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Workshop "Human Resources" 21 juni 2011 Scheveningen …

Workshop "Human Resources" 21 juni 2011 Scheveningen

Ir. Mark R.F. Heine – Algemeen Directeur Fugro Survey BV

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  • Organisationally, we have 3 divisions; geoscience, survey and geotechnical, from which we’ve developed the 8 business lines that you can see here. However, Fugro is a highly decentralised organisation and the vast majority of staff and of course our business is handled by the 200 or more operating companies that form the Fugro Group. Each company reporting into one of 8 business line COOs. The corporate staff is relatively small.
  • And surprisingly, some simply used it for a bit of fun. However, we found this this approach was great for getting staff familiar with creating and taking e-learning, without getting them bogged down in serious work topics to begin with.
  • A quick note here on the desire to model the physical world on the vessel. The connections in the hardware view will reflect the real world. We use green / red to indicate sensor health. The combination of drag/drop and a wizard is much easier than IOWin. In the future we hope to add plug and play
  • A vessel is the centre piece of a project. Sensors are typically children of the vessel. A vessel has lots of properties like a shape, a default position, and a bunch of fixed offsets. All these attributes can easily be reported to PDF on a daily basis.
  • Fugro provides true real time visualization in the field to augment operations like rig moves, construction support and in future AUV surveys. Operations are becoming increasingly complex and increasingly require information regarding clearance, touch down points and proximity of possible seabed furniture. This requires detailed estimates of cable locations, catenaries etc. and a flexible way to provide this information to the operational staff on board the installation vessels. For underwater applications, this system highly benefits from INS. INS will provide stable, high update rate positioning information stream that can provide realistic imaging of underwater moving objects. AUV surveys will (in future) benefit from this service in rough terrain areas. The mission planning and real time QC will benefit from this feature.
  • Need to discuss the total cost of ownership (TCO) and how a browser based app makes good business sense Google OS is ‘around the corner’ they are pushing ‘web-based’ computing in a big way. Netbooks are upon us Mobile computing devices (Phones, PDA’s etc) all have JavaScript enabled browsers. Having thought about the cloud / web based stuff for a while, a web based system makes perfect sense.  It should even run on my kids wii.  But seriously, this is important.  Getting access to NG on cheap throw-away net book  devices with a ‘free’ Linux opsys will have significant commercial benefit to Fugro.
  • FRS is about connecting offshore operations to the office. Today, most vessels and rigs are connected to the world wide web by satellites. Through the internet we can connect to these vessels and to the navigation systems on board. This can be done from the Fugro office and also from client offices. The infrastructure we use for this is called FANS technology. The two most important features of this system are that it is secure and that it uses very little bandwidth, hence there is no thread or capacity drawn from the vessel or rigs internet connection. The main components of the FANS system are: Secure Remote control software with encrypted data transfer and the FANS box, a Fugro configured firewall and router
  • Thank you for your time and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


