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B2 B Exchange For The World

  1. 1. internet-based system for Global B2B Editorial Placement-914400-933450<br />The B2B Exchange for the World’s Trade Press<br />13,000 Editors<br /> 50 Business Areas<br /> 100+ Countries<br />Minett Media has spent the last 10 years developing a highly sophisticated, Internet-based system for globally delivering targeted editorial material to B2B trade press editors and reporting world-wide publication progress to clients.<br />Minett Media’s system is designed for integration into the international networks of global corporate clients and has the following advantages:<br />• User loyalty from many 1000s of trade press editors built-up since the late 1980s<br />• Real-time, online reporting via the Internet and/or the client’s Intranet, providing global organizational transparency for editorial activities<br />• Global/local organizational ownership and coordination in editorial promotion efforts<br />Contact: Steve Minett PhD, Managing Director or Hylton Barnes MBA <br />Minett Media, 6 Middlewatch, Swavesey, Cambridge,CB4 5RN, United Kingdom<br />Tel: +44 (0)1954 230 250Fax: +44 (0)1954 232 019<br />steve@minettmedia.co.ukhylton@minettmedia.co.uk www.minettmedia.co.uk<br /> <br /> CLIENT LIST <br /> current & former clients of Minett Media include:<br />Albia ABAlfa Laval AB<br />Alfa Laval Separation ABAnglian Water Plc<br />Atlas Copco ABBoliden<br />Cheminvest ABConjet AB<br />Deutsche Bank AGElof Hansson<br />Ericsson Components ABFoss Tecator<br />IMO ABITT Flygt<br />ITT Industries Inc.Johnsson Pump Int.<br />Nitro NobelNitro Consult<br />Nordic Water ProductsNoxon<br />PuracSIFO<br />Sandvik ABSKF AB<br />Svedala Industri ABTrelleborg AB <br />UK Trade & Investment (Govt. agency)Waterlink<br />Zickert<br /> What We Do for Our Clients<br />" ... on behalf of ITT Industries, Minett Media has, in recent years, placed approximately 350 articles in the international trade press. <br />In terms of the cost of equivalent advertising space, these placements represent a value of around $2 million, while the cost of achieving these results (including the cost of article production) has amounted to less than $150,000 - less than 7.5% of the value. <br />More importantly, this editorial coverage leads to actual buyer interest and, ultimately, sales."  <br />Thomas R. Martin<br />Senior Vice President, and Director, Corporate Relations, ITT Industries Inc.<br />The average global advertising cost per thousand in B2B trade publications is approximately €232 ($325)<br />The average cost per thousand of the readership enjoyed over the last 10 years by Minett Media’s clients has ranged between €2.9 ($4) and €29 ($40)<br />But the benefits of Minett Media’s unique system for editorial placement extend beyond the obvious advantages of direct editor contact and the resultant readership exposure. Clients have constant access, either via Minett Media’s website (or via a link from that website to their own company intranet), to a real-time online status report covering the complete portfolio of their articles in Minett’s system and, consequently, details of the coverage and effectiveness of their company-wide editorial communications.<br />Our online status reports provide comprehensive information on all the articles held in our system and their publication progress.<br />Marketing, communications and sales personnel within the client company can access the system to search for published articles about their company. Key words enable them to search by product, business area, customer, country etc. So major multinationals, covering several business area and/or countries, and their managers – at a group or business unit or functional level – can access and use (either internally or as external sales collateral) published material without having to revert to HQ or without having to chase their counterparts in different countries or business units. The result is a company-wide perspective on trade press editorial communications exposure and effectiveness.<br />The publication success underlying that effectiveness is that, over the last 10 years, Minett Media have distributed, and achieved publication of articles, for over 50 multinational B2B organisations and have achieved an average publication performance of 2.3 publications per article. During the last 2 years (i.e. since July 2007) that average publication performance figure has increased to 4.3 – a particularly significant degree of exposure in the light of recent pressures on marketing expenditure. That performance varies, of course, according to the editorial quality of the articles and the number of publications targeted, which itself varies depending upon the relevant business areas targeted.<br />See the examples overleaf of:<br /><ul><li> Our status report monitoring of Article Performance Indexing provided for every client.
