SECRETS ILLUMINISM in the OzarksbyNORMA COXTRUTHIlluminism is a word which to Illuminists means enlightenment which thereb...
Constellation Aries (from which the word Aryan is derived), that he may be the Martian God of War, andpossibly was once an...
rather than worldwide with two distinctly opposing sides. Interesting is the way situations are workedout to accommodate t...
White sheets, the Confederate Flag with thirteen stars, Cross-burnings, symbols on literature, all secretlyproclaim the sa...
Wars are the result of the twisted thinking of a few men who, by means generally involving a certainamount of dishonesty, ...
"Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit-trained professor of canon law, defected from Christianity, and embracedthe Luciferian ideology ...
Unknown to those threatened with physical danger, the Distress signal Mayday is actually a plea topagan gods to send help....
As to the rift between the heretic Mason Thomas Jefferson, who "turned Illuminist," and John QuincyAdams, who practiced pu...
habitation, the intriguing Indian mounds, the beckoning caves, must have been an irresistible lure to thisseeker of occult...
two Gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue,and the brake ...
and Pike, Lucifer was their divine chief... Lucifer, the Ammon-Ra of ancient Egyptians sitting beside Isis,the Moon-goddes...
Cut short by death, other than picking up on the dream of the Jew, Moses Holbrook, the SovereignCommander of the Supreme C...
Two factors were necessary to the life of the Masonic conspiracy: One, control of governments throughcontrol of the purse ...
Jackson chose Tennessee and the area that is now Nashville as the place to live and launch a career.Possessing little tale...
Beyond doubt, they looked to him for advise, guidance, and protection. Which boils down to two sidestaking opposing positi...
Those brave men of the Alamo! Waiting for reinforcement that never came, their ammunition all butexhausted, a few too ill ...
Was Houston one of the conspirators? I doubt it. As most men are vulnerable to a chance at Fame andFortune, he appears to ...
There is little one can do but believe the contemporaneous record... unless one becomes sufficientlysuspicious and persist...
knew what was hidden within the mountains, hills and valleys of that particular area... perhaps providingan answer to the ...
amphitheatre too was submerged in water. However, the burial vault that Harvey had built was movedto the safety of a hills...
gushes from out its rock wall a spring of enormous volume. This has been happening for such a longtime that the rocks betw...
having a lot of unusual phenomena in the sky recently, thats been unexplained. We get all kinds ofstrange calls."Not the f...
PIKE AND THE POOR INDIANAccording to his daughter, on March 20th, 1858, Albert Pike was crowned Active Member of theSuprem...
then? Of course, hundreds, even thousands of years ago! Even as, at the time of Albert Pike, highMasons in the United Stat...
allowed the Hittite/Canaanite Federal Reserve System to sneak in and, with no strings attached,dispense the Nations money....
Which poses several questions, one, why two states instead of one in those days of difficult travel, and,two, is the house...
Formed here in the Ozarks, there were no differences barring a union between Pike and Forrest, for allwere Masons serving ...
THE INDIANS KNEWYears before Jesse was born, two men who, years beforehand had knowledge of the coming AmericanCivil hurt ...
Indians in the Upper America and in Central America-Guatemala were tribes with members who,because of ancient breeding wit...
of Esther) corroborates the records. In fact, their belief is that the Book of Esther verifies the"truthfulness of the Boo...
About midway between Little Rock and Fort Smith, these mountains are alongside the Arkansas River.Nearby are the twin Peti...
IN THESE PARTSI have been told that the Buffalo is the only nationalized river in the Nation. If true, why? Why was thisli...
Written on the other wall dividing the way in the undeveloped Blanchard Springs cavern are these wordsfrom the Book of Eze...
