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Specifications aas
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Specifications aas
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Specifications aas
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Specifications aas


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROPHOTOMETER Purpose For analysis of trace metals and other elements in water and sediment samples. Fully automated PC controlled true double beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with absorption and emission capability with deuterium background correction and should have the capability of measuring multi elements in rapid sequence in single sample measurement, fitted with 4 or more lamp position and choice of manual or automatic lamp selection with following features: Conditions & Requirements • Installation, commissioning and training in operational use shall be by supplier. • At least 5 years of after sales service shall be guaranteed Specifications General Features • Automatic wave length and slit selection • Wide range and high sensitivity photomultiplier for maximum signal to noise ratio • Choice of burner type (air/acetylene or nitrous oxide) • Deuterium background correction. Range 185-425 mm to 2.3 Abs. Electronic modulation with automatic attenuation • Integrated built-in Flame and Graphite Furnace along with auto- sampler. • It should be automatically aligned in the path by using the software. Spectrophotometer • Type: PC-controlled • Optics: hollow cathode lamps, double beam, narrow beam optics matches flame profile. • Hollow Cathode Lamp or Electrode Less Discharge (EDL) Lamp • All reflective system with quartz over-coating on mirrors. • Sealed against dust and vapour • Wave length range: 180 to 900 nm • Slit 0.2 to 2 nm with automatic and manual choice Monochromator • Monochromator with computer controlled wavelength selection and peaking
  • 2. • The system should be based on abrasion corrected Cnerny- Turner Grating (holographic diffraction grating) up to 1800 grooves per mm blazed at 240 nm • Continuously adjustable silts with 0.2 to 2 nm spectral bandwidth Sensitivity • At least 0.7 Abs Absorption Cell • Quartz Lamp turret • At least 4 lamps with automatic Turret controlled with software and auto-alignment Gas supply • 0 to 120 ml/min Gas Control • Automatic – preset oxidant flow and variable full flow adjusted using manual flow meter adjustment. Automatic oxidant change over • Fully automatic gas box with computer-controlled oxidant selection, automatic gas sequencing, oxidant and fuel monitoring and control • Actuated ignition with air/acetylene. Acetylene flow should be automatically adjustable when switching to or from nitrous- oxide/acetylene operation Flame control • Programmable and manual oxidant and fuel selection and • Monitoring • Safety interlocks • Safe and automatic shutdown in case of power failure Safety system • Separate ignite/flame off buttons. Safety interlocks to monitor burner type, burner fitting, liquid trap, pressure relief bung, flame shield, flame operation, main power, oxidant pressure and deuterium lamp cover • Fully interlocked operation preventing ignition if proper burner head, nebulizer, end cap or burner drain system are not correctly installed, the level of liquid in the drain vessel is incorrect or gas pressures are too low • The interlocks should be with automatically shut down the gases
  • 3. if a flame is not detected • In the event of power failure or when the emergency flame off button is used, the flame should be automatically and safely extinguished Spray chamber • Solid poly-propylene or fluorinated HDP or equivalent • Or fluorinated high density polyethylene for aqueous and organic solutions Burner • All titanium or equivalent, for air-acetylene and nitrous oxide- acetylene flames or air/acetylene burner with Teflon shield. • Burner system chamber should provide analysis of corrosive and high solid matrices • Automatic burner rotation system • Interchangeable full titanium nebulizer for organic and acidic purpose and burner head for 50 mm and 100 mm, facilities should be there to switch from Flame to Graphite within few seconds without removing the air acetylene or nitrous oxide burner. Mixing paddles • Removal twin headed mixing paddles fitted inside the spray chamber for better mixing and extend operation with high dissolved solids solution Impact bead • Externally adjustable glass impact bead (Teflon bead) Hydride Generator • Hydride generator (for AS, Se, Hg at ppb level), automatic and computer controlled • Sample should be injected through the peristaltic pump, 3 channel peristaltic pump with heated quartz cell, fast heating rate, temperature range should be from 100 to 1000 degree Celsius • Typical precision 1-2% RSD with sample through put of 50 samples/hour determined in triplicate Graphite Furnace • Built-in integrated furnace with flame facility to switch from flame to graphite within few seconds without removing the air acetylene or nitrous oxide burner • It should automatically align in optical path by using the
  • 4. software • It should have fully automated constant temperature zone with dynamic feedback temperature control, cooling water temperature compensation, upto 20 steps per program, temperature programmable from 40 to 3000o C with maximum heating rate up to 2000o C, choice of two inert gases with programmable flow rate, solid titanium work head for maximum corrosion resistance, quartz and windows for high light energy, comprehensive safety interlocks for gases, water flow, tube and transformer temperature, DC Power supply used for Graphite Furnace with strict electromagnetic compatibility • Spray chamber: solid polypropylene of fluorinated HDP or equivalent • Recirculating Water chiller: with flow rates of 1.5-2 L/Min at 175-200 kPa for cooling of Graphite Furnace must be quoted from manufacturer • Autosampler for Graphite Furnace: Automatic programmable sample dispenser for GTA 50 samples in 2 mL vials, 5 25 mL vessels for bulk solutions, automatic preparation up to 10 points calibration, hot injection automatic flow through rinsing • Easy access for graphite tube replacement with built-in tube usage counter should be available • Auto sampler should be provided with graphite furnace Operational requirement Background correction: • Sensitivity: 0.7 absorbance or better for 5 ppm Cu • Calibration: automatic, using up to 6 standards and re- calibration with single standard Power supply • 220 ±10 VAC, 47 to 53 Hz Typical performance • Greater than 0.8 Absorbance with precision of <0.5% RSD from ten 5 sec integration for 5 mg/l Cu solution Other requirements • PC Compatible for operation control and monitoring of AAS and necessary modules with latest configuration and software, core 2 DUO processor, 3 GHz, 2 GB DDR RAM, 48x CD ROM Drive, 320 GB HDD, 17” TFT Colour Monitor, 104 key board, optical mouse, Window 7 and licensed MS Office with CD, serial and parallel ports, DeskJet colour printer with suitable
  • 5. stabilizer • Software performing analyses at least as per DIN/ISO/US-EPA, control of flame, calibration, blank correction, data import, export, handling and reporting, quality control protocols, computer based training • All the methods, parameters related to lamp selection, calibration, control of flow gases should be through window- based software. It should have programmable and computer controlled gas control, both air acetylene/nitrous oxide. System should have all safety features required for the system. The unit should be operated with Windows software controlling analyser, setting-up the method parameters, analysing the samples, performing calibrations. The verification kit STD for Cu to check performance periodically to be included in offer. Accessories • Hollow cathode lamps for Ag, As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Hg, Pb, Se and Zn • Gas filter station with control box • Acetylene and nitrous oxide gases with cylinders • Argon gas with cylinder and regulator required for hydride system • Fume hood and ducting with exhaust provision • Air compressor • Vent and hood assembly • Nitrous oxide, acetylene and nitrogen two stage gas regulators with necessary tubing and connectors, nitrous oxide regulator should be with heater • Air compressor with air filter or equivalent operation, maintenance, service and analytical manuals, including applications for flame and hydride units • Spare nebuliser with capillary, flow spoiler, impact bead, O ring kit for nebuliser, burner gasket kits for air- and nitrous oxide- acetylene, additional spares and • Dust covers
  • 6. • 10 KVA online UPS with 30 minutes back-up • Colour monitor • Printer • Complete operational manual Consumables • Consumables for two year operation as recommended considering expiry dates