system requirements in the contract, the requirements in the contract would prevail. Page 46
  • 48. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMYOUNEX BUILDER CORPORATION RESPONSIBILITIES1. Younex will carry the sole and final responsibility to meet all quality and reliability requirements for the project.2. We are responsible for developing and implementing the quality control program and procedures to prevent non-conformance to contractual or locally applied requirements.3. We are responsible for developing and implementing procedures and controls for detecting and correcting.4. We will satisfy all local codes and standards and clients requirements specified in the contract.QUALITY REQUIREMENTSTHE QUALITY PROGRAMYounex shall plan, establish, implement and maintain a quality control program in accordance tothe requirements of this procedure. When quality control is to be implemented, quality assuranceprogram is to be maintained to meet the requirements of this procedureORGANIZATIONYounex Builder Corporation will:1 .Clearly define management policies, objectives and responsibilities for control and quality assurance. The responsibilities of different contributors to the accomplishment of the project shall be defined. The responsibility and authority for quality delegation to the individuals and managers of the organization who must manage and perform the work. Those who must inspect and verify conformance of the work to requirements shall be defined and their relationship shall be shown on the functional organization chart.2. Appoint a quality control manager who will report regularly to the president / general manager which will ensure that quality requirements are not subordinate to design, productivity, construction, or delivery and will define the authority of the quality control manager to obtain resolution of quality matters. Page 47
  • 49. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM3. Provide for regular reviews by management of affected areas of the status and adequacy of t he quality control program and any quality assurance program responsibilities placed on sub-contractors. These reviews shall cover the activities of those responsible for managing and carrying out the work in quality-controlled manner, as well as those responsible for verifying conformance to quality requirements.4. Define the responsibility and authority of personnel who are primarily responsible for controlling quality and organizational method used to:- Identify and record problems.- Initiate, recommend, or provide solutions to quality problems.- Verify implementation and effectiveness of solutions to qualify problems.- Control the on-going processing, fabrication, delivery, installation of items containing non-conformities up to the sate at which verification establishes the satisfactory disposition of the earlier questioned items.- Carry out by personnel, other than those actually doing or supervising the work, on work items being inspected, verification of work done. The inspection and test plan will clearly indicate when personnel responsible for verification of quality may report to supervisors who are directly responsible for accompanying quality. Page 48
  • 50. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMINSPECTIONS OR AUDITSYounex will design, establish, and implement a documented plan for inspections which willobjectively evaluate and ensure that:1. All requirements of the quality control program are being complied with and work is proceeding in accordance with documented quality program procedures.2. The quality control program effectively.3. Recommended corrective action is being implemented in an effective and timely manner.4. Any area of control previously found deficient is being re-inspected.The inspection plan, as a minimum, defines:1. Assignment of personnel conducting the inspection(s).2. Functional areas to be inspected.3. Frequency areas to be inspected.4. Method of reporting findings and recommendations.5. The procedure for deciding on and implementing corrective actions.Inspection will, as a minimum, include an evaluation of:1.Work areas, activities and processes.2. Products and services being produced.3. Quality control practices being used.4. Documented quality program procedures and instructions.5. Documents, reports and records. Page49
  • 51. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMPersonnel assigned to carry out inspections will be appropriate trained and experienced andnot be directly responsible for the area being inspected.Inspections will be carried out in accordance with this procedure.Management responsible for the areas inspected will review and correct any deficiencies foundand reported in documented inspection report.FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIESORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – MANAGER, QUALITY CONTROLThe Manager – Quality control, has three basic areas of responsibility to the organization. These include:* Business Responsibility – The Manager will provide client quality assurance for the services of the company and assist in assuring the achievement of the optimum quality cost for the company. The manager will participate in the strategic business planning concerning the project. He will assist by taking lead in formulation and documentation of basic company quality control policies and control program to the improvement of productivity and ensuring compliance with quality standards and contract specifications.* System Responsibility – As delegated by senior management and in close cooperation with other functional elements of the organization, the manager will provide leadership in quality control system establishment and maintenance. He will also assure and contribute to the regular collection and analysis of quality cost to measure the business effectiveness of the quality control program for achieving an optimum balance among various work task. Page50
