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Advanced Nutrients thesystemmagalog


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  • 1. HOW TO GROW BIGGERBUDS A Brain Dead Simple System • Plus, GREAT News For Growers Who Want A Complete, “Done For You” Systematic Solution To Growing And Much, MUCH MORE! .................. Page 8 • The Japanese Engineering Breakthrough That’s Allowing Growers To Multiply Their Yields Within The Same Bloom Time! ........................ Page 14 • The “Secret” Grand Master Growers Have Used To Win Every Major Growing Competition In The World! ............................................................... Page 18 • Here’s How Grand Master Growers Force More Nutrients Into High-Profit Plants, Incredibly FAST! ......................................................................... Page 24 • Discover How This Easy Way Of Boosting Your Plant’s Roots Gets You Bigger Harvests.. Page 34 • Getting The Biggest Yields… From Your Bloom Booster ............................................................................. Page 38 • Now You Can Greatly Speed Your Plant’s Growth Phase And Give Them The Extra- Strength They Need For Maximum Size, Weight and Potency When They Finally Bloom! ............................. Page 108
  • 2. TM
  • 3. AdvAnced nutrients CHARTER Of RESpONSIBILITY AND ETHICS (C.O.R.E.) ADVANCED NUTRIENTS BELIEVES THAT a business that earns make a difference and will work with and support those individuals money from its community has a social responsibility to put and organizations who are actively committed to making a that community first, directly support, be an integral part of, and difference for our community and the people in it. give back to that community, it must have a deep respect for individuals inside and outside of the communities of which they Look running a business that is ethical and responsible isn't are a part of. the easiest thing to do. But it's absolutely the right way to run a business-and the only way. And that's why Advanced Nutrients has a progressive, non partisan responsibility to help meet human needs and eliminate We believe leadership comes from the front and must set an social and economic injustices and inequalities in our local, example for other businesses in our community, and because we national and international communities by integrating our are an international organization the companies that we touch principles into practices. and do business with around the world must see this. What's more, we feel we have a moral and social obligation Moreover, we believe we have no choice because we are to take a stand when our community is being treated unfairly doing this as a lifelong commitment. In fact, it's that very belief or with prejudice. Especially when those injustices are coming that drives the C.O.R.E. of Advanced Nutrients team members directly from other companies that are making a profit from our and is our way of doing business on a daily basis. community. Talk soon, We also understand our clients and communities power to Big Mike :-) 5
  • 4. what’s different about us W hen you decide to buy an Advanced amount of pressure on every team member Nutrient product what you’re really in our entire organization to continually “Advanced Nutrients buying is peace-of-mind. Here’s give you the very best products, information has created more why. You’re a client to us not a customer. and drives constant innovation -- anything Industry firsts What’s the difference? A customer is somebody you do business with and then for less and we would have to suffer the embarrassment of having to send you to one for our growing all practical purposes forget about. A client of our competitors. community than is under the care, guidance and protection of any other an expert in the field. Think about it, because that’s a very important distinction. And this isn’t lip service. It’s absolute doctrine at Advanced Nutrients, you are a hydroponics client first and foremost, your long term company, Moreover, all Advanced Nutrients team success is the essential part of our company period.” members take this responsibility seriously. culture. In fact, they realize the importance of • First to do testing on the types of plants you putting your success first. That’s one of the You see, Advanced Nutrients is the Hydroponics industries thought leader and grow, and in the types of gardens you grow reasons all team members are so passionate in. about getting you using the best products, innovator. When you use any Advanced information and results for your crops. Nutrients product you are getting the best • First and still the only Hydroponics technologies available to you. I realize this company to have an all out “real” PhD Because they realize anything less, and may sound like a bunch of “ yea sure that’s staffed research team. they’ll be putting you at a disadvantage. what they all say” to you. Maybe it is to And that doesn’t mean just using Advanced you... But maybe it’s not. And if it’s not. • First to develop and deploy a self adjusting Nutrients products, if there is a better product Then what? So I want you to take the time to pH line of base nutrients and supplements out there they have been given very clear consider this for a moment. so you won’t have to balance or adjust your instructions to recommend that product even nutrients pH ever again. if it’s a competing product with one of our Advanced Nutrients has created more own products. Industry firsts for our growing community • First to invent and use beneficial microbes than any other hydroponics company, period. to balance and maintain pH. Now when you think about that last In fact, here’s your very long list of them. statement it obviously puts a tremendous Take a quick look and judge for yourself... • First to use 100% chelated micronutrients giving you full protection over an ultra wide pH range. • First to use chelated macro nutrients. • First to use a new class of pH buffering technologies. • First to invent pH activated and balancing molecular technologies. • First to do daily tissue samples in relevant garden settings. • First to invent sealed grow rooms for the hydroponics community with total environmental controls (these rooms are known in the industry as “The Perfect Room”). • First to create patented engineered fertilizer programs. Advanced Nutrients: The leader in developing cutting-edge scientific solutions for your • First to give you beneficial bacteria and unique hydroponic needs. fungi. 6
  • 5. • First to give you root zone enhancers. “...if there is a • First to offer you toll-free and online better product out technical support. there they have • Invented the feed chart. been given very clear instructions • Invented the nutrient calculator. to recommend • First and only company to offer a 100% that product even performance guarantee. if it’s a competing • First and one of the few to use hot water product with manufacturing for superior dissolving of one of our own all liquid products. products.” • First to use multiple element filtering of all products. So you start to take a walk around and see merchants everywhere. As you come • First hydroponics company to use bloom around a corner there he is, the great master cofactors, and other specialty components himself, Leonardo da Vinci sitting in a chair that stimulate growth to get you bigger surrounded by all these really wonderful yields. inventions and beautiful works of art. So you stop and stare at all of his original works • First to use ultra-purified reverse osmosis and inventions. water for manufacturing products. Most hydroponics nutrient companies still use Advanced Nutrients: The “Da Vinci” of To your amazement they’re all for sale tap water to manufacture their products. hydroponics companies. and when you reach into your pocket -- sure enough -- you have plenty of money. So you • First to use standardized reverse osmosis • First to offer a total system that takes care start to negotiate for one of his works of art. water “tuning” in all manufacturing of your entire plant. But just before you’re ready to hand him facilities and labs. This enables all water used to manufacture and test with is your money you notice another merchant 30 exactly the same anywhere in the world. • First to offer beneficial microbes and other feet away and he has what looks like some And is the same technology used by products that protect grow rooms without of the same stuff Leonardo has. Coca Cola, Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch to toxic effects. So you approach him and ask him his price. ensure you always get the same consistent • Invented carbohydrate supplements for He offers you better prices and he says to product. plants. you that he has a similar work of art like the • First to use hormone-producing microbes. one you were just looking at, in fact he even • First to use amino acids in bloom boosters. claims it’s exactly the same as Leonardo’s • First to use beneficial enzymes. work. • First to identify the specific ratios of macro • First to offer varietal nutrient mixture ratio and micro nutrients your plants need for However under very close scrutiny you and formulation. bigger yields. discover it’s not “just the same”. In fact, • First to have perfectly balanced cations the workmanship is shoddy and it lacks • First to offer email tech support, inspiration. Well which one are you going to entertainment media, and gardening and anion based nutrients that control pH in your growing medium. buy? The answer is really obvious. Isn’t it? videos. Ok enough already, and I’m sure there are So why would you want to compromise • First to create products that stimulate plant when it comes to buying your hydroponics immune systems. lots more that I haven’t remembered yet. It’s a fact the entire hydroponics nutrient nutrients? Truthfully, you wouldn’t • First to offer symbiotic synthetic-organic industry has been chasing and imitating us knowingly do so, would you? And hybrid fertilizers. for years. Which brings me to something personally, I don’t want you to either, that’s else... why I listed all of Advanced Nutrient’s • First to make hydro-organic formulas that hydroponics industry “firsts” and leading work perfectly no matter what garden you Imagine just for a few moments you could inventions for you More importantly, I want use them in. jump into a time machine and be transported you to be absolutely sure when you make back to the year 1504. Boom! There you are your choices -- it’s going to be the right one • First to do competitive product testing. ... it’s Saturday morning and you’re standing for you and your plants. Thanks for taking in the outdoor market in Florence Italy. the time to read this, you’ll find the rest of • First to offer products in easy to use It’s a sunny day, the sky is clear blue, the this magazine interesting and informative. packaging, foil pouches, and hydro- temperature is in the mid 70’s, and there’s a friendly configurations. gentle breeze blowing across your face. Enjoy:-) BigMike 7
  • 6. Announcing: pH- PERFECT TM Tired of pH Pens and Complicated Feed Charts? Amazing Breakthrough “Brain-Dead-Simple” Flowering System Uses New pH and PPM Technologies So You Can Throw Away Your Pens and Meters Forever! Think about it, a Flowering System that will give you… l Proven Bigger Yields l Potent, Easy Mix & Use Formulas l New, Powerful, Flower Fattening Formulas l Formulas That Work Together For Your Biggest Yields l A Driving Push That Flowers Your Plants To Their True Genetic Potential l pH-Perfect - No More Balancing TM Your pH And PPM Ever Again! 8
  • 7. World Exclusive! H ave you had enough of all those mind numbing complicated feed charts, schedules, pH-PPM pens, meters, different feed rates and all kinds of other hard to figure out gadgets? It’s messy. It’s time-consuming. It’s virtually impossible to figure out, let alone get it right. Plus, all those bottles of calibration solutions, pH-up, pH-down chemicals and the tiny holes they burn into your shirts and pants. You’ve been frustrated asking: “Hey, will somebody just give me a fast, easy and simple to use bigger yield getting nutrient flowering system?” Advanced Nutrients listened to you. The answer is yes. You’ll find out how in just a minute. But first a little about the charts, schedules and programs. Heck we invented the things to begin with, and since then all the other nutrient companies have got in line and followed like a shadow with their own feed charts and take on things. This whole nutrient thing has gotten out of hand, and a whole lot more complicated. We never intended for it to get this way. We had created an industry wide monster and had to make things right... because there had to be an easier way. turn page ¾ 9
  • 8. Now You Have the I realize you’re probably saying to yourself right now, what the heck does this have to do with me getting bigger Nutrient Flowering System yields? Just hang with me for a few moments and I will You Asked For explain it all. When we decided to create the It’s because the McDonald’s system is powerful, world’s easiest to use and most consistent, simple and so comprehensively effective that powerful flowering system, it was owning a McDonald’s franchise is literally a license to important that we get it right. So we print your own money. interviewed hundreds of growers And that’s not all, even first-time business owners make worldwide, just like you, to find out big bucks running the McDonald’s system. Because the exactly what you wanted from your entire well being of your business has been thought out hydroponics nutrients. and everything your business needs is taken care of for And guess what? It was back to work you. All you do is follow the system and harvest your big we went. We gathered up the team piles of cash. of 12 scientists with their army of research assistants and “worked our What does all this have to do with you? The Bigger butts off” over the next 33 months, Yields Flowering SystemTM provides a rock solid reworking everything from the ground complete, consistent and comprehensive system that up and made it purpose-built to automatically takes care of your entire plant for you at every give you a continuously bigger yield stage of growth, from its roots to the very top of your flowers producing punch than ever before, and everything in between. streamlining your workload. That’s why Stop and imagine what it would mean to you to walk into your you’ll certainly appreciate The Bigger garden and see the kind of crops you’ve always known were Yields Flowering SystemTM. It takes possible and always dreamed of. all the guesswork out of you getting the biggest yields, no matter what level of Big fat juicy harvests with towering buds, so sweet and gardener you are. succulent that when other growers see pictures of your crop they ask: “damn what the heck did you do?” and when your From Hamburger friends and customers look at your finished product and take those long intoxicating smells... they’ll have that look on their Millionaires to Bigger- face, which says it all. Harvest Hydroponics… Here’s how The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM will How You Can Use the Time- continually deliver your dream harvests… Proven-Power of a “System” and Get Your Bigger Yields Amped-Up Base Nutrients, Special Advantage “Right Now” Supplements and the Simplest Bigger Yields Flowering System Ever Devised! Ever wondered why so many savvy people spend millions of dollars to buy You told us you wanted to spend even less time and fuss in a McDonald’s franchise? your garden while getting still bigger harvest rewards. So New Breakthrough Formula Connoisseur, Sensi Bloom and Grow-Micro-Bloom now contain & combine at a higher level with these extra products to give you even Bigger Yields Guaranteed 10
  • 9. University Developed Finally Someone Who Gets It Never being one to get in over my head, I’ve always kind of stuck with a base nutrients two-part and a bloom booster. My friend said I’d see bigger harvests using your System, but I was scared it would make more work for me. But when I looked at your System I realized you guys really understand what its all about and have it all figured out. So I got two Bigger Yields Bundles (Hobbyist and Expert) and put them together like the chart says, along with the new Sensi base. Not only was mixing this stuff easier than ever, but I didn’t have to pH it and I also found that the plants grew quicker and the bloom time was shorter but a larger harvest. Your system worked better than expected. Much thanks for getting it right. Mark, from Gainesville, Florida we developed the System to have a bold and broader range of nutrient availability than you’ll ever find with any other company’s nutrients. How did we do it? The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM nutrients are coated with multiple sources of unique and powerful compounds, causing your Macro and Micro nutrients to become powerful microscopic magnets attracted to your plant’s roots. These coatings give your nutrients tremendous flexibility to work at an extremely wide pH range. Opening up your plants cellular floodgates to rapidly inhale everything you feed them so they steadily make larger and fatter flowers to give you 1. Chemists ensure all your nutrients give you the widest pH absorption range with- out any nutrient precipitation or lockout. branch-bending-bounties. Imagine Never Again Having to Check and Adjust pH Let me be a bit more specific... The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM has a proprietary technology called pH-PerfectTM that automatically puts your nutrient solutions pH and PPM into the “sweet spot” for optimum growth and flowering, and it’s built into every growing level of The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM eliminating you having to fool with pesky pH meters and PPM calculations. Here’s how easy it is: if the water you use to mix your nutrients has a pH between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (and that’s pretty much everyone’s water) then you’ll never have to balance your pH or for that matter ever add a single drop of pH up or down to your reservoir. And how about never again having to remember complicated measuring and application data? Well, we heard you. All the base nutrients have been standardized at 4 ml per Liter, so mixing and use is ridiculously easy. Now get this, all the supplements have been standardized as well.You only need to mix 2 ml per Liter. In fact it’s this way for all the supplements used in all four of the growing levels: Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Master with each level “stacking” on top of each other, then you choose your base nutrients, and 2. Microbiologists meticulously select all beneficial microbes for ‘super strains” to guarantee you a bigger root mass and away you go, that’s how The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM plant development. works. Incredibly simple, isn’t it? turn page ¾ 11
  • 10. Who Advanced Nutrients Is products for growers that do just that: Create off-the-chart quality, NOT For pristine appearance and bigger yields. Our nutrients are certainly not for l Don’t Have Compassion For Their Fellow Man – If they’re not everyone…only growers who want willing to give a helping hand to people who are in need of their to see a difference and take their assistance or expertise. Then listen up: Advanced Nutrients gives gardens to the next level, growers who all the time. We’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in want to really increase the quality of nutrients and equipment over the years. Obviously giving is the their product and get bigger yields. right thing to do. Advanced Nutrients is not the right fit for those people who... No Dinosaurs Allowed: l Are Looking for Cheap Nutrients Unleash Your Plant’s True Genetic Potential and Could Care less What Goes Into and Get 9 Products for the Price of 4 Them – Advanced Nutrients cost more because you get more: High quality It’s now really easy for you to realize the fact that your grower and bigger yields, but in order for us friends are stuck in the “old hard way,” formulas and charts that, to give you that it cost us a lot of money. well... qualify as dinosaurs. Not you though because you’ll be using We use premium ingredients and run a new state-of-the-art flowering technologies and five brand new full blown research staff of 12 PhDs, full hydroponics industry breakthroughs that like a world class athlete, tech support and a 100% guarantee on will push your plants to their true genetic potential. all products. Even Better, you’ll save more money with the new Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM when you buy the all new 5 in 1 Connoisseur, l Don’t Take Pride in Their Crop Sensi Bloom or Grow-Micro-Bloom base nutrients along with the – If they don’t care about the quality, Hobbyist Bigger Yields BundleTM. Because it’s exactly the same as appearance or outcome of their harvest. getting 9 products for the price of 4, Sensi Bloom or Grow-Micro- They can look elsewhere. Because Bloom base nutrients now contains and combines at a higher level everything Advanced Nutrients does is the award winning products H-2, F-1, Wet Betty and a special blend all about our pride in carefully crafting of Amino Acids; when you buy the Hobbyist Bigger Yields Bundle which contains Big Bud, VooDoo Juice, B-52 and Overdrive, you’ll also get the Overdrive for Free. Actually we do mean it when we say award winning products and breakthrough technologies. Let me explain, and these are absolute facts, we’re not trying to brag or anything like that (well ok ... maybe just a little), and because you’re probably not aware of these facts, and of course they’re important ones when you’re buying The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM. l Advanced Nutrients has won every major growing competition in the world, no other nutrient company has even come close to our continuing string of victories. l Advanced Nutrients is the hydroponics industry’s “technologies leader” responsible to date for 31 technological breakthroughs and patents that has elevated the science of hydroponics for the GET THE STACK! Start Stacking your Bigger Yields Bundles for Eve Hobbyist Expert Professional Bundle Grower Bundle Grower Bundle 12
  • 11. entire industry and made your growing easier and more profitable, Inside Look including the five new pioneering technologies employed now in The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM. Anyway, back to what I was saying, here’s the deal. At the Expert Grower Level you get Final Phase for Free. The Professional Grower Level gives you SensiZym for Free and at the Grand Master Grower Level you’ll receive your Rhino Skin absolutely Free. So go right now and ask the store owner or one of the staff to show you The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM and remember to ask for your Bigger Yields Bundle. As you have clearly discovered getting bigger yields and bigger savings has never been so easy. Enjoy. Company Founders’ NO-RISK, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE 1. pH- balancing technologies automatically make sure your plants get maximized feeding no matter what pH your water is. When you use the Bigger Yields Bundles along with one of our new and improved super-potent base nutrients, you get the easiest, most valuable, biggest yields ever. And in addition to that... you never have to bother yourself with pH or PPM again when you use your Bigger Yields Bundles with any of our base nutrients. That’s right… just mix your Bigger Yields Bundle formulas and our base nutrients in any type of water with a pH range of 4.5 to 8.5 and you’ll see your plants rapidly inhale all the nutrients they need for bigger yields. No pH metering or adjusting needed! And get this: your Bigger Yields Bundles continually fattens your flowers while making them taste so much better. Special carbohydrates and other natural ingredients make your flowers taste like cotton candy. Unique chelates rinse unused nutrients from your crop to give you a clean, sweet taste that everyone will crave. Your entire plant - from your huge root mass to the tops of your gargantuan flowers is automatically taken care of when you use our Bigger Yields Bundles along with one of our superb new and improved base nutrients. 2. Cellular pathways are powerfully activated so you get increased quantity and quality of yields. Best of all, you’re using the only pH-PerfectTM nutrients The System guaranteed to give you bigger more consistent yields, much less work and you never risk even one penny because if for any reason you are not absolutely delighted just return this Bundle for a full refund. As always, dedicated to your gardening success. “Big Mike” Straumietis Eugene Yordanov Robert Higgins To watch pH-PerfectTM Technology in action go to: 3. Bud building amino acids are paired with special proteins that immediately transfer the L-amino acids for enhanced floral growth. en Bigger Harvests and Savings Grand Master Grower Bundle 13 4. Immerse your roots in highly active bud potentiaters that surge through your plants to get you thicker bigger buds.
  • 12. PART B 12 Plant PhD’s Discover The Japanese Engineering Breakthrough That’s Allowing Growers To Multiply Their Yields Within The Same Bloom Time! W e all want our plants to get into “The secret”, says Dr. Savov, “Is we implement peak bloom phase faster and to the Japanese engineering principle of continuous yield a bigger harvest. Now, a improvement – called kaizen – into developing a better 2-part premium bloom base fertilizer. The principle team of one dozen plant PhD’s of kaizen states that small, continual improvements and their research assistants at each step of a multi-part process equals a much believe they have found the larger, compounded total increase in performance in answer … the final product.” 14
  • 13. floral production, the scientists developed a CoMpound IMproveMenT … proprietary blend of floral growth co-factors to The MoST poWerful, plAnT GroWInG activate and control these core issues. forCe In The unIverSe? These co-factors include amino acids and M amino acid precursors essential to protein NuTrIENT uch like Albert Einstein called compound formation which promote cellular metabolism, interest, “the most powerful force in the replication and other bloom processes. In BASE universe” — these small, continuous addition, other proprietary co-factors create improvements at each phase of a multi-part enhanced changes in how plants carry out process yield a very powerful, impressive bloom phase functions. end result. Let’s examine how the scientists improved So, when it comes to a premium bloom base these phases in developing the ultra-premium, fertilizer — a team of 12 PhD’s working for 2-part bloom base nutrient for Grand Master Advanced Nutrients in a leading Bulgarian Growers – Connoisseur! research lab simply found multiple ways to Instead of using low-quality, questionable improve upon each stage of the two-part ingredients — the team at Advanced Nutrients process of growing plants. In the end, it worked exceptionally well to achieve a bigger, compounded, yield — in at least one documented head-to-head, consumer trial — over 40% bigger! hoW ThIS SCIenTIfIC BreAkThrouGh GeTS Your plAnTS InTo BlooM fASTer And MulTIplIeS TheIr YIeld WIThouT InCreASInG Your BlooM TIMe F irst, the scientists wanted to improve upon the actual ingredients used in their 2-part formula. The idea was to give you better “building blocks” for your plants to use to get bigger yields, more colorful flowers, a stronger aroma and maximum potency. This was the first stage the team improved upon. Next, they wanted to enhance your plant’s abilities to get the maximum absorption of these nutrients because having the highest quality ingredients without ensuring your plants can fully absorb them is worthless. The scientists discovered that most growers aren’t seeing bigger yields with other fertilizers because their plants aren’t able to effectively absorb the nutrients being used. Obviously, improving the absorption abilities of your plant greatly compounds A team of 12 scientists completely reengineered every the effectiveness of the high quality aspect of bloom phase base nutrients and discovered ingredients being used! Lastly, in an effort to how to get your plants into bloom phase faster so you maximize every part of your plant’s deepest get bigger, more potent buds that are worth more to core levels of plant bloom metabolism and you, your friends, and your associates. turn page ¾ 15
  • 14. invested heavily in putting to use only the most potent, most effective, most proven ingredients possible (ingredients no other company uses because of the high cost to both source and manufacture these NuTrIENT ingredients into bloom fertilizers!) BASE hoW To enSure Your plAnT GeTS The MAXIMuM upTAke of nuTrIenTS ... T o start with, every single one of the micro- nutrients used in Connoisseur is chelated so you get maximum absorption and uptake of these amino chelates into your plants. With a theoretical absorption range of pH 1-10, this in effect means you get the highest absorption rate possible of these life-giving micronutrients for as long as your plant is alive! Connoisseur actually changes your plants’ bloom metabolism and timing so your flowers go into peak bloom What’s more, Advanced Nutrients, has earlier and stay there long, giving you more essential oils also invested heavily into chelating a high and size. The kicker is that your bloom phase doesn’t get percentage of the macro-nutrients used in any longer. You get heavier, more devastating buds, in the Connoisseur to get your plants to bloom same amount of time as your previous crop cycles! faster and keep them in that bloom phase longer! you get more satisfied and repeat customers! l The bottom line? You get more profits per each crop cycle! hoW GroWerS of hIGh profIT plAnTS Are MAkInG More MoneY WhY noT GIve ConnoISSeur WITh ThIS one, SIMple A rISk-free TrY TodAY? SCIenTIfIC BreAThrouGh I ... l You’ve seen how the proprietary 2-part fertilizer formula was developed by a team of 12 PhD’s working for the f you count on your plants to make you leading plant growing research laboratory in the world … money, you’re going to love Connoisseur! l You’ve seen how the unique principle of small continuous Here’s why commercial growers of rare and profit-producing plants love this improvements to each phase of the 2-step base formula comprehensive hydroponics fertilizer produces a more powerful, compounded total yield in your formula … plants … l You get a faster time to peak bloom time l You’ve seen just a few of the most potent, most pure, … meaning you get to sell your plants most effective ingredients that went into the Connoisseur faster! blend … l You get more flowers and more weight l You’ve met other growers like yourself, who were skeptical per flower … which means more money at first but now praise Connoisseur because it’s giving them per plant! up to 40% increase in their harvest yields … l You get more aroma, more taste, and l And you know Advanced Nutrients fully stands behind more color in your plants … which means Connoisseur and every other product they sell with their 16
  • 15. NuTrIENT BASE Connoisseur gives you the world’s leading flower-boosting base nutrients formula. 100% full money back guarantee. Either you’re ecstatic How You’re Guaranteed To Get More Size, about the results you get in your plants — or you get your More Flavor and More Value From Your Plants money back. In The Same Bloom Time … don’T deCIde noW ... puT ConnoISSeur Company Founders’ NO-RISK, To The TeST WITh Your plAnTS! 100% Money Back F GUARANTEE irst, make sure there’s enough space in your Connoisseur was specifically built for growers just like you, who grow room to handle the increase in size have very specific demands and expectations from your hydroponics you’re going to be seeing in your plants needs. When you use Connoisseur it must perform flawlessly for in just a few short weeks. Next, simply go you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and to your favorite retail shop that carries deliver the goods you’re looking for. Advanced Nutrients products and tell them What’s more..., Connoisseur will work every time for you using you want to try out Connoisseur. any and all hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, Then when you get home, follow the drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We simple, step-by-step directions included to guarantee it. put it to the test with your plants. Then watch And when you use Connoisseur you’ll never have to risk even one in amazement as you see your flowers go penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any into peak bloom phase faster and develop reason you’re not absolutely delighted in peak bloom longer. we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. The only thing left will be answering all your friends’ questions about what you’re As always, dedicated to your doing when they want to know what’s gardening success. causing the bigger growth … more flavor … and more color in your plants. 17
  • 16. Part A Part B It’s The Latest In Scientific, “5-in-1” Bloom Phase Technology … The Secret Grand Master Growers Have Used To Win Every Major Growing Competition In The World! N ow, you don’t have to be an expert, grand different plant improving formulas into one breakthrough master grower in order to get bigger, juicier, 2-part bloom base nutrient. more aromatic, and more potent buds from your What’s more: you’ll never have to worry about pH issues plants. All you have to do is put the same secret grand again because these scientists have completely eliminated master growers have used to win every major growing the need for pH-PPM metering or even adjusting pH competition in the world to use with your plants. levels with their patented pH-Perfect™ Technology. Here’s the story: recently, a respected team of over a All this in effect means it is now possible for even dozen plant scientists and graduate assistants discovered, the most inexperienced hydroponics rookie to start after 109 man-years of research, how to combine 5 experiencing “pro level” juicy yields and buds! 18
