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  • 1. Review of Hydrology Project (Andhra Pradesh Surface Water) World Bank's Final Supervision and Completion mission 7 to 8 May 2014
  • 2. Hydrology Project - APSW Brief Introduction Implementation Agency :Irrigation & CAD Dept, Govt. of A.P. Date of Loan Agreement(Loan No. 4749-IN) :19/01/2006 Date of Commencement :05/04/2006 Loan Closing Date :31/05/2014 Project Cost : Rs.700.32 Lakhs (at the time of commencement ) Revised Project Cost :Rs 892.08 Lakhs(As per RCT-2013) Lender Share :78% State Share :22% Name of the Agency : Andhra Pradesh Surface Water Component Web Site Address :
  • 3. Financial Targets & Achievements Transaction Amount INR ( in Crores) Cumulative Claims made up to March -2014 4.1366 Cumulative Reimbursement received up to March -2014 4.0558 KEY POINTS World bank communicated Aide memoire vide E-mail dt.18.11.2013 advised to drop RTTS activity In Crores
  • 4. Physical Achievements  Procured and created the environment with DSS planning Server -1, DSS Web Publishing Server-1, DSS Work station -2 with LAN and internet connectivity.  Civil works executed for 25 ARGs/SRGs and 4 F.C stations for data collection network through Local Shopping in Hydrology Project Phase-II.  Procured 36nos computers, 7 Laptops and peripherals under up gradation of IT infrastructure.  Procured GIS and Image processing software.  Procured 5 LCD projectors and information Brochures got printed.  Website for HP was developed.  The Hydrology data is being disseminated to the users on demand.  Out of Four Reservoirs Hydrographic Survey for 1 project was completed and report was submitted The remaining three Projects Hydrographic Survey work was completed and reports are under preparation and the reports will be submitted before closure of HP-II i.e.31-05-2014.
  • 5. Institutional Strengthening Trainings & Competency Building Category of Training Program No Of Training Programs Domain 8 Procurement Procedures 6 Software / GIS 12 Study Tour 2 Grand Total 28 In House Training Programs Category of Training Program No Of Training Programs Domain 63 Procurement Procedures 2 Soft skills 1 Software / GIS 34 Grand Total 100 External Training Programs KEY POINTS  Officers Trained – 474
  • 6. Institutional Strengthening Network Stations Station Type HP - I HP -II Total Stations AWLR 8 0 8 DWLR 32 0 32 GD Station 77 0 77 ARG & SRG 80 25 105 Upgraded SRG 203 0 203 FCS 8 4 12
  • 7. Institutional Strengthening Awareness Raising & Knowledge Sharing  Developed HP Website & procured books related to HP  Procured Infrastructure for trainings like LCD projectors, Audio systems etc  Printed 1400 brochures and necessary training material for circulation  Conducted 7 State level HDUG Meetings & 21 District level HDUG meeting  Conducted 23 Awareness Raising Work shops
  • 8. Data Dissemination The data pertaining to Hydrology, Hydro-meteorological and Climatic station is available from July 1999 to January 2014 in Hydrology Project circle Data storage center. After implementation of pricing structure (in 2007) the data Disseminated to various government, N.G.O. and private organization covering university scholars and P.G. Students, Irrigation, A.P Genco, WAPCOS and other private organizations for utilization for different purposes (Irrigation/Industry/consultancy). The total number of purchasers till date are 170nos and the amount collected so far is Rs.1,36,794/- Application of HIS Data
  • 9. Vertical Extension Purpose Driven Studies  Reservoir sedimentation studies are identified under PDS  Rs.60.50 lakhs allotted for Reservoir Sedimentation Studies of four reservoirs i.e Jurala, SRSP, Kadam and Nizam sagar.  Hydro graphic survey of Priyadarshini Jurala project was completed and report submitted  Other reservoirs Hydro graphic survey completed and report preparation is being under progress Key Observations:- Priyadarshini Jurala Project constructed across the river Krisha Storage capacity of project is 338.10 M.cum (11.94 TMC) The first survey was conducted during the Mar-Apr 2012 Capacity of reservoir found is 273.440 M.Cum (9.657 TMC) at FRL +318.516 m Loss in capacity is 19.125% The rate of sedimentation was worked out to 0.49 Ha.m/100Sq.Km/year It is observed that % loss in capacity is in the order of high Suggestions made :- Take catchment area treatment as per guidelines Construct check dams and plantation to arrest soil erosion Conduct Hydrographic surveys at least once in 5Years when it attains FRL KEY POINTS Hydrographic Survey for SRSP, Kadam and Nizam Sagar completed and report preparation under progress
