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Regional Leadership Forum
Advancing Sustainable Hydropower in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Olivier Salignat, EDF

  1. 1. Social Dimension of Hydroelectric Developments : Challenges and opportunities olivier.salignat@edf.fr Rio, 13 nov 2012
  2. 2. Impacts are real, but let’s not forget benefits!General focus on negative impacts of large HPPImpacts need to be carefuly identified and anticipated tobe satisfactorly addressed similar level of effort required to fully identify and assessbenefits and opportunities of projectsOpportunities arising from the projects must bemaximized, not to merely compensate for the impacts, butfor the project to become a springboard for socio-economicdevelopment and environmental protection Benefit sharing must be embeded in the design of theproject
  3. 3. Social impacts are real, and complex to handle ! Ethnic minorities Physical and Cultural Indigenous people Resources Impact of construction workforce on surrounding communities Corruption Social disruption Resettlement Health vector diseases STDs Downstream impacts Project LandsDifficult to predict how, when, where, they will occur, and howthey will be perceived
  4. 4. Go beyond compensationWhy change, when :- I’m happy with what I have Need to develop the facts that :- I’m not sure of what I’ll get - those guys understand my needs and address- I have no need for additional services them- change is going to require adaptation, - there is something for me to win with the newlearning, and is going to cost me product/situation - the effort (risk, cost) is worth the opportunities  Benefits need to be shared (services for the user, money for Apple) But… - Some will never be convinced, and some will lose (vulnerable, elderlies, …) - resettlement / social issues are sligtly more complex than marketing…
  5. 5. Benefits at regional / national scale1 - Electricity generation - reliable, predictible, known price, most often national (except for rans-boundary projects) -essential for the electric system management (grid stability, quickstart, energy storage)2 – Electricity availability is an essential component of the economicdevelopment at national level, either through remote use or localconsumption by large industry, smelters etc…3 – large project may trigger regional development of large industry turbine manufacturing…)4 – Project may be a direct source of income for the national budget taxes on energy sale, dividends of shares, royalties of concession) : canbe used to support development programs
  6. 6. Benefits at local scale1 – Infrastructures and services for local communities roads, electricity, communications, new housing, schools, dispensaries2 – change of hydrology - improved navigation (reservoir, downstream) - irrigation3 – associated development programs for local communities going beyond mere compensation - fisheries4 – employment and training of local workforce cash income, training and experience for other projects5 – local development of a small industry network, participating to theconstruction activities Support expressed by local communities will be an essential component oacceptability of the project, and will be achieved only if they are convinced thatthe new situation will bring more benefits than risks!
  7. 7. How can social issues be addressed? U stay C A L MUderstand Communicate Anticipate the Long term : Monitor forthe socio- appropriately, social studies programs likely reporting,economic timely and and programs to last longer communication,situations and honestly than andthe needs : A dapt to the construction! management : ifsurveys, baselin C onsult the evolving And not succesful,es, etc… Project Affected situations when resettlement is goto A People, develop implemeting the for ever… a participatory programs approach L isten, and C ommit on express a will to compensations address the and outcomes expressed needs C ontractually
  8. 8. Usually a bumpy ride…That looks nice, but… it’s usually not that simple! What did I miss? …debate