  • 17. The “Secret” 5 Part Plant Maximizing Formula How To Get The Optimal Amounts and How Science Ensures Get You Bigger, Juicier Of Micro and Macro Nutrients Buds From Your Plants Because of It! For A Bigger Yield Ingredient #1 ensures that the nutrients in this formulation To ensure your plants get the most out of the NutrieNt get into your plants as quickly as possible. It’s an organic nutrients you’re feeding them, the scientists surfactant called Wet Betty and it does something every Base rely on chelation to enhance absorption. In plant grower wants … fact, this 5-in-1 formula contains the optimum … Surfactants are wetting agents that lower the surface number of chelated macronutrients that your tension of a liquid (in this case, nutrient-rich water) allowing plants need for faster growth and bigger easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. blooms. Which of course means your plants will get the organic In addition, the following micronutrients nutrients they crave faster and more efficiently than ever are 100% chelated: iron, zinc, manganese, before — which greatly increases your plant’s bloom yield. molybdenum, copper, boron and cobalt … Ingredients #2 and #3 are humic and fulvic acids. These which of course means … your plants more organic acids give your plants an edge when it comes to easily absorb and use these nutrients — giving growing quicker, stronger, and bigger … with less stress … you bigger buds and more yield from the same than with any other formulation. Here’s how … bloom time! The humic provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into plants more efficiently, so your plants grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. In addition, the fulvic here gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular metabolism. Together, they work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. And ingredient #4 completes the package because it’s ... The Bodybuilding Secret That Gives Your Plants Bigger, More Potent Buds! In the sport of bodybuilding, athletes supplement with amino acids to help fuel muscle growth because they’re the essential “building blocks” on which protein growth is based. But your plants can benefit from the addition of amino acids too! That’s why the 4th ingredient in this one of a kind 2-part base nutrient is amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that fuel metabolic pathways for enhanced floral and essential oil production. Sensi Bloom contains surfactants, amino acids, fulvic Ingredient #5 is, of course, the actual plant- acid, humic acid, macronutrients, secondary nutrients and maximizing nutrients themselves. But, you micronutrients scientifically combined to power your flowers should know … to bigger value, potency and weight. turn page ¾ 19
  • 18. How This New Plant Growing Technology Maximizes Your KICK-ASS FERTILIZER HYDROPONICS GROWER SATISFACTION SENSI Bloom Phase So You Get A BLOOM Huge Harvest You Can Be Proud Of NutrieNt This team of respected scientists and their Base graduate assistants worked around the clock to ensure this nutrient worked unlike any other: OK, BUT NOTHING SPECIAL • You get earlier flowering with more budding CANNA sites … GENERAL HYDROPONICS • You get a shorter internode length and more BOTANICARE TECHNAFLORA buds per stem … • You get thicker diameter flowers with better floral structure because the powerful, pure VERY UNHAPPY ingredients feed your plants more effectively … ADVANCED NUTRIENTS ALWAYS WINS THE GROWER SATISFACTION Growers just like you who’ve compared Sensi AWARD. TRY SENSIBLOOM NOW, AND YOU’LL SEE WHY. • You get more time in peak bloom because your Bloom to competing bloom bases say that plants flower earlier giving you more weight, Sensi Bloom kicks ass, but the other nutrients more aroma, more color and more potency … are disappointing, not worth the money, and a If they had stopped there, you would still have waste of time and electricity. seen an impressive increase in your total yield. Why You’ll Never Have To Worry About pH Levels Again However, in developing this advanced 2-part bloom fertilizer – Sensi Bloom — this team of scientists went the extra mile! If you’ve ever experienced off-color leaves, slow growth or low yield with your plants … then you’ve probably noticed these problems coincide with mysterious pH and PPM fluctuations. It’s one of the biggest obstacles to getting “pro level” yields from your plants. In fact, many growers find that manually checking and adjusting pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants growth stable and maximized is tiring, time consuming and one of the biggest challenges of trying to get bigger yields. However, these scientists discovered how to completely eliminate pH checking forever with their proprietary pH-Perfect™ Technology. In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and How do you get bigger, higher quality flowers 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone’s water)— without working extra hard to do it? Use Sensi this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it Bloom and you’ll get more from your plants with buffered there throughout your plants bloom cycle. less work and time. That’s because Sensi Bloom is pH perfect, so it feeds your plants faster and Which means you’ll never have to manually adjust more efficiently, with no worries about pH your pH … you’ll never have to worry that your metering! plants aren’t in the premium growing environment 20
  • 19. …all you have to do is add the bloom base nutrient Sensi l You’ve seen how Sensi Bloom started with Bloom and the pH-Perfect™ Technology takes care of all only the purest, most potent ingredients that for you! and then was improved upon with the ad- dition of amino acids … fulvic and humic The Ideal Ratios, Already Dialed In For You ... acids … and the correct use of both macro NutrieNt and micro chelation to ensure you get only It’s a known fact that the further you move away from the best, most effective components … Base feeding your plants their ideal nutrient ratios, potency and yield rapidly deteriorate. l You’ve seen how the addition of Advanced Nutrient’s proprietary pH-Perfect™ Tech- You see, your plants use a small amount of phosphorus nology makes it possible for you to never during flowering, but what they really love to use is nitrogen worry about pH or PPM monitoring ever and potassium. The scientists at Advanced Nutrients again … discovered this only after taking thousands of weekly tissue samples from buds, stems, leaves and roots of many varieties l You’ve met other growers like yourself, using gas chromatography analysis throughout all phases of who were skeptical at first but now will plant growth. never use anything but Sensi Bloom be- cause it’s giving them nearly double the Other nutrient companies are over-using phosphorus in harvest yields and up to 3 inches of growth hydroponic bloom fertilizers. And to compound problems, per day … they use high levels of ingredients like mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) or diammonium phosphate (DAP). These l And you know Advanced Nutrients fully substances are what give some plants their harsh taste. stands behind Sensi Bloom and every other product they sell with their 100% full mon- But the good news is: with Sensi Bloom you’re guaranteed ey back guarantee. Either you’re overjoyed to have the correct nutrient ratios for your plants! about the results you get in your plants — or you get all your money back. “I can’t afford some of the better fertilizers So why not you offer. I have a student loan to pay off get Started today? and a rusty car. I have to be careful with my money. One day I will be able to afford Connoisseur, which I have heard is the most powerful two-part bloom fertilizer ever made. Until I can afford it, I am quite happy with Sensi Bloom two-part. I have nice, juicy harvests from it and it’s easy to use. It costs less and it works just fine. That’s all you can ask for in a bloom fertilizer. Good price and good value.” Irv, from Bend, Oregon How You Are Guaranteed Bigger, Juicier, More Potent Yields From Your Plants ... Advanced Nutrients offers a 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction with this product. ISn’t It tIme you gave SenSI Bloom a no-rISk try? l You’ve seen how a team of scientists found a way to com- bine 5 different products into one powerful 2-part bloom Scientists designed Sensi Bloom to increase the fertilizer … yields of your plants. turn page ¾ 21
  • 20. There’s No Need To pH or PPM monitoring—just add the nutrients as directed.) Then you’ll sit back and watch as your Decide Now Put Sensibloom plants grow bigger and heavier and with more color To The Test With Your Plants! than ever before. NutrieNt If you’d agree that getting bigger, juicier, The only thing you’ll have to do after that is tell more colorful, more aromatic and more your friends the truth about how you’re getting Base potent plants with your next cycle is bigger yields, more flavor, and more potency from something you’d love to see. your plants with almost no more effort than before. If you’re tired of wasting time adjusting pH or monitoring PPM levels … yet you Company Founders’ NO-RISK, refuse to accept anything less than maximum growth from your plants … 100% Money Back If you will accept nothing less than the most GUARANTEE potent, most pure, most effective ingredients Sensi Bloom was specifically built for growers just like you, … combined with the most advanced who have very specific demands and expectations from your methods possible of ensuring your plants hydroponics needs. When you use Sensi Bloom it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into more effectively use those nutrients … your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. And you’re convinced that only companies What’s more..., Sensi Bloom will work every time for you using that fully stand behind their products with a any and all hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums risk-free money-back guarantee are worth and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood your time and loyalty … & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing Then there’s only one logical thing to do. systems. We guarantee it. Simply go to your favorite retail shop that And when you use Sensi Bloom you’ll never have to risk even carries Advanced Nutrients products and one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any tell them you want to try out Sensi Bloom reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll completely risk-free. refund all your money back it’s that simple. As always, dedicated to your Then when you get home, follow the simple, gardening success. step-by-step directions included to put it to the test with your plants. (Remember, this is as simple as it gets, no need to worry about Now you’ve found your big-flowering base nutrients formula! 22
  • 21. If You Want the BIggest, Most Colorful, Most aroMatIC, and Most IMpressIve floWerIng possIBle, here’s hoW grand Master groWers Force More Nutrients Into High-Profit Plants, Incredibly FAST! R.K is a Grand Master Grower of high profit But luckily, R.K. heard about a brand-new plants from Santa Rosa, California. For over 3-part formula … and … he had a lot of clones 15 years he used the same 3-part General he could afford to try a new fertilizer on. Hydroponics fertilizer in his 20-light grow Although he was sceptical, he decided to test room. this new scientist-developed formula against the fertilizer he had been using for over fifteen In his own words: long years in a straight up, head-to-head, “You know how it is when you get used to growing test. something. You stop paying attention to whether you can do better. It’s like inertia. It’s easier to stay And the results amazed him … the same than to change, even if you could do “… Right off the bat, it was easy to see that better … my clones grew faster, they were greener and stronger, and they were ready for flowering … My yields were not all that large and about two weeks earlier. sometimes I noticed that the same mix amounts of this general hydroponics stuff would create a “My bloom cycle was more productive … I way different pH or PPM. Once or twice I saw that used less fertilizer overall … and got better I was losing an entire crop, but it was hard for me growth and yield. I guess I learned to keep an to figure out that it was the general hydroponics open mind and to always look for the best way fertilizer, not diseases or other problems. It was to do something, not just the way you’re used hard to admit I needed to change what I was to. Now, Grow-Micro-Bloom (GMB) is the solid using in my hydroponics system.” foundation for my 20-light garden!” 24
  • 22. Why Big-Time Growers Of High-Value Plants Demand A Superior 3-Part Formula While a premium 2-part formula like our Connoisseur is actually NUTRIeNT the most effective way to precisely dial in the exact nutrients and ratios your plants need … many growers enjoy the simplicity of BASe an easy-mixing 3-part formula … and they still want the most effective formula possible. That’s why they demand only the best when it comes to: l Using 3-part formulas designed for their high-value plants … l Using formulas with the most potent nutrients and ratios … l Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art, “carrier molecules” to ensure their plants get the maximum amount of nutrients in the least amount of time … l Using the formulas which have been proven, in multiple scientific studies, to get more color, more aroma, more size, and more potency from our plants … l And using formulas which are not only highly-advanced and easily customizable, but easy to mix and use … Now you can use the only 3-part hydroponics In fact, Grand Master Growers have found Grow-Micro-Bloom base fertilizer tested and designed by scientists (GMB) from Advanced Nutrients is the only 3-part formula on the to give you guaranteed larger harvests and more market which meets all these criteria. Here’s why the others don’t convenient use. measure up ... even if … you do manage to get a formula The 3 Biggest Problems with nutrients which are good for your plants With Other 3-Part Formulas (which, as you’ve seen, most don’t have) … then … you’re probably still wasting most of those If you’ve been growing for any amount of time, these three nutrients because those formulas don’t have problems will be very familiar to you: carrier molecules to drive those nutrients straight Big Problem #1: Most 3-part formulas are not made for the into your plants faster and more efficiently. This types of plants we grow because you’ll discover they’re about is actually a big problem because most of your the same as the little $3.50 bottles of granulated fertilizers the nutrients are not getting into our plants which average homeowner uses on their garden flowers. They’re made wastes your money … and … this causes longer in generic ways with generic ingredients. crop cycles which wastes your time. But it doesn’t need to be this way … Big Problem #2: Is directly related to the fact other 3-part formulas are not made for high-value plants like ours … and that is … they’re hard to mix and monitor and are the direct cause of How You Can Get At Least many of your plant growing problems. 31% More Nutrients Into Your Many include artificial dyes of an unknown amount and molecular structure which could harm your plants (instead of Plants At Least 37% Faster harmless, organic dyes) … they don’t have the right PPM or pH … they burn roots … they don’t feed plants the right nutrients One of the most important ways GMB gives you faster growth and bigger yields is through the leading to slow growth and reduced harvests … and they may special ingredients it contains that drive more contribute to other growing problems. The bottom line? They of the nutrients in the formula into your plant basically wreck crops and waste your garden’s potential! faster than ever before. These nutrient delivery Big Problem #3: If you’re using other, different, formulas … compounds are called “chelates” which are turn page ¾ 25
  • 23. compounds that bind with nutrients and help them get inside plants so the plant cells can use them more quickly and more efficiently. It’s these chelates which give GMB an almost “unfair” advantage over every other 3-part Only for NUTRIeNT formula on the market because it drives the Your Type nutrients into your plants in the most efficient, of Plants BASe fastest manner possible. In fact, these exclusive chelates are so effective that tests (with our types of plants) show they deliver at least 31% more HIGHEST Faster nutrients into your plants at least 37% faster! Consider this also: your plants will make better YIELD Absorbing use of the formula you give them which means you’ll save money on fertilizers, equipment and electricity because you’ll have a faster, more productive crop cycle. Maximum Flexibility Grand Master Growers everywhere understand it’s especially important when you’re using non- Easy Mixing soil hydroponic systems including rockwool, and Use aeroponics, NFT and other types of materials in indoor gardens to make the most out of every ounce of nutrients you feed your plants. But Chelation Is Useless Unless It Helps Deliver Only The Most You’ll see the widest range of harvest-boosting benefits High-Quality, Bud-Potentiating from this powerful 3-part formula. Nutrients Into Your Plants! While chelation is extremely important because it helps your plants get more total nutrients and What Grand Master Growers faster … you have to make absolutely sure … Do Differently To Get Huge Yields And you’re feeding your plants the correct nutrients Impressive Harvests From Their Crops! in the first place! That’s why GMB contains only the most proven, most potent and most effective As we’ve seen: if you want to dial in the exact nutrients and ratios nutrients in the correct ratios you need to get your plants need, it’s best to use a premium 2-part formula—like maximum growth and yield from your plants in our exclusive Connoisseur blend. every stage of your crop cycle. But, one big benefit of GMB is … even though it’s a 3-part During the growth phase: when your plants formula … you can now customize it more fully than any other need nitrogen, calcium and other necessary 3-part blend to work better with your plants. While many nutrients, GMB’s chelates force these nutrients hobbyists and growers with small gardens will choose to stick directly and immediately into your plant’s roots, to the standard, extremely easy-to-mix and use 1-1-1 ratio … leaves, cells and flowers — greatly speeding the you also have the option to customize this 3-part formula for the growth phase. specific strain you’re growing. During the bloom phase: GMB feeds powerful Here’s how: a band of scientists, mathematicians, and computer chelated potassium, phosphorus and other experts spent years developing and testing a nutrient calculator nutrients that boost flower size and weight (available on Advanced Nutrients’ website) that helps you create directly into the heart of your plants so they the optimum growing blend so you can make adjustments to get the maximum size, weight and budding get the absolute best growth and production from your plants. possible. And if this still wasn’t enough, here’s … The formula is studied, buffered and constantly upgraded 26
  • 24. based on dozens of international research projects conducted exactly what they need for fast, high-powered in hydroponics, aeroponics, indoor gardens, and commercial growth and impressive finishing harvests. agriculture projects across the world … so that you get … the l And the fifth and final ingredient is the absolute best 3-part formula for whatever strain of plant you specialized “chelates” we’ve already talked want to maximize. about that get these high-powered nutrients NUTRIeNT You can get as in depth and involved with your plants as you into your plants as fast and as efficiently as want … or … you can simply stick to the basic 1-1-1 ratio of possible! BASe mixing and never have to worry about pH, PPM, or any of the Together, these five products combine to create other problems associated with other 3-part formulas! the most effective 3-part formula possible. Just how effective is GMB? Plus, You Will Never Have To Worry About Your pH Again! What You Can Expect When You Put Now, off-color leaves, slow growth and low yields because of This Grand Master Growing Secret pH and PPM fluctuations are a thing of the past because GMB To Work in Your Grow Room! contains pH-Perfect™ Technology which eliminates the need to manually check and adjust pH levels two times per day. Imagine walking into your grow room after using Grow-Micro-Bloom (GMB) in your next crop In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH cycle … (which is pretty much everyone’s water) — this technology You’ll own a plush, productive garden where adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout clones, seedlings or transplants grow way faster your plants growth and bloom phases. Which means you’ll never than ever before … they’re bushier … they’re have to manually adjust your pH … you’ll never have to worry bigger … and they’re way more aromatic and that your plants aren’t in the premium growing environment … potent. even better is: you’re spending less time all you have to do is use GMB as directed and the pH-Perfect™ fussing with your nutrients, PPM and pH because Technology takes care of all that for you! the formula is better balanced and mixes easy. l Your plants mature faster and are ready for flowering earlier. Here’s How l They start putting on more flowers sooner. GROW-MICRO-BLOOM (GMB) Is Actually 5-Products-In-One! l The flowers are bigger and more developed. l The plants are greener, more lush and healthier because they’re getting the right The fact of the matter is: GMB offers you more value for your nutrients at the right time … and … in the money than any other 3-part formula on the market and it’s simply because you get 5-products-in-one with this formulation. right way. Here’s how … l These happy plants resist pests and diseases and give you a beautiful harvest you can be l GMB now contains Wet Betty which is an organic surfactant proud of … and … count on for profits. that lowers the surface tension of your water, allowing easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. … In fact, your friends might just hound you to know how you got such big buds … such l The second ingredient is humic acid which provides natural delicious smelling plants … and such potency! carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into your plants more efficiently, so they grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. Why Not Give GROW-MICRO-BLOOM l The third ingredient is fulvic acid which gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular (GMB) A Risk-Free Try Today? metabolism. Together, these two acids work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. l You’ve seen how the proprietary 3-part fertilizer formula was developed specifically l The fourth ingredient in GMB is the highly-potent bud- for growers like you and our high-value potentiating nutrients themselves that feed your plants plants … 27 turn page ¾
  • 25. Now You Can Join The HYDROPONICS REVOLUTION That Saves You Time And Money While Increasing Your Yields Hobbyist Bundle is: TM l Specially designed for use with all hydroponics, soil and sphagnum growing mediums. l Developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT or flood and drain growing systems. l You’ll get guaranteed bigger yields over any and all other feed programs, formulas or charts. l Bigger and more consistent yields. l Fast, easy and simple mixing so you save time. l Bigger Yields Flowering System is the only flowering TM system that takes care of your entire plant from roots to the very top of your flowers and everything in between. l No-Risk 100% Guarantee or your money back. Turn page for more information è 29
  • 26. H i, it’s Big Mike here. I haven’t met you personally, but I bet I can But, Big Mike, How Can It Be That The System Totally Revolutionizes describe you pretty well. Hydroponics Gardening? You’re a resourceful, Let’s remember…you wanted to be a grower, not a chemist. free-thinking person whose You don’t really want to fool with meters, calibrations and all friends and family see you as those foul-smelling pH adjustment chemicals… stuff that will burn your skin and puts little holes in your shirts and pants no forward-looking and someone matter how careful you are. who is open-minded. And that’s exactly why I’m betting you’ll join with Advanced Nutrients to create a new generation of growers who’ll stand the hydroponics industry “good ol’ boys club” on it’s head and prove what those hydroponics “experts” said couldn’t be done, actually has been done. It’s the hydroponics equivalent of Putting A Man On The Moon, and Took A Total Of 109 Man Years to develop. Let me be a bit more specific... remember how you’ve had it drilled into your head that your plants will suffer or even die unless you spend lots of money and time using pH meters, ppm meters, pH up and pH down? The Hobbyist BundleTM and the Flowering System are designed Well it’s not true; you can by a team of PhD plant scientists who’ve spent years discover- now slay the pH-PPM dragon ing the secrets of how your plants grow and bloom. You get ex- for good. actly the right ingredients for larger, more potent flowers. Here’s how, with this Being once a grower for over 20 years of my life, I realize Hobbyist Bigger Yields your pain, so I worked together with our 12 scientists and Bundle and any of the their army of research assistants and created a Nutrient Flowering System that helps you grow massive, astounding new 5-in-1 Base Nutrients. flowers without having to fiddle around like meter-addicted Because together they have lab rats when all we really want to do is put nutrients into a new built in proprietary water, listen to the pump hum, and kick back while our plants technology called pH- deliver gold coins into our hands. PerfectTM that automatically The team and I worked our “butts off” testing all kinds puts your nutrient solutions combinations of edgy formulas, proprietary compounds, chelates and secret stuff, I’d be a fool to tell anyone about, pH and PPM into the “sweet because then our competitors would try to copy us just spot” for optimum growth and like they’ve always done ever since we designed the first flowering. Eliminating the professional approach to hydroponics nutrients. need for you having to fool And my biggest fear today? Other nutrient companies are around with pain-in-the-butt going to wreak havoc on everyones’ crops because they’ll pH and PPM metering and be forced to compete with unproven technology (I don’t adjustments. è 30
  • 27. Hobbyist have to tell you, some companies may never figure out this BUNDLE™ technology) and they’ll try and sell you their undeveloped “copycat formulas”. standardize your products. You use just 4 ml per liter for the Systems base nutrients No More pH-PPM Metering Or Adjusting, and 2 ml per liter for all supplements. So It’s All Done For You mixing and using them is ridiculously simple and quick. Here’s how easy it’s going to be for you, if the water you I’m proud you’ve chosen to experience use to mix your nutrients has a pH between 4.5 and 8.5 (and the power and simplicity of the weight- that’s pretty much everyone’s shattering Bigger Yields Flowering water) then you’ll never have System™, so you just plug and play, go to balance your pH or for that have fun, and watch your flowers get matter ever add a single drop significantly more valuable than you ever of pH up or down to your thought possible. reservoir. You’ll have to agree that really makes growing a whole lot easier for you, doesn’t it? From roots to shoots and “... join with Advanced everything in between, your Nutrients to create Hobbyist Bigger Yields Bundle contains the four proven a new generation of formulas that will deliver precise nutrition to every part growers who’ll stand the of your flowering plants… hydroponics industry • VooDoo Juice beneficial mi- crobes. Hundreds of university “good ol’ boys club” studies have shown that big- ger roots equal bigger yields. on it’s head and prove VooDoo Juice produces an what those hydroponics enormous root mass during your flowering cycle and that “experts” said couldn’t means your plants will support bigger flowers. VooDoo Juice be done, actually has also makes your plants’ roots been done.” grow faster so your plants will inhale the maximum amount Big Mike of nutrients quicker for larger, faster-growing flowers. • B-52 contains a unique blend of 9 different B vitamins Here’s something you should be aware keeping your plants healthy and driving hard during rapid of, I’ve staked my entire company on the flower formation. revolutionary new formulas you hold in • Big Bud, watch as your flowers swell up week after week. your hands right here, right now, inside Your Bigger Yields Bundle contains legendary Big Bud, the this box. bloom booster containing the perfect ratio of flower building So here’s my promise to you, and you can L-amino acids and other awesome ingredients that power up take this to the bank: you buy this Hobbyist flower metabolism and production. Bundle™ box, along with one of our base • Overdrive bloom enhancer, you’ve always wanted to max- nutrients, right now today, follow the out your flowers at the end phase of your bloom cycle, and easy instructions, and you are absolutely that’s why we’re giving you Overdrive absolutely free. You use positively 100% guaranteed to get bigger it in the last two weeks of bloom phase so your flowers really yields while spending less time metering, “pack on the weight”. mixing and measuring your nutrients. PS- If your hydroponics store tries to sell Here’s The Bottom Line you somebody else’s nutrients, ask them if those other nutrient feeding programs, wheels, schedules or whatever give The bottom line is the mighty band of scientists and research you the Systems pH-Perfect™ rock solid assistants have succeeded in liberating you from ever having performance, a 100% Money Back Bigger to care about pH or PPM again. Yields Guarantee, and free products. As if that wasn’t enough... they also figured out how to n 31
  • 28. DISCOVER HOW THIS EASY WAY OF BOOSTING YOUR PLANT’S ROOTS GETS YOU BIGGER HARVESTS! You’re about to discover how easily you can enlarge the Plus, microbes help oxygen to penetrate more into power dimensions of your plant’s roots and guarantee your roots … capture nitrogen … and help pump more yourself bigger harvests with custom-designed microbially phosphorus into your plants. active supplements ... The question has now These powerful supplements become…what is the best way create ideal root zone to install beneficial microbes environments better able to into your hydroponics root intake nutrients … resist stress zone? and diseases … and your roots To answer this question, stay stronger because beneficial Advanced Nutrients scientists microbes break down old root   conducted a multi-phase VooDoo Juice enhanced control plant material, providing nutrition research project on a unique Root mass of tomato plants, same seed, same while enabling roots to repair age,same number, harvested after 42 days of suite of beneficial microbes themselves and create new tissue. growth. Plants on left received VooDoo Juice. contained in VooDoo Juice. 34
  • 29. They discovered, when used as directed, VooDoo Juice provides: GROWER LEVEL Faster-developing roots on your seedlings, transplants HOBBYIST l and clones l Your roots have more branching, root density and root Most hydroponics companies save money mass on costs by hiring a third-party company to bulk produce/bulk combine microbes l Increases in your root size up to 117% without testing them for specific plant l Faster, more efficient intake of nutrients; saving you appropriateness or microbial compatibility. time and money Not only that, but their process includes l Your plants give faster growth, larger flowers a generic view of microbes. For example, when someone talks about the microbe l Your roots are more resistant to heat, stress, drought, “bacillus subtilis,” that strain name is really nutrient burn and other common problems just the tip of the iceberg… it’s exactly like Not All Beneficial Root Microbes saying “General Motors” to describe a car, and you have no idea if it’s a Pontiac or a Formulas Are Created Equal Chevy. You know beneficial microbes will help your plants, but And if it’s a Chevy, it could be either a it can be confusing when you go to the store and see so Malibu or Corvette. So if you’re lucky, you got many of these formulas made by different manufacturers. the Corvette – but you’re still left guessing The obvious question is which one will give you the best if your Corvette has the 430 hp motor or if bang for your buck? it’s a ZR1 Corvette with the 620 horsepower The answer is that there are two very distinct processes motor! That’s how much difference there is manufacturers use when they want to offer microbes between individual types of “bacillus subtilis” products ... microbes. Obviously we absolutely make sure VooDoo Juice microbes are always the ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower motor, not the Chevy Malibu! Here’s How It’s Done... l Advanced Nutrients hires the sharpest mi- crobiologists in the world. One of them is especially impressive: she has three Ph.D. degrees! We have a team of scientists test- ing and breeding hundreds of sub-variet- ies of bacillus subtilis and other beneficial microbes in a continual research program. In fact over the last two years VooDoo Juice’s root-producing abilities have been increased by 117% l Specific beneficial microbes work bet- ter with certain plants than others. That’s Make the direct connection between larger, more powerful why we put so much time and money roots and bigger, more valuable buds. into our breeding program. We’re driven to find the needle in the haystack of mi- crobes that work absolutely the best for the plants you grow l Our scientists demand that we buy them turn page ¾ 35