  • 10. Vertical Extension Decision Support System (P) Development of Software model for Decision Support system planning (DSS- P) is one of the components of Hydrology Project Phase-II. Middle Godavari Basin(G-5), Sriram Sagar Project (SRSP) System was selected for model development. The following scenarios tested A.Crop selection and corresponding water requirements: This scenario tested for multiple cropping pattern in command area. Different combinations of crops are selected for optimum utilization of "available water level" in the reservoir during 1st October to 1st June. to assess the deficit of water under various cropping patterns. B. Providing Water for all sectors based on Increasing Demands: Effective allotment of water for various sectors (Drinking , Irrigation and industry ) based on Increased demands has been tested to analyze the impact of increased demands of a particular sector on the remaining sectors C. Combined Management of reservoirs and Water Transfers: Integrated reservoir operation model setup completed and working on various possible test cases and results are yet to be analyzed. D. Balancing Head-end and tail-end abstraction along irrigation canal: Conjunctive use of water has been tested in this scenario. Distributory-83(D-83) of SRSP catchment is selected as part of pilot study. Extending the scenario for more area in association with Ground Water
  • 11. Post Project Plan HP-II Continuation of HP-II Activities  Post Project Training for updating Knowledge.  Operation and maintenance of the network stations, Water Quality lab equipment, Hydrometry and Hydrometeorology equipment, Computers etc.,  Awareness raising by conducting HDUG meetings.  Publication of Meta data year book and monthly bulletins like Aquadat.  Dissemination of data to users on demand.  Completing left over activities of DSS(P) pilot study and blending with Decision making and Awareness raising.  Dissemination of PDS results.  Application of HDA software's as per necessity after receipt of the same.
  • 12. Moving Towards HP-III Exploring the possibility of Hydrology Project - III  Different applications under different river basins/projects can be taken up using DSS(P)  Scale up applications from Hydrology to water resources  Carry out the information to applications from data related to Water resources and Hydrology  Upgrading of existing Hydro meteorological network to Real time data acquisition system  Data processing reservoir management, flood management can be done by real time monitoring (RTDSS)  The reservoir sedimentation studies of Nagarjun Sagar project and Srisailam project can be taken up under HP-III through APERL / APSRAC  Introduction of E-Swiss in Andhra Pradesh  Application of Hydrological design Aids developed by CWC (Consultant CES) in Andhra Pradesh water resources sector
  • 13. AP Reorganisation Act (2014) Appointed Day 2 June 2014. KEY POINTS Request for IT Infrastructure Assets Description Purpose Existing Number s Approxi mate Cost (in INR) Proposals Software - DSS Software provided by DHI along with dongle DSS (P) 1 Need to procure the same for Andhra Pradesh (1 Nos) Computers - Servers and systems along with LAN connection, Racks, routers and UPS etc 1 set 25-30 Lakhs Need to procure the same for Andhra Pradesh (1 Set) Laptop 1 0.75 Lakhs Need to procure the same for Andhra Pradesh (1 Nos) Infrastructure – DSS room setup 1 Room + 1 Server Room 3 Lakhs Need to procure the same for Andhra Pradesh Computers - Data Backup Systems State Data Storage Center Nil 1.50 Lakhs Need to procure for both the states (2 Nos) Computers – Data Storage systems with SWDES 1 0.75 Lakhs Need to procure for Andhra Pradesh state (1 Nos) Computers Data Backup Systems Nil 1.50 Lakhs Need to procure for both the states (2 Nos)