  2. 2. An example summary of readership analysis of editorial coverage obtained.</li></ul>s<br /> Business Areas Covered<br />The unique and incomparable Minett Media database of more than 13,000 editors of the world’s trade press (Euromonitor’s World Directory of Trade and Business Journals only lists 1,700 titles) covers the following business areas:<br />AgricultureRetailing<br />AutomotiveRubber & Plastics<br />Aviation & AerospaceSealants & Adhesives<br />BuildingShipping, offshore, Harbours, Marine<br />Business & MarketingSports & Leisure<br />ChemicalsTextiles & Leather<br />ConstructionTransport & Distribution<br />ElectricityWaste Management<br />ElectronicsWater<br />Engineering & Instrumentation<br />Environment<br />Finance & Banking<br />Fishing, Fish Farming & Aquaculture<br />Food & Beverage<br />Forest & Wood Industry<br />Gardening, Landscaping<br />General News<br />Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Refrigeration<br />Hotels & Catering<br />Insurance<br />IT, Computers & Telecommunications<br />Local Authorities<br />Maintainance & Service Industry<br />Manufacturing & Materials Handling<br />Medical<br />Metals<br />Minerals<br />Mining <br />Packaging<br />Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Laboratories<br />Power & Energy<br />Printing<br />Process Filtration & Pumps<br />Pulp & Paper<br />Recycling<br /> The Editors’ Perspective<br />I think you are delivering an excellent service to the media - it must make life a lot easier for editors!! I wish we had a similar service based in South Africa.<br /> Debbie ScottTel. (011) 315 3118 wnip@iafrica.comwww.whatsnewinprocessing.co.za<br />I'm impressed by the range of articles you offer, and look forward to using your service in the future. Many thanks,<br /> Faith Barber Editor & Writer<br />New Zealand Plumbers Journal PO Box 1531, Nelson, New Zealand.<br />We’re very interested in talking with international experts such as plumbing engineers, hydraulics engineers, etc who work with consultants and architects on larger projects throughout the world.<br />Jeff SaltonGroup EditorConnection Magazines <br /> Thank you for your helpful email. You certainly have some interesting stories available. The two that appeal immediately are Ref:[51TT#3 - Venice Airport and any of the Sandvik stories.<br /> Although an editor can never promise inclusion of an article, I am confident that your subjects are interesting enough for publication.<br />Paul E. Hull The Editorial Office214 West Ames WyeGlendive, MT 59330, USA<br /> Again, it's a great service you offer - keep up the good work!<br /> Sincerely, Sylvie Dale News Editor Tel: 918-831-9884; Fax: 918-831-9776 sylvied@pennwell.com <br />My name is Alain Dieul. I am the editor of a monthly French new magazine covering all industrial news and call " Le Monde de l'Industrie" . Our first issue is in Novembre and I am loocking for industrial articles in French so your web site could be very interesting for us.<br />Le Monde de l'Industrie<br />I  direct this request to you because I am co-editor on the Danish magazinePack Markedet. Therefore I am very interested in reciewing your news update in the future. I hope you can make the necessary arrangements. Ithank you in anticipationBest regards Henrik FriisCo-editorPack Markedet <br /> " You certainly have some interesting stories available. " <br />Construction Rental Equipment Asia USA<br /> <br />" Re article content/quality etc. - they've all been excellent and, in general, I think the service offered is excellent for finding articles for features in WET News and Water Services." <br />Wet News UK<br /> <br /> <br />" While researching the industry I came across your web site and I mustthank you for the great service you provide." <br />Shop Talk USA<br /> <br />