  • 30. rates and we have to ensure total uniformity and maximum GROWER LEVEL colony forming units (CFUs). After breeding, the microbes are taken to the evaporation tower and dried, and then all HOBBYIST eight strains in VooDoo Juice are carefully recombined l To ensure VooDoo Juice has very long shelf life and superior viability, VooDoo’s microbes are put into hibernation with an “antagonist” compound that keeps the microbes dormant until you mix VooDoo Juice into a nutrient reservoir and the antagonist is diluted l As soon as the antagonist is diluted, VooDoo’s microbes immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action for you by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, creating flower-boosting hormones, and increasing root size and function The bottom line is: VooDoo Juice feeds your roots so you get safer, healthier plants, and more aboveground growth of larger, mega-potent flowers. It’s a basic but important step you can easily take today to upgrade the health and productivity of your garden immediately. VooDoo Juice Benefits VooDoo Juice contains designer microbes created by leading microbiologists. These VOODOO JUICE BENEFITS superstrain microbes fatten, strengthen and supercharge your roots , and the result is more valuable harvests. STRONGER SAFER all the expensive, precision equipment PLANTS needed to identify each microbial strain’s FASTER special characteristics and compatibility GROWTH with each other that make them “Super- BIGGER Strains.” That’s why our microbes are also extremely fast-replicating so they quickly YIELDS colonize root zones for rapid results (Yes, we test for fast versus slow replicating mi- l crobes) VooDoo Juice is not outsourced. We’re the 117% only hydroponics nutrient company in the ROOT MASS world manufacturing all our microbial products ourselves with a full-time Ph.D. INCREASE microbiologist personally supervising all aspects of production at all times. (The same is true for our Piranha and Tarantula Bigger roots that more than double in mass are the foundation root zone products) for faster growth and bigger yields. l Each microbe strain is individually bred (not in a bunch of vats or tubs) in a pur- pose-built 10,000 liter breeding reactor. This is a very critical, time consuming step, but it’s necessary because different strains of beneficial microbes breed at different 36
  • 31. Frequently Asked Questions GROWER LEVEL HOBBYIST QUESTION: Will VooDoo Juice make my roots too big? MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 through 2 ANSWER: Your roots will get much bigger, but only in the most of your flowering phase, and during weeks 1 efficient way for your root zone so you get larger harvests. through 2 of vegetative growth. QUESTION: If I use VooDoo Juice, why would I use your Tarantula beneficial microbes and your Piranha beneficial fungi GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: formulas too? Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Master Growers ANSWER: Each of these three products contains unique beneficial microbes that contribute to the healthiest root zone so your plants grow better via different pathways. The individual microbe formulas in these three products combine “I live in the desert near Tucson. in a synergistic fashion with your roots and each other to I grow outdoors and two big provide even more root enhancement and protection. problems are heat and dry, sandy QUESTION: Does your previous version of VooDoo Juice work soil. After using VooDoo, the plants with your new version? were wilting a lot less and their color was much better. When I ANSWER: Yes, our previous VooDoo Juice works well in all removed them at the end of the types of gardens and systems, and is compatible with our season, their roots were better stronger new & improved version of Voodoo Juice. Always than any plant I’ve ever grown. I’m store our beneficial microbes formulas in a cool, dark place to sold.” extend shelf life. Jorge, from Pima County, Arizona QUESTION: Is VooDoo Juice compatible with an all-organic fertilizer program? ANSWER: Yes, VooDoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha are organic Company Founders’ NO-RISK, supplements that work perfectly in all-organic gardening (and all other types of gardening). 100% Money Back GUARANTEE VooDoo Juice was specifically built for growers just like Fast Facts you, who have very specific demands and expectations from your hydroponics needs. When you use VooDoo Juice it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will PRODUCT TYPE: mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the Beneficial Bacteria Root Booster goods you’re looking for. GARDEN TYPES: What’s more..., VooDoo Juice will work every time for you VooDoo Juice has been specially designed for use with all using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. soil growing mediums. VooDoo Juice has been developed VooDoo Juice has been developed for use with any and all for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, NFT, hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. growing systems. We guarantee it! And when you use VooDoo Juice you’ll never have to WHEN TO USE: risk even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as Early Veg Phase, Early Flowering, Cloning, Transplanting, always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted Growing from Seedlings we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. As always, dedicated to your gardening success. 37
  • 32. GET THE BIGGEST YIELDS FROM YOUR BLOOM BOOSTER Most likely, you’re one of the 91.7% of growers who use bloom boosters every bloom cycle, because you want to be sure your boosters give you the biggest yields possible for your garden ... to be precise ... you look for bloom boosters that give you: l Larger, heavier, denser flowers l Flowers with more essential oils, aromatics, terpenoids, phenols and other potency factors l Measurable, significant increases in overall harvest weight and market value 38
  • 33. But most bloom boosters don’t measure up to these called amino acids (which are building GROWER LEVEL goals. In fact, until recently poorly-absorbed forms of blocks of proteins, terpenoids, phenols phosphorus and potassium (P and K) were the main and alkaloids). This means you want HOBBYIST ingredients in most bloom boosters. to give 20 “L-form” amino acids to your Worse, almost all bloom boosters have incorrect ratios plants, with especially important doses or types of phosphorus and potassium. Most provide of L-tryptophan, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamate double the amount of phosphorus to potassium. That’s and L-Glycine. not useful. Your plants need much more potassium than Why the special emphasis on these phosphorus during bloom phase. four L-form amino acids? Here’s why: And when too much phosphorus is dumped into your Your plants utilize L-tryptophan to plants, it creates a potential for phosphorus toxicity that create an important floral growth works against flower production and overall plant health. hormone called indole acetic acid (IAA). Not only that, your crops may taste harsh so they hurt Boosting synthesis of IAA creates larger your throat and lungs. flowers with more potency. L-Cysteine provides sulphur, and along with L-Glycine is a prime element in formation of an internal plant protectant Potassium And Phosphorus compound called glutathione. Plants respond to bloom phase stress by making Are Only Part Of The Real Story glutathione, which has a number of functions including helping plants deal There’s a lot more to fueling bigger flowers than giving with heat stress, other environmental your plants correct ratios and types of potassium and stressors, and free radicals. phosphorus. Because many hydroponics nutrients Studies show floral production revs up most when your provide no amino acids, and because plants get the full range and correct forms of substances indoor gardening is inherently stressful You need a bloom booster proven to make your buds bigger and more valuable. turn page ¾ 39
  • 34. How do most bloom boosters stack up in meeting these to plants, tissue samples show many goals? Not as well as they could. In fact, until recently poorly- 20% GROWER LEVEL YIELD INCREASE plants have glutathione deficiency ... absorbed forms of phosphorus and potassium (P and K) were BIG HOBBYIST slowing metabolic functions ... and ... the main ingredients in most bloom boosters. results in lower yields. BUD Now that you know the crucial role amino acids play in floral production and overall plant health, it’s important to have the L-form of amino acids rather than the less-complex “D” form aminos. This is because your plants’ cells need all 20 amino acids, but even the bloom boosters that do provide amino acids, 10% contain aminos that are hard for your plants to create or absorb, because they’re less water soluble, called D-aminos. Make Your Flowers HYDROPLEX Bigger By Helping KOOL BLOOM Your Plants Breathe, SUGAR DADDY Metabolize And Produce 0% BIG BUD ABSOLUTELY DELIVERS LARGER YEILDS For this reason, please remember, only Big Bud absolutely delivers larger yields than any competing THAN ANYCOMPETING BLOOM BOOSTER! L-form amino acids are the ideal forms bloom booster! for easy absorption and proven yield increases. phosphorus create larger flowers, and that L-form amino You’ve seen how bud builder product acids help plants make larger, better-formed flowers that research shows that precise and carry more potency and value. appropriate ratios of potassium and The bottom line is ascorbic acid, all 20 L-form amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are found in the correct ratios in the easy-to-use liquid bud potentiator created by our scientists called Big Bud. Here’s what you’re guaranteed to see when you use Big Bud: l More flowers l Bigger flowers l More potent flowers l Flowers with higher market value l Liquid formula for easier mixing and absorption When you look at the facts and see the results, you agree that Big Bud offers you a convenient, reliable way to deliver a unique suite of bud potentiator ingredients into your flowering plants. Get Big Bud today and feed L-aminos and other plant maximizing ingredients to your Get yourself the world’s most popular and plants and you’ll see larger, richer, more glistening flowers legendary bud builder that put the BIG in your in less time than ever. buds! 40
  • 35. “When I used the other bloom Fast Facts GROWER LEVEL booster, the PPM would spike. The HOBBYIST damage was clear, and once I had PRODUCT TYPE: Bloom Booster to flush everything. Since I started GARDEN TYPES: using Big Bud my friends keep Liquid Big Bud has been specially asking: what’s your secret?” designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, and soil growing mediums. Claude, from Mobile, Alabama Big Bud has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. Frequently Asked WHEN TO USE: Questions Peak bloom phase. MIXING DIRECTIONS: QUESTION: Can I use Big Bud as my only bloom Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 2 booster or should I use it with other bloom through 4 of your flowering phase. boosters you recommend? GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: ANSWER: Big Bud can be used as a stand-alone Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand bloom booster and you will see bigger buds as a Master Growers result. Additionally, our research shows using our COMPANY FOUNDERS’ NO-RISK, 100% bloom booster series (Bug Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Candy and Overdrive) will result in even larger and If for any reason you’re not absolutely more market-valued products. delighted, we’ll refund all your money QUESTION: Will I have problems with overfertil- back it’s that simple. ization when I use Big Bud with your potent base nutrients? ANSWER: Our scientists have designed customized Company Founders’ NO-RISK, programs for each of our base nutrients so you use 100% Money Back Big Bud as directed by the base feed chart and get bigger buds with no worries about nutrient burn. GUARANTEE Big Bud was specifically built for growers just like you, who When you use Big Bud as part of the Bigger Yields have very specific demands and expectations from your System, the System is configured to balance pH hydroponics needs. When you use Big Bud it must perform and PPM to optimum levels so you don’t have to be flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into concerned about them. your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. QUESTION: Why does Big Bud come in a liquid What’s more..., Big Bud will work every time for you using any formulation? and all hydroponics, sphagnum or soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponic, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters ANSWER: The liquid formulation provides more and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! absorption and is easier for growers to use. And when you use Big Bud you’ll never have to risk even one QUESTION: What can I count on as regards the penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any crop size increase that Big Bud gives me? reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your money back it’s that ANSWER: Depending on your strain, growing simple. conditions and what level you are on in our Bigger As always, dedicated to your Yields System, you could see as much as 27% increase gardening success. in harvest weight from Big Bud. 41
  • 36. ARE YOUR PLANTS MISSING OUT ON THIS COMMONLY IGNORED, YET INCREDIBLY VITAL SECRET TO GETTING BETTER HARVESTS? Plus, IT BOOSTS YOUR PLANT’S STRENGTH, IMMUNITY AND OVERALL HEALTH TOO! You’re already giving your plants the best environment fuels flower growth.) ... B1 strengthens plant and nutrients possible, but did you know you may need immune systems to avoid disease and stress ... vitamins too? activates Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), In fact, scientists tested identical clones side by side which is what happens in humans when a in identical systems. The clones are fed the same diet, vaccination produces an increased immune except that half of the clones receive a vitamin that the response to future disease attacks. Plus, B1 other clones do not receive. assists in root development so your plants get more nutrients faster, and are more resistant to Both sets of clones were closely monitored during shock from transplanting or cloning. growth and after harvest with scientists taking plant tissue samples to measure plant metabolism, nutrient wHY YouR plANTS NEEd absorption, and overall plant health. Plus, total yield size, EXTRA B VITAmINS FoR quality and essential oil content are also measured. Using statistical analysis and other criteria, scientists determined SuRVIVAl ANd pRoduCTIoN As you can if the vitamin had any effects, and if so, what those effects see, B vitamins are. are absolutely essential. Truth How B VITAmINS ImpRoVE is: your plants YouR plANTS ANd YouR YIEld can’t synthesize Fortunately our scientists have repeatedly run hydro- enough B ponics tests showing many B vitamin benefits for your vitamins from plants, including: the nutrients you feed them ● Folic Acid helps plants maintain healthy metabolism fast enough to and DNA and upgrades the weight and quality of your get fast growth, harvest. But because folic acid breaks down easily earlier maturation, (especially under intense lighting), it’s a good idea to stress/disease supplement with folic acid in your plants. resistance, and ● Vitamin B5 is essential because without sufficient B5, heavier, more plants die, grow slowly, or are susceptible to stress potent harvests. disorders and pathogenic diseases. Enough said! When you ● Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps your plants use and create provide additional carbohydrates so your plants have enough energy for vitamins, your strong growth and production of flowers and essential plants have less oils. It also helps your plants’ use of phosphate (which metabolic work to do 42
  • 37. and they use more of their nutrients for growth and floral production because they don’t have to make B vitamins “I had a complete feed GROWER LEVEL themselves. Plus, studies show when plants are stressed (which is when they most need B vitamins), that’s when program with high-end HOBBYIST they are least able to make their own vitamins. nutrients. But something was In fact, there are several stressful times in your plants life missing. I found what I lacked when they need extra B vitamins, like when your plants with B52. Now I have stronger are seedlings, new clones, transplants or flowering ... when plants and more weight in my you’re using CO2 augmentation ... and when your plants harvests.” are under other stresses like seed production, extreme Randall, from Missoula, Montana temperatures, or pest and disease attacks. IS THE LACK OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM YOUR BEST HARVEST POSSIBLE? Vitamins help plants grow stronger and more vigorous. Maximum blooms are heading your way. turn page ¾ 43
  • 38. A B VITAmIN FoRmulA THAT BooSTS YIEld Too? B-52’s GROWER LEVEL Scientists discovered a B vitamin formula PROVEN BENEFITS HOBBYIST is an ideal platform for vitamin-rich components that double as yield-boosting substances. For example, our B-52 formula 45% INCREASED RESISTANCE contains kelp and seaweed extracts which TO STRESS & HEAT contain a variety of compounds, including auxins that increase cell replication and stimulate roots and stems. Plus, several INCREASED EFFICIENCY OF NUTRIENT UPTAKE 0% INCREASED YIELD B-52 IMPROVES YOUR PLANT’S B-52 pumps up your plant’s stamina, energy and productivity so you get larger harvests. PRODUCTIVITY AND HEALTH studies show B vitamins, combined with seaweed and kelp extracts, assist in floral development and ripening, with increases in floral weight and potency as much as 31%! Combine this with the crop protection provided by: ● Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Enhances systemic resis- tance so your plants are less susceptible to com- mon grow room diseases that often disguise themselves as nutrient disorders while insidiously harming your crops. ● Vitamin B3 (Niacin): An essential substance that contributes to your plants’ metabolism and other basic life functions. Insufficient amounts of B3 lead to slow growth, poor yields and lowered disease re- sistance. ● Vitamin B7 (Biotin): Involved in enzymatic activity, carbohydrate energy production and amino acid Your plants benefit from the best scientists, the synthesis. All three of these areas are implicated in best labs and the best research in the world. the basic health and productivity of your plants. 44
  • 39. YouR B VITAmIN FoRmulA INCludES plANT NuTRITIoN FREQUENTLY GROWER LEVEL FoR HIGHER YIEldS ASKED QUESTIONS HOBBYIST Compounded with the B vitamins mentioned above, B-52 contains humates and other sources of plant nutrition that QUESTION: Why do I need to are more easily absorbed by your plants because they are give B-52 to my plants when I administered with B vitamins. And these substances aid am already feeding them a high- the transference of B vitamins into your plants. nutrition fertilizer? With B-52, you can feed either the roots or foliarly, which ANSWER: Plants can make B vitamins makes the healing, stimulating and protective effects of from some fertilizers. But, they expend energy and nutrition to make the B vitamins immediately and completely available to your vitamins. When you provide B vitamins plants. Plus, B-52 works in all types of growing systems in B-52 your plant a ready- and root zone material, including aeroponics, rockwool, made vitamin source ... your plants can soil, coco coir, hydroton, ebb and flow, and all the other focus on floral production. hydroponics gardening methods. QUESTION: I’ve heard that B-52 is really good for young plants. Is this true? FAST FACTS ANSWER: Yes, B-52 is definitely a powerful anti-stress tonic that increases survival of transplants, seedlings and PRODUCT TYPE: clones. B Vitamin Supplement. QUESTION: I am growing all-organic. Can I use B-52? B-52 BENEFITS: • Better Survival Rate For Seedlings, ANSWER: We make the only all-organic Transplants, Clones B vitamin supplement, called Organic B, • Plants More Resistant To Stress And Disease which you should use if you’re growing only organically. • Increased Growth And Yield • Stronger Roots For More Nutrient Uptake GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Company Founders’ NO-RISK, Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Masters 100% Money Back Growers GUARANTEE WHEN TO USE B-52: B-52 was specifically built for growers just like you, who have Any time plants are under stress, especially during specific demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. early growth, cloning, transplanting and flowering. When you use B-52 it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the GARDEN TYPES: goods you’re looking for. B-52 has been specially designed for use with all What’s more..., B-52 will work every time for you using any and hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums mediums. B-52 has been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, We guarantee it! flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid And when you use B-52 you’ll never have to risk even one penny feed growing systems. because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: money back it’s that simple. Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 3 through 6 of your As always, dedicated to your flowering phase, and during all weeks of vegetative gardening success. growth. 45
  • 40. Kick Your Flowering Plants Into Overdrive, and Get Yourself a PRIZE-WINNING FINISH You’ve spent lots of time, money and electricity for size and weight, as well as obvious changes in several weeks of bloom phase ... your plants have been the morphology (appearance, shape, density and blooming several weeks ... they’re showing signs of structure) of your flowers. As peak flowering ends, finishing and being ready for harvest within 1-4 more your plants enter late flowering phase. During this weeks. But it feels useless to wait because your flowers phase, flowers make slight gains or are in a holding won’t get much bigger during those final weeks. At best, pattern, almost like suspended animation ... only adding another 1-6% in weight and size ... On the other hand, you remember that whatever weight and size gains they make may come at the expense of floral quality, as essential oil structures degrade. In some cases, you just harvest your crops. Continued investment of time, materials and money doesn’t seem worth it. But you’ve never been a quitter, and you’re open to a way to overdrive your crops so they come up bigger winners at harvest time. Latest Scientific Discoveries Energize Your Plants Internal Clock to Get Bigger Yields Floral production is nature’s plan for your plants, and it’s hardwired into them. But you can work their flowering cycle to get bigger yields ... It starts when you flip your lights to 12 hours, putting your plants into their flowering schedule (determined by genetics and nature). You witness the schedule visually as you see the tiniest floral structures emerge a few days after you flip to 12 hours. Over time, your flowers swell up, fill in, change their appearance, gain aroma, taste, and develop essential oil structures during your peak flowering phase in the middle trimester of blooming (the precise timing & length depends on the plant strain you’re growing). During peak flowering you see the biggest gains in 46
  • 41. Sadly, sometimes, flower quality declines at this GROWER LEVEL point. Soon, it’s obvious you need to harvest. It’s HOBBYIST all part of the natural time-clock built into your “This crop was the plants ... but ... the good news is you can now create a more productive finishing phase for your strongest I’ve ever plants. had. It had to be the Overdrive.” Help Your Plants Jeb, from Tulsa, Oklahoma Achieve Maximum Production One way to rejuvenate your yield potential dur- tantly, if your plants are provided the ing the final trimester of blooming is to give your typical form of nitrogen (ammoniacal plants a special form of nitrogen called nitrate ... nitrogen) during blooming, it can cause Yes, you’ve heard nitrogen is a bad thing during them to channel energy into stem and bloom phase, but that turns out to be a bit inac- leaf production rather than into floral curate. production. Plants do need nitrogen during bloom phase But when they’re given nitrate, they (just not as much as the veg phase). More impor- use it to create enlarged floral structures Your plants will hit a home run in the last inning! Overdrive is your only bud builder created specifically for late season use so you get larger, more potent harvests and increased production at a time when most plants have stopped producing. 47 turn page ¾
  • 42. instead of stem and leaf. Also important Put Your GROWER LEVEL is stimulating the growing tips of each plant stem that go dormant in late Crops Into Overdrive HOBBYIST bloom phase (the reason why your buds stop gaining size). It’s the same Plus, giving your plants a 1-3-4 dose of properly- thing that happens when our human chelated NPK in late bloom feeds precise ratios of skeleton’s growth tips seal off around macronutrients needed to produce significant gains age 18, and after that we don’t get in flower size and potency when most other growers much taller. have given up and are just waiting to harvest. Scientists have now discovered Taken together, the combination of ingredients we can keep the growth going featured in Overdrive provide your plants: because folic acid, fulvic acid, nitrate, • Increased nutrient uptake & increased photo- potassium, phosphorus, magnesium synthesis and energy and ascorbic acid in late bloom phase revs up photosynthesis & restarts cell • Increased cell expansion & replication for larger replication and expansion at the ends flowers of your growing tips! • Increased creation of internal floral structures Make ‘em do their best for you. You feed Overdrive to your crops in the last few weeks of bloom cycle so you squeeze significant amounts of extra weight, value and quality from your late-bloom plants. 48
  • 43. GROWER LEVEL and compounds for increased aroma, Some growers find that Overdrive HOBBYIST taste, potency and market value is especially useful in the following • Increased resistance to drought, heat, situations: stress, diseases, pests and end stage • When plants struggled earlier in exhaustion due to folic acid and other blooming & need to make up for it ingredients by putting on a lot of flower growth • Potential 9-23% gains in harvest weight fast and size during last trimester of growth • With varieties that traditionally do As you can see, using Overdrive is a more not produce large floral clusters, to sophisticated approach than what most bulk them up and make them fatter other growers are doing (just throwing the • When a grower learns they need to same bloom booster at their plants from get an extra large harvest from their week one of flowering until the day of crop due to sudden financial news, harvest). such as finding out that a new baby The simplistic idea that during bloom, is on the way all your plants need is an extra dose of PK, and the last couple of weeks of blooming is In all cropping situations, you procure just a waiting game without significant size, Overdrive now and use it in any weight and quality gains possible … this hydroponics or soil system to get a prize idea is now proven wrong. Using Overdrive, winning finish to your bloom season you make your plants accomplish what was that makes every minute, every watt, never before thought possible at the end of and every bit of your effort pay off more bloom phase. for you. PERIOD OF 7 WEEKS FLOWER SIZE & WEIGHT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The Numbers Prove It! Without Overdrive, your crops stop producing size, weight and potency in late bloom cycle. But when you use Overdrive, your crops get a new spark of growth late in life, so they keep on producing for you far longer than they normally would. 49 turn page ¾
  • 44. Frequently Asked Questions GROWER LEVEL HOBBYIST QUESTION: I use your Big Bud with Connoisseur and “I can’t believe the get fantastic results. So why is Overdrive also very difference in taste. I’m useful for me? ANSWER: Big Bud is indeed a top-producing bloom sold.” booster and Connoisseur is a premium bloom base Jeb, from Tulsa, Oklahoma nutrients formula. But our studies find that bloom phase has sub-phases during which very specific types and ratios of ingredients are required. For plants in their last 2-3 weeks of growth, the ingredients in Overdrive are more effective at increasing crop value than Big Bud, which is used earlier in bloom cycle. And no matter what FAST FACTS base nutrients you use, Overdrive gives you increased late season production. QUESTION: I used Overdrive and it did not increase the size as much as it increased the potency, aroma PRODUCT TYPE: and taste. Is this a normal thing to expect? Late-Season Bloomer ANSWER: In some crops, depending on genetics, crop environment, grower skill, and other nutrients being OVERDRIVE BENEFITS: used, you might see both a crop size and a crop quality increase. In other situations, Overdrive will primarily Larger, Denser Flowers increase the percentages of essential oils, aromatics and More Essential Oils other value-adding compounds in your flowers. More Aromatics QUESTION: What about pH and PPM when I use Overdrive? More Taste ANSWER: If you are using Overdrive as part of our Bigger More Attractive Flowers Yields System, you have no need to be concerned about pH and PPM. Just use Overdrive as directed- the System Higher Market Price For Flowers is configured to balance all formulas together to be at the Larger Harvests ideal absorbability and strength. If you are using Overdrive without using the System, it can increase PPM by as much More Production Per Watt During Lasts Weeks as 200 PPM, and you would need to monitor your nutrient Of Bloom Phase strength accordingly. GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Company Founders’ NO-RISK, Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Masters 100% Money Back Growers. GUARANTEE WHEN TO USE OVERDRIVE: Overdrive was specifically built for growers just like you, who have specific During last trimester of bloom phase. demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. When you use Overdrive it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily GARDEN TYPES: and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. Overdrive has been specially designed for use What’s more..., Overdrive will work every time for you using any and with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums and all growing mediums. Overdrive has been developed hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and And when you use Overdrive you’ll never have to risk even one penny continuous liquid feed growing systems. because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 5 and 6 or the As always, dedicated to your gardening success. last 2 weeks of your flowering phase. 50
  • 46. Have These Scientists Discovered The Perfect Rooting Medium For Propagating Cuttings? Introducing Root Shooters™! I f you have ever been frustrated with your rooting Root Shooters™ is the ultimate plant plug rooting me- medium... or... you’ve been forced to make compro- dium for indoor hydroponics. It’s made of a peat based mises in your garden because media with a proprietary binder of the limitations of your rooting holding it together to create the medium... then... you’re going to be thrilled with this new . Roots automatically - all perfect blend of peat to air. This peat and binder com- scientific breakthrough. the work is done for you. bination helps avoid disease Here’s why: until now, . It’s as easy and simple as cut and pH issues you’d normally growers like us were forced see with bark based medi- to suffer decreased yields and stick. ums because in wet rooting with our plants because of . No gels or powders needed. situations the structural fi- the weaknesses of our root- ing mediums... . 50 plugs custom formulated bers of bark break down and clog out air spaces. . Most mediums are and developed by Jiffy® This negatively affects the hard to work with — they and Advanced Nutrients. most important part of your cost you time and money... . Most rooting media . 100% guaranteed to work plants — their roots — be- cause you need proper air aren’t properly aerated — or your money back. space for roots to grow quick- they choke your plants and ly and fully in indoor rooting deprive them of the oxygen they situations. need to grow... . And most growers suffer from their mediums being How This Unique Structure Gets You Superior Rooting “too wet” — leading to disease issues that reduce yields Automatically?... and bud development... But the scientists at Advanced Nutrients were deter- Every grower knows that getting your plants to root mined to change all this by embarking on a joint research faster... and... develop stronger, deeper and bigger root project with Jiffy® to develop the perfect rooting medi- structures... directly translates to faster rooting plants, um... better quality crops and world-class yields. Because of the extremely uniform substrate and struc- ture with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distrib- uted throughout Root Shooters™ plugs, you easily get extensive fibrous root growth throughout the full depth and volume of the plug. turn page è
  • 47. Root Shooters continued è TM Plus, this superior structure gives you the ideal water hold- ing capacity, while at the same time, giving you excellent drainage. This means you’ll see easier water management... your rooting medium never gets too wet (which helps avoid diseases and pests)... and greatly helps reduce losses, espe- cially in over-wintered crops. And because there’s no net around the plug your plant’s roots will grow fully throughout the medium immediately af- ter potting. The Superior Substrate Structure Increases Your Cuttings Survival Rate... Research clearly shows cuttings grown in Root Shooters™ produce a cleaner callous than in other mediums which means you’ll see fewer losses due to rotting off. Plus, more active root nodes get formed at the cal- lous which means you’ll see faster and more prolific root de- velopment from the very beginning... Also, because your plant’s root systems are developed in the plug (and not outside of the plug) your plants will pot much quicker and are better protected against root damage, disease, and transplant shock is virtually eliminated. The Unique Design Means Less Work For You And Faster Sticking And Potting... Because the Root Shooters™ Plant Plugs are supplied ready-to-use, you’ll see up to 20% faster sticking speeds compared to other discrete plugs ... and ... there’s no additional labor needed to fill or water trays unlike using loose-fill substrates. And extensive testing with the types of plants we grow and the gardens we grow them in has proven potting on speeds are much quicker than with other discrete or loose fill plugs, because the Root Shooters™ pull from the trays quickly, easily, and with amazing consistency.