  • 52. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM* Technical Responsibilities – the Manager will provide for suitable company and field operation applications of the engineering, management, and statistical technologies of quality control. The technical applications of quality control will be exercised through the sub-function areas of quality control organization. This will include inspections for quality effectiveness, especially planning program for procedural audits, quality system audits and material equipment audits.Whether the limits of approved policies, programs, budget, and procedures, the Quality Control Manager is responsiblefor and has the authority to fulfill the duties listed below:1 . Management Responsibilities – the Manager is responsible for providing leadership to all employees of the Quality Control organization in planning, organizing, integrating and measuring.2. Functional Responsibilities – The Manager shares knowledge as well as working with those reporting directly with him will: a) Formulates basic policies, plans, programs, standards, and techniques necessary to carry out the objectives of the Quality Control component and upon their approval will carry out such policies, plans, and programs. b) Provides adequate facilities and equipment necessary for inspecting, testing and measuring the quality of the company products and the most economical maintenance of such equipment and facilities. c) Provides and distributes to all appropriate personnel the business program designed to promote the spirit of quality thinking throughout the component, and encourage participation of Quality Control personnel in any educational courses that may be available to keep themselves informed of the newest developments that involve quality control proceeds. d) Maintains relationships with Engineering units to discuss quality considerations as early as possible in the design stage. Page 51
  • 53. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM e) Maintains relationship with manufacturing units to assure adequate process capability and quality information feedback. f) Maintains relationships with vendors to ensure that their products meet company quality standards.ORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – CHIEF ENGINEERUnder the technical control of the Quality Control Manager, the Chief Engineer performs inspection forwork related to a specific discipline, i.e., civil, structural, mechanical, piping, welding and electrical.He has a working knowledge of the company Quality Control Program, company and industry standards,procedures, codes and project specifications. Functions include:- Performs inspections and witness test applicable to discipline to determine acceptability of work.- Participates in review board meetings to resolve non-conformance areas. Provides follow-up actions to ensure corrections are implemented. Provides on-the-job training.- Performs internal and external audits to ensure quality control requirements are implemented and maintained.- Coordinates quality control programs with job-site departments and subcontractors.- Performs additional duties as directed by the Project Manager or Quality Control Manager.- Maintains work performance records, inspection records, and other related items.- Coordinates quality control inspection schedules with other schedules.- Reviews purchase documents to ensure compliance with quality control requirements. Page 52
  • 54. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM ORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – PROJECT ENGINEERUnder the technical control of the Quality Control Manager, performs quality control functions inaccordance with the company’s Quality Control Plan and procedures detailing quality control task.Directs and supervises the implementation of the project quality control activities at job site location.Supervises and directs on-site personnel in quality control work including technical directions of activities,resolution of problems. Additional function include:Assist in preparation of quality control procedures (documentation). Reviews other departmentalprocedures for compliance with quality control requirements as related to field activities.Participates in review board meetings to resolve non-conformance areas. Provides follow-upactions to ensure corrections are implemented. Provides on-the-job training.Performs internal and external audits to ensure quality control requirements are implemented and maintained.Coordinates quality control program with job-site departments and subcontractors.Performs duties as directed by Project Manager or Quality Control Manager. Page 53
  • 55. 7. QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAMORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENT – CIVIL ENGINEERUnder the direct supervision of the Project Engineer performs on-site quality control functionsin accordance with company quality control plan and written procedures. Provides inspection servicesand accepts or rejects work performed in a particular discipline with applicable codes and specifications.Additional functions include:- Performs inspections and witness test as required.- Prepares reports and quality records in compliance with procedures.- Coordinates areas of quality control work with other works, i.e., start-up, engineering, process and the like.- Performs receipt inspections of material for work area in conjunction with material control staff. (Procurement)- Performs system verifications on completed system to assure correct installation per design specifications.- Tests and calibrates measuring and testing equipment as required to ensure accuracy.- Performs other function as directed by the Project Engineer Page 54
  • 56. 8. Guam Contractor’s License Page 55
  • 57. 8. Guam Contractor’s License Page 56
  • 58. 8. Guam Contractor’s License Page 57
  • 59. TThank you JAN. 2012 Page 58