  • 1. - The World Hydrographic Day - De “Surveyor van vandaag & de toekomst” Mark Heine June 2011
  • 2. Toekomst van de Hydrografie?
    • Hebben we over 10 jaar nog computers op onze bureaus staan?
    • Hoe zien de communicatie middelen eruit?
    • Wat doet in Hydrograaf in de toekomst?
    • Hydrograaf en “het nieuwe werken”
    • Wat vinden de opkomende jongeren belangrijk in hun werk?
    • Wil de nieuwe generatie nog wel offshore?
    • Denken we na over waar de wereld is over 10 jaar?
  • 3. Toekomst van de Hydrografie?
  • 4. Agenda
    • About Fugro
    • “ De grenzeloze generatie”
    • Fugro Academy
    • Navigation software - Starfix NG
    • New vessel fleet
    • Remote services
  • 5. Global Network 13,500 employees in 275 offices in over 50 countries 3,500 staff Offshore Survey 1,500 staff Subsea Services
  • 6. Organisational Structure Information Services Seismic Services General Geophysics Offshore Survey Subsea Services Geospatial Services Onshore Geotechnics Offshore Geotechnics 200+ Operating Companies (‘OpCos’) worldwide
  • 7. Generatie Y
  • 8. Grenzeloze generatie Bron generatie Einstein – jeroen boschma & Inez Groen Identiteit is oprecht van jezelf Identiteit is erbij horen Identiteit los van ouders en autoriteit Persoonlijkheid is echt Persoonlijkheid is constructie Zoektocht naar persoonlijkheid Goede toekomst Geen toekomst Andere toekomst Serieus Relativeren Bevlogen Overal merken Opkomst merken Geen merken Traditionele idealen Ideologisch vacuum Bomvol idealen Groei, opbouw en welvaart Economische deressie Na-oorlogse wederopbouw Positief Negatief Protest 1988 – nu 1960 – 1985 1945 -1955 Generatie Y Generatie X Babyboomers
  • 9.
    • “ Generatie Y”
      • Young Professionals
      • Achterbankgeneratie
      • Knip- en plakgeneratie
      • Mediageneriek - Digital Native
      • Einstein generatie
    • “ Generatie Z” komt eraan….
    • Wat voor leiderschap is hiervoor nodig?
  • 10. Paramide van Maslow
  • 11. Resultaten “grenzeloze generatie” Bron Grenzeloze generatie - 2011
  • 12. Resultaten “grenzeloze generatie” Bron Grenzeloze generatie - 2011
  • 13.  
  • 14. Trends in de industrie
    • Grenzeloze generatie
    • Snel willen doorgroeien
    • Behoefte aan begeleiding / mentoring
    • Balans tussen werk en privé
    • Nieuwe dingen leren
    • Minder veldjaren
    • Varieriteit van werkzaamheden
    • Mobiliteit beperkt
    • “ Local content”
    • Surveyor minder veelzijdig
  • 15. Luisteren naar de opkomende generaties
    • Immaterieel
    • Competentie management
    • Fasebewust personeelsbeleid
    • Training
    • Coaching & Mentoring
    • Carriëre paden
    • Materieel
    • Werkomgeving
    • Werkomstandigheden
    • De “toolbox”
  • 16. The Fugro Academy Established 2006
  • 17. The Fugro Academy Objectives
    • Create a foundation for recruitment & long term career development
    • Provide standard courses for technical business requirements
    • Provide common courses for non-technical business requirements
  • 18. Health and Safety Courses
  • 19. Processes and Workflows
  • 20. Technical courses
  • 21. Technical courses
  • 22. And even Fun !
  • 23. Mobile Learning Download E-Learning Courses Assessment / Exams Upload Transcript Exam Results Synchronised to global Fugro Academy
  • 24. E-Learning Summary
    • >4500 Active Users
    • >2000 E-learning courses available
    • >150 Fugro E-learning courses in 8 languages
    • >100,000 Enrolments
    • >60,000 Completed modules
    • Note : Fugro Group statistics
  • 25. Classroom Summary 2007 to 2010
    • 774 Classroom Courses delivered
      • Inc. 30 Client Courses
    • 5687 People trained
    • >28,000 Days of training provided
  • 26. STARFIX-NG ( N ext G eneration)
  • 27. STARFIX-NG ( N ext G eneration)
    • Simplicity
    • Accuracy
    • Project Centric
    • Standards compliance
    • Maximises GNSS technologies
    • Improved QC
    • Efficiencies
    • Flexibility
    • Secure
  • 28. Simple to understand User Guidance
  • 29. 3D Vessel Configuration
    • Vessel offset editor in 3D
    • Permits accurate representation of all offsets in 3D.
    • Visual blunder detetion
  • 30. Catenary
  • 31. Starfix.NG Web User Interface
    • WiFi
    • Provides data views to Client Representatives.
    • Or via the Internet (to shore).
    A typical Fugro project surveyor
  • 32. New survey & ROV vessels Fugro Galaxy - 2011 Fugro Searcher - 2010 Fugro Saltire - 2008 Fugro Symphony - 2011
  • 33. New geotech vessel Fugro Synergy - 2009
  • 34. New Seismic vessels Fugro Geo Caspian - 2010 Fugro Geo Celtic - 2007 Fugro Geo Coral - 2010 Fugro Geo Carribean - 2008
  • 35. Fugro Pioneer & Fugro Frontier (2013)
  • 36.  
  • 37.  
  • 38. Schepen van de toekomst
    • Veilige werkomgeving
    • Ruime werkruimtes
    • VSAT Communicatie (internet)
    • Sat TV / DVD in hutten
    • “ Video on demand system”
    • Privacy
    • Gym
    • Milieubewust
  • 39. Fugro Remote Services Offshore operations Internet Client office Fugro office
  • 40. Remote control system
  • 41. Toekomst van de surveyor?
  • 42. Toekomstige desktop PC?
  • 43. Of gaat het zo in de toekomst?
  • 44.  
  • 45. Thank You