  • 48. Prove It To Yourself, With This Risk-FREE Guarantee It’s clear that Root Shooters™ Plant Plugs are the answer you’re looking for if you want to... . Save time and money... . Increase your survival rates... . Avoid rooting too wet... . Reduce harmful plant pests and diseases... . Get faster rooting, every-time... . Achieve 20% faster stick speeds... ... And give your plants the absolute best rooting medium to develop strong, prolific root structures that directly translate into better quality plants and larger yields. But you don’t have to risk anything to try Root Shooters™ yourself. That’s because Advanced Nutrients offers a 100% money-back guar- antee of satisfaction. Either you’re overjoyed and ecstatic about the difference Root Shooters™ makes in your grow room or you get every penny of your money back. It’s that simple. And it’s EASY to get Root Shooters™ Before you start your next crop cycle, simply visit your near- est hydroponics retail shop and tell them you want to try Root Shooters™ risk-free in your garden immediately. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to go home and start your next crop cycle with this almost perfect rooting medium and experience all the benefits you’ve discovered today for yourself. ’ No-Risk, Company Founders Guarantee 100% Money Back can prove... to yourself, in your want to make sure you Here at Advanced Nutrients, we ts work exactly as we say they will. own experiments... that our produc illed and amazed with how... That’s why we want you to be thr l You get automatic rooting - all the work is done for you... l How simple the cut and stic k process is... ders” process is... l And overjoyed wit h how easy the “no gels or pow se, simply return hin the first 6 months of purcha If you ’re not... then... at any time wit nd of the purchase price. % refu it immediately for a complete, 100 t Shooters™. That’s how confident we are you’ll be thrilled to own your Roo to you and our solemn commitment It’s our guarantee, our promise, and your satisfactio n! dening success. As always dedicated to your gar Robert Higgins Eugene Yordanov “Big Mike” Straumietis
  • 49. “Your Only Competition Will Be The Sun” • Your Home and Garden are Safer • Get Flawless Performance Backed Unconditional 7 Year Warranty • Save Money on Bulbs • Eliminate Noise, Heat, Risk, Security Breaches, Electricity Waste • Get Portability, Security & Maximum Lighting Benefits
  • 50. You’re Getting All The Right Ingredients For YIELDS The Expert Bundle gives you so much… • Piranha Beneficial Fungi increases your root mass as well as create a thick mat of lateral and vertical roots, enabling your plants to support your larger yields and allow your plants to take in nutrients faster during the critical phases of the flowering cycle where gains are won or lost. • Bud Candy is like cotton candy for your flowers, gooey, sticky and radiating with colorful glints of light catching your eyes, and sparkles flying off in every direction. Bud Candy is the world’s only 100% organic aroma, taste and bigger yields enhancer that also cures your plants’ mid-bloom stall so they have the energy to make larger, tastier more aromatic flowers for you. • Final Phase flushes your crops getting rid of any left over residual fertilizer that sometimes can affect the taste of your harvest. This Bigger Yields Bundle gives you a free container of Final Phase, the super-efficient flushing formula and that won’t slow down bud growth or decrease flower size! Turn page for more information è 57
  • 51. Congratula- You Use The Bigger Yields Bundles tions, you’re And The System To Easily Grow Larger, More Valuable Harvests taking the next Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Get the Hobbyist step to a simple and Expert Grower Bundles and join the many prosperous but highly growers using our simple, flowering System guaranteed to give you reliably large harvests. effective Expert Your Hobbyist and Expert Grower Bigger Yields Bundles are the first two steps on your exciting journey to a place where Grower Level that takes your plants fur- ther faster so you get bigger yields like clockwork with every harvest. When you take home this money-saving Expert Grower Bundle™ and get the benefits of the Bigger Yields Flowering System™, you step up and enter the door to getting proven advantages from the only hydroponics nutrients system guaranteed to give your plants everything they need to produce bigger yields. Heavier harvests mean heavier profits. Not only that, using the System means you can stop huge harvests you’ve always dreamed of are guaranteed to become reality for you. worrying about pH and PPM The bold truth is at every level of the System – Hobbyist, metering and adjusting. Yes, Expert Grower, Professional Grower and Grand Master Grower – you get fantastic yields. But when you step up to the next you heard correctly! Just use any of the Bigger Yields Flowering System™ base The Bigger Yields Bundles are nutrients in water that has a the only specifically engineered pH range from 4.5 - 8.5, and hydroponics Flowering System with your plants will perfectly all formulas guaranteed to work absorb all the nutrients together so your plants give you they need. You’ll agree that the largest flowers ever grown. makes growing a whole lot easier for you, doesn’t it? è 58
  • 52. Expert Grower level, you get even larger yields, even more protection for your BUNDLE™ crops. You’re climbing the stairway to heavier harvests! Combining The Hobbyist And dle™, a Flowering System base nutrient Expert Bundles Gives You: and our Hobbyist Bundle™ combine to deliver stacked nutrition to every part of • All the supplements you need for bigger flowers at the your flowering plant. The Expert Grower Expert Grower Level from your plants’ roots to the top of your Bundle™ gives you so much… flowers and everything in between. • Piranha Beneficial Fungi increases your • pH-Perfect™ formulas that work with all the Flowering root mass as well as create a thick mat of System base nutrients so you can forget about pH and PPM lateral and vertical roots, enabling your metering and adjusting in all plants to support your larger yields and types of water. Your plants allow your plants to take in nutrients faster get all the nutrition they during the critical phases of the flowering need, and you never have to cycle where gains are won or lost. use those meters ever again. • The Bigger Yields Bundles are the only specifically engi- Combining the neered hydroponics flower- ing System with all formulas Hobbyist and Expert guaranteed to work together so your plants give you the Grower Bundles largest flowers ever grown. gives you all the • Standardized mixing and measuring just 4 ml per liter supplements you need for the System base nutrients and 2 ml per liter for all sup- for bigger flowers at plements. the Expert Grower • Exclusive bloom-feeding ingredients for big fat flowers. Level from your plants’ Get one of our new and im- roots to the top of proved base nutrients along with a Hobbyist Bundle™ and your flowers and this Expert Grower Bundle™, and go to the checkout counter so you get started on bigger everything in between. yields right now. Oh, one more cool thing we almost forgot to tell you about. • Bud Candy is like cotton candy for your There’s a free formula in the Hobbyist Bundle™ and another flowers, gooey, sticky and radiating with free formula in the Expert Grower Bundle™. Better yet, our colorful glints of light catching your eyes, base nutrients are five in one products that combine four and sparkles flying off in every direction. powerful formulas F-1, H-2, Wet Betty and a special blend of Bud Candy is the world’s only 100% organic amino acids that you can’t buy as a stand alone product, you aroma, taste and bigger yields enhancer can only get it in the “System” base nutrients. So when you that also cures your plants’ mid-bloom stall get your base nutrients and your two bundle boxes, you’ll be so they have the energy to make larger, getting 12 products for the price of 6! tastier more aromatic flowers for you. Go ahead and start “stacking” your bundles, and take the • Final Phase flushes your crops getting Expert Grower Bundle™ home and try it, then you’ll see the rid of any left over residual fertilizer that power and elegance of this System. It’s backed by our No-Risk sometimes can affect the taste of your 100% Money Back Guarantee so you won’t even be risking harvest. This Bigger Yields Bundle gives one penny and then you can see for yourself the bigger yields you a free container of Final Phase, the you’ll be getting. super-efficient flushing formula that won’t Even better, your plants are taken care of from roots to slow down bud growth or decrease flower shoots and everything in between, this Expert Grower Bun- size! n 59
  • 53. Discover How Increasing Your Root Mass by 700% Gives You bigger yields R oots are what feed your l Beneficial fungi increase plants nearly everything, root absorption of oxygen, and now you can increase nutrients and water your plants’ root mass as much l Beneficial fungi increase as 700% so your plants get more root size & mass for greater nutrition to make larger, more efficiency so you get bigger potent flowers. You do this by us- and better flowers ing beneficial fungi that accom- plishes the following for you: l Expand root mass surface area by as much as 700% l Beneficial fungi protect roots against root rot, pythium, and l Beneficial fungi increase leaf/flower diseases such as production of floral essential gray mold oils 60
  • 54. Getting The Right Types Not All Beneficial Fungi Of Beneficial Fungi Is GROWER LEVEL All-Important For Your Maximum Yield As an added benefit, Piranha’s glomus and trichoderma strains protect your leaves and EXPERT As you can see, beneficial fungi are a valuable tool you use flowers against harmful fungi, mold and other to make your garden produce more. But please remember problems. That’s important because there are that it does matter what type of fungi you use. You need to two different processes manufacturers use add the right types of the two major categories of beneficial when they want to offer microbial products ... fungi: Most hydroponics companies save money l Category One beneficial fungi are called endomycorrhiza. on costs by hiring a third-party company to Believe it or not, these fungi actually have a form of “foot” bulk produce/bulk combine microbes without that enters into root cells to produce sacs or branched testing them for specific plant appropriateness structures increasing root mass and root function. or microbial compatibility. Not only that, l Category Two beneficial fungi are called ectomycorrhiza. but their process includes an overly generic These fungi create a hyphal sheath that covers root tips view of fungi. For example, you’ll hear their and a hyphae net (“foot” net) that cloaks the entire root product advertising talk about “endo and system. ectomycorrhizal fungi.” Turns out this is so vague that it borders on actually being an Scientists used to say endomycorrhiza were the only type inaccurate way of describing root zone fungi! of fungi that inserted themselves into root cells, and that the ecto variety stayed outside roots. But new research It’s exactly like saying “General Motors” to reveals super-strains of ecto and endo beneficial fungi both describe a car, leaving you wondering are they penetrate roots, so we’ve designated these strains as a mega- talking about a Pontiac or a Chevy. And even category called “ectendomycorrhiza.” if it’s a Chevy, it could be a Malibu or Corvette. Ok, if you’re lucky, you got the Corvette — but The good news is no matter what you call them; beneficial you’re still left guessing, because one model fungi form a web of root protection and enhancement called of Corvette has the 300 hp motor, but the ZR1 a “fungal mycelium.” Corvette has a 620 horsepower motor! One thing you see in hydroponics gardens without Piranha is lots of harmful microbes in the root zone that aggressively attack root zones, accounting for slow growth, poor yield, lower survivability rates for clones and seedlings, and sometimes complete crop failure. Beneficial Fungi Protect And Defend Your Roots, Leaves, Flowers The glomus and trichoderma beneficial microbes in Piranha were selectively bred to provide crop protection. These beneficial microbes are guaranteed to: l Eat harmful microbes l Deprive harmful microbes of their food supply l Deprive harmful microbes of the space, oxygen and water they need to survive l Induce or create increased plant immune response to fight off diseases and infections Using Piranha to enhance your hydroponics l Create a protective physical barrier that shuts out harmful roots gives you larger and more valuable microbial invaders hydroponics flowers. turn page ¾ 61
  • 55. Here’s How We Do It... GROWER LEVEL The good news is that we make sure PROTECTS our Piranha beneficial fungi are the fully- PLANTS FROM loaded ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower EXPERT ROT powerplant, not the Chevy Malibu! BIGGER DISEASES STRESS l Advanced Nutrients hires world-class microbiologists who practically live in MORE the laboratory — that’s how competi- POTENT tive and dedicated they are about de- FLOWERS veloping what they call “superstrains” of fungi that biologically bond with the roots of your plants. One of our scientists is especially impressive: she 700% has three Ph. D. degrees! ROOT MASS Our perfectionist scientists demand l we supply them all the most expen- INCREASE sive, precision equipment and sup- plies so they can identify each mi- crobial strain’s special characteristics that make them superstrains. That’s why our fungi are extremely fast-rep- Piranha increases root mass so you get stronger licating so they quickly colonize root plants that produce more valuable harvests. zones for rapid results (yes, one of our most important tests is comparing You exploit the hidden world of your plants’ roots using Piranha beneficial fungi to increase the security, productivity and value of your harvests. 62
  • 56. fast versus slow replicating fungi). l Piranha is never outsourced. We’re the only hydroponics Frequently Asked Questions GROWER LEVEL nutrient company in the world manufacturing all our mi- crobial products ourselves with a full-time Ph.D. microbi- QUESTION: Is Piranha going to get ologist personally supervising all aspects of production me bigger buds in soil and in an organic at all times. (The same is true for our VooDoo Juice and EXPERT program, not just in hydroponics? Tarantula products). ANSWER: Piranha enhances growth l Each of our microbial strains is individually bred in a pur- and yield and protects plants in any type pose-built 10,000 liter breeding reactor (we’re the only of gardening situation, including soil and company that uses this technically advanced process, not organics. It is a 100% organic formula. vats or tubs). Our microbes are later taken to an evapo- QUESTION: My friend told me that ration tower and gently dried. Then the Piranha super- Piranha can be used with some other of strains are carefully recombined. your formulas to get even more impact. l To ensure Piranha’s reputation for very long shelf life and viability, fungi are put into hibernation with an “antago- ANSWER: It’s true that using Piranha nist” compound that keeps the microbes dormant until with our two other beneficial microbes you mix Piranha into a nutrient reservoir or foliar spray, products (VooDoo Juice and Tarantula) will and the antagonist is diluted. create the most fertile, naturally-enhanced root zone for stronger plants and bigger l As soon as the antagonist is diluted, Piranha fungi imme- harvests. diately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action for you by wrapping themselves around and pen- QUESTION: Does Piranha help protect etrating roots, creating flower-boosting hormones, and flowers, and does it leave a bad residue? increasing root size and function. ANSWER: Piranha foliar spray protects The bottom line is Piranha increases your root size as much flowers and leaves from molds, mildew as 700% so your plants’ roots are strong enough to give you and fungi, but it leaves no toxic residue. We an upgrade the weight, value and potency of your harvest. always recommend that you lightly mist your What’s more, when you get Piranha today, you’ll see why it’s flowers about a week before harvest and money-back guaranteed to pay for itself in increased yield then don’t apply any more foliars to them and overall plant health. after that. Company Founders’ NO-RISK, FAST FACTS 100% Money Back GUARANTEE PRODUCT TYPE: Piranha was specifically built for growers just like you, Root Zone Enhancer/Plant Protector who have specific demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. When you use Piranha it must perform GARDEN TYPES: flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly Piranha has been specially designed for use with all into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing What’s more..., Piranha will work every time for you using mediums. Piranha has been developed for use with any and any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! WHEN TO USE: Cloning, early seedlings, transplanting, early vegetative And when you use Piranha you’ll never have to risk even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for phase, early bloom phase any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund MIXING DIRECTIONS: all your money back it’s that simple. Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 and 2 of your flowering As always, dedicated to your phase gardening success. GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Expert, Professional and Grand Master Growers 63
  • 57. Feed Your Plants Carbohydrates, L-Aminos And Vitamins, And You Get Tastier, More Aromatic, More Potent Buds! Seeing your room full of huge flowers that smell like candy (maybe like the cotton candy at an amusement park), and then after harvest, savouring the fine taste, aroma and potency of huge amounts of potent, sweet-tasting flowers with your friends is what REALLY makes you happy right? The smiles on their faces, and them patting you on the back, that’s what the good life is all about ... So, what can you do right now to grow the biggest harvests of the most potent, best-tasting flowers? 64
  • 58. Start by Providing “What I got was that Flower-Boosting Energy GROWER LEVEL the buds are tighter and When Your Plants Most Need It somewhat larger while also smelling more sweet. Bud EXPERT Getting sweeter, bigger harvests is easy when you give your plants carbohydrates that jolt them with an energy Candy worked well for me boost. and people are asking me Remember that during peak bloom cycle your plants’ how I got it to taste and need for sugars exceeds their ability to manufacture smell so good.” them. The more you push them, the more C02 and Mark, from Gainesville, Florida nutrients you give them, the more they need carbs, and the more they fall behind. The resulting carb deficit is the same thing that happens when athletes collapse near the end of grueling competition. And it’s why carb- For example, you see hydroponics loading is a cherished tactic athletes use to keep going formulas containing “molasses.” But strong for victory, when others fall and fail. like almost every individual ingredient in hydroponics formulas, there are many grades and types of molasses, and the differences between them decide Not Just Any Carbohydrates, whether they will deliver your bigger, But The Right Ones For Your Plants better yields. Fact is, most types of molasses are Carb-loading your plants requires a specialty formula. loaded with sulphur or made from In actuality, your plants best absorb simple or complex materials or processes that lower carbohydrates when they are present as arabinose, their sugar content and quality. When dextrose, glucose, maltose and xylose from raw cane sulphured, low-grade molasses are in extract, malt extract, cranberry extract and other a hydroponics formula, the extraneous premium carbohydrate sources. Not only does this end mid-bloom slump but these materials fuel beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone. When you’ve installed beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, they thrive best when they have externally-provided carbos to feed on (these beneficial bacteria and fungi increase root mass, increase nutrient absorption, protect roots, and produce hormones that stimulate floral size, potency and value). So you know carb-loading provides energy and root enhancement, but what can you do to create gourmet flowers with enhanced taste, size, potency, and aroma? The good news is providing the list of carb sources we just discussed also enhances the taste and aroma of your plants! The Benefits Of Using Amino Acids And Other Compounds In the Correct Form For Your Plants Please remember: the advantages you get by feeding your crops depends on the quality of specific ingredients How sweet it is when you send flavor enhancers in the products. into your crops so your buds taste like candy! 65 turn page ¾
  • 59. minerals throw off your nutrient ratios while providing smaller percentages of sugars. Sweeter Flowers GROWER LEVEL Are Worth More Now let’s see how this relates to the types and forms of amino acids in EXPERT hydroponics formulas ... Sweeter flowers are yours when you boost your crop’s Amino acids are crucial building taste, potency and aroma by furnishing anthocyanins, blocks for proteins that fuel metabolic isoflavonoids, polyphenols, isoterpenes and tannins processes and physical structure in found in cranberry and grape extracts. Growers using your flowering plants. Few hydroponics these compounds report that a sudden bouquet of formulas contain amino acids, pleasant scent arises from their flowers within moments but almost all the ones that have of the compounds being fed to plants in water ... and ... aminos provide them in a form called after harvest, you and your friends will enjoy the extra- “D-Aminos.” sweet aroma and taste that your flowers provide (Plus, Although these aminos are cheaper there’ll be more flowers to enjoy too!) to source and manufacture, they are Another technique for upgrading the aroma, taste and not very helpful to your plants. On the value of your crop is to feed vitamins to your plants. other hand, the L-form of amino acids For example, Vitamin C stimulates photosynthesis and is totally biologically available for rapid cell replication while also protecting your plants from uptake and formation of proteins that negative effects of intense light and heat. To go along rapidly increase your crop health and with Vitamin C, studies show that feeding your plants yield. B vitamins provides many flower-boosting benefits while As with molasses and other ingredients also protecting crops from stress. in hydroponics formulas, it matters So how can you get this extensive menu of crop- a lot what forms and manufacturing boosting compounds you’ve just found out about? processes are used. Fortunately, Advanced Nutrients scientists have Bud Candy feeds carbohydrate energy to your plants when they need it most so your plants avoid mid-bloom slump and keep going strong for maximum flower production all the way to harvest. 66
  • 60. successfully managed the complex task of sourcing, processing, and combining all these aminos, carbs, and vitamins into Bud Candy so you get bigger, sweeter Fast Facts GROWER LEVEL buds right away. Best of all, you’re getting two products in one because EXPERT Bud Candy gives you everything in Sweet Leaf and PRODUCT TYPE: CarboLoad, but it also gives you a lot more in an easy to Bloom Booster, Taste/Aroma Enhancer, use formula. Whether your plants are in bloom phase Plant Protector right now, or you’re preparing for bloom phase, this is the time to procure 100% organic Bud Candy and get GARDEN TYPES: cotton candy taste, fatter buds, and stronger plants. Bud Candy has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. Bud Candy has been developed for use “I love the way Bud Candy smells, and I with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, noticed that my crops started smelling drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip and tasting the same way. I can see why emitters and continuous liquid feed you call it Bud Candy!” growing systems. Robert, from San Francisco, California WHEN TO USE: Bloom phase. MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 100% through 6 of your flowering phase POSITIVE RESPONSES FROM CROP TESTERS GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Expert, Professional and Grand Master Growers Company Founders’ NO-RISK, 100% Money Back 67% BETTER TASTE GUARANTEE Bud Candy was specifically built for growers just like you, 59% BETTER AROMA who have specific demands and expectations from your 50% hydroponic needs. When you use Bud Candy it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re 43% FASTER GROWTH looking for. 37% MORE POTENT What’s more..., Bud Candy will work every time for you using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, 29% LARGER YEILDS drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! And when you use Bud Candy you’ll never have to risk even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. Blind taste tests conducted byCROP TEST FOUND growers and PROFESSIONAL GROWERS IN A BLIND experienced BUD CANDY As always, dedicated to your IMPROVES FLAVOR, AROMA, GROWTH, PC, AND YEILD OF YOUR CROPS gardening success. connoisseurs showed that Bud Candy buds have better flavor, aroma, potency & market value. 67
  • 61. HIGHER YOUR CROPS TASTE SWEETER AND HAVE VALUE WHEN YOU FLUSH THEM BEFORE HARVEST F Final Phase clearing flush solution lushing is a simple yet powerful process that cleanses your crops just before harvest so you get: • Cleaner, Safer Crops • Tastier, Sweeter-Smelling Crops • Higher Quality Crops That Command Premium Market Prices Let’s take a look at this proven method for immediately improving the quality and market price of your harvests… 68
  • 62. Your Plants Are Not All Flushes GROWER LEVEL Absorbing Things You Don’t Want To Consume Are Created Equal EXPERT As you’re aware, your plants grow by absorbing Many growers try “flushing” their crops compounds from nutrients, water, and the atmosphere. or they use all-organic nutrients to deal These compounds become part of your plant tissues. But, with accumulated salts that affect finished as your plants age, they accumulate excess nutrient salts crop quality. Unfortunately, most forms of and other substances that decrease the quality and value flushing, or the use of all-organic fertilizers, of your end product. Can you recall a time when you almost does not purge crops of harsh residues. coughed your lungs out? It was polluted crops that did it. For one thing, the most common way that At times, this accumulation is visible as over-fertilization growers flush their crops is by giving their or other crop failures. More often, it is an unseen burden infiltrating your crops from the inside out. This burden crops water that has no nutrients in it. But causes crops that have offensive taste and odor; crops this doesn’t fully cleanse your crops. It only that burn with black ash or are hard to keep lit; and crops starves your plants so they lose vigorous that irritate and damage your respiratory system, causing floral growth and resin percentages just coughing and other health issues. before harvest. Your crops store excess nutrient salts that can make them taste bad, smell strange, and cure poorly. Final Phase safely flushes your crops, and it’s easy to use too. turn page ¾ 69
  • 63. Other growers use flushing formulas GROWER LEVEL that generally consist of a few chemicals that sometimes have the ability to pull 100 TOTAL DETECTABLE EXCESS MATERIALS TOTAL DETECTABLE EXCESS MATERIALS a limited amount of residues out of your plants. These primitive flush formulas NO FINAL PHASE EXPERT remove plant nutrition, resulting in smaller harvests and decreased harvest potency. Not only that, but they don’t provide the full-spectrum, value-enhancing cleanse you’re looking for. Truth be told, the stuff that stores in your COMPETING FLUSH PRODUCT plants comes from fertilizers, water, and the 50 atmosphere, and organic fertilizer has no crop-cleansing properties in and of itself. Fortunately, there’s a better way to ensure that your harvests are crystal-pure. Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide To Crop Cleansing 0 WITH FINAL PHASE FINAL PHASE REMOVES EXCESS MATERIALS The process of totally cleansing your Final Phase removes excess OTHER FLUSH PRODUCT BETTER THAN ANY materials better than any flowers begins 4 to 10 days before you other flush product or using only pure water. Crops USING ONLY PURE WATER intend to cut them for harvest. At that taste, look and smell better. time, you drain your reservoir, fill it with fresh water, and add just one formula: Final Final Phase is scientifically engineered to cleanse crops without causing the problems that other flushing formulas cause. Those other formulas rob your crops of their final days of flower growth and essential oil production. Final Phase cleanses, but allows plants to continue to increase floral value right up until you cut. 70
  • 64. Phase, the only flushing formula ever specifically designed and tested to provide complete, value-enhancing cleansing Now Sit Back, Relax GROWER LEVEL of the specific type of plants you grow. And Enjoy The By the way, it’s important for you to realize that Final Phase Fruits Of Your Labor is the only formula made for your plants. That’s important EXPERT because different species of plants respond in different Now that you’ve flushed your plants, what ways to pre-harvest flushing, and because the testing can you expect from your harvest? and design of hydroponics flushing products has a direct To start with, your Final Phase crops cure bearing on whether those products work for you or not. better and faster, with less susceptibility After you have added Final Phase to your plants’ water to storage diseases such as molds and supply, you continuously irrigate your plants’ roots for fungi. You’ll notice that your curing crops six hours to completely wash your roots and root zone smell better and maintain a more pleasing with Final Phase. Then, you drain your reservoir and fill it appearance. Better yet, essential oils and with clean water. You do not add any nutrients or other other resins will be preserved so your flower supplements to your water supply. You just feed your plants clusters are more potent. pure water right up to harvest time. But the real test comes when you first taste As proven by thousands of tissue samples taken from your Final Phase - flushed crops. Imagine your the exact type of plants you grow, this procedure results delight when you get a smoother, sugary in crops that are almost totally purged of excess salts and taste that’s accompanied by enchanting other burdens. scent and other highly potent effects. That’s the Final Phase difference. The key thing here is for you to get Final Phase today What’s A Chelate and update your garden calendar to remind And How Does It Make you to use this uniquely effective formula a Your Harvests More Valuable? few days before harvest. Your friends, family and other growers will notice the positive How does this amazing process work to free your plants difference you create using Final Phase. and make them more valuable? If you could see down to the molecular level, here’s what you’d witness: • Final Phase contains a broad range of ingredients known as “chelates.” • Chelates are like chemical “claws” that can grasp other materials, such as individual nutrients, and bind to them. • During the course of the six-hour Final Phase cleansing, the formula’s proprietary, exceptionally broad range of chelates removes excess nutrient salts, heavy metals and pollutants from your plants’ roots and their root zone. • Some of the chelates enter your plants and create a downward mobility of excess salts that exit your plants and are washed into the Final Phase/water solution. • After the Final Phase/water mixture has done its job, you remove all that water from your reservoir and refill your reservoir with fresh water. • Inside your plants, from the time of flushing until harvest time, your plants are consuming on-board nutrients and otherwise purging themselves of unwanted residues. Increase the value, taste, aroma and safety • By the time you harvest, your plants will be free of at least of your crops using Final Phase- the only crop 85% of the stored materials they held before flushing. cleanser that produces bigger harvests. turn page ¾ 71
  • 66. You Finally Have A Professional Toolkit For MAKING BIGGER YIELDS And The Keys To The Professional Grower Kingdom Professional Growers like you are demanding a simple but highly effective nutrient flowering System that feeds your plants faster, easier and gives you reliable bigger yields every time you harvest. And before you focus in on the powerful, guaranteed Bigger Yields formulas in this box, recall what got you to this level. First of all, you’ve got top-rank standards for yourself, your nutrients and your yields. You’re thought of as a person who pays attention to crop quality and doesn’t accept second best. You want the most efficient means of achieving your growing goals, but you also want the most powerful nutrients. Turn page for more information è 75
  • 67. You Finally Now Say Hello To Have a Guaranteed 28.96% Bigger Yields Professional Here’s the deal, you could use one of our base nutrients Toolkit for along with our Hobbyist and Expert Bundles to get at least Making Bigger 19% bigger yields than you’ll get with any other nutrients, but you realize you’re capable of growing more than that. Yields As you’re probably aware, Advanced Nutrients invented modern hydroponics nutrient feed programs, but it’s not your fault if your head starts to hurt after looking at all those different feed charts and schedules that are out there, because all the other nutrient companies soon followed after we got the ball rolling and turned hydroponics store shelves into a costly, confusing minefield. Too many choices, not enough information, and gardeners used as guinea pigs by companies that don’t have real scientists and Professional Growers like you deserve hydroponics nutrients research programs dedicated made by scientists for the plants you grow. The Professional Bundle™ delivers you bigger yields, backed by the latest plant to bigger yields and the tight science research. quality control that Advanced Nutrients maintains. So a few years ago, So get this Professional your voices were heard BundleTM right now and you’ll and reached a crescendo have the power to control more that caused me and our team of 12 scientists to plant functions, do less work, develop the Bigger Yields save money, and get yields that Flowering System™ that uses are 28.96% bigger. proprietary pH-Perfect™ Technology to eliminate you So get this Professional Bundle™ right now and you’ll have wasting your time with pH- the power to control more plant functions, do less work, save PPM metering and adjusting. money, and get yields that are 28.96% bigger. è 76
  • 68. Professional Grower BUNDLE™ Check Out What Your Professional Bundle Will Give You: • New Tarantula Beneficial Microbes Give You Larger, Faster-Growing Flowers from roots that inhale nutrients Our formulas faster and are protected from harmful microbes. Tarantula have all been armors your roots while naturally producing bloom co-factors that make flowers grow denser and standardized so bigger. And get this, Tarantula is the only beneficial microbes formula mixing and feeding is ever made, specifically for your automatically easy. requirements. This means it’s more biologically-active than the original Tarantula and any other competitor’s beneficial microbes formula. By the way, there’s a free formula • Nirvana Rewards You With the in each bundle! Better yet, our base only all-organic additive that sends nutrients are five in one products, fractionated co-factor extracts and flower stimulants deep onto the heart combining four powerful formulas of your plants’ flower production and a special blend of amino acids. that means you’ll have bigger fatter So get your base nutrients and your flowers. • Sensizym Provides You Money- three bundle boxes and you’re getting Saving enzymes that eat root zone 15 products for the price of 8! garbage and convert it to nutrients for your plants while also clearing your root zone media so you can use it again and again. Your clean, And when you’re efficient, enzyme-rich plants produce the most valuable flowers. Not only ready for even bigger that, Sensizym is the strongest, most effective hydroponics enzyme formula yields, combine and the best news is Sensizym is yours absolutely FREE in this bundle! Hobbyist, Expert and Professional Just Imagine How Much Fun Bundles with the You’ll Have With The Time You Save Using The System Grand Master Think about all the other fun things you could be doing with Grower BundleTM your time instead of fooling around metering and adjusting your pH-PPM. Not to mention the constant threat of burning and then watch your yourself or your clothes with pH adjustment chemicals. plants fill your grow Hey, just forget about mixing problems too. Our formulas have all been standardized so mixing and feeding is automatically room with blooms easy. that exceed your And when you’re ready for even bigger yields, combine Hobbyist, Expert and Professional Bundles with the Grand wildest expectations Master Bundle™ and then watch your plants fill your grow room with blooms that exceed your wildest expectations guaranteed. guaranteed. n 77
  • 69. Pump Up Your Root Size, Protect Your Roots, and GET BIGGER, MoRE PoTEnT FLoWERs R esearch shows your plants’ roots are the key to your yield size and potency ... yet ... the first thing you notice about most hydroponics root zones is they are biologically sterile. Nothing other than roots are alive in them. Or worse, sometimes, your root zone isn’t sterile because your roots are attacked by harmful fungi, bacteria, and diseases that eat your roots and rot them ... And when you focus on your roots, you might notice that they’re bare and spindly-looking. But healthy roots actually look healthy, not like most roots you’ll see. They’re “muscular,” intensely-branched, thickened, and robustly alive. You don’t see that kind of roots very often in hydroponics gardens unless you’ve imported beneficial microbes into your root zone. But how do you do that? 78
  • 70. PROFESSIONAL the tiniest organisms produce GROWER LEVEL the biggest yields for you Inserting beneficial microbes into your root zone is easy when you administer Tarantula to your crops, so let’s look at all the good things that’ll happen for your plants when you do. For example, scientists bred pseudomonas chloro- raphis because it’s a “plant growth promoting rhizo- bacteria,” or PGPR. Now here’s the really interesting thing about pseudomonas and other PGPR’s: they digest organic debris in your root zone by secreting compounds called cytokinins that stimulate floral pro- duction, plant health, and plant branching. These cytokinins, otherwise known as phytohor- mones, enter your plants and promote floral cell divi- sion, branching, and also have an anti-aging effect. Guess what…the anti-aging affect means your flow- ers create more potent oils, and your plants have more vigor longer into bloom phase than they nor- mally would. Installing Tarantula’s special breeds of beneficial microbes in your root zone you put up a microbial barrier pays off for you when you harvest your that protects your plants crops. Beneficial root zone microbes protect your plants by • Increase nutrient uptake and solubil- creating a barrier that keeps harmful microbes from ity of minerals getting started in your root zone. Our studies found • Produce natural plant growth hor- that in hydroponic root zones that were not treated mones with beneficial bacteria, there was a 39% chance that harmful bacteria had crept in. • Improve aeration and water-holding capacity of root zone material You may have experienced this as root rot, loss of clones, slow growth, or smaller yields, without know- • Increased viability of seeds, clones ing that your root zone had been colonized by harmful and transplants bacteria. • Enhance availability of phosphorous Along with the benefits outlined previously, beneficial and increase conversion of atmo- microbes establish a line of defense that outcompetes spheric nitrogen to plant-available with harmfuls so your roots are safer and stronger. nitrogen But that’s not all. You get leaf and stem protection • Defeat harmful fungi, molds and bac- when you spray Tarantula as a foliar so it stops pow- teria dery mildew and other problems that can harm your One other thing, for beneficial microbe leaves and flowers. products to be successful for you, they have to have a very high number of col- HERE’S WHAT TARANTULA’S ony-forming units per gram. In simple EXCLUSIVE MICROBES DO: language, this means that the formula should have a high number of microbes • Decompose organic matter to create extra nutri- per gram. Tarantula clocks in at 1.4 tion for your plants billion viable bacteria per gram, making • Increase plant growth rates and yields it by far the strongest of its type. turn page ¾ 79
  • 71. PROFESSIONAL GROWER LEVEL not all beneficial root microbes formulas are STRONGER created equal ROOTS It’s confusing and frustrating when INCREASE you go to a hydroponics store and see YOUR beneficial microbes formulas made by GROWTH RATE different manufacturers. Your obvious PROTECT YOUR AND YIELD question is which of these is going to PLANTS give me the biggest bang for my buck. The answer is, there are two very SPECIALLY-BRED distinct processes manufacturers use DESIGNED BY MICROBES when they want to offer microbe prod- SCIENTISTS ucts ... Most hydroponics companies save money on costs by hiring a third-party company to bulk produce and bulk com- bine microbes without testing them for specific plant appropriateness or mi- Tarantula works for your plants in every type of hydroponics crobial compatibility. Not only that, but and soil system, guaranteeing you increased harvest rewards. their process includes a generic view of microbes. For example, when someone talks about the microbe “bacillus subtilis,” that strain name is really just the tip of the iceberg… it’s exactly like saying “Gen- eral Motors” to describe a car, and you have no idea if it’s a Pontiac or a Chevy. And if it’s a Chevy, it could be either a Malibu or Cor- vette. So if you’re lucky, you got the Corvette – but you’re still left guessing if your Corvette has the 430 hp motor or if it’s a ZR1 Corvette with the 620 horsepow- er motor! That’s how much difference there is between individual types of “bacillus subtilis” microbes. Obvious- ly we absolutely make sure VooDoo Juice microbes are always the ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower motor, not the Chevy Malibu! HERE’S HOW WE DO IT… • Advanced Nutrients hires the sharpest microbiolo- gists in the world. One of them is especially impres- sive: she has three Ph.D. degrees! We have a team of scientists testing and breeding hundreds of sub- varieties of bacillus subtilis and other beneficial mi- Beneficial microbes created by scientists crobes in a continual research program and we are studying the roots of plants you grow always upgrading our formulas. give you a wide array of plusses that increase the stability and productivity of • It’s a known fact that specific beneficial microbes your plants. work better with certain plants than others. That’s 80
  • 72. PROFESSIONAL why we put so much time and money into our versus slow replicating microbes). GROWER LEVEL breeding program. We’re driven to find the needle in the haystack of microbes that work absolutely • Tarantula is not outsourced. We’re the best for the plants you grow. the only hydroponics nutrient company in the world manufacturing • Our scientists demand that we buy them all the all our microbial products ourselves expensive, precision equipment needed to iden- with a full-time Ph.D. microbiologist tify each microbial strain’s special characteristics personally supervising all aspects of and compatibility with each other that make them production at all times. (The same “SuperStrains.” That’s why our microbes are also is true for our Piranha and VooDoo extremely fast-replicating so they quickly colonize Juice products) root zones for rapid results (yes, we test for fast • Each microbe strain is individually bred (not in a bunch of vats or tubs) in a purpose-built 10,000 liter breeding reactor. This is a very critical, time consuming step, but it’s necessary because different strains of beneficial microbes breed at different rates and we have to ensure total uniformity and maximum colony forming units (CFU’s). After breeding, the microbes are taken to the evaporation tower and dried, and then all the strains in Tarantula are carefully recombined. • To ensure Tarantula’s very long shelf life and superior viability, its microbes are put into hibernation with an “antagonist” compound that keeps the microbes dormant until you mix Tarantula into a nutrient reservoir and the antagonist is diluted. • As soon as the antagonist is diluted, Tarantula’s microbes immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action for you by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, creating flower-boosting hormones, and increasing root size and function. When you pick up Tarantula today, you’re on your way to making your garden the maximum-yielding envy of all your Use Tarantula to feed carbohydrates which strengthen friends. Get your roots protected and your beneficial microbes so they increase your root mass enhanced using Tarantula, and watch for even more flower-boosting power. the guaranteed bigger bud results. turn page ¾ 81
  • 73. PROFESSIONAL frequently asked GROWER LEVEL fast facts questions PRODUCT TYPE: 100% Organic QUESTION: I see that you also have two other Root Booster / Crop Protector / formulas that go into the root zone. Will I get Yield Booster more benefits if I use all three, or can I just use GARDEN TYPES: Tarantula has been Tarantula? specially designed for use with all hydro- ponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil ANSWER: It’s true that we offer VooDoo Juice growing mediums. Tarantula has been beneficial microbes and Piranha beneficial fungi, both developed for use with any and all hy- droponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, of which have unique root and yield enhancing benefits. flood & drain, drip emitters and continu- We offer those formulas and Tarantula because the ous liquid feed growing systems. combined array of beneficials when using the three WHEN TO USE: Early Veg Phase, together gives you the most dynamic, supernaturally- Seedlings, Cloning, First phase of performing root zone that revs up your roots, plant bloom cycle. growth, and yield size. You can definitely use any of our MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL beneficials by themselves and get increased growth and per Liter during weeks 1 and 2 of yield, but used together, you get the healthiest and most your flowering phase. productive plants possible. GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Professional and Grand Master QUESTION: My buddy used your VooDoo, Ta- Growers rantula and Piranha and said his roots got hu- TARANTULA BENEfITS: mongous. Can that be a problem? ● Natural, more-fertile root zone ● Bigger yields ANSWER: Your plants’ roots will get as big as they ● Plant protection and faster growth can get, given the space they’re growing in. This will give ● Resistance to disease and stress you more root support for bigger yields. Bigger roots ● Increased nutrient uptake equal bigger yields. But we’ve never seen a case where ● Increased light intake and the roots got so big that it caused problems for growers. photosynthesis rates Company Founders’ NO-RISK, QUESTION: I grow all-organic in soil. Why do I still need to use beneficial microbes? 100% Money Back GUARANTEE Tarantula was specifically built for growers just like you, ANSWER: If you could import the richest, healthiest, who have specific demands and expectations from your hy- most undisturbed and fertile outdoor soil into your gar- droponic needs. When you use Tarantula it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly den, you’d have a rich broth of beneficial microbes. But into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. that kind of soil will also have pathogens and insects in What’s more..., Tarantula will work every time for you using it, and it is usually not the right porosity or pH for your any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil grow- ing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, types of plants or gardening. Truth be told, most soil NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed you buy is either biologically dead, or its diseases. So by growing systems. We guarantee it! adding the right types of beneficial microbes to your soil, And when you use Tarantula you’ll never have to risk even you ensure that only beneficials gain dominance there. one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. As always, dedicated to your garden- ing success. 82
  • 74.
