The great culling has begun (active since 1974)


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The great culling has begun (active since 1974)

  1. 1. The Great Culling has begun: Willyour genetic lineage survive?In Operation since 1974(NaturalNews) The "Great Culling" of the human population has quietly begun. Covertly,insidiously, mercilessly, a global depopulation agenda has been launched. As this plays out, thevast majority of the human race will be removed from the gene pool. Genetically annihilated.Will you and your genetic lineage survive?Thats what this article explores: WHAT are the real threats to your life, your offspring and yourgenetic integrity? HOW can you protect yourself from those threats? WHY is a globaldepopulation agenda being pursued? The more you understand these answers, the greater yourodds of surviving the great culling.First, lets dismiss any idea that the great culling is some sort of fanciful conspiracy theory.World power brokers like Bill Gates and Ted Turner openly discuss reducing the worldpopulation by 90%. Bill Gates, in particular, happily funds infertility technologies, vaccines andGMOs, all of which are purposely designed to cause infertility and halt new baby births, therebysharply contracting the human population.The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for example provided significant funding to theUniversity of North Carolina to develop ultrasound infertility technology that could renderhuman sperm unviable for up to six months. Reported by the BBC, this technology was proveneffective on rats, and its only one of 78 different research projects the Gates Foundation hasfunded under the guise of "global health programs." Gates famously explained his depopulation agenda through the use of vaccines with thisquote, delivered to a live TED audience in 2010:The world today has 6.8 billion people... thats headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do areally great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower thatby perhaps 10 or 15 percent. (
  2. 2. "Eliminate the weak"That this is the desire of the global controllers is no secret. Its not debated. This is what todayspoliticians, bureaucrats and even some misinformed activists of the "environmental" movementwish to achieve -- the reduction of world population to under one billion people. To them,humanity is seen as a threat to the planet and even to itself.From one point of view, this analysis may actually be correct. Its difficult to see how todaysmindless masses of dumbed-down consumers -- steeped in video games, television and junk food-- can offer any meaningful contributions to the future of human civilization. So, from the pointof view of the global controllers, "culling the herd" of humanity is actually a good thing. Itmakes humanity stronger, they say, in much the same way that culling the weaklings from a herdof wild animals improves the aggregate gene pool of the targeted species as a whole.The globalists argue that todays human gene pool is stalled. The weak and the stupid reproducejust as much as everybody else -- if not more so. The human gene pool is actually devolving,they say, and the only way to bring it back to a point where we have a species capable ofreaching for the stars is to eliminate those who arent smart enough to deserve a spot in thehuman gene pool.The word for this is, of course, eugenics. Adolf Hitler pursued the same philosophy: Improve thehuman race through genocide. Eliminate the weak, the ugly, the stupid. Fire up the incinerators,disarm the target race to be exterminated, and herd them into gas chambers or open pits.Modern eugenicsTodas eugenicists are more subtle. Theyve learned, through experience, that openly gassingentire populations doesnt win over the hearts and minds of the public. So theyve developedcovert methods of accomplishing the same thing. These coverts methods include convincingpeople to eat genetically modified foods -- which promote infertility -- to drink fluoride, takevaccines, use synthetic chemicals, increase abortions and pursue other actions that either killpeople outright or drastically reduce rates of reproduction.The idea behind these is that, first off, the culling of the human race can now be accomplishedwithout all the horrifying images of Nazi Germanys gas chambers. While the Jews in WorldWar II had to be forcibly lined up and herded into railroad cars, todays eugenics victimswillfully line up at pharmacies to be injected with flu vaccines containing stealth cancer virusesthat accomplish the same thing: Death.Death by vaccines is just slower and more covert than death by Zyklon B.
