If you’ve been using General Hydroponics Flora series fertilizers, read this NOW                               G          ...
What’s going on!?                                                               The Answer Is Advanced Nutrients’         ...
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Attention General Hydroponics Grow Micro Bloom Customers, now get your GMB at a fraction of the cost


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JUNGLE JUICE™ MICRO: starts your plants off right and gives them the foundation they need by feeding them high-quality Nitrogen, Iron, Calcium, and other trace elements in the precise amounts our high-profit plants demand

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Attention General Hydroponics Grow Micro Bloom Customers, now get your GMB at a fraction of the cost

  1. 1. If you’ve been using General Hydroponics Flora series fertilizers, read this NOW G to discover how you can … IN C U GENERAL D S HYDROPONICS TR O Strong ave AnIN Amazing tagline CE 40% Off The CE INTRODUCING PRI PRI Worlds Most Popular Hydro New Product: Fertilizer Jungle Juice System! Grow/Micro/ I f you’ve been using General Hydroponics, you might be in for a rude awakening. While Bloom should it’s commonly known that General Hydroponics’ Flora system is the most popular three part nutrient go here system in the industry, the simple truth is that they just aren’t the best. Before I explain, I want you to take a look at something. You should find this very interesting… Take a close look at these two product labels… if you notice, they www.advancednutrients.com/JungleJuice have the exact same ingredients, but one is WAY more expensive than the other! 500mL 1L 4L 10L 23L Grow $ $ $ $ Micro $ $ $ $ JUNGLE JUICE Bloom $ $ $ $ Gro $ $ $ $ Micro $ $ $ $ FLORA Bloom $ $ $ $
  2. 2. What’s going on!? The Answer Is Advanced Nutrients’ When you mix a jug of Kool-Aid for example, if you use cold water Solution #6: Ethical / Fair Pricing you’ll find more sediment at the bottom of the glass. When you get There’s really no easy way to put this so I’m just going to come right JUNGLE JUICE™! the temperature just right, you’ll notice much less sediment as well as Even though we know that we’ve produced the best three-part fertilizerout and say it. The product you see on the left is overpriced, plain and system in high value hydroponics industry, we still want the price of our After thousands of man-hours and hundreds of laboratory a tastier brew. All of Advanced Nutrients™ products have a specificsimple. The fact is, Advanced Nutrients offers a line of Grow/ Micro/ product to reflect the true value of GMB from GH as well as the rest of the experiments, Advanced Nutrients has just released their newest 3-part temperature dialed in to mix with, which means your plants will get theBloom products that: competition. base nutrient formula for growers of all levels called JUNGLE JUICE™. full benefit of the product from every last drop. • Will balance your pH (pH Perfect), That’s why we decided to offer JUNGLE JUICE™ for 40% LESS than • Will protect your crops against poor yields caused by low or high With this breakthrough formula, your plants get all the nutrients they Solution #3: what you would normally pay for GH’s Flora. So you get a higher quality need, exactly when they need them …pH levels, Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients product at nearly half the price! • JUNGLE JUICE™ MICRO: starts your plants off • Is fully chelated, right and gives them the foundation they need by feeding them high- Advanced Nutrients™ uses pharmaceutical grade raw materials to You’re Guaranteed To Get Great Growth • Cations and anions are properly balanced for the crops you are quality Nitrogen, Iron, Calcium, and other trace elements in the precise make our products. What that means is that the raw materials sourced and Yields While You Save Money,growing, amounts our high-profit plants demand … for our ingredients must meet a standard of purity and quality that With JUNGLE JUICE™! • Has the perfect ratios of macro secondary and micronutrients for is the highest presently achievable. This applies not only to the rawyour plants (this does not apply to Jungle Juice!) • JUNGLE JUICE™ GROW: provides the Nitrogen, material as it appears in nature or in the lab, but to how its handled Advanced Company Founders’ NO-RISK, 100% Money Back Phosphorous, Potassium, and secondary minerals necessary for the at every step along the way… from its original source, right to your The GMB system that AN offers is understandably a bit more pricy, types of plants we grow to THRIVE during the all-important vegetative bottle of Piranha™ you buy in the store. Technical grade ingredients, Nutrients is so GUARANTEEhowever, GH doesn’t offer anything like that yet still wants to charge a serious about phase … and … by contrast, are almost a 50/50 split of purity. That means that half of Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom was specifically built forprice that reflects that standard of quality and investment. the JUNGLE growers like you, who have very specific demands and the product is complete waste (that may pose a danger to you or your JUICE™ You see, because of its enormous reputation, GH its been thriving in • JUNGLE JUICE™ BLOOM: gives your plants the plants!). Pharmaceutical grade materials, like we use here at Advanced expectations from your hydroponics needs. When you use formula Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom it must perform flawlessly foran industry that hasn’t really been able to offer a viable alternative. Until Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur they need to bloom Nutrients™, approach total purity so that… practically speaking, every that they you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoirnow, that is. You see, not only does the product on the left not reflect the big and juicy buds and give you the maximum yield! milliliter of product you use is having its intended effect on the plants. offer a full- and deliver the goods you’re looking for.true value of its components, but also, the product itself doesn’t really Also, it’s guaranteed to be safe for your plant and more importantly, for money back What’s more..., Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom will workoffer the high quality standards that we at Advanced Nutrients know you Here’s 6 Solutions To Make your consumption. guarantee of every time for you using any and all hydroponics growingexpect and deserve. Let me tell you what I mean… YourChoice To Put JUNGLE JUICE™ Solution #4: satisfaction. mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We To The Ultimate In-Home Test With Tissue Sample Testing That Can Here it is, in guarantee it! Problem #1: Inconsistent Batching Your Plants, TODAY, A No-Brainer! the founders’ We tested the Flora system. And even though we expected to find So you might be saying to yourself, “What’s the difference? You Exceed 4 Years For A Specific own words. And when you use Jungle Juice Grow-Micro-Bloom you’ll never have to risk even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, assome inconsistency, what we discovered was SHOCKING. already said that the two products are exactly the same…” Product Or Ingredient – NONE always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll GH’s fertilizer shows a 20% variation in ingredients from batch to And that’s true … Sort of… of our refund all your money back it’s that simple. We have developed a base level of quality checks for everybatch! As professional growers, you and I both know what a huge part competitors As always, dedicated to your gardening success. You see, the ingredients on the label are exactly the same. The real ingredient and product we put onto the market. This includes plantconsistency plays in guaranteeing our yields and product quality. will offer you difference, and the solution to all your problems, is in the QUALITY! tissue samples taken from groups of growers using a specific product a guarantee Problem #2: Low Quality Water under highly controlled scientific experiments. (That is to say, changing Solution #1: SINGLE variables at a time and recording the results). You could say like this! We also found out that GH uses inferior water (sometimes just tapwater) in the formulation of many of their products. This means that Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment that Advanced Nutrients™ is the only hydroponics company with yearsharmful chemicals like chlorine could easily be finding their way into you Advanced Nutrients™ uses a reverse osmosis water treatment of data collected on plant specific test sites. On average, the minimum Here’s how to setup a risk-free test ofhigh value plants and stunting their potential and your profits. system. This provides not only what is considered “Ultra Pure” water amount of time we’ve taken to develop a product ready for the market is 2 years of consistent testing. It can take longer than 4 years before JUNGLE JUICE™ in your home today … (the same water that Coca-Cola© and Pepsi© use for their products) Problem #3: Bad Mixing Practices but gives us a unique scientific advantage for hydroponic nutrients – we’re satisfied. First, before you start your next crop cycle, select an equal amount of clones, seedlings or transplants to use with JUNGLE JUICE™. Call this Another big problem is that we know GH doesn’t measure theiringredients properly during the mixing process. This is evident in the a steady control point. Our R/O water is extremely free of sediment Solution #5: your “test” crops. impurities, excess sodium, as well as 99.999% free of all bacteria dueinconsistency of their supplements from batch to batch. to the UV light treatment that is part of the reverse osmosis process. We Global Quality Control Measured Then, simply go to your favorite retail shop that carries Advanced And what’s more, we also know that GH farms out the production of use the same pure water every day, hour, minute, etc. This means that To The Hundredth Of A Gram Nutrients products and tell them you want to try out JUNGLE JUICE™ absolutely risk-free.many of their products because, for whatever reason, they just don’t the scientific tests we perform on our nutrients are indeed scientific Another advantage of buying Advanced Nutrients™ is quality Next, when you get home, mix JUNGLE JUICE™ exactly as directed andhave the facilities to produce them in house. The sad truth is that adding – the variables are known and controlled. There are a surprising control. There are many companies that will put out different products add it to one set of your clones or transplants. Add the common “industrythis extra step to the process seriously increases a company’s ability to number of hydroponics companies that use tap water for their product regionally. And by that I mean the cereal you buy in California, for standard” to the other half of seedlings.control the quality of its merchandise. And product quality is one of the development. Which is a problem not only because of its low-quality example, may not be the exact same cereal in Abbottsford, CanadaBIGGEST factors in our industry of specialized growing! and potential safety hazards for the end user, but because the quality Then, you want to sit back and watch! Compare the two sets of plants (even though it comes in the same box, with the same label). The reason of tap water fluctuates all the time. as you tend to them day-by-day … and … keep an eye on the set of plants Problem #4: Unfair Pricing is that local materials are used to produce the product. And the grain you’re using JUNGLE JUICE™ with … We sincerely believe that, given the facts we’ve listed so far, the price Solution #2: in California might be different than the grain used in Canada. Not so with Advanced Nutrients™. Each of our products is produced, at every Watch your plants power through their growth phase. Enjoy seeing themGH is asking for its Flora system just isn’t fair. Not when there is so Optimum Water Temperature location on the globe, using the exact same process and ingredients. get greener, look stronger, and look healthier. And finally, enjoy watchingmuch technology and knowledge at their disposal that they could use to Our scientists are obsessive. Many of them have more than one PhD. They’re also produced in small, handpicked batches at a time, by them hit the bloom phase stronger than ever beforeincrease the value of their product. And they are always on the lookout for new variables to test. One of qualified professionals, to ensure the highest quality standards. The … and … produce the biggest, juiciest, smelliest, Unfortunately, because they’ve been around so long, GH enjoys Advanced Nutrients’™ secret weapons (another proprietary secret most potent buds possible! Piranha™ you buy in California is the exact same Piranha™ you’d buya certain amount of loyalty from their customers that they may not that can’t be shared in an advertisement) is the water temperature in Mumbai, India. And each ingredient in every product is measured to Lastly, after you harvest, you need to comparenecessarily deserve. we use to develop our products. It turns out, the specific temperature be identical down to the hundredth of the gram (0.01g). your two sets of crops to each other and ask yourself But now, all that is about to change … of the water can profoundly influence the solubility of the ingredients. two very important questions: 1. Which set of test crops looks better? 2. Did JUNGLE JUICE™ give me a better overall value?