  • 75. For Organic High Value Gardening, Use This Premium 100% ORGANIC FORMULA To Boost The Size And Quality Of Your Buds I n your relentless quest for larger buds that are Most manufacturers use acid hydrolysis, which destroys worth more to you and your associates, you now L-aminos. When you use Nirvana’s enzymatically- have an all-organic formula called Nirvana. hydrolyzed soy protein, your plants get L-aminos that When you look at what Nirvana has in it and how these stimulate floral growth, size and potency. organics work for you, you’ll realize why Nirvana is the Another Nirvana benefit comes from two other plants: number one choice for growers seeking an organic way Chilean Soap Bark and Yucca. These amazing plants to increase yield and quality. produce compounds called surfactants. A surfactant is a There’s a superstar list of ingredients on board for compound that reduces the “surface tension” of liquids you including alfalfa extract that stimulates growth so they and and yield in your hydroponic plants because it contains whatever they triacontanol, a powerful molecule that increases contain more your plants’ absorption of C02. Alfalfa is particularly easily enter important if you’ve invested money in C02 for your your plants grow room; it gives you more rapid intake of C02, faster via roots and growth and larger yields. leaves. Nirvana also gives you ascophyllum nodosum algae Surfactants (along with kelp extracts). These rich compounds also help contain auxins, betaines and cytokinins that are direct compounds stimulators of root function, cell replication, flower travel deeper size and flower growth rates. In addition, kelp and and faster ascophyllum extracts increase your plants’ resistance to inside plants. heat, stress, overfertilization and drought. What this means is that It’s interesting to note that these extracts can extend nutrients are the shelf life of stored flowers. When you use Nirvana more available starting in early flowering, its algae and kelp extracts to more of your create more flowering sites, more flowers, and larger plants. Yucca flowers. extract and The benefits keep on coming when you use Nirvana Chilean Soap because it contains soy protein that has been pre- Bark extract are digested using enzymes instead of the acid process that two all-natural most manufacturers use. Enzymatically-hydrolyzed soy surfactants protein ensure that flower-boosting amino acids cysteine that transfer and tryptophan are preserved in the biologically-active nutrients into “L” form. your plants. Not 84
  • 76. PROFESSIONAL only that, but, Chilean Soap Bark fights plant viruses contains 22 essential amino acids and increases the strength and scope of your plants’ that build plant proteins, and it’s also GROWER LEVEL immune systems. loaded with B vitamins. The most im- portant of these are B1 and B6, which help plants defend themselves against The Only True Organic stress and also offer cellular protec- Harvest-Boosting Gift For Your Plants tion. B vitamins are particularly useful for cloning, seedlings and transplant- Have you ever heard of tiny organisms called “krill?” ing, motherplants and gardens where These little critters have an outer shell made of a chitin. plants are being pushed hard for pro- When chitin is fed to your plants, it stimulates plant duction. immune systems, similar to how a vaccination protects you against disease. Chitin helps your plants defend Nirvana Provides themselves against harmful fungi and insect attacks and it assists beneficial root zone microbes that strengthen and Rich, Organic Nutrients protect your roots. For Your Plants Another of Nirvana’s potent bud potentiator ingredients Nirvana contains a miracle substance is bat guano that contains chitin, along with nitrogen, called “azomite”. When you read the trace elements, amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins list of substances that are contained in and minerals. Bat guano is rapidly-absorbed by plants, azomite, you’ll see why it’s valuable creating stronger plants that grow faster and produce for your plants. bigger flowers. These include calcium oxide, Along with guano, Nirvana has a yeast component that carbon, iron, hydrogen, silica, Your flowers are safer, more potent, tastier, more aromatic, and more valuable when you use Nirvana, the only true all-organic bud builder that provides vitamins, nutrients, L-aminos, carbohydrates, and yield boosters. turn page ¾ 85
  • 77. PROFESSIONAL GROWER LEVEL NIRVANA OUTPERFORMS ALL OTHERS TASTIER FLOWERS MORE POTENT FLOWERS LARGER FLOWERS RARE EXTRACTS ALL ORGANIC NIRVANA BEATS LIQUID KARMA AND ALL OTHER ORGANIC Nirvana gives you a wider range of crop-boosting BOOSTERS COMBINED benefits than Liquid Karma, Pure Blend, and similar competing formulas, and it’s 100% organic. root zone. A related compound is fulvic acid, also derived from leonardite. Fulvic acid similarly transports nutrients into cells. It also has protective benefits that help plants resist stress and toxins. Scientists worked hard to give you an all-organic bloom phase booster Putting it All Together For More Organic that increases the dollar value of your Growth Boosters In One Easy Formula harvests while adding quality and pleasure to your gardening experience. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to individually source or use these beneficial natural ingredients as individual gold, magnesium, nitrogen, sulfur, supplements … magnesium oxide, antimony, chromium, cobalt, boron, molybdenum, For your convenience, Advanced Nutrients has copper, phosphorus pentoxide, extracted, standardized and combined these powerful manganese, indium, silver, zinc and compounds into one formula called Nirvana. Not only dozens of others. In fact, virtually that, but Nirvana is triple-filtered, custom-blended for every element on earth is contained you to easily apply as a foliar feed or in any type of in azomite. You’ll notice that many hydroponics irrigation root zone system. of azomite’s ingredients are essential Be aware that Nirvana is often placed on hydroponic nutrients for your plants. store shelves along with competing products such as Pure Another of Nirvana’s underground Blend Pro and Liquid Karma, but Nirvana contains more benefits for your plants is humic acid. crop-boosting ingredients than any other organic booster It comes from leonardite, which is product. Not only that, Nirvana is the only 100% organic, amongst the richest veins of organic concentrated and easy to use formula of its type. material in the earth. Humic acid In your quest to naturally increase the size, potency, helps your plants intake and utilize weight and marketability of your flowers, Nirvana stands nutrients faster, while protecting roots alone as a rich supplement that you want to feed your and creating a healthier, more aerated plants right away. 86
  • 78. PROFESSIONAL Fast Facts “Before I was using GROWER LEVEL Nirvana, I was kind of PRODUCT TYPE: Organic Bloom Booster resigned thinking that the and Plant Growth Enhancer price of staying organic GARDEN TYPES: Nirvana has been specially designed was that I lost some for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil harvest weight. But I growing mediums. Nirvana has been developed for use gave Nirvana a try. I used with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, it as a foliar spray about NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid growing systems. 3 weeks before I went to flowering and as a root WHEN TO USE: During bloom phase, cloning, for feed after that. You could seedlings, when plants are under stress see the difference right MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during away. The flowers are weeks 3 through 6 of your flowering phase bigger and they have a GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: sweeter taste! Professional and Grand Masters Growers Qunicy T., from Athens, Georgia NIRVANA BENEFITS: l Boosts energy and metabolism so your plants grow larger faster l Increases nutrient distribution and uptake Frequently Asked l Strengthens plants against day-to-day stress Questions l Gives more harvest value for your investment l Provides building materials for more and larger blooms QUESTION: I’ve heard that Nirvana l Boosts energy and metabolism so your plants grow is good as a foliar. Can it be left on larger faster blooms until harvest time? l Increases nutrient distribution and uptake ANSWER: Nirvana has two surfactants that make it penetrate leaves Company Founders’ NO-RISK, to deliver flower-boosting compounds 100% Money Back directly into floral clusters. Nirvana is all-organic, so it’s safe to leave on your GUARANTEE flowers. However, we recommend that Nirvana was specifically built for growers just like you, who have specific demands you mist and cleanse your floral clusters and expectations from your hydroponic needs. When you use Nirvana it must with pure water just before harvest as perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your a general way of creating the cleanest reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. end product. What’s more..., Nirvana will work every time for you using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, QUESTION: Does Nirvana do drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing anything to improve taste and aroma systems. We guarantee it! when using it in with synthetic And when you use Nirvana you’ll never have to risk even fertilizers? one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll ANSWER: One of the main effects refund all your money back it’s that simple. of Nirvana is to add an organic, natural As always, dedicated to your gardening success. component to synthetic feed programs. Many growers report the improved taste and aroma when they use Nirvana. 87
  • 79. GET THIS EASY WAY TO CLEAN YOUR ROOTS SO YOU CAN AND GET BIGGER YIELDS I f you want bigger yields, then you should give your plants’ a clean root zone filled with active enzymes that digest debris and promote nutrient absorption Turn Root Zone Waste Into Faster Growth ... creates nutrition And Bigger Yields for your plants ... and even makes First of all, enzymes are molecules that take apart other molecules, a fact that can get you your root zone faster growth and bigger yields ... material reusable You see, if you were growing outdoors in the so you save money. healthiest, most fertile soil, your plants’ roots would be surrounded by billions of beneficial microbes that manufacture enzymes. These enzymes are constantly breaking down dead roots, other organic matter, and unused nutrients. They transform them into materials that your plants use for fuel to make faster growth and bigger yields. Rich enzymes in the root zone are one main reason outdoor plants get so huge and productive ... but ... you can’t just use any enzymes. You have to give your root zone the most powerfully appropriate enzymes for the job. Specifically, the most useful enzymes are chitinases, proteases, 88
  • 80. SUPPLEMENT PROFESSIONAL “I used some other SensiZym enzyme stuff and when I opened the GROWER LEVEL PRODUCT TYPE: Root Zone Cleanser, Root Enhancer, Plant bottle it smelled bad. That Protector happened twice. Then they GARDEN TYPES: recommended Sensizym Rockwool, Coir, Soil, Sphagnum, Ebb & Flow, and I got it and it was clearly NFT, aeroponics, aquaponics, vertical stacker, superior. I’ve used it in rotary, indoor, outdoor, organic, synthorganic, rockwool and aeroponics synthetic. and it works great in both.” WHEN TO USE: Sensizym works in all kinds Josh, from Kitchener, Ontario During all phases of growth, but especiallyof hydroponics systems to protect your crops, save you beginning in early bloom phase and continuing and activate your money, to harvest. plants for bigger yields. 100% SHELF LIFE, ENZYME CONCENTRATION AND ENZYME STRENGTH SHELF LIFE, ENZYME CONCENTRATION AND ENZYME STRENGTH MIXING DIRECTIONS: Ullabore henditate SENSIZYM hydrolases, glucanases and cellulases. GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Professionalinsert Grand Masterconcentrated amounts of When you and live, thriving, growers these enzymes into your root zone, you create the vigorous enzymatic environment your roots need so they’re protected against nematodes, pathogens and rot. At the same time, the enzymes are turning debris into pre-digested food for your plants! CANNAZYME You Get What You Really 50% HYGROZYME Need In An Enzyme MICROZYME Formula You should know a lot of hydroponics companies take shortcuts that short circuit the value of enzymes. Instead of using the precise types and ratios of enzymes that have been shown to work the hardest and fastest in your root zone, some companies outsource their manufacturing so they don’t know what’s in their enzyme products. 0% Because when you want to deliver a guaranteed effective Sensizym gives YOU LONGERshelf life, more SENSIZYM GIVES you longer SHELF LIFE, MORE enzyme formula to gardeners, you have to get enzymes that BIOLOGICAL ENZYME ACTIVITY, AND MORE biological enzyme activity, and more have been specially extracted in professional bioengineering CONCENTRATED ENZYME POWER THAN ANY OTHER laboratories ... concentrated enzyme power than HYDROPONICS ENZYME FORMULA any other hydroponics enzyme formula. Scientists in these labs grow huge amounts of beneficial soil microbes (the kind that manufacture the enzymes your plants need), and then they ferment those microbes to get concentrated doses of enzymes. After that, the enzymes are “I started using Sensizym to get more tested individually and together to ensure that they have out of Piranha, VooDoo and Tarantula. maximum shelf life, viability and effectiveness in the root I saw that my veg phase plants grow zone. faster now, and the Sometimes our scientists found that an individual enzyme roots are stronger. might not work so well with other enzymes, or that a The rockwool is cleaner. particular enzyme just cannot be kept active in solution. This stuff works!” They also discover the optimum pH and liquid viscosity Naomi K., that works to preserve the bioactivity of enzymes for long from Guelph, Ontario, Canada periods of time. 89
  • 81. PROFESSIONAL Of course, there are other considerations. Our scientists “To be honest, I have no idea what an enzyme GROWER LEVEL are aware of the pH and is or what it does. I bought this because the temperature of nutrient water hydro store guy said to when I was having in your hydroponics garden. problems with root rot. Well I don’t have the They make sure that Sensizym’s root rot problems anymore and I also see that enzymes function are at full Sensizym made the plants bushier. So I think strength in your range of pH and temperature. this is a great product for sure.” By the way, it’s interesting to Luke, from Chico, California note that Sensizym enzymes and beneficial microbes work together to provide additional benefits in your root zone. For example, when Sensizym’s enzymes break down material into sugars, beneficial microbes eat the sugars, creating more enzymes, larger root mass, hormones that boost flowers, and increased root uptake of nutrients. Now Save Money On Rockwool, Coco, Or Whatever Else You’re Using For Your Root Zone The bottom line is: there’s now an easy way for you to enhance your roots, put more nutrition into your plants, protect your roots, boost floral growth, deprive harmful pathogens of food, and clean your root zone. As you prepare to get 100% organic Sensizym and bring all these benefits into your garden, there’s one other interesting fact that growers have discovered using Sensizym. According to what we’re told by growers, and confirmed by gardeners as well as plant scientists, Sensizym does such a good job of decomposing root zone debris that you can reuse root zone media such as rockwool and coco coir. This saves you money and time, because you don’t have to buy root zone material as often. You don’t have to buy it and then pre-treat it as often. Nor do you have to dispose of it as often. So get yourself Sensizym and give yourself the “Before I used Sensizym I had to throw out root zone benefits that translate into safer, faster- my rockwool slabs after every crop. It cost growing, higher-yielding plants. When you go me money and was messy. Now I can use to your store to get your enzyme formula, rest the slabs for three or more crop cycles. The assured that Sensizym is the only one with such a money I saved is going to LED lights.” broad range of bioactive, concentrated enzymes Bruce, from Hartford, Connecticut specifically researched and found to be perfect for your root zone. 90
  • 82. PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTTYPE: Root Zone Cleanser, Cleaner, more biologically Root Enhancer, Plant Protector GROWER LEVEL active root zones will save you money because you can use your root zone media over SENSIZYMBENEFITS: again, and it will make you Cleaner Root Zone money because your plants are healthier and more productive. Less Pathogens and Diseases in Root Zone More Nutrition for Faster Growth and Bigger Yield Save Money on Root Zone Materials Feed Beneficial Microbes GROWEREXPERIENCELEVEL: Professional and Grand Master Growers WHENTOUSESENSIZYM: During all phases of growth, but especially begin- ning in early bloom phase and continuing to harvest. GARDENTYPES: Sensizym has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. Sensizym has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. FREQUENTLYASKEDQUESTIONS QUESTION: I definitely want to reuse my rockwool, so how do I do it? Company Founders’ NO-RISK, ANSWER: Use Sensizym throughout bloom phase. Make sure you do a Final Phase flush 100% Money Back before harvest. After harvest, flush your rockwool GUARANTEE thoroughly, and go through it to ensure that no large pieces of root or other material are still Sensizym was specifically built for growers just like you, who present. Keep the medium pH balanced and apply have specific demands and expectations from your hydroponic Sensizym for a few more days. Then let the medium needs. When you use Sensizym it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir dry to the regular wetness that’s optimum for your and deliver the goods you’re looking for. plants, and reuse the material. What’s more..., Sensizym will work every time for you using QUESTION: I went to the hydro store to get any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing Sensizym. The salesman said that it had been on mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, his shelf about 3 months. He said that he would NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed not recommend other enzyme products if they had growing systems. We guarantee it! been in the store more than a couple weeks. So And when you use Sensizym you’ll never have to risk even how long is yours going to last on the shelf? one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any ANSWER: We have the reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your strongest guarantee and money back it’s that simple. the longest shelf life in the As always, dedicated to your industry. Under normal gardening success. storage conditions with a reasonably temperature- controlled store, the shelf life is 18 months. 91
  • 83. You’ll Get The Extra Push That’s The “ICING” ON THE CAKE You’ve Been Looking For As A Grand Master Grower Before I explain to you the details of how the formulas in this box are guaranteed to give you the icing on the bigger yields cake, I want to personally congratulate you for being a Grand Master Grower. Because let’s face it, being a Grand Master Grower means you’ve seen it all and done it all in your grow rooms. You’re the person other growers frantically turn to when their leaves are yellowing and curling, when spider mites are devouring their plants, when they want advice on how to get the big yields you get. You can walk into any grow room any time anywhere and immediately provide information that fixes problems and increases yield. Turn page for more information è 93
  • 84. You’ve always You Get Much Bigger Yields, been out in and Much Better Nutrients, Than You’ve Ever Had Before front of the pack when As you’re probably aware, the Bigger Yields Nutrient Flow- it comes to ering System offers you proprietary pH-Perfect™ Technology that gives you maximum nutrients absorption in almost any getting into kind of water you use, and without you ever having to worry about pH or PPM again. the latest technology and techniques that make gardening easier and more productive. And now you’re at the forefront of the hydroponics revolution that’s rocked the industr y because it eliminates the decades-long tyranny of pH and PPM meters, freeing you from time- consuming chemistr y so you can enjoy your gardening. Here’s how… When you step You’re liberated from the tyranny of pH and PPM worries up to the Grand because scientists finally figured out how to give your plants maximum doses of ideal nutrients in any type of water and any Master Grower type of high value garden. Level, you get I want to make sure you understand everything you have the largest yields here. Because some people may think that liberating you and the most from the hassles of pH and PPM are the only benefits of pH- Perfect™. protection for But that’s just the beginning. What else does our system your crops, with do for you? It delivers more nutrients into your plants faster so you get better growth and bigger yields because our plant a guaranteed scientist’s have developed proprietary chelates, coatings and 37.89% increase in manufacturing processes that make it easier for your plants to absorb the nutrients they need the most. yield as compared Not only that, but the System arranges base nutrients and to all other supplements in the ideal sequence so your plants are fed ex- actly what they need when they need it. Instead of following nutrients made by confusing and illogical feed charts and wasting your time and our competitor. money, you’re provided with a simple but powerful plan that combines all the right elements at all the right times so your plants always perform like world champions. è 94
  • 85. Grand Master Grower Oh, and there’s something else too, our formulas are now BUNDLE™ standardized so you could almost mix them with your eyes closed and still deliver perfect nutrition to your plants. Our formulas are now Formulas So Potent We Only Trust standardized so you could Grand Master Growers To Use Them almost mix them with Let’s remember that you’re using the only System that your eyes closed and still “stacks” formulas to achieve bigger and bigger yields. With one of our new and improved base nutrients and the three deliver perfect nutrition bundles that come before the Grand to your plants. Master Grower Bundle, you enhance roots, protect leaves, increase flower size, boost yield, aroma, taste, And there’s a free formula in each System potency, and flush your crops before bundle, and our base nutrients are 5-in-1 harvest. products that combine 4 powerful formulas That leaves only the special crop and a special blend of amino acids. So enhancing benefits you get from when you pick up your base nutrients and these three Grand Master Grower all the bundle boxes right now, you’ll be formulas that are so potent that we getting 18 products for the price of 10! trust only a grower like you to handle We guarantee you’ll be thrilled when you their power (I’m not joking when I say use all our Bigger Yields Bundles along with this, you better have the experience one of our new and improved super-potent if you are going to this level, and I’m base nutrients to get the most valuable, sure you do, and I just want to make biggest yields you ever grown. sure because this is serious stuff). Ok I’ve said my little disclaimer. You’re going to be ecstatic when you see how our pH-Perfect™ Technology eliminates • You’ll create more budding sites you ever having to meter or adjust pH or PPM. and flowers that form earlier. Bud Ig- nitor is a totally new product that con- And get this; your Bigger Yields Bundles tains a mega-dose of 6 different initial continually fatten your flowers while special flowering co-factors working in uni- forms of potassium and phosphorus combine son like a grand symphony orchestra with exclusive plant co-factors in Bud Ignitor and delivered just as your plants start to give you a galaxy of big budding sites. flowering. It makes budding sites pop Rhino Skin armors your plants against out like popcorn. And then those budding sites turn into bigger attack. And you’ll witness enhanced size, flowers so your harvests are faster and larger. taste, aroma and value piling on top of • You’ll protect plants from the inside out. Rhino Skin contains each other when you use Bud Factor X! a concentrated potassium silicate formula that builds cell You’ll be excited when you see how our wall strength and armors your plants against heat, drought, System powers plants in ALL types of high disease, pests, and other nightmares. value gardens: ALL hydroponics, aeropon- • You’ll create superior plants for free! Bud Factor X is “amped ics, aquaponics, greenhouse, bubbler, NFT, up”, and it’s the only hydroponics formula of its kind that flood and drain, drip irrigation, rotary, sealed stimulates your plant’s growth (big burley plants with thick room, HID, high-intensity fluorescent, air ex- stalks and stems) and gives your flowers an extra “kick”, change, C02, and in all root media includ- while increasing essential oils and aromatic production all ing rockwool, hydroton, perlite, vermiculite, at the same time. As a Grand Master Grower, you’re skilled sphagnum, peat pots, seedling and clone enough to use Bud Factor X also as a foliar spray and watch starters, and soil. your flowers get more valuable. Better yet, this product is free Best of all, you can use the Grand Master when you buy the Grand Master Grower Bundle. Grower Level without having to risk even The bold truth is at every level of the System – Hobby- one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed. ist, Expert Grower, Professional Grower and Grand Master As always if for any reason you’re not Grower – you get fantastic yields. But when you step up to absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your the Grand Master Grower Level, you get the largest yields and money – it’s that simple. the most protection for your crops, with a guaranteed 37.89% As always, dedicated to your gardening increase in yield as compared to all other nutrients made by success. our competitors. n 95
  • 86. Who Else Wants To Multiply Their Plant’s Bud Sites ... AND … Get FASTER Flowering With This Scientific Secret? N ow you can make your plants produce more flowers per inch of stem while at the same time triggering earlier onset of flowering and flowers that swell and ripen faster so you harvest sooner. Plus, you can control the genetic clock ticking inside your plants… the clock that regulates your bloom phase resin production. In the past, you’ve triggered your plants’ genetic clock by suddenly shifting them to a 12-hour light cycle and changing them over to bloom fertilizer. All this is useful, but scientists have discovered something else you can also do. The secret is to provide your plants specially-configured forms of potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate and co-factors during the first two weeks of bloom phase. 96
  • 87. GRAND MASTER continuous floral structures that run You Get More virtually the entire up and down length GROWER LEVEL Flowering Sites Per Stem of your stems! Your plants absolutely will give you more flowerings sites per stem when you provide specialized nutrition to your plants during early bloom phase so your plants Earlier Flowering ramp up internal production of metabolic triggers that Gives You More result in stems that have way more budding sites than Harvests Per Year they normally would, and faster too. When you give your plants Bud Ignitor The result is that instead of only the typical 30-55% compounds, your plants respond not only of your stem nodes becoming hosts for flowering sites by creating more budding sites, but also within two weeks of flowering, 70-100% of your nodes by creating more budding sites sooner. show floral initiation in a much shorter time! This means that on average you get 27% Flat out you see more flowers per plant. And as more budding sites, and your budding bloom season moves forward, you notice your stems sites show up on average 19% sooner are crammed full of dense floral growth that buries than they normally would. your stems in thick, gooey floral clusters so you have Seriously, think about how good this is Bud Ignitor is the only hydroponics formula that makes more budding sites so you get more use of your plants’ stems. It also spurs earlier budding, so you get accelerated crop cycles. turn page ¾ 97
  • 88. GRAND MASTER for you. Because that 19% faster flowering onset translates into fewer days you have GROWER LEVEL Early dEvElopmEnT & numbEr of budding siTEs EARLY FLOWER DEVELOPMENT & NUMBER OF BUDDING SITES to support your plants during bloom cycle. Not only are you getting more flowers, but With they’ll be ready for harvest sooner. You Bud Ignitor spend less time and money getting larger harvests earlier. You can run more crop cycles per year with the time you save. The proof is in the numbers. Add up 27% more budding sites with 19% faster Without Bud Ignitor flowering and you get a much more productive flower per watt ratio at harvest time, and you also get more efficient use of your grow room for more finished crops per year. Your Plants Get What They Need For Bigger Harvests Bud Ignitor gives you significant percentage increases in What do your plants really need? Most how soon your flowers start forming, and in how many bloom fertilizer programs underplay flowers your plants form. This adds up to larger, earlier potassium and nitrogen too much, while harvests. providing too much phosphorus too late. This includes the reliance on bloom boosters used on top of base nutrients. Scientific testing from thousands of Help Your Plants Store Potassium tissue samples on the type of plants you And Phosphorus So They Use It To grow shows that if you fail to provide Make Bigger, More Potent Flowers the right amounts and right types of potassium and phosphorus early in the What makes this so special? It means your plants have bloom phase, you create a permanent extra reserves of raw materials to draw on so you get deficit that lowers your harvest size no larger floral structures with more essential oil production. matter what you do later on. I want you to really focus on what I just said, because it’s It’s like missing the starting gun for a important for you: Bud Ignitor creates extra reserves on race, and then scrambling like crazy to potassium and phosphorus that directly feed production catch up later on. But you can’t catch of essential oils and flavoring compounds when your up: after those first two weeks are gone, buds are swelling and ripening. your plant is not going to create any So now you have the total picture, and it’s a sweet more budding sites. You see why early picture indeed. Using Bud Ignitor during the first two application of Bud Ignitor is crucial to weeks of bloom phase, you create more budding sites, maximizing everything your plants do more flowers, larger flowers, more potent flowers, heavier later in bloom cycle. harvests, and more valuable harvests. Your plants are smart. They bank their And if you want to further increase the potency, size and early cache of potassium and phosphorus profitability of your crop, get Bud Ignitor today, along in extra floral structures and other tissues. with our proprietary series of bloom phase-specific bud They also instruct their roots to make and boosters such as Big Bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive. bank extra cytokinins that boost floral This is the full spectrum of bud potentiator fuel for your production throughout the bloom cycle. garden. 98