  3. 3. The great intelligence testImportantly, the genocidal properties of vaccines, GMOs, chemical food additives, medicationsand other synthetic chemicals function as a sort of intelligence test for the population. Thosewho routinely take vaccines are, of course, stupid. Removing the stupid people -- the "uselesseaters" -- from the gene pool is one of the goals of the global controllers. Thus, vaccinepropaganda serves as the perfect filter for removing "stupid genes" from the human gene pool.This is no doubt why globalists so aggressively push vaccines on low-income families -- theyequate "low income" with "not qualified to reproduce."Importantly, vaccines contain stealth cancer viruses that are passed along through multiplegenerations. The SV40 viruses introduced to the population through polio vaccines in the 1950sstill exists today in the grandchildren of those who were first vaccinated. This is openly admittedby top scientists who helped develop these vaccines(, the efficacy of these vaccines is completely and utterly fabricated, as has beenexposed by two whistleblower scientists who blew the lid on scientific fraud taking place atMerck ( pharmaceuticals directly cause infertility, by the way. Propecia, a Merck baldness drug,has now been linked to infertility and ejaculation disorders( game is on: You are living a reality gamecalled "Survivor"The big picture here is this: The game is on. You are a contestant in a reality game called"Survivor." If you win, you survive and your genes go on to represent the future of the humanrace. If you lose, your genetic lineage is annihilated... permanently removed from the future ofthe human race.My goal is to help you -- the intelligent reader of NaturalNews -- ensure that your geneticmaterial remains in the "survivor" side of this equation. I want you to beat Bill Gates at his owngame. And surviving is winningRemember: the goal of the controllers is to kill off roughly 90% of the existing population, eitherthrough a fast-kill weapon release, or the "slow kill" method of causing global infertility. WhileBill Gates only publicly mentioned 10% - 15% in his 2010 quote (above), Ted Turner publiclyannounced, on video, that he believes the population should be reduced by roughly 70% to the"two billion" level. You can see that astonishing video, filmed by Luke Rudkowski, at:
  4. 4. Behind the scenes at secret meetings, the real reduction levels being discussed are in the 90%range. If this is the real goal, it would mean a typical person only has a 1 in 10 chance of winningthe survivor game.In this article, I show you how to flip those odds, giving you roughly a 90% chance of winningthe survivor game. Thats the ultimate victory: Surviving, having healthy babies, and raisingthem to contribute to the betterment of human civilization. Theres probably very little you or Ican do to stop the culling of 90% of the population, as many people today seem bent on theirown self destruction. But at least we can make sure we remain in the 10% of the survivors whogo on to have healthy offspring and contribute to a future of liberty, freedom and spiritualadvancement.So, to begin, lets first explore the threats to your life and your fertility. These are things youmust avoid if you hope to win the survivor game.The 7 threats to your survival and fertility1) GMOs - Engineered to grow poisonous chemicals right in the crops themselves, GMOs arealso designed to cause reproductive failure in any mammal consuming them.2) Vaccines - Loaded with stealth cancer viruses and chemical adjuvants, vaccines are theprimary cause behind todays rising rates of infertility, birth defects and spontaneous abortions.Vaccines are aggressively pushed in minority neighborhoods and low-income areas.3) Chemtrails - Formulated with aluminum, barium and other heavy metals, chemtrails causehuman exposure to toxic metals that impair brain function and neurological function. Thisexposure may contribute to birth defects and deformities, but details need to be further explored.4) Prescription medications - Prescription drugs and chemotherapy damage DNA, promoteimpotence and decrease both sperm quality and egg quality.5) Chemical food additives - These chemicals damage DNA and egg quality, causing infertilityto be passed down through multiple generations of females. What you eat today can damage theeggs of your great-great-great granddaughter. Poisons in the food supply right now includesodium nitrite (in nearly all processed meats), MSG, aspartame and chemical preservatives.6) Biological weapons release - A possible "fast kill" scenario being explored by worldgovernments, a biological weapons release can burn through the population with high kill rateswhile being conveniently blamed on any desired scapegoat such as a fictional terrorist group."We are at war with Eurasia!"7) Food fascism leading to starvation - Corporations like Monsanto are seeking total globaldomination (and corporate ownership) over the entire food supply. This concept is called "foodfascism," and it would allow corporations and governments to determine who eats and who
