20 reasons why Facebook rocked '10


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20 reasons why Facebook rocked '10

  1. Facebook reached Top Ranking in the US, overtaking Google Mar 2010
  2. Facebook introduced its first class of fellows including students researching crowdsourced online help, the structure of networks, information disclosure, online advertising and data analysis Apr 2010
  3. Facebook added 18 additional countries to Gross National Happiness: analyzing the use of positive and negative words in status updates to estimate the happiness of people on Facebook in each of the countries May 2010
  4. Facebook released Facebook for iPhone 3.1 and Facebook for Android 1.3 All of 2010
  5. Facebook Sports enthralled Soccer World Cup fans with Goal Leaderboard: a globally accessible application designed to ignite and stoke global football passions Jun 2010
  6. Facebook reached the 500 million users mark Jul 2010
  7. To celebrate 500 Million Users, Facebook launched Facebook Stories: an application that displays inspirational stories from all over the world Jul 2010
  8. Facebook took on Yahoo! Answers with Facebook Questions Jul 2010
  9. Non-profits on Facebook drew user attention to a number of causes (ranging from child rights to animal rights) that other outfits are rallying for All of 2010
  10. peace.facebook.com drew more interactions as users commented on the role technology can play in achieving world peace All of 2010
  11. Global Disaster Relief empowered users to participate in relief efforts whenever calamities struck (for example: the earthquake in Haiti) All of 2010
  12. Facebook encouraged political participation among the youth All of 2010
  13. Facebook Places challenged location-based service Foursquare Aug 2010
  14. Facebook introduced Facebook Credits (cards), along with Target to enter the lucrative gift card business Sep 2010
  15. Mark Zuckerberg launched a $100M foundation to improve US education, starting with the Newark (New Jersey) public schools Sep 2010
  16. Facebook relaunched Groups to helps users share, chat and email with a select group of friends within their network Oct 2010
  17. Facebook launched its office in in Hyderabad, India Oct 2010
  18. Facebook roped in top talent from Google (Lars Rasmussen) and Drop.io (Sam Lessin) Oct 2010
  19. Facebook launched Deals to offer deals from local businesses once people check in to their place on Facebook Nov 2010
  20. Facebook intrigued writers from every possible genre out there All of 2010
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