  • 89. GRAND MASTER You’re going to love seeing your plants produce floor to earlier flowers. Later on, your plants need ceiling buds ready for harvest earlier, when you use Bud different formulas as they move into peak GROWER LEVEL Ignitor at the start of every bloom phase. bloom and then to harvest. QUESTION: Should I use Bud Ignitor as a foliar feed? Fast Facts ANSWER: No. The ingredients are designed to be fed into roots, where they will be PRODUCT TYPE: Early phase budding site and absorbed, converted and transported up bloom booster into your plants to increase your floral GARDEN TYPES: Bud Ignitor has been specially designed development and quality. for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. Bud Ignitor has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, “One thing I noticed about NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid Bud Ignitor it mixes easy with feed growing systems. other additives and the hy- droponics nutrients program. WHEN TO USE: Use in the first two weeks of bloom phase. I could see that the flowers MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during the first 2 weeks of your popped out on the plants a lot flowering phase. quicker. And also I could see that later on they were big- BUD IGNITOR BENEFITS: ger. So this is what I wanted • Bigger yields/More budding sites • Earlier floral development when I bought it and I am glad • Save time and money it came through for me.” • Larger flowers Charles, from Needham, Massachusetts • More essential oils • More crop cycles per year GROWER LEVEL: Grand Master level only Company Founders’ NO-RISK, 100% Money Back Frequently Asked GUARANTEE Questions Bud Ignitor was specifically built for growers just like you, who have specific demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. When you use Bud Ignitor it must QUESTION: Bud Ignitor looks pretty strong. Is it going to perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and raise my ppm? quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re ANSWER: Bud Ignitor is concentrated and powerful. If looking for. you are using it as a stand-alone formula without also What’s more..., Bud Ignitor will work every time for you using our Bigger Yields System, you should monitor ppm using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, and you’ll see it goes up about 200 ppm. But when you drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and use Bud Ignitor in our System, pH and ppm are already continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! balanced for you so you don’t have to think about it at all. And when you use Bud Ignitor you’ll never have to risk QUESTION: Looks like Bud Ignitor is going to give even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always me a big boost. Why do I need to use any other bloom if for any reason you’re not absolutely boosters? delighted we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. ANSWER: Your plants have a bloom season, but during As always, dedicated to your that season, they need different types of ingredients to gardening success. produce larger, more potent buds. Bud Ignitor starts your season by creating rapid, numerous budding sites and 99
  • 90. Safeguard Your Hydroponics Investment By Putting A COAT OF ARMOR On Your Plants Right Now! L et’s face it, high-level hydroponics gardeners like you live with the threat of powdery mildew, gray mold, spider mites, aphids, root rot, harmful fungi, diseases, stress, heat, drought and other problems that can crush your crops and rob your march towards a better future. After all, hydroponics problems plague even the most careful growers. That’s why growers have long demanded a formula that armors their plants to stop problems without using poisons, pesticides or other harmful additives. Finally, help has arrived because one of nature’s most abundant elements helps you make your garden safer and more productive today. 100
  • 91. GRAND MASTER The Super Silica GROWER LEVEL That Protects Your Valuable Plants Look around at the ground outdoors and you’re seeing an important element that protects and strengthens your plants when you supply it in your hydroponics garden. That element is silica, which is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust (oxygen is the most prevalent) ... but the problem is ... Silica is missing from Your plants are protected from hydroponics root zones and fertilizers. your roots all the way up to your flower tops so you can Your plants desperately need silica. They rest assured that your valuable evolved to intake it so it becomes part of plants are safe. their cell walls. That’s important because cells are the building blocks of your plants and cell walls are the structural features that by your plants and built into their structures. Also, determine the strength of your plants’ stems, be aware that once your plants have absorbed all the leaves, flowers, floral structures and metabolism. silica present in soil or whatever else you’re growing Not only do your plants accumulate silicon to build in, they of course won’t be able to absorb any more their cells, they also store it as protection and because there isn’t any more for them to absorb — foundational support between cells. In fact, your even though they have a constant need for more silica plants contain as much as 10% of their weight as especially during peak bloom phase. silica. The problem is silica isn’t supplied at all in What I’m explaining is that plants intake silica, make most hydroponics fertilizers or root zone media, it part of their structure, and then they need more and even if it is, it usually isn’t the right type or when they build new structures. When is this most amount of silica to maximize silica’s benefits as a important? crop protector and potency enhancer. • Number one, the right silica is great for your plants Why You Have To Add when they’re in veg phase Silica To Make Better building the structure your branches will need if they’re Plants And Bigger Harvests going to be able to handle huge floral clusters in Providing silica to your crops is necessary bloom phase. no matter what type of hydroponics system or nutrients you’re using. • Number two, silica is a sweet treat for your plants For example, if you’re growing in coco during peak bloom phase coir, rockwool, aeroponics, aquaponics, when flowers are swelling up or other “sterile” hydroponics methods, overnight, fattening, ripening you’ve got a serious silica deficiency and adding trichomes. Rhino Skin is that weakens your crops, lowers produced and their potency, and makes them more manufactured Now let’s explore the proven susceptible to disease and stress. using the lastest connection hydroponics between silica If you’re growing in soil, you might believe science targeted and increased your silica levels are ok, but research specifically for the shows that adding silica to gardening soil plants you grow. potency for your increases the amount of silica absorbed crops. turn page ¾ 101
  • 92. GRAND MASTER GROWER LEVEL ever by the big bang of your flowers. Imagine a peak bloom phase in which your trichomes are more resilient, larger, longer-lasting and more packed with the natural goodness you seek from your crops. That’s exactly what happens when you add silica to your garden. Finding The Right Silica Formula For Your Plants If you’ve tried other silica products, you discover that most hydroponics manufacturers have found it difficult if not impossible to effectively deliver When you want gigantic, healthy plants and silica to your crops. You can see why that is. truly impressive yields, you use Rhino Skin to infuse your crops with the best form of silica Silica is the main element in sand. It is very thick for your garden. and solid. It doesn’t easily dissolve in water. It isn’t easily taken into plants. The scientists who created Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin knew all this before they started the Now You Can product design and testing process. That’s why Make Your Trichomes they experimented with many different types of Safer And Abundant silica, as well as different concentrations and manufacturing methods. They found that the During bloom phase, your plants form of potassium silicate used in Rhino Skin channel most of their energy, produced the highest crop silicate percentages. metabolic processes and materials towards building flowers and floral But they also found other benefits. For one structures. thing, silicates increase and balance distribution of other nutrients inside your plants. This creates As you’re aware, the most important better growth and yield, and also protects of your floral structures are plants from toxicity, salinity and other chemistry trichomes, where the highest-value problems common in hydroponics gardening. essential oils, aromatics and resins are made and stored. Of course, Not only that, but the scientists discovered trichomes are very fragile, easily how silica combined with a high PPM nutrient damaged and subject to degradation program resulted in larger flowers that had more from light, heat, oxidation and aging. color, freshness, taste and aroma. But there’s even more! Silica armors your plants against the Indeed, a key indicator of when your tiny sucking faces of mites, aphids, thrips and plants are ready for harvest is that other pests. trichomes begin to fall, lose their crystal-clarity, and disappear off of So when you’re ready to armor your plants floral surfaces. Feeding silica to make against biting insects, diseases, and harsh better and more trichomes gives conditions while increasing the structure, you higher-value crops that produce material support and metabolism that creates more essential oils, terpenoids, and larger and more potent harvests, get Rhino Skin potency so your friends, family and today to immediately provide the extra silica your consumers are more impressed than plants need. 102
  • 93. GRAND MASTER GROWER LEVEL 50% ANSWER: Rhino Skin is a safe, non- GROWER-REPORTED RHINO SKIN EFFECTS toxic way to armor your plants so they 49% STURDIER PLANTS resist all types of attackers. However, it is not able to completely stop all 43% INCREASED VALUE OF FLOWERS attackers from harming your crops. A 41% INCREASED TRICHOME STRUCTURES lot depends on how dedicated you are to controlling your grow room environment and vectors so that mites and other 35% INCREASED HEAT RESISTANCE pests aren’t there in the first place. QUESTION: Why can only Grand Master Growers use Rhino Skin? 27% INCREASED MITE, MILDEW, ANSWER: Rhino Skin is the most effective, concentrated silica product on the market. It affects pH and must be carefully monitored and applied. MOLD RESISTANCE Grand Master Growers are dedicated to spending the time necessary to maximize crop size and yields. They have the time and expertise to properly handle the power of Rhino Skin. As you use the Bigger Yields Flowering System™ and progress up the ladder of success while educating yourself with our gardening GROWERS REPORT THAT RHINO SKIN GIVES YOU PLANT information materials, you will one day Growers report that Rhino Skin gives POTENCY protection PROTECTION AND INCREASED you plant be a Grand Master so you too can get and increased potency. the benefits of Rhino Skin. Frequently Asked Company Founders’ NO-RISK, Questions: 100% Money Back GUARANTEE QUESTION: Can I get the same protection if I spray Rhino Skin was specifically built for growers just like Rhino Skin as a foliar feed? you, who have specific demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. When you use Rhino Skin it must ANSWER: Potassium silicate armors leaves, perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and stems and internal plant cells best when the silica quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re is drawn in through roots to become part of your looking for. plants’ structure. Foliar feeding is not necessary or What’s more..., Rhino Skin will work every time for you recommended. using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, QUESTION: Can Rhino Skin affect pH? drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and ANSWER: Yes, Rhino Skin is a powerful pH Up continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! formula that can dramatically raise pH, even when And when you use Rhino Skin you’ll never have to risk even used in very small amounts. To ensure that Rhino one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for Skin is properly dissolved and distributed in your any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. nutrient water, add it to your reservoir at least two hours before feeding, allowing it to solubulize. Agitate As always, dedicated to your gardening success. your water before you administer it to plants. QUESTION: When I use Rhino Skin, will my plants be completely free of mites and other pests? 103
  • 94. Make Your Plants Stronger & Bigger So They Pump Out Increased Amounts Of Essential Oils Y ou want healthier plants that give you the largest harvests of buds covered in essential oils ... and ... you’ve seen how sturdier, more robust plants are better able to resist stress and support extensive floral growth. Plus, you want to increase your plants’ production of essential oils because these rare oils carry the flavor, aroma, potency, color and medicating effects that we most love about our buds. 104
  • 95. GRAND MASTER But it took until now for scientists to unlock the most oils (most often in floral structures). It’s a form efficient methods to stimulate your plants to create of plant self-protection. GROWER LEVEL thicker stems and stalks that produce heavier harvests So when you skillfully turn on your plants’ and higher percentages of essential oils. The secret is a systemic resistance mechanisms using the special bud builder formula you use to stimulate your right immune boost formula, your plants plant’s immune system so they give you bigger plants, believe they are under attack and that means higher yields and more potent crops. their vigor increases as they pump out more essential oils, a wider variety of oils and more Get Your Ticket To potent essential oils. This process always results in heavier yields of finished buds that Increased Potency have more taste, aroma and effectiveness. And Stronger Plants Right Now Your ticket to more essential oils and stronger, larger Bud Factor X-tra plants is stimulating your plants’ inborn defense mechanisms using compounds that are now available for Potency And Root Power you in a proprietary easy to use liquid formulation. Bud Factor X is the new liquid bud builder These compounds activate internal defense “systemic formula that contains powerful compounds resistance” mechanisms in your plants, making them guaranteed to increase crop yields and stronger and bigger so they thrive despite heat, disease, essential oil production by stimulating plant stress, intense light and pest attack. When you stimulate defense mechanisms. systemic resistance, your plants bulk up with as much In a previous incarnation of Bud Factor X, as 50% more infrastructure, especially stems and stalks, we used several proprietary compounds prepping them for producing and handling larger flowers. that turn on your plants’ immuno-defense Plus, it turns out that one of the ways systemic resistance network. Our upgraded Bud Factor X contains armors your plants is by generating and secreting essential a better and newer generation of proprietary Your flowers get bigger and more potent when Bud Factor X stimulates your plants’ immune systems. 105 turn page ¾
  • 96. GRAND MASTER compounds that strengthen and enlarge plants, create tidal waves of essential oils and feed GROWER LEVEL 50% PERFECT INCREASE PERCENT INCREASE growth of beneficial microbes in your root zone. These beneficial microbes (which can be easily installed in your root zone by using Tarantula, Piranha and VooDoo Juice) provide a variety of services to your roots. For example, beneficial microbes create larger root mass, protect roots, provide flower-boosting hormones to roots and 35% ESSENTIAL OIL FORMATION increase your roots’ ability to quickly absorb nutrients. What’s more, the special X Factor compounds are derived from pure sources that add natural power and potency to your crops so that Bud Factor X is a one of a kind bud potentiator 23% FLOWER SIZE INCREASE 23% INCREASED HARVEST SIZE containing the highest-ever percentages of 21% RESISTANCE TO DISEASE INCREASE proprietary immune-stimulating compounds. 17% OVERALL PLANT SIZE INCREASE Also onboard Bud Factor X’s powertrain is a proprietary non-ionic surfactant that transfers active ingredients directly into your plants’ cells when you use Bud Factor X as a foliar spray and/ or root zone additive. Hydroponics gardeners such as yourself are stoked to see how feeding Bud Factor X leads to bigger, more robust plants and your flowers coated with an extra thick layer of essential oils. You’llYOU’LL ENJOY SEEING YOUR PLANTS’BUDplants’ X YIELD AND YOUR enjoy seeing increases in your FACTOR yield and HARVEST VALUE WHEN YOU USE your harvest value when you use Bud Factor X. As an added benefit, your plants are better able to handle stress and other obstacles. Bud Factor X helps your plants fight off crop diseases, drought & stress. 106
  • 97. GRAND MASTER MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 through 6 of GROWER LEVEL your flowering phase. Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: My plant got bigger when I fed it Bud Factor X. Was this the result of the product? ANSWER: Yes, plants bulk up when you stimulate their immune systems. Almost all the size increase is in floral clusters, which adds to your total harvest weight. QUESTION: What is the best way to get more potent crops using Bud Factor X as a foliar spray? ANSWER: Follow the label instructions and then spray Bud Factor X directly onto buds just before lights go off so it will have time to absorb overnight. You could also apply it about 20 minutes before lights go on. You want it to have time to sink in rather than be evaporated. Try for a pH of about 5.8 and closely monitor your buds to make sure you aren’t overloading them. Avoid spraying buds in high humidity or when you are within 3 weeks of harvest. Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics company using PhD plant scientists to boost your yields and crop value. Company Founders’ NO-RISK, 100% Money Back Fast Facts GUARANTEE Bud Factor X was specifically built for growers just like you, who have specific demands and expectations from your hy- PRODUCT TYPE: Immune system stimulator droponic needs. When you use Bud Factor X it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly BUD FACTOR X BENEFITS: into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. • More essential oils What’s more..., Bud Factor X will work every time for you • More aromatics/More taste using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil • More resistance to stress, pests and disease growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip ir- • Larger plants for heavier harvests rigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Grand Master Growers And when you use Bud Factor X you’ll never have to risk WHEN TO USE BUD FACTOR X: During bloom phase. even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted GARDEN TYPES: Bud Factor X has been specially designed we’ll refund all your money back it’s for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil that simple. growing mediums. Bud Factor X has been developed for As always, dedicated to your use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, gardening success. NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. 107
  • 98. part a part B Now You CaN GreatlY Speed Your plaNt’S Growth phaSe aNd Give them the extra StreNGth theY Need For maximum Size, weiGht aNd poteNCY wheN theY FiNallY Bloom! D ue to a recent scientific discovery — the result of phase technology takes care of almost all of this for you! over 109 man-years of research, by a team of over Yes, with this new discovery your crops will … one dozen plant scientists and graduate assistants — you can now set your plants up to grow faster and stronger l Get faster root development so they absorb more nutrients, so you get the maximum yield when they bloom. more quickly … It’s a proven fact: the better you “set up” your plants for l Grow stronger with sturdier main and side stems with their bloom and finishing cycles — the bigger, heavier and dense lateral branching … more impressive yield you’ll see. Just like constructing a l Achieve rapid growth and mature earlier so you get faster large building, if you don’t have a strong base — you can crop cycles … never build a big, sturdy and impressive structure! l Get stronger and more easily resist disease, stress and That’s why it’s so important to give your plants the correct pests so you have safer crops … nutrition, in the correct ratios … and … in the correct manner … during the growth phase, if you want the absolute best from How is this possible? The secret is actually the result of two your garden. Luckily, this advanced breakthrough in growth major breakthroughs in growth phase technology. First … 108
  • 99. This Is The Only Growth Phase Technology That’s 5-Products-In-One! The first ingredient in this formulation gets nutrients into your plants as quickly as possible. It’s an organic surfactant called Wet NutrieNt Betty and it does something every plant grower wants … Base … Surfactants are wetting agents that lower the surface tension of a liquid (in this case, nutrient-rich water) allowing easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. This of course means your plants will get the organic nutrients they crave faster and more efficiently than ever before—which greatly increases your plant’s growth abilities. The second and third ingredients are humic and fulvic acids. These organic acids give your plants an edge when it comes to growing quicker, stronger and bigger … with less stress … than with any other formulation and here’s why … The humic provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into plants more efficiently, so your plants grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. In addition, the Fulvic in this formula gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular metabolism. Together, they work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. The Same Nutrient That Gives You Bigger, Stronger Muscles, And It Gets Your Plants What does a grow phase fertilizer have to do Stronger And Bigger Too! with you getting bigger flowers? Everything. Your plants need Sensi Grow to set them up for a Many athletes supplement with amino acids to help fuel muscle spectacular bloom phase later on. growth and build muscle strength because they’re the essential “building blocks” on which protein growth is based. are bound with other nutrients which help them get inside plants so the plant cells can use them But your plants will greatly benefit from the addition of amino more quickly and more efficiently.) acids too! That’s why the fourth ingredient in this one of a kind two-part base nutrient is amino acids. These amino acids are This 5-in-1 formula contains the optimum the building blocks of proteins that fuel metabolic pathways for number of chelated macronutrients that your enhanced floral and essential oil production. plants need for faster vegetative growth. Many growers wonder what the difference is between Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom … and one of the Here’s How You Can Get Your Plants biggest differences is … the actual nutrients To More Efficiently Absorb The they feed your plants. Because your plants Nutrients They Need Most ... require different macronutrients in the grow stage than they do in their bloom phase. While your plants need the absolute best nutrients for maximum For instance, during the growth phase, when vegetative growth … what they need more of … is the ability to your plants need nitrogen, calcium and other absorb those nutrients more efficiently! necessary nutrients, Sensi Grow’s chelates That’s why the scientists who created this new growth phase force these nutrients directly and immediately breakthrough — Sensi Grow — went the extra mile to ensure that into your plant’s roots, leaves, cells and the most important ingredients in this formula were chelated for flowers—greatly speeding the growth phase. maximum absorption. (Chelation simply means the ingredients Plus, the following micronutrients are 100% turn page ¾ 109
  • 100. chelated: iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, In fact, many growers find that manually checking and adjusting copper, boron and cobalt … which of course pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants growth means … your plants more easily absorb stable and maximized is tiring, time consuming and one of the and use these nutrients … and you get faster biggest hassles of trying to get their plants through the growth vegetative growth and much stronger plants! stage quicker. NutrieNt Oh, and probably the best part about the However, with Sensi Grow you’ll eliminate pH checking two-part base nutrient Sensi Grow is it’s the forever because of the proprietary pH-Perfect™ Technology it Base easiest two-part grow phase nutrient you’ll uses. In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 ever use! In fact, even if you’re a hobbyist pH (which is pretty much everyone’s water) — this technology grower … or … you’re just getting started adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout growing hydroponically — you’ll find you your plants growth phase! will be getting “pro level” results in no time Which means you’ll never have to manually adjust your pH … because Sensi Grow completely eliminates the you’ll never have to worry that your plants aren’t in the premium biggest obstacles to growing great plants. growing environment … all you have to do is add Sensi Grow to your water and the pH-Perfect™ Technology takes care of all that for you! With pH Perfect™ Technology, You’ll Never Have To Worry About pH Levels Again! How To Get The Correct Nutrient Ratios, Every Single Time ... If you’ve ever experienced off-color leaves, slow growth or low yield with your plants … then you’ve probably noticed mysterious pH It’s a proven fact that the further you move away from feeding and PPM fluctuations happen at the same time. your plants their ideal nutrient ratios, the slower your plants will It’s one of the biggest obstacles to getting grow and the weaker they will become. “Grand Master Grower” yields from your You see, your plants use a small amount of phosphorus during crops. growing, but what they really love to use is nitrogen and potassium. The scientists at Advanced Nutrients discovered this only after taking thousands of weekly tissue samples from buds, stems, leaves and roots of many varieties using gas chromatography analysis throughout all phases of plant growth. You see, other nutrient companies are over-using phosphorus in hydroponic fertilizers … and to compound problems … they use high levels of ingredients like mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) or diammonium phosphate (DAP). These substances are what give some plants their harsh taste. But the good news is: with Sensi Grow you’re guaranteed to have the correct nutrient ratios for your plants! Is There Any Reason To Not Get Started Growing Stronger, More Sturdy, More Rock-Solid And Ready For Maximum Yield Plants Today? The answer is a resounding “no!” l You’ve seen how this growth phase base nutrient is actually Rest assured that scientific research has given 5-unique-products-in one … you the most modern, most effective grow phase fertilizer that’s guaranteed to increase l You’ve seen how it contains only the most potent, most the value of your indoor garden. proven and most effective ingredients for growing stronger, 110
  • 101. more rapid “time-to-bloom” plants … Advanced Nutrients strongly believes – in l You’ve seen how it takes full advantage of the latest scientific fact, they stand behind this belief with their discoveries in the field of “chelation” — so the nutrients get 100% money-back guarantee – that you will absorbed more efficiently, more fully and more quickly … find Sensi Grow greatly outperforms your current growth phase nutrient by a large margin! l You’ve seen how it’s the easiet 2-part growth phase nutrient NutrieNt you’ll ever use … and how … the unique pH-Perfect™ Technology ensures you’ll never have to worry about your Company Founders’ NO-RISK, Base pH levels again … 100% Money Back l You’ve seen how Sensi Grow uses only the correct and best GUARANTEE ratios of the most effective ingredients so you never get any Sensi Grow was specifically built for growers like you, who harsh taste with your plants … have very specific demands and expectations from your hydroponics needs. When you use Sensi Grow it must perform l And you’ve seen how it’s completely risk-free for you to put flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly Sensi Grow to the test in your own garden—starting today! into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. Now, when you really think about it … there’s only one logical What’s more..., Sensi Grow will work every time for you using thing to do. You simply need to put Sensi Grow to the test with any and all hydroponics, sphagnum or soil growing mediums your plants – completely risk-free – starting your very next growth and all hydroponics, aeroponics, NFT, flood & drain, drip phase! Here’s an easy way to test the effectiveness of this growth emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! phase discovery with your plants, at home: And when you use Sensi Grow you’ll never have to risk even l Take some clones or transplants of your best performing plants … one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for l Divide them in half and start a new growth cycle with each half any reason you’re not absolutely delighted where you use Sensi Grow for the one group and your current we’ll refund all your money back it’s growth phase nutrient for the other … that simple. ● Then simply sit back and watch them run, head-to-head, against As always, dedicated to your each other … and … decide for yourself which nutrient makes gardening success. your plants stronger, healthier, more robust, and gets them into the bloom phase faster! Now you can use the only grow phase two-part fertilizer that contains five different formulas that work together to make your plants grow faster, stronger and sturdier. 111
  • 102. Coco Coir: A Growing Medium From “The Tree of Life” Since ancient times, the coconut tree has been called the coir with a perfectly clean conscience, because there “Tree of Life” for its uncanny (nearly miraculous) healing exists nothing more environmentally friendly. properties and usefulness. A study of the coconut tree reveals l It is also odorless and easy to handle (besides a thorough an almost supernatural evolution to become one of the most rinsing if you buy low-quality, sodium-packed varieties. useful species of plant life known to man. See note below.). The anomaly of medium chain fatty acids, lauric acid in l Numbers vary depending on who's reporting them, particular, as well as anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, but in general, coco coir is known to have and anti-fungal ingredients in the coconut a nearly neutral pH balance (average fruit itself have made for an unusual but of 6.0-6.7), making it ideal for incredibly potent immune system hydroponic growing because it booster in humans. Coconut oil has won't interfere with the balance been used by Pacific Islanders of your choice of nutrient and Asian cultures to effectively solutions and supplements. treat everything from skin conditions like eczema and l Coco coir is naturally psoriasis to the common flu anti-fungal, anti-microbial virus, hepatitis C and the and anti-bacterial (though measles. oddly it creates a wonderful and friendly environment The coir from coconuts (the for “good” bacteria). It can brown fibers that surround help protect your plants the outside of the shell of the against pathogens like nut which, surprisingly, are Pithium and... at the same found to be swarming with all time, it will allow beneficial the beneficial nutrients found in bacteria to thrive. It's almost the fruit itself ) has been used for eerie how true to its name, “The making brooms, rope, and bindings Tree of Life”, really is. to doormats, fishnets and even frames for housing. l Erik Biksa, of HydroponicsSecrets. TV, reports that “The coconut is teaming The famous explorer Marco Polo even used with naturally occurring growth hormones and coco coir to bind together planks for ship building. other bio-stimulants that are inherent to the survival of Recently, it's been discovered that coco coir is an incredible the species, which fortunately for growers may be found in growing medium with a near perfect pH for hydroponic the fibers surrounding the “seed” which may be processed growing! for use as a growing medium.” Among the useful nutrients the coconut is teeming with are calcium What Makes Coco Coir The 800lb. and magnesium, and especially present in coco coir, Gorilla of Growing Mediums is potassium. Potassium is critical for plant growth... l Because of its naturally aerated structure, coco coir but... the amount of potassium must be managed is almost impossible to over water. In fact, coco coir because too much runs the risk of potassium toxicity. can hold up to 8x its weight in water, and rather than Which brings us to a very important point about using coco over-saturate, will simply reject what it can't absorb coir as a growing medium... comfortably. If you provide too much moisture to peat bases, for example, you run the risk of water logging. Not If the nutrients you're using are not designed to be coco so with coco coir. coir safe, you'll not only be missing out on the gigantic l Coco coir is a 100% environmentally friendly and yields you could be getting using coco coir... you run the completely renewable resource. You can use coco- risk of poisoning or starving your plants!
