Games night quiz


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Games night quiz

  1. 1. The Quiz!5 rounds of 10 questions to decide the ultimate champions
  2. 2. Round 1Question 1 Which land did Puff the Magic Dragon live in?
  3. 3. Round 1Question 2 Which animal produces the largest (total size) baby?wqerljerlkj
  4. 4. Round 1Question 3What is another name forthe german measles
  5. 5. Round 1Question 4 Which is the most common blood type in humans? A AB B or O
  6. 6. Round 1Question 5A rhinologist specialises in the treatment of what?
  7. 7. Round 1Question 6 What piece of sporting equipment has a head, face, heel and toe?
  8. 8. Round 1Question 7 Which is the largest state of the USA?
  9. 9. Round 1Question 8 Which three flavours are in Neapolitan ice cream?
  10. 10. Round 1Question 9 Name the two main ingredients of pasta.
  11. 11. Round 1Question 10How many hearts does an octopus have?
  12. 12. Round 2Question 1Giorgio Armani is famous inwhich field?
  13. 13. Round 2Question 2  Where on the humanbody is the least sensitiveskin
  14. 14. Round 2Question 3Which country is mostdependent on nuclearpower to meet their energyrequirements?
  15. 15. Round 2Question 4The 100 Years War lastedhow long?
  16. 16. Round 2Question 5Name all of the sevendwarfs
  17. 17. Round 2Question 6How many keys are on astandard piano?
  18. 18. Round 2Question 7What is the largest livingbird?
  19. 19. Round 2Question 8What part of the humanbody is called the hallux?
  20. 20. Round 2Question 9Which year was the firstTV set sold?A. 1928 B. 1938 C.1948
  21. 21. Round 2Question 10In which country is theworlds largestMcDonalds?
  22. 22. Round 4Question 1What are the smallindentations on a golf ballcalled?
  23. 23. Round 4Question 2What did Gwenyth Paltrowname her second child?
  24. 24. Round 4Question 4What was the originalname of Mickey Mouse?
  25. 25. Round 4Question 5In mythology, Minerva wasthe goddess of what?
  26. 26. Round 4Question 6In what year did Timemagazine name Hitler asman of the year?
  27. 27. Round 4Question 7Haptic refers to which ofthe five senses?
  28. 28. Round 4Question 8In what country is Timbuktu in?
  29. 29. Round 4Question 9What is the plural ofmongoose?
  30. 30. Round 4Question 10W v yfa songdid t hil sist s hich er mous he l erwit r e?
  31. 31. Round 5Question 1What is another name fora zucchini?
  32. 32. Round 5Question 2T w l ol emer he ords dest gencycalser ice w s int oduced fir in t l v a r st heLondon aeain 193 w tt ephone numberw s used? r 7, ha el a
  33. 33. Round 5Question 3Howma kings ofE a w e cal ny ngl nd er ledHenry?
  34. 34. Round 5Question 4T er ion ofw v ca dest oyed he upt hich ol no rPompeii?
  35. 35. Round 5Question 5What is the worlds largestisland?
  36. 36. Round 5Question 6Which country is borderedby both the Indian andAtlantic oceans?
  37. 37. Round 5Question 7Howma sides does ahendeca ha e? ny gon v
  38. 38. Round 5Question 8W tis "T " W fir na ha iger oods st me?
  39. 39. Round 5Question 9Howma not ae in t music scae? ny es r he l
  40. 40. Round 5Question 10W tl is know a a ms ae? ha iquid n s da l