  5. 5. starves. Notice how home gardens are under attack?( Raw milk centers areraided at gunpoint? ( ranching is being criminalized?( This is all part of the foodfascism assault thats already underway in our world.Those are the top threats to your survival and fertility. What follows next is how to beat them.The 10 strategies for beating the odds andwinning the survivor game#1) Avoid all poisons - These means eliminating all GMOs, fluoride, aspartame, MSG, artificialfragrances, chemical medications, chemical food additives and all other synthetic chemicals fromyour life. For most families, this means gutting your pantry, bathroom counters, garagechemicals and lawn care chemicals. Remember: The globalist controllers refuse to eat GMOand consume only organic foods. Ever wonder why? Because they know the chemical-laden,genetically modified foods are being used to kill off the uninformed masses.#2) Use nutrition to protect your DNA - This is absolutely crucial. Good nutrition (superfoods,high mineralization, antioxidants, plant concentrates, etc.) can prevent DNA damage fromexposure to low-levels of radiation as well as toxic chemicals. Above all, good nutrition boostsreproductive health, sperm quality, egg quality, and even brain function (so you think moreclearly and dont get suckered into globalist propaganda).#3) Do not vaccinate your children - This is a key defense against the great culling. Those whovaccinate their children condemn them to increased risks of infertility, thereby putting theirentire genetic line at risk of annihilation. By avoiding vaccines and allowing your children tonaturally experience the chicken pox or measles, you actually make them stronger and moreresistant to future infections.#4) Grow your own food - The only food you can truly trust is food you grow yourself. Usingheirloom seeds, ocean water trace mineral concentrates, soil probiotics and rainwater, grow foodthat nourishes your body and brain. Save your seeds and re-plant them each season. Over time,they will adapt to your specific soils and climate, improving yields and seed viability. See ourheirloom survival seed solution at: Learn skills of self defense and physical security - Be prepared to physically defend yourlife, home and property against tyrants, looters, criminals or even zombies (!). Learn thefundamental skills of self defense, weapon competency and marksmanship. I teach thisinformation in a downloadable preparedness course at:
  6. 6. #6) Reject mainstream propaganda - In order to protect your mind, you must refuse to subjectyourself to the mind-numbing propaganda of the mainstream media. This means throwing outyour television, shutting off cable news, and shifting to information sources such as truth-tellingwebsites and books.#7) Do not try to "save" everyone. Most of the masses will be culled. They are already beyondhope, having been poisoned with fluoride, vaccines, GMOs and other chemicals into a state oftotal denial. Have compassion for them, for they are the last of their kind. But do find otheraware and informed survivors and get to know them. Share skills and knowledge. Form acommunity defense plan for a worst-case scenario possibility. Cross-train each other to spreadskills across the group. There is strength in numbers.#8) Follow a philosophy of core redundancies. Examine all the critical infrastructure necessaryto support your life -- food, water, heat, shelter, emergency medicine, defense, communications,etc. -- and put at minimum a second layer of redundancy in place for each one.#9) Train yourself for mental adaptability. In order to survive, you must not allow yourself toever be locked into the "tunnel vision" of narrow thinking. To survive, you must be able to adapt,solve problems, and use resources in innovative ways. Training for this can include solvingmental puzzles (including playing "problem solving" puzzle video games), exploring theoutdoors, learning new skills (such as juggling), and trying out new hobbies. Do not let yourmind stagnate. You will need it to be flexible.#10) Avoid radiation exposure. Nothing damages your DNA faster than radiation, and sourcesof radiation are all around us. From the TSA body scanners at the airport to the CT scans orderedby your doctor, these harmful, ionizing radiation procedures damage your DNA and compromisefertility. Avoid using cell phones, Smart Meters and even wi-fi, if possible. Especially avoidmedical imaging scans, dental X-rays and security scans of all kinds. Radiation damage iscumulative, meaning it gets progressively worse over time as you are exposed to repeated dosesof low-level radiation.Dont be a victim, be a survivorThe point of all this information is simple: The "Great Culling" is upon us. Thats also the nameof a new documentary coming out that youll see announced here on NaturalNews:www.TheGreatCulling.orgPopulation reduction has begun. For many, its already too late for their children andgrandchildren because their DNA has been compromised beyond repair. They wont realize thisuntil their children or grandchildren cant have their own children, but the damage has alreadybeen done now... today... in our time.Remember: The eggs that produce a womans granddaughter are formed inside the womb of herown daughter during the time that daughter is forming in her own womb. (Yeah, really.) What a
  7. 7. pregnant woman eats today, in other words, directly shapes the egg quality of her granddaughter.This also means it takes, at minimum, two generations to recover from toxic chemical exposure.Years ago, I coined the term "Genopocalypse." That genopocalypse is now under way,happening right in front of us. But most people arent aware of it, so they easily fall victim to it.But through awareness, education and proactive strategies of self-preservation, we can eachrefuse to become a victim of the depopulation agenda.You are a survivor. Thats probably why you read NaturalNews. Now its time to put yourknowledge and awareness into action. Make the changes outlined in this article -- starting rightnow -- and safeguard not only your own future, but the future of your entire genetic line forgenerations to come.