  • 103. It's true that calcium and magnesium both occur naturally That's why our calcium and magnesium supplement, in coco coir. But the amounts of each aren't sufficient to feed Sensi-Cal, has performed so well. It was designed to operate your plants. in a less-than-ideal environment and bring everything up to Not only that, but calcium and magnesium are both speed. naturally attracted to bind to coco coir! It's also true that if a hydroponic nutrient or supplement doesn't account for the levels of potassium already present in Which means only the highest quality, chelated forms of coco coir, you risk potassium toxicity. magnesium and calcium (like the kind used in Advanced Nutrients' products) are able to succeed in a growing One final note: environment that uses coco coir. Many lower quality forms of coco coir are chemically Lesser forms of either will bind to the coir and treated or at the very least... aren’t rinsed before they’re your plants will be left hungry! packaged. So it’s best to be aware of the brand of coco coir your purchase. Also, coco coir naturally retains a lot of salt. And if your nutrients don't use chelated magnesium The higher quality brands of coco coir will usually make sure and calcium, you're missing out on better yields. (A lot of to rinse their product before it gets to the shelves, but it’s a inferior brands will try to add dolomite lime as a quick-fix to good idea if you’re buying coco coir (even if it’s a high quality solve this problem, but don't be fooled... it's not effective.) brand), to thoroughly rinse the coir before you use it. Coco-Coir Safe Products From Advanced Nutrients: (B-52, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, Bud Ignitor, Carboload, Final Phase, Grandma Enggy’s F1, Grandma Enggy’s H2, JumpStart, Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom, Mother Earth Super Tea Grow, Nirvana, Bud Blood, Tarantula, Organic B, Overdrive, Piranha, Revive, Rhino Skin, SensiCal Bloom, SensiCal Grow, Sensizym, VooDoo Juice, Wet Betty, Organic Wet Betty, Juicy Roots)
  • 104. Special B onus Report • The three things that form a circle, that when kept in balance...hold the keys to the buried treasure … page 117 • The best growers in the world know this one simple secret: “having really great ____ guarantees great crops and award winning finishes” (Find the surprising answer on page 122) • The secret beneath your plants … gives you more control... it’s the most important link in the growing chain! … Page 124 • A perfect growing medium? It sounds outrageous, but this one combination is easy-to-use, inexpensive, pH friendly, charged with NPK, a wetting agent, and gives excellent aeration—it makes getting bigger yields almost automatic! … Page 129 • Do you know where and how to measure your pH like award-winning growers for the most accurate results? Quiz yourself, with the step-by-step directions on Page 131 • How to get a theoretical plant absorption range for your nutrients from pH 1 to pH 10 … so you’ll never have to worry about pH again! (And no! It’s got nothing to do with adding acids to your nutrients!) Page 143 • The amazing plant maximizing secret discovered by a street racer named Allan — put this same secret to work in your grow room and you’ll see the most impressive yields of your life—GUARANTEED! … page 145 • Plus much, MUCH MORE! 116
  • 105. pH Manifesto Your Buried Treasure of pH Growing Secrets One of the biggest misconceptions in hydroponics technical here, but not too much. So let’s take a journey growing is that the pH in your nutrient reservoir is the and uncover the really important points about pH so that single biggest thing having to do with pH that affects the we can leverage it to get you bigger yields. outcome of your crops. First Things First Well, it’s simply not true. It’s actually the pH and OK, pH stands for potential hydrogen and is actually alkalinity of three things: a measurement of hydrogen and hydroxide ions, and is measured on a scale from pH 0 to pH 14.0 with pH 7.0 being neutral, aha, so we’re interested in those pesky little hydrogen and hydroxide ions. They’re the culprits? Yes they are. Here’s how. When your water, growing medium or nutrient solution is acidic (below a pH of 7.0) it contains more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions. And when your water, growing medium Hydrogen Ion Molecule Almost all the world champion growers who I’ve talked to have Hydroxide Ion Molecule powerfully harnessed and utilized the synergistic punch that the circle of big bud getting power delivers to their prize winning crops. This report will show you how to start putting it to work 1. YOUR WATER. for you immediately. 2. GROWING MEDIUM. 3. NUTRIENTS. or nutrient solution is alkaline, also referred to as base or basic (above a pH of 7.0) it contains more hydroxide ions Unfortunately, this circle of big bud getting power isn’t than hydrogen talked about, and it’s responsible for more growers silently ions. losing loads of buds and quality they weren’t even aware of. Let me explain...we’re going to have to get a little 117
  • 106. And these hydrogen and hydroxide ions interact with each other and perform a balancing act of sorts that determines the pH in your water, growing medium and nutrients. Don’t Sweat It Wow that’s a lot of stuff, but it’s important you understand all this because it’s one of the keys to you getting bigger and better yields. Anyway, these hydrogen and hydroxide ions are also in the elements that make up our macro and micro nutrients of the nutrient solutions we use to grow our plants with. And because of this the elements that make up our macro and micro nutrients are classified into two distinct groups. One group of elements are called cations and contains more hydrogen ions. The other group of elements are called anions and contain more hydroxide ions. Also our growing medium pH is dramatically affected by these cations and anions contained in the macro, micro and secondary nutrient elements we use. Remember this because it’s important and we’ll be referring back to this in the growing medium and nutrients sections. Shown here is a pH scale a reading below pH 7.0 is considered acidic and a reading above is considered alkaline. A pH of 7.0 is said to be a neutral pH, further in this report you’ll find that is Mastering The Subtleties not exactly true. Also some common products are given for pH reference points. Of The Balance The macro, micro and secondary elements that are cations are urea and ammonium (both are forms of And the best part, it will absolutely give you bigger nitrogen), potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron zinc, more consistent and higher quality yields when fully manganese copper and cobalt. understood and implemented. And the elements that are anions are nitrates (another So let’s explore this circle of power a little deeper... form of nitrogen), phosphates (phosphorus) sulfates, carbonates and bicarbonates. This list covers the most common cations and anions. This topic will be covered more in the nutrient section. So what does all this stuff have to do with you getting bigger yields? Well a whole lot. We’re almost there. These three things, your water, growing medium and nutrients powerfully form a circle that when kept in balance with each other truly hold the keys to the buried treasure that is commonly overlooked and waiting to be unlocked in a grower’s garden. 118
  • 107. Your Water Misconceptions About Your Nutrient Solutions pH Like I mentioned earlier, the most common misconception is that the pH of your nutrients is the most important factor that will drive your plants ability to give you bigger yields. You would think that your biggest concern would be about One of the critical elements the pH in your reservoir. of successful growing is the This is just not true. Unfortunately, more growers’ money goes down the drain every precise balancing act of your single day — and its not your fault — because of the lack of infor- hydrogen ions and hydroxide mation that has been given to us. Oh sure the PhD’s know this You should be ions and having total control over stuff but they’re not putting it out to us in plain English. And no them at all times in your water, more concerned with hydro books have covered all this in great depth. And quite frank- growing medium and nutrients. your water’s alkalinity. ly I find that puzzling. Because the importance of water, nutrients This is one of the major and growing mediums all working together will absolutely give culprits that will affect your yields. In fact, one of the all of us bigger yields. biggest problems with water is its alkalinity. This is something that must be taken care of if you The Simple Truth Of “Alkalinity” really want to easily manage the pH of your nutrients and And what is this “alkalinity”, anyway? growing medium and get those bigger crops. Your water is not just water. There is a lot of other stuff in it. The alkalinity of water is the concentration of all sorts of ions in it, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, both come in the forms of carbonates and bicarbonates. And bicarbonates are the worst offenders of the two. Making matters worse, alkalinity insidiously accumulates in your growing medium in a vicious cycle that will cause your growing medium pH to climb faster than a speeding bullet and give you pH stability problems in your reservoir and growing medium, substantially Field Crop Pumping Station — Here’s one of the critical steps farmers —who grow field crops that are irrigated — decreasing your yields. take to ensure they get the best harvests possible. To do this they inject acid directly into irrigation lines to neutralize their source waters alkalinity. Then depending on the desired pH of their growing soil they will use a cation rich fertilizer to bring the soil’s pH down or a anion rich fertilizer to raise their soil’s pH. The field pumping station above also filters the source water. 119
  • 108. When the amount of alkalinity in your source water hasn’t been measured and is then used to mix your nutrient solution - even with a properly pH balanced nutrient reservoir - your plants can suffer from a continuous build up of alkalinity that will silently sneak up on you and quickly raise your growing mediums pH, locking out your plants vital elements, and hijacking you from your crops true harvest potential. In fact, farmers who have to irrigate their field And then there’s the subject of water hardness. crops and have alkalinity in their water supply have to Shouldn’t you be concerned about that? Well, It’s important continuously inject different types of acids - depending on not to confuse water hardness with the alkalinity of water. what the farmer is trying accomplish with the crop and soil These are two different things. - into their irrigation lines to counter balance their alkalinity. An easy way to think of alkalinity is pH up. Unfortunately a very bad form of pH up. Once alkalinity is neutralized, Here’s The Difference: fertilizer is then injected into the lines. “Hardness” is the measure of the combined concentration of insoluble calcium and magnesium in the Here’s something to think about, depending on what water, not the presence of the carbonates or bicarbonates crop is being grown, the fertilizer being injected will be mentioned earlier. balanced with the correct cation to anion ratios for that crop’s soil pH requirement. If they need to lower their soil’s pH they’ll use a fertilizer that has more cations than anions. And if they need to raise the soil’s pH they will use a fertilizer with more anions than cations. We’ll go over this more in the nutrient section. 120
  • 109. Using a water softener to handle the hardness will only displace the calcium and magnesium ions and leave Let’s Explore How To Measure the carbonates and bicarbonates behind, which doesn’t And Manage All This change the alkalinity at all. So this is not the thing to do. So now the question arises, “how do we measure And a BIG WARNING, using a water softener will add alkalinity?” Well, the way that alkalinity is measured is unwanted sodium to your water severely decreasing your how much carbonate and bicarbonate is in the water. yields. Alright, so now we have to test the water. But how If you’re using well water it is almost guaranteed you do we do that? Well, there are several ways to test water will have alkalinity problems. In fact most municipalities alkalinity. One way is with an alkalinity meter (which have water that is poor quality and has alkalinity. I have measures it in PPM) which is quite different than an EC personally seen municipal water that’s 900 PPM and meter. chocked full of alkalinity. As an aside you can use an EC meter to do a quick Here’s the thing, if your water is 30 PPM or below check but it is not the same measurement. And the least you’re safe. And I’ve seen city water that has less than expensive way to check your alkalinity is with a test kit 10 PPM, Vancouver, Canada being one of them. Anything where you add dilute acid until a color change occurs at a over 30 PPM and you should invest in a reverse osmosis specific pH. system. Magnified Calcium Carbonate Hach Alkalinity Meter- Shown here is the Hach digital alkalin- ity meter it’s used to check for the harvest robbing alkalinity of your source water. It costs a couple hundred dollars, for the same price you can go out and buy a reverse osmosis system and not have to worry about your waters alkalinity. Now, you can get a digital meter for about $200 at But if you want to go easier on the pocketbook, there are kits as cheap as $30 to $40. And you should get one that uses titration which is actually the most accurate method of testing. Potassium Carbonate Calcium and Potassium Carbonate are a major contributor to alkalinity that will steadily raise your pH in your growing medium. 121
  • 110. Here’s Something Interesting The Best Way To Measure PPM About pH Readings One way people have measured the PPM is with TDS (total dissolved solids) but I would not advise this because OK, so that seems simple enough, but now I’m going TDS was intended for determining the acceptability of to add just a little variance into the subject to make it more drinking water, not nutrient solutions. interesting. Taking pH readings during the light cycle will give you a different result than when you take pH readings at night. Instead use a meter that measures EC (Electrical Conductivity) this type of meter was made specifically for The reason for this is, during the dark periods, both measuring nutrient solutions. microbes and the plants are resting and give off alkaline molecules and the pH tends to go up a bit. During the day Here is one of the biggest secrets the best growers the plant and microbes are active and they give off acid in the world figured out along time ago: if you want a world molecules which make the pH go down some. class crop you have to use really great water. If you’re running a recirculation system this is And a very simple way to ensure that is get a reverse important to consider, especially because your tank should osmosis water system. It’s an absolute must for bigger be outside your grow room. And you might be taking your yields. readings when your plants are in their dark cycle. RO System Wall Mount And Commercial Units- Pictured on the left is a typical wall mount unit that will produce around 25-50 gallons per day. On the right is a commercial system that produces 200 to 500 gallons per day. WARNING: When you get your RO system DO NOT get a water soften- er with them, because they will put unwanted sodium into your nutrient solution and substantially cut down on your yields. An assortment of different manufacturers EC meters- EC meters are made to measure fertilizer solutions. TDS meters measure total dissolved solids and were originally designed to check drinking water not nutrients. 122
  • 111. Float Valve System Diagram Of RO Storage And Reservoir — Pictured above: is a tank mount float valve shut off set up. Reverse osmosis systems are priced and rated by how many gallons or liters of water they produce in a 24 hour period. Because of this a lot of growers run theirs 24 hours a day into a separate reservoir. So to avoid over flowing your reverse osmosis water reservoir a float valve shut off should be installed. You May Want To Read That to your water. The temperature is important as well. Last Line Again... Cooler water holds more oxygen as well as affects your pH level, but if it is too cold, it will cause your pH to Think about it, you spent all that time and hard work rise, and if too warm, it will cause it to go down. building your grow room and in the final hour you skimp on the water, it just doesn’t make sense, you really should Here’s a little known fact, excessively high water invest in a reverse osmosis system. temperatures above 79°F or 26 °C start to negatively impact your plants ability to absorb macro nutrients. They aren’t that expensive these days, prices start for under $100. A reverse osmosis system will take the High temperatures also encourage fungal and alkalinity out of your water and give you bigger yields. And bacterial diseases, and you don’t want that either. In fact, obviously alkalinity is one of our limiting factors we want it is best to maintain a nutrient reservoir temperature of to get rid of, isn’t it? 65°F or 18°C to 69°F or 20°C. And colder water holds a lot more oxygen. When You Invest In RO Remember These Tips And here’s another fact, scientists who study our oceans consider warm tropic waters to be the “deserts” One word of advice: you should have a tank mounted of the oceans because they contain way less life than the shut off float valve installed on your R.O water storage colder waters of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, that are tank and nutrient reservoir that shuts off automatically teeming with life because of the colder water temperatures when the tank is full, and you should keep your nutrient holding more oxygen. tank topped off because, as water level lowers, the pH will be magnified as either acidic or alkaline. You can get one In the end if you want bigger yields go out and buy a at: reverse osmosis system it will be some of the best money you’ll ever invest in your grow room. One Last Thing About Your Water Now here is the last thing I will say about the water you use and then we’ll take a look at the growing medium. There is one more thing to pay attention to when it comes 123
  • 112. Your Growing Medium The Secret Beneath Your Plants Your plants roots are actually pH producing “machines” creating either hydrogen ions (pH down) or hydroxide ions (pH up) depending on whether the roots are taking in elements that are mostly cations or anions. All my labs grow rooms use reverse osmosis water. In fact it’s so important all Advanced Nutrients products The Most Important Link are made with ultra pure zero PPM and zero alkalinity In The Chain reverse osmosis water. Out of the circle of big bud getting power, it’s your OK, let’s explore your growing medium – A lot has growing medium that you need to be most concerned been said about measuring pH in the nutrient solution, but about. Because if you want a really great crop, your plants where the real money is being won or lost by the buckets must have an acidic pH growing medium. In most cases full, is in the actual growing medium itself. your pH will be climbing and your challenge will be to keep your pH from going up. Here’s why... your plants’ root system is actually a pH excreting machine that manufactures and pumps hydrogen ions (pH down) or hydroxide ions (pH up) directly into your growing medium and will directly change the pH of the growing medium depending on the elemental composition of your nutrients make up. And you can imagine how having a thorough understanding of this is going to give you even more control over your plants that will lead to bigger yields, right? 124
  • 113. Here’s the typical pH absorption range of non chelated elements in soil and hydroponics. Sure, the water, the growing medium, and the nutrients and your plants ability to produce world class nutrients should all have to work in perfect harmony buds. And we all want to grow kick ass buds, don’t we? with each other, but it’s the roots in the growing medium that drives the pH chemical reactions that is the most overlooked by growers and it’s not your fault it’s just most books out there don’t go into great depth about it. It’s This Sort Of Knowledge That Leads To Real Mastery In Growing And naturally this is very important because, the pH in the root zone is going to determine the availability of You just got another gem that’s not even talked about or even considered by most growers, except by growers who have a very deep understanding of plants. And this is where your big money is going to be made or lost. So you see, it’s going to be essential then if you want big consistent yields, you should check your growing medium pH every week. 125
  • 114. An Important Lesson To Nutrient Company Owners I have extensively tested the competitors hydroponics nutrients, and unfortunately the vast majority of them don’t work with the plants root system to even remotely come close to maintaining a stable or ideal pH in the growing medium. Because they use too much nitrates as their source of nitrogen . Here’s the straight goods... and an education for a lot of the nutrient manufacturers out there, to balance a growing mediums pH, nutrient manufacturers must be using the correct balance of cations to anions to guarantee you the right pH in your growing medium. And...One more thing, the right balance of elements (cations to anions) that will give you a stable and ideal growing medium pH is different from plant species to plant species. And by not being aware and acting on this vitally critical piece of knowledge is exactly like growing with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake at the same time. Why Would Anybody Work Against Themselves Like This? So why are nutrient companies not building there What are you really feeding your plants? Your plants macro, micro products with this in mind? and secondary nutrients are really a lot like the foods you eat. Think about it, are all sources of protein, carbohydrates and fats you eat the same? No they’re not. And its exactly the same for your plants Well, I will give you two reasons for that. One is the food it eats. Your plants are what they eat. high expense and the other is the amount of research and knowledge needed to prepare the nutrients for a specific your insulin while others are a slow burn and give you type of plant. sustained energy. I admit it... I go on the forums every once in a while, What about fats? Some are actually good for you and it always amazes me when I see people making like Omega-3 and others will slowly clog your arteries and statements like, “all base nutrients are the same and salts eventually give you a heart attack. Obviously it all makes are just salts”. a difference. And in the nutrient section we’ll take a look at this in depth. Think about it... is there a difference in the foods you eat. Are your sources and quality of proteins, carbohydrates and fats you eat, all the same? Absolutely not, some proteins are assimilated and utilized by your body faster and more completely than others. And some carbohydrates release quickly and spike 126
  • 115. Pete Bog Sphagnum Moss Harvest Expanded Clay Pellets Coco Coir Perlite Rock Wool fertilizers. The thing about different hydroponic mediums is that they have varied abilities to maintain and control Sphagnum Moss pH. So Let’s Take A Closer Look At Them OK, so we had a look at some growing mediums. Now we’ll look at them and a few others in a different perspective. In hydroponics, there are two basic types of growing mediums: those that are pH independent and Coco Coir Sunshine #4 Mix those that are pH dependent. Let’s take a closer look at these mediums differences. What’s Your Favorite Well, each one of them has a certain ability to stabilize Growing Medium? or buffer pH, which is another way of saying they have varied abilities to keep the pH from changing on you. This Now if you’ve looked lately, you probably noticed that ability is called cation exchange capacity or CEC. there is a variety of growing mediums to choose from. In other words, CEC refers to the ability of the medium You have sphagnum moss – that stuff from bogs. And to absorb and release cations. Remember the cation stuff I there is coco coir, the fiber that comes from the coconut’s mentioned at the beginning of this report? We’ll be looking outer husk. And let’s not forget about the special mixes at this a little bit closer now. and all the other hydroponic growing mediums. Now you might want to keep it simple so what I recommend is that you use Sunshine #4 mix. This is a mix that is pretty close to ideal and will save you a lot of work. We’ll talk a bit more about that later. You might even choose coco coir since it is also a good growing medium and has a special line of compatible 127
  • 116. Dependent Vs. Independent Mediums that are pH dependent have little to no CEC and cannot resist a change in pH and this results in the pH going high or low very rapidly. So, then, mediums that are pH independent have a high CEC, are more buffered and can resist a change in pH for long periods of time. And that’s good! That’s what you want. As an example your everyday, garden, soil-based medium contains some humus and clay and is pH independent with a high CEC because of the humus and clay. They are great to grow plants in because it is not affected by rapid pH swings. But Indoor Growers Have To Follow Different Rules Now, hydroponics is different. Many of its mediums have a low CEC and needs to have the pH continually balanced and monitored. More on this later. Of course, there are some that have a higher CEC and are better buffered than others. For example, coco coir and sphagnum moss have higher CEC capacities. This means they are capable of maintaining a more stable pH level. These are said to be pH independent. Sphagnum actually has eight to ten times the CEC as soil pound for pound, but there are other drawbacks. But not to worry, these could be easily remedied, though no manufacturer has done this yet. You see, Sphagnum doesn’t have the bulk density that soil has. After all, it is a moss and is light in weight. But you can add something called calcined clay to solve that problem. These are the cation exchange capacities of different soil structures at pH 7.0. You can clearly see how impor- tant the addition of humus is to your soil and growing mediums ability to hold a stable pH. You can easily build more humus structure in your soil and growing medi- ums by adding humic and fulvic acids to them. As an aside, if you’re an outdoor grower you can now see the importance of growing in soils with high humus values because it will definitely make a difference in getting you bigger yields. 128
  • 117. Calcined Clay and this would be a near perfect medium for growing your plants. Sunshine #4 also contains a wetting agent All you need to do (surfactant) to ease surface tension and allow for better is add is 5% – 7% to initial water penetration to the growing medium. your sphagnum growing media. And what is calcined clay? Well, this Coco Coir (And How To is clay that has been Overcome Its Limitations) heated to drive out Let’s have a look at coco coir. It starts out with a volatile materials. One better pH of 5.5. But the problem with this medium is that word of caution though. Calcined Clay magnesium and calcium binds to coco and doesn’t want Make sure you use a Calcined Clay can be added to to easily release. And that’s not good. Your plants need to low sodium source of sphagnum moss and coco coir be able to get to those nutrients. calcined clay because growing mediums to increase it’s (CEC) cation exchange you don’t want extra Now if you add dolomite lime, as a lot of companies capacity so your growing sodium in your growing out there will do because dolomite is cheap to use and medium will have a much more medium. made up of magnesium and calcium carbonate and a stable pH. source of alkalinity, that will eventually raise your growing Now what about mediums pH and this is not what you want to do. So low CEC growing what do you do? You would solve the problem by adding mediums? Some hydroponic mediums that we use, such chelated calcium and magnesium either to the coir or in as rock wool, expanded clay pellets or perlite, have a low the base nutrients. CEC and so they have a hard time stabilizing the pH. We call them pH dependent and, you probably have already Unfortunately, other nutrient companies won’t do guessed by now, you will need to correct the pH more this because of the very high added expense, but that is often. exactly what we put in all the base nutrients at Advanced How about the Sunshine #4 mix that we mentioned earlier? Actually this is a very, very good medium. When it comes out of bogs, it has a pH of 3.5 to 4. This is actually too low, so dolomite lime is added to it to raise the pH. (We’ll talk about adding dolomite a bit later.) This brings the pH of the Sunshine #4 to 5.8 to 6.3 for a 6 week period. More About “Sunshine #4” And How It Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier So what’s Sunshine #4 mix made of? It’s made of 60% – 70% peat and 30% – 40% perlite. This is the combination you want and gives you excellent aeration which you’ll need for great big thick root development. And as hundreds of university studies have conclusively shown the bigger the root system the bigger the yield. And that’s what we’re after isn’t it. BIGGER YIELDS. Coco coir comes from the outer husks of coconuts. It also has a starter charge of fertilizer that gives it an NPK ratio of 6-5-11 meaning it has a ratio of 6% nitrogen (N), 5% phosphorous (P) and 11% potassium (K). All you have to do, then, is add a bit more nitrogen to the mix 129
  • 118. Nutrients. However Advanced Nutrients doesn’t make a specific coco nutrient yet. Monitoring Your Growing Medium pH Coco coir also has a lot of potassium so you’ll need Remember, we talked about monitoring growing to use a fertilizer with reduced potassium so you don’t end medium pH? One of the most overlooked areas by up with potassium toxicity. growers is checking their growing medium pH on a regular basis. That is probably the biggest single culprit for yield There is one other thing to be aware of: low quality inconsistencies from crop to crop and it could be costing coconut husks are often soaked in salt water as part of you a lot of money. the manufacturing process to break down the husks and quite often not properly flushed by the coir manufacturer Let me explain how this happens. As the roots take overseas. in an element, it gives off a positive charge, pH down (hydrogen ion) or a negative charge pH up (hydroxide You’ll need to make sure that the extra salt is flushed ion), and depending on the nutrient elements being used, out of your medium with water by either yourself or the some carry more of the same charges than others. manufacturer you’re buying it from before using it. What’s more, because of this it affects the pH of This Step Is Very Important the surrounding root area and growing medium. If it’s hydrogen ions being excreted, it becomes more acidic, Because if you don’t, you will have high sodium and if it’s hydroxide ions, it becomes more alkaline. content in your growing medium and that will severely reduce your yield when using cheaply produced coir, and this problem is more common than you might think. If you’re thinking about using coco coir as your growing medium, you’re going to find coir still has some inherent problems with it that have not been resolved completely, that’s why you’ll probably have to use a Cal Mag product when growing with coir. At one point Advanced Nutrients pulled Sensi Cal calcium and magnesium product off the market because we figured if a nutrient was built right you didn’t need it. Man, stores started calling and demanded we keep it on the market, so we did. Here’s what the hydro store owners told us was You don’t want to take your growing mediums pH readings happening: Growers growing with coco coir were using from the top third of your container because there usually Sensi Cal to fix the calcium and magnesium deficiencies isn’t enough root activity there. Instead take your readings from the bottom two thirds of your growing medium where the caused by the coir they were using. Which of course told most root growing activity is to ensure an accurate reading. us that there hasn’t been a correct coco nutrient formula made yet that addresses the needs of the growers using coir growing mediums. So, at some point we will bring out a coco coir nutrient and then later on down the road, a coir growing medium that will be perfectly aligned with each other. We’ll be doing the same thing for a sphagnum moss growing medium too. Enough of the commercial. 130
  • 119. How To Measure Your Growing Medium pH So it’s important to monitor the pH levels in your medium as well as your nutrients and the alkalinity of water you are using. So how do you measure your growing medium pH? Basically, there are three ways to do it: 1. Saturated media extract – you add distilled or de-ionized water to the medium just to the saturation point and measure. 2. Pour-through method – the water is poured through the pot to replace the water that was in there and collected. 3. Squeeze method – the water that already exists in the medium is gently squeezed out in a measured amount and pH readings are taken. In all three of these, you just use a pH meter or color test to measure the pH. The easiest of the three is the squeeze method. If you are using rock wool, you just take one of the cubes after a feeding and you gently squeeze it. Repeat this with at least six different cubes so that you get a couple ounces or 60 milliliters from each cube. After combining and mixing these six extractions together, check the pH. This tells you what the pH is in the growing medium. What you’re looking for is a pH range of 5.3 to 6.8. pH Meter With Soil Probe — This is a very good In our labs we’ve extensively tested pH ranges and growing medium pH meter to use when you’re yields, this is the “sweet spot” for nutrients that are not checking your growing medium’s pH. fully chelated. The range is even wider for fully chelated macro, micro and secondary nutrients. When your growing medium is coco coir or sphagnum There’s An Easier Way moss, you water your medium to the point of being A much easier way is to get a pH meter with a metal saturated (but not leaking out the bottom) and then take a spike probe and take readings simply by sticking the sample from the bottom 2/3 of your pot where your roots probe deep down into the growing medium and calculate are most actively growing. the average of all six containers. take the same amount from six different pots and mix them together. Make sure to take the same amount from each pot. Then gently squeeze it and get an extraction from which you will measure the pH. Look I realize that taking samples from grow buckets is a hassle however; it is the most accurate. 131
