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The great cyprus bank heist
The great cyprus bank heist
The great cyprus bank heist
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The great cyprus bank heist


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. The Great Cyprus Bank HeistPost By George Silver:The Great Cyprus Bank Heist has touched the little grey cells again. Most people will not find thisentertaining, but never-the-less one person might just take heed and thereby save their financialfuture. Nothing, though, is guaranteed. For those who haven’t heard, the Cyprus Bank Heist iswhere the EU and IMF have decided that the price of bailout is a 10 percent grab of everyone’sbank account in Cyprus.By now most readers might get the inkling that George Silver is very anti-government, anti-corporation, anti-authority, anti do-gooders and anti any control of an individuals freedom to dowhat he likes as long as it doesn’t harm another in any way. One of his pet hates is the governmentstealing his money by force and trying to wrap it up in a pretty pink ribbon by calling it TAX. Ifyou cannot have the right to withhold giving money to the government then it’s stealing. Simpleas that. If I do not want to buy petrol I can avoid paying the tax. The government, and many brain-washed numpties, think it perfectly alright that after a person works hard for their money thegovernment should stick its hand in their pocket and grab a share.The average working man or women is the main target for the parasite called “government”.Where earnings are concerned the average person cannot avoid the paying of this “protection”money otherwise the “government” will send round its goons to break a leg or two until youcough-up. The “government” is controlled by “The Don” – euphemistically called the Bank ofEngland. In turn the Bank of England is controlled by a bunch of hidden private owners who youare not allowed to know about by law. It doesn’t matter which party is in power (even UKIP) theyall do what they are told or their dirty little secrets will be exposed. My feeling is that nobody risesto the top of politics or a corporation unless the “gang” has evidence on them.
  • 2. So what is the average man or women in the street to do? The first, and most important, is toradically change your way of thinking about “government”, “corporations” and “banks”. THEYARE NOT HERE TO HELP YOU. You are their milk-cow. Their sheep to be sheared. Theircannon-fodder. Once you are unable to provide, as an asset, they will shunt you off to the NHS tobe “fast-tracked”. Then your house and capital will be stolen. As an individual there are certainthings you can do to help yourself.OK let’s see what we can do in a small way. A way that doesn’t draw you into conflict with theabove crooks but allows you to “avoid” them and feel you are doing your little bit to thwart theirschemes. Firstly, and this seems a little against my argument but is actually not, use their systemsbut only in ways that benefit you, not them. Use banks for day to day convenience but do not savewith them or have any real amounts of money deposited. Make sure you get as many benefits fromthe government as you can. You were forced to pay for them so make sure you screw them back.Avoid buying food from international corporations. Most of it is chemical crap so do your healtha favour and buy local real produce. Avoid all of the “pharmaceutical drug companies” productsif you possibly can. They want on-going paying “patients” not people cured. Calm down FlaxenSaxon I shall leave this one for some future occasion. By doing these things (and there are manymore) you begin to take control of your own life. As one of their sayings goes “Every little helps”.So you’ve got a nice little stash of money which the government has yet to get its hands on. Whatdo you do? Sorry but I cannot give advice. I can only tell you what I might do. Buy physical Gold.Buy Gold coins. But Gold Sovereigns, Krugerrand, Mexican Pesos and hide them away from yourhome. Gold has ups and downs but will always preserve your spending power in the long run. DONOT be tempted into the stock-market or Bonds. They are both in a bubble which is about to go“Pop”. All currencies are rapidly going down the toilet, so a collapse of paper assets is coming .
  • 3. Gold coins can be bought over the internet. Do an internet search. CoinInvestDirect or Chardare just two I can mention. They can be delivered by mail or UPS and are insured. If you cannotsee yourself having your money in such a physical form and are still “bank-brain-washed” thenopen an account with a company like BullionVault or GoldMoney or even Perth Mint. They arerelatively easy to set up and then you can buy “allocated” Gold which can be stored in multiplecountries with bullion storage companies outside the banking system. You do not have to havelarge amounts of money. Just to keep this from going into book form I shall now end.But …………there is something big coming down the road.The Cyprus bank “heist” is just the beginning. Gold will be the only man left standing in the roomwhen the shit hits the fan. If all the debt now out of control in the World was realistically valuedagainst Gold then it would have to be commanding $30,000 an ounce. It will happen when thepowers that be cannot screw any more out of the present fiat currency system.