  • 120. Laboratory Grade pH And EC Meters- Here are high end laboratory grade EC, pH meters and probes that cost from several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Now, don’t take the sample from the top third of the There’s another reason for taking the samples near container, here’s why. There isn’t as much root growing the bottom of your container, and that’s because nutrients activity at the top of the soil. So use the bottom two thirds will tend to crystallize near the top and can precipitate out of your growing medium to take your pH readings because a little bit and will give you a false reading. that is the active zone for root growth. Using pH Meters So now, we should look at the meters we need to measure the pH. There are so many different pH meters available, but get one that uses dual solution to calibrate your pH meter. It’s a good idea to get one that auto adjusts and has ATC (automatic temperature compensation). This will be more expensive but worth it. The cheaper ones are a pain to use while the auto-adjust ones calibrate at a press of a button, which makes it a lot easier. You want to make sure that calibration is done every week. If you’re fanatic to detail like I am you’ll want to have a pH meter with ATC because as your nutrient solution temperature changes so does the pH of your nutrients when your nutrient temperature gets warmer your pH goes down and when your nutrient temperature gets cooler your nutrient solution pH goes up. Here’s an interesting side note, a pH of 7 is considered to be pH neutral, but in fact is only an approximation and is accurate only at 25 °C or 77°F. A true neutral pH is when the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) is exactly the same as the concentration of hydroxide ions (OH- ) and those concentrations are effected by temperature so your pH neutral point varies from pH 7.47 at 0°C or 32°F to pH 6.14 at 100°C or 212°F. pH Temperature Chart — Contrary to popular belief a pH of 7.0 is not always neutral, in fact it really depends on the temperature of your nutrient solution as the chart above shows. That’s why it’s critical to make sure you buy a pH meter that compensates for temperature. 132
  • 121. A Good Resource If you’re looking for really high quality pH measuring instruments and electrodes check them out: www. Bacteria In Your Growing Medium It may surprise you to find out just how much activity is going on under the surface of the growing medium. There is actually a lot going on there including bacterial activity. But before we get into that, we need to say a bit about beneficial bacteria and nitrogen. Plants need nitrogen as an essential element for its survival. There is a process that bacteria is involved in called nitrification. Microbe Circle Diagram Showing Daytime H+ Nighttime OH- Beneficial microbes release hydrogen ions (pH down) during your light cycle and hydroxide ions (pH up) during your dark cycle. The Role Of Nitrification Nitrification is a process where specialized beneficial (65°F or 18°C to 75°F or 23°C) so it will encourage active bacteria in your growing medium take the urea and growth of beneficial microbes. This will help to keep your ammonium from the nutrients and convert them into pH stable, and your growing medium more acidic. usable forms. Then the plant roots can absorb it and use it for plant growth and development. A Valuable Secret! Here goes... I’m going to reveal something I’ve never By the way, an important thing that happens in this told anyone before. And I’m sure it’s going to give my process is that these beneficial bacteria then give off competitors something to start researching into. an acid molecule which actually lowers your growing mediums pH as well. And that’s a good thing. Advanced Nutrients beneficial bacteria products have microbial interaction with each other that’s balanced Now, if you have a pH that is too low, nitrification will in a way that assists your growing medium in holding its be inhibited. The same happens when your medium has pH. too low a temperature or there is a lack of oxygen through over-watering. Then the pH goes up and the medium And here’s something else you may find interesting. becomes more alkaline. Not good! Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponic nutrient company to breed and produce their own beneficial Beneficial Microbes Switch microbes in house. Gears At Night At night beneficial microbes are at rest and respirating, and they give off alkaline molecules instead of acid as they do during the day, and the pH goes up. Some interesting facts, some microbes give off more hydrogen ions (pH down) in a 24 hour period than hydroxide ions (pH up). And some do exactly the reverse. Also make sure that you do not over water your plants, and provide a somewhat warm growing medium 133
  • 122. By hunting down and selecting specific beneficial microbes Advanced Nutrients can now select microbes that either give off equal amounts of hydrogen ions (pH down) and hydroxide ions (pH up) or more hydrogen ions (pH down) or more hydroxide ions (pH up) in a 24HR period. Obviously the importance of this is significant because we can now use these to help you control your growing mediums pH. Making Your Own Growing Sometimes There’s An Medium Mix Unexpected Aspect To Now, you might have decided to make your own “Do-It-Yourself” Mediums media mix. If so, alright. But if you start with pure sphagnum moss, you will need to add at least 30% perlite (between You Should Be Aware Of 30 – 40%) so that the sphagnum moss can breathe and There is something else that you might run into when aerate properly, allowing the roots to pass through quickly mixing your own medium. And that is inconsistent growing and infuse into your growing medium. medium. The number one cause of pH problems for growers mixing their own mediums is inconsistencies in When using sphagnum moss you could add 5 to 7% source materials. calcined clay to increase the cation exchange capacity (CEC). This would help stabilize the pH in that growing When mixing your own growing medium you need medium. I would not use calcined clay in a recirculating to know the sources of your sphagnum moss and lime system only in a “one way” feeding program. because they differ in pH from year to year and locations. Of course, if you are new to hydroponics, I would The only way to be certain you are working with the suggest you start by using Sunshine #4 mix, which has right pH materials in your medium is to test it frequently. very good CEC and is very forgiving. You will get a good See “Laboratory Registry for the United States and crop even if you make a few mistakes. Canada 2nd Edition,” CRC Press (ISBN 1-57444-179-5) to get a comprehensive list of soil-testing laboratories in the United States and Canada. 134
  • 123. Calcium Hydroxide Limestone Screenings Dolomite Calcitic Limestone Pictured above are the different types of limestone it’s important to be aware of which type you’re using because they all have different release rates. Adding Limestone and it affects the long-term buffering capacity of your growing medium. Earlier I mentioned adding limestone or lime. When you have a medium that is too acidic, you have to add It is the residual limestone that you want to measure something to bring it up into a better range. For example, regularly in order to test how good your limestone source you will find that sphagnum (pH of 3.5 to 4.0) is very acidic is. Actually, each limestone source is different, so there is to use as a medium. no way to determine the residual fraction except to test it. So you’ll want to use limestone to neutralize this acid There is also a variance in the limestone you get and raise the pH to a level acceptable for plant growth. depending on what part of the quarry it comes from. You The amount needed depends on different factors such as will find a variance in pH with sphagnum moss as well, sphagnum sources, types of ingredients, and limestone depending on what part of the bog it is harvested from and type. what time of year or even what year. Another thing, when limestone is added to your growing medium, only a fraction of the lime reacts to increase the pH to a stable level in 5 to 10 days after planting. And this is called the reactive fraction. So what happens to the rest that doesn’t react? Well, this is called un-reacted or residual limestone, 135
  • 124. The Three Main Features Hardness Hardness is the third important feature of limestone. Of Lime A soft crystal reacts more quickly with acid than a hard So when you use sphagnum as your medium, there crystal. Of course, there is no real way to tell if the are three main features of lime that determine how much limestone being used is soft or hard except by testing it. is needed to raise its pH. These features are limestone You have to add it to your growing medium and raise the type, particle size and hardness. pH to 5.3 – 6.8 and observe what happens. You can conduct a test for determining the reactivity Limestone Types of your limestone by adding 4 to 6 pounds of limestone per In dealing with limestone type you actually have two cubic yard of growing medium. If this adequately brings choices: the pH up to 6.0, you know that the limestone is reactive, and there is little residual left once a stable pH is reached. 1. Calcitic which is straight calcium carbonate. Needing to add 8 – 12 pounds of limestone indicates 2. Dolomite which is a combination of calcium the limestone is moderately reactive. Adding more than 15 and magnesium carbonate. pounds per cubic yard indicates an un-reactive limestone and that is not good. I do not recommend Calcitic limestone as your optimum choice because it releases too fast and usually Hydrated Limestone raises the medium pH too high. Dolomite is slower and doesn’t do that, so it is a better choice. With dolomite you (A More Volatile Option) get a more even pH and buffering over a longer period of If you use hydrated limestone, it’s another story. time. Hydrated limestone is known as calcium hydroxide and is a white, crystalline, slightly-soluble alkali used in the Just remember that different sources of dolomite will neutralization of acid soils. give you different reaction fractions or percentages of the limestone. The only way to really ensure you have the It reacts completely and rapidly and does not have dolomite lime with the right residual balance and the right any available residual limestone. You have to be careful reactive component to it is to test it by doing the following: with it because it will quickly shoot your pH way up. l After placing the medium in pots, irrigate with tap water avoiding any leaching to take place. Some Challenges You l Reapply the water daily as needed to keep the Should Be Aware Of medium moist. Now you might run into a problem with adding l Measure the pH at days 0, 3, 7, 10, 14, and 21. limestone. Because adding too much limestone adds alkalinity to your growing medium which could raise the l Plot your results on a graph. You should see the pH levels too high. pH stabilize after some time and see what the final pH was as well as how long it took to stabilize. In limestone, the bicarbonates settle around a pH of 6.5 to 6.7 and this is dangerously close to the pH where Particle Size precipitation of iron and manganese start to happen unless Now that we looked at limestone type, let’s look at they are properly chelated. particle size. Particle size also makes a difference in how reactive the limestone is. The finer the particle size is, the more reactive the limestone is. Just so you’re aware, limestone is sold in mesh sizes. The higher the mesh size, the finer the particle size. 136
  • 125. If you use Sunshine #4 growing mix, you don’t want to add limestone as it already has sufficient limestone in it, and adding more will increase your growing medium’s pH. Be careful...if you’ve been using limestone in your Sunshine #4 mix you might end up with your pH going high. You might even cause your nutrient elements locking out in the growing medium. However, if you use fully chelated macro, micro and secondary nutrients, this won’t happen. We will talk about chelates in a bit. Many of the nutrient companies don’t bother with using any chelates and the ones that do usually only chelate the iron and manganese. Properly chelating nutrients is an expensive endeavor. And the lack of proper chelation is likely costing you bigger yields, and you end up having to monitor your nutrients and growing medium continually to get the right pH. Reusing Your Growing Medium One thing to remember if you re-use your growing medium is that you may not get consistent yields. You should be exceptionally cautious re-using your growing medium if any of the following happens during your growing and flowering cycle: your pH is currently running wild, you’re using a lot of limestone, not watering regularly, Pictured above are urea and nitrate molecules. When properly used together they will help balance your growing or not leaching all the nutrients out at the end of your medium’s pH. Plus, will give you more robust thicker stalk flowering cycle. plants and bigger yields. Plus, urea is also a great food source for your beneficial microbes. This is especially applicable to re-using sphagnum moss or coca coir. You might want to store your sphagnum or coir from one crop to the next and, while the other Here’s the bottom line: you have to be interested crop is growing, you can work with the stored medium to in your growing medium’s pH and make sure it’s clean if replenish it and get it to the right pH level for the next crop. you’re going to re-use it to grow your plants. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to grow a consistently high-yielding, The Advantage Of Expanded high-quality crop. Clay Pellets If you don’t want to invest the time and money in this project, you’ll be better off to go to your hydro store and Expanded clay pellets are my personal choice for get new growing medium for each crop. running hydroponics systems because it’s easy to work with and cleans up easy for re-use. You can also re-use perlite just sift it and clean it with very hot water or use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide and then rinse. The same can be done with expanded clay pellets. If you’re using rockwool just throw it out after every crop. Though I’ve seen and personally re-used rockwool, it’s a pain in the ass and I wouldn’t do it because it has too many down sides. You’re better off buying it new. 137
  • 126. Shown above are the different outcomes that your nutrients will have depending how their cation and anions are balanced when formulated. When done right, they will work in your favor and give you a great crop. When done wrong you’ll find your- self battling constantly with your nutrient solutions pH. Worse yet, your growing medium’s pH will be on the rise. And if you’ve never measured your growing mediums pH you would never be aware of this yield reducing trap that’s been silently stealing your crops true harvest potential. Your Nutrients Lets Take A Closer Look At This Critical Piece Of The Puzzle Let’s have a look at how the different elements that And of course, that’s something Advanced Nutrients does. make up your nutrients affect your pH. We mentioned this earlier at the beginning of this report. Your nutrient solution Cations include potassium, magnesium, calcium, is made up of macro, micro and secondary nutrients. zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, iron and ammonium. Anions include nitrates, phosphates, sulfates, carbonates, Macro means large and micro means little. Macro bicarbonates. And different forms of these elements carry nutrients are those elements like nitrogen, phosphorus different amounts of anions and cations. and potassium that your plants use a lot of. Micro nutrients, on the other hand, are nutrients How It All Comes Together that are only needed in very small quantities like iron, Your plants roots take in both anions and cations but manganese, boron, copper, cobalt, molybdenum and zinc. when they do, different things occur. Like when the roots take in cations, they give off a hydrogen ions-which are Secondary nutrients are calcium, magnesium and acidic-and is then released into your growing medium. sulfur and are used in smaller amounts than macro This makes your growing medium acidic and the pH is nutrients. lowered. All of these elements, macro, micro as well as Now, when anions are taken in by your roots, secondary nutrients carry either a positive charge (cations) hydroxide ions are released which are alkaline and that or a negative charge (anions) and will effect the pH of your raises the pH of your growing medium. growing medium as your plants use them up. In fact, most macro, micro and secondary elements can be manufactured to carry more cations or anions if a manufacturer is willing to go the extra mile and spend the additional money required to have them custom made. 138
  • 127. But as it goes, cations and anions actually work together. Like I Mentioned Up At The Beginning...“It’s A Balancing Act” The whole trick is to balance the cations and the anions; then you can maintain the ideal pH in your growing medium. This does take a lot of work and research, but it can be done. Why is this important? I’ll let you in on the secret. When you use the cations in an ammonium based nitrogen source, it gives off acid molecules and that helps to maintain the ideal pH around the roots and in your growing medium. But when you use a mainly nitrate base nutrient, you are working with anions which gives off alkaline molecules and that raises the pH. This means you’ll need When you get it right your plants will have nice vibrant green leaves. to continually adjust your pH down. Why do the extra work when you can just maintain A Few More Fundamentals the right balance of ammonium and nitrates, cations to anions, right from the start. Of Nutrients So let’s talk more about your nutrient. Since a lot And I don’t know for sure, but because of this goes on in a nutrient, you’ll need to have one that takes imbalance of anions to cations you may have a high pH everything into account and makes the proper adjustments in your growing for you. It should work with and within the pH range of medium. And the where your plants are growing and not against it. worst part is, you aren’t even aware Plants that are subjected to stress due to limited and that this harvest incorrect ratios of nutrient elements show slower growth, robbing culprit smaller bud size and weaker potency. In fact your plants is lurking in your use very little phosphorus they are actually nitrogen and growing medium. potassium hogs. Also, if you use a recirculating Unfortunately, other nutrient companies haven’t taken system you’ll the necessary tissue samples to find this out. We’ve taken be continually thousands of samples for all parts of the plant through all adjusting your phases of growing and rigorously tested many different reservoir’s pH in an nutrient ratios and have optimized your plants nutrients unending cycle of based on that research. pH balancing. And this directly affects Too much nitrates as a source of nitro- the bigger yields gen will give shorter petioles, smaller that you could be leaves and thinner stems that won’t be able to support heavy flower weight. getting. 139
  • 128. To make matters worse, we found that as nutrients move away from your plants ideal ratios and element The Source Of Nitrogen And... forms, yield and essential oil production rapidly deteriorate. How It Makes A Big Difference We explored the importance of nitrogen for plant For example, when you feed your plants with growth and bud growth, but it’s the source of nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen you will get a greater petiole leaf the amount of that source that makes the biggest difference expansion. But fertilizing with too much nitrate nitrogen in your nutrient. For example, there is potassium nitrate, will give you shorter petioles, smaller leaves and thinner magnesium nitrate, and calcium nitrate. stems making it difficult to pack on a lot a weight because your plants can sense whether they have the proper When a plant support to grow bigger flowers. takes in nitrates, it gives off an alkaline But Wait, There’s More! molecule, and you get a rising pH near the The form of nitrogen used also affects the color of your roots making the pH of plant, as is seen in the case of fertilizing with ammonium your growing medium nitrogen component which develops richer vibrant hues of alkaline. green leaves. Now, temperature is something you have to take into A great cation rich account also. When the growing medium temperatures nitrogen source that are below 60°F or 15°C, you are wiser to use nutrients we use at Advanced high in nitrate-nitrogen. Remember the ideal root zone Nutrients is urea. It’s a temperature is between 65°F and 75°F or 18°C and 24°C. great source because it acts like ammonium This is because at below 60°F or 15°C temperature, and keeps the pH the little microbes are just not working as fast and the nice and acidic in the nitrification process is inhibited. And this means the growing medium. ammoniacal nitrogen is just not converted as well to Urea and nitrate molecules. ammonium. Urea also makes great microbial food and beneficial microbes love urea. The only problem with that is that over time the The combination of urea and nitrates actually makes for nitrate-nitrogen will cause the pH to increase in the a bigger, more vigorous growing plant and increases your growing medium. crop yield. And yes, I just gave up another inside secret. As an aside the fertilizers that you find in garden Remember, when your plants root’s take in elements centers and nurseries marked as “high acid” are high in that are cations they excrete acid molecules into your ammonium and have a lot of cations in them. growing medium. And when your plant roots take in anions they excrete alkaline molecules into your growing Here’s how it works; as the plant begins to take in medium. these cation nutrients through their root system, it releases acid back into the soil or growing medium and that brings the pH down. So adding a “high acid” fertilizer to the reservoir does not make your nutrient solution have a lower pH; as you can now see the process comes about in the soil as the plant roots use the cation rich fertilizer and excrete acid into the soil. 140
  • 129. The Next Step For soils are very diverse not only in the macro, micro and secondary nutrients they hold, but also in their availability, Nutrient Companies as well as the soil’s pH . So if a nutrient company actually cared enough, knew what they were doing and was willing to spend the extra However that’s not all, soil has a high cation exchange time and money they could make a perfectly balanced capacity, so companies also wouldn’t - if they chose to - nutrient solution that would keep the pH in the ‘sweet spot” have to use as much if any pH buffer. in your growing medium at all times. Bottom line is... saving a few bucks per bottle for How would a nutrient company do that exactly? First them is more important than building a sound and sturdy they would have to tune the cations and anions of all the nutrient platform that delivers to you, one high quality elements in the nutrient solution to a specific type of plant. formula built right from the get-go, so to speak, for both And once you also knew what the exact macro, micro and hydroponics or soil. secondary nutrient ratios of that specific plant was... And with that being said, Advanced Nutrients You could then use your nutrient solutions nitrogen base nutrients can be used in all hydroponics including sources to help do the “balancing” act for you, because rockwool, expanded clay pellets, perlite, volcanic rock, nitrogen is abundantly used by your plant and it is available foam, styrene, sphagnum or soil growing mediums, and in both cation (ammonium) and anion (nitrate) forms. Now any combination of those, it’s totally your choice. The only we’re getting some place. growing medium the base nutrients are not made for, at this time, is coco coir. That requires a totally separate Only problem base nutrient and bud enhancer. is, if you look at the hydroponics Even better, all Advanced Nutrients base nutrients nutrients out there and supplements can be used in any and all growing most of them use systems like flood and drain, nft, drip irrigation, continuous only nitrate forms feeding and aeroponics. as their nitrogen source, which is And while we’re at it, almost all Advanced Nutrients an anion form of supplements can be used in all your growing mediums Alkalinity can run out of control nitrogen and drives including coco coir. Just look for the coco coir safe emblem faster than speeding bullet in your your pH up in your on your supplement bottle or jar. growing medium and severely growing medium as reduce your harvest, or worse, in fast as a speeding extreme cases kill your crop. bullet. The Straight Goods On Different Formulas For Hydroponics And Soil Here it is, simply put it’s cheaper to make nutrient formulas for soil than hydroponics. Because soil has some Some nutrient companies save a few bucks per bottle, by nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, selling separate soil formulas instead of an-all-one high magnesium, sulfur, and for the most part small quantities of quality hydroponics and soil nutrient. iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, and molybdenum) already present in them so companies just figure that they don’t have to put as much of those elements into their nutrient formulas. There’s a danger with that kind of thinking, because 141
  • 130. Pictured are various stand alone pH and EC meters and combo meters that do both pH and EC at the lower to medium end of the price scale. Balancing Your pH but a lot of nutrient companies use magnesium, calcium and potassium carbonate or bicarbonate as their pH When adjusting your reservoir’s nutrients to adjust buffers. This is absolutely not a good idea. your pH. For example, potassium hydroxide (also called caustic potash) can be used to raise your pH up. Use nitric Here’s why: remember that carbonates and and phosphoric acid to lower your pH down. bicarbonates are anions and add to the alkalinity of your nutrient solution and growing medium, and even though You can use nitric acid in your vegetative cycle they might buffer the pH a bit, these “down and dirty” pH because it will add nitrogen to your crop and phosphoric buffers will cause your growing mediums pH to accelerate acid in your flowering cycle because it will add phosphorus. up. And guess what? Personally I prefer to use nitric acid Vitally important last and final point: Calcium, in my flowering cycle because tissue samples have shown Magnesium and Potassium, using these carbonates your favorite plant doesn’t use a whole lot of phosphorus and bicarbonates will actually diminish your crops yield during flowering. In fact, in most cases nitrogen use potential. increases. So check out what’s in the nutrients you’re using and If you’re looking for organic forms of pH down you see if they’re using any magnesium carbonate, calcium can use citric acid to bring the pH down. This you can get carbonate, potassium carbonate, bicarbonates or worse, at a vitamin store; just make sure that it is a really pure a combination of them. type of citric acid. For all these reasons, Advanced Nutrients won’t use You can even use vinegar (acetic acid) but the acetic them, period. Instead we invest our money in pH buffers acid varies in different vinegars so you have to be a bit that give you rock solid stability over your nutrient and more careful and watch what goes on. For this reason, growing mediums pH while never adding alkalinity in any citric acid is the preferred acid to use. way that will diminish the size of your harvest. How about Using Buffers? Some companies promote using chemicals to buffer your hydroponics nutrients. So what is a buffer? A buffer is a chemical that helps maintain pH stability of the nutrient solution. A lot of growers aren’t aware of this little known fact, 142
  • 131. They do this by binding them to ions, and this prevents those ions from precipitating or locking out with other elements. You can use different chelates to lower and raise DPTA the pH level as well, depending on what you need. So Pictured is a simplified version of the whole activity is the way chelates bind to elemental another balancing ions. act. Adding chelates to the mix makes it easier for the plants roots to absorb the macro, micro and secondary nutrients that it needs. There are several advantages of using chelates : l It increases availability of nutrients. EDTA l Mineral nutrients are prevented from forming insoluble precipitates. l Toxicity is reduced of some metal ions to plants. l It prevents nutrients from leaching. l The mobility of plant nutrients increases. l It suppresses the growth of plant pathogens. l When formulated correctly can help stabilize pH. How We Give You The Best EDDHA Advanced Nutrients micronutrients are 100% Chelates- Pictured above are some of the different che- chelated, and our macro and secondary nutrients are lates in their raw form that are used to chelate hydroponics chelated as well (although not as much as the micro formula elements. nutrients because it’s not as critical). This makes them more available to the plant over an extremely wide pH range. Adding Chelates OK, so lets take an in depth look at chelates. What are they, anyways? Well, chelates are complex organic molecules used to allow the micro, macro and secondary nutrients to remain available to the plant over a wider pH range. 143
  • 132. The chart on the left shows the absorption range of typical non chelated macro, micro and secondary nutrients. The chart on the right shows the absorption range of Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect macro, micro and secondary nutrients. The only limit to absorption is the ability of the plants root system to keep growing it’s roots faster than they “burn” back from extreme pH levels. Typically those extremes are around pH 2.5 and pH 9.5. The chelates that we use in your nutrients are EDTA, EDDHA, DPTA, Amino chelates and our own proprietary blend. And together they will give you a theoretical plant absorption range of pH 1 to pH 10. I say theoretical because at pH 2.5 the roots are being burned up faster than the plant can produce them and the same thing happens at pH 9.5 And most other nutrient formulas will start to precipitate and lock out at a pH of 6.8, at that pH, precipitation is microscopic and easily stays in suspension and usually pH 4.5 NON-CHELATED pH 8.5 NON-CHELATED can’t be seen with the naked eye. And it’s not until a pH of 7.5 to 8 you can visibly see it. Then at the other end of spectrum at pH 5, iron and manganese start to become way more available and can lead to plant toxicity. You won’t have to worry about any of this with Advanced Nutrient products because of all the chelates that are used. You can plainly see that without chelation your plants ability to absorb nutrients is placed in a very narrow pH range. And constant pH adjusting and monitoring will be pH 4.5 CHELATED pH 8.5 CHELATED required. The tanks on the left show precipitation at pH 4.5 and pH 8.5 of typical hydroponics nutrients. The picture on the right shows Advanced Nutrients chelated nutrients at pH 4.5 and pH 8.5. 144
  • 133. This is what healthy roots should look like. With the exception of using organic formulas, which will usually stain your healthy roots with a brownish tint. Advanced Nutrients extensive use of chelates The light was already green in front of us and the powerfully protects your crop with a second layer of pH moment the car was in a straight line all hell broke loose protection and Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics the engine came alive, the tires hooked up and the sound company to do this and obviously goes to great lengths and of it all shattered the quiet of the still night air, echoing and expense to ensure you get the bigger yields you deserve. reverberating off the store windows like intense thunder in a canyon of glass. Expensive Chelates And A I was pinned to the seat as if a powerful magnetic pull had gripped onto every cell in my body and firmly held Street Racer Named Allan it into the seat. I glanced over and saw how effectively Using these types of chelates is literally 7 to 10 the Hurst straight line shifter was making quick work of times more expensive than using straight non chelated changing gears. elements in your nutrient solution. So why do we pay so much attention to all the details when making your nutrient And I was amazed how he deftly squeezed every last formulas. RPM out of top end of every gear. By the time I looked forward again we were already coming out of third gear Well a long long time ago when I was a very young and into fourth gear. man. I was just 19 years old. There was a street racer by the name of Allan in my hometown of Aurora, Illinois and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the interval lines he had the fastest car in a fifty mile radius. on the road had all become a solid stripe and vision off to my sides became blurred while my frontal vision became It was a Chevy Nova and it turned very low 10 second razor sharp and all my senses were lit up like Las Vegas quarters consistently. Allan was a good 7 years older than at night and sensory overload was setting in. Just then the me, and late one night on a summer evening a group of us run was over. were hanging out and talking to him. And I was asking a lot of questions about his car. Out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to go for a quick spin. Man, I was in that front seat of that car in a split second. I had barely gotten my seat belt on when we rolled out onto Lake St. 145
  • 134. He eased off the gas and just as quickly brought the a few of those things to their cars and run hard. car back down to a somewhat normal speed. I turned to But what happens is when they do just a few of those Allan after we got done running that car through the gears things, there’s something they don’t realize and understand, and my ears had a chance to adjust from the roaring it effects something else that they didn’t think about, and thunder. I asked him why his car was so fast. then something snaps or limits their performance. I asked him, was it because he had a triangular valve When I built this car, I looked at everything and went job, was it the headers, the dual Holley double pumpers through the entire car, and then built up each system. on the high lift manifold, 12 to 1 compression pistons? The That’s why I don’t get beat.” Muncie Rock Crusher transmission? Was it the ported and polished heads? The 4:11 posi traction rear end with Little did I realize on that warm summer evening that traction bars? The roller cams? a street racer had just handed me one of my keys to life that would open many doors. He stopped me mid sentence and said words I would carry with me for the rest of my life, and has served me For whatever reason those words have stuck with me well. “it all matters” and throughout my life I’ve always put those words to good use. He looked at me and said “Mike it’s all of it, and a whole lot more things than you’ve mentioned. You see – it Talk Soon :-) all matters – a lot of guys think they can go out and do just BigMike It was in a Chevy Nova similar to this one that I discovered from a street racer, one of my life’s important lessons. One that I would take with me for the rest of my life. 146
  • 135. n eWMobile Phone nutrient calculator it’s here! You Get complete control to Fully customize Your own Feed Program remembers Who You are! saves Your schedule! You Get enhanced Features For More control over Your Garden Works on all smart Phones Go to and Download Your app now!