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
Secrets illuminism in the ozarks
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Secrets illuminism in the ozarks


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Secrets illuminism in the ozarks

  1. 1. SECRETS ILLUMINISM in the OzarksbyNORMA COXTRUTHIlluminism is a word which to Illuminists means enlightenment which thereby spurs worship of the sunwithout which life on the face of Earth could not exist. Worship of the sun means adoration of Lucifer. Agod of many names, among the best known are Ammon-re, Helios and Apollo.There is more to the duties of Lucifer, the Sungod, than guiding the movement of the sun andmaintaining its exact position among the planets of the system, there is also the operation of massiveequipment which, within the globe, sheds light and heat upon the surface of the planet.Lucifer continues to be equated with Satan, which is unfortunate as such an assumption furtherconfuses a situation entangled in a mass of misconceptions. Mythology is a maze of distortions, yetthere is truth blended therein, which brings up the proposition that Lucifer might have come from the
  2. 2. Constellation Aries (from which the word Aryan is derived), that he may be the Martian God of War, andpossibly was once an Emperor of Lemuria.The King of the South of the 11th chapter of the Book of Daniel, he was indeed that to Illuminists of thelast century, men who, in the South, fomented the Civil War for reasons far different from the onesweve been told.ILLUMINISM IN THE OZARKS is aSECRETS publication (June 1989)ILLUMINISM IN THE OZARKSA SELF-MADE CANAANITEWhen the Gentile, Albert Pike, succeeded the Illuminists Weishaupt and Mazzini as headmaster of thecult specializing in creepy symbols, signs and handshakes (Freemasonry), he was happy to be doing thework of his father, Satan, for beyond doubt he was a self-made Canaanite.Born in Boston in the witch state of Massachusetts, Pike entered Harvard in 1826 for the purpose of"taking a course." Of my three encyclopedias, only the oldest (1907) gives a rundown on Pikes life, andthat brief and ambiguous. The kind of course he took, and how it was to serve this man who wouldbecome the worlds number one Mason is left unstated. But this much is clear from bits and piecesgleaned here and there: Pike had a mind bulging with a tangle of deep, clammy secrets of a very bizarrenature - secrets beyond the capacity of the great majority of Christians to comprehend. This masterplanners strategy for our demise was to so weaken the nation by wars, internal dissent, degradationphysical and spiritual, upheavals of all sorts, economic, social, etcetera... that a final takeover by the"betters" would encounter little or no resistance.Placing agents provocateurs in heavily populated areas, Pike, as Masons of the highest and most secretof degrees had done before him, planned to activate the more aggressive of the nations masses byintroducing and inculcating widely divergent viewpoints, particularly in the realms of religion, politics,economic and social issues. (In this manner the War Between the States had been brought about)Ensuing would be anger and madness creating chaos of such intensity that a crucial limit would bereached.This high mogul of the worlds most colossal and evil of cults planned three world wars for this century.Ways of bringing them about were figured out. Present world conditions indicate that turmoil andrebellion have reached the point where the Third World War is imminent... This last one, however,appears to be shaping up in a way differing from the previous two. Possibly it will be multi-regional
  3. 3. rather than worldwide with two distinctly opposing sides. Interesting is the way situations are workedout to accommodate the number three. A ritual sort of thing, you know, as though its use is a salute tothe sungod, the skygod, and the god of the underworld.Harvard, as many of you can imagine, is an illustrious den of snakes where the rich and powerful sendtheir fledglings to acquire minds accepting as their right and due the benefits of intrigue - lies, deceit,trickery, treason - the teaching of which is incorporated into otherwise pallid courses... A primaryrequisite if the sons and daughters are to follow in the footsteps of fathers and mothers who sold theirsouls to Satan in exchange for wealth in the amount enabling them to bend the destiny of the Nation totheir liking - such as the Rockefellers with their oil and go-for-broke banks.The same then as now, Pike and his fellow Master Masons schemed of ways and means to wipe out theworld of today. They knew the wars and all the other woes their twisted minds had conjured for thisplanet would occur, because they could be made to do so. But it was a long, arduous task and, despitethe ecstasy, consultation with the gods via the occult, did not always produce desired results.ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTAccording to the script, when the burning and slaughter of the last war ends, the arising new world willbe populated by a conquered people so grateful for having escaped the most awful of holocausts thathe and she will gladly fulfill their superiors demands. Yes, he and she will willingly mix their blood withsurvivors of other races, and this gene swapping will result in eradication of individual characteristicseach race had been born with. Emerging after several generations of miscegenation will be an all-alikepeople lacking vigor, will, inspiration; grey-colored, meek and obedient, they will be willing slaves ofgods from other worlds.Since the time when Solomon (Solman-Sunman) gathered the rich and well-placed of his Kingdom into acavern stronghold beneath Israel to assemble the secret society that eventually would becomeFreemasonry, there has been need of numerous additional and smaller societies. These groupings, puttogether when needed, run interference for the ball carrier. Such societies, organizations, cults,religions, whatever, almost always seem to oppose each other. Existing on every level, for centuries andmillennia, though often in dormancy, today some exist for the same purpose they served in ancienttimes: "whipping boys," and "storefronts." People of all ages and colors parade down the streetschanting slogans, holding signs aloft, waving flags, handing out literature. Their leaders appear on "TalkShows." Appearing profoundly Christian and patriotic, whatever case they argue slips somehow and, outof their grasp, the "gun" pointed at their adversaries is made to turn slowly inward, upon themselves...Obnoxious racists, anti-Semites, anti-Blacks, red-necked bigots! (Years ago I surmised that if theywerent part of the act they would never be allowed on Jew-owned television and radio networks). Asynagogue is bombed, a negro church burns to the ground, a Jew is beaten up, a black man and whitewoman are found together murdered. If the guilty arent caught committing the crimes - and theyseldom are - the finger of blame points directly to the most publicized anti-Jew, anti-Black organizations.The hatred of Blacks for Whites intensifies, while the eternally persecuted Jew dons the martyrs robes.
  4. 4. White sheets, the Confederate Flag with thirteen stars, Cross-burnings, symbols on literature, all secretlyproclaim the same thing: the organizations, despite claims, are anti-the God of Creation, anti-the Christof Christians.But the conspiring Canaanite need not chuckle and call himself clever, for Communism and Zionism aremonstrous, out of control creations of that world-encompassing cult in which "the diaspora" Jews callthe shots - despite the Mazzinis and Pikes.While the Gentile-Aryan may appear the most vulnerable and cruelly used of Masonrys victims, theCanaanite is not spared either - far from it! Blind to the fact that he is being used by his own kind todestroy himself along with the Muslim as the Palestinian/Israeli controversy over the West Bank, Golanand Gaza plunges the Mideast deeper into turmoil and war, nowhere during the Final Days will there bedesolation and destruction to compare with Israels blackened rubble and incinerated corpses.The opposing forces of Communism (the East) and Zionism (the West) were designed to finish off theworld of today. Again, Communism is of Masonry, and while beyond doubt Zionism is as well, thisreligious sect of the political right opposing their Creator-rejecting kin of the political left is in the campof Masonrys mortal enemy, the Roman Catholic Church. (Ah, the massiveness of the diametrics of theoverall plan!) And while Zionism and the Vatican are strange bedfellows, their marriage is pureexpediency - enemies joining forces to ward off destruction by a third adversary far stronger than eitherindividually.Transcending Masonic authority and commanding it is that mystical power Masonry obeys throughoccult symbolism. In this regard, I again refer to chapter two of the book of the prophet Daniel which, toeyes that are open tells about the system in place today to topple the world. Nebuchadnezzars dreamwas of a monster with legs of iron (Communism and Zionism) which via control of the world moneysystem have divided the nations between them. The iron portion of the feet and toes representsimmortals, the overall directors of the world-destroying system, while the miry clay represents bothimmortal and mortal, the latter being created by these super-beings from deep in the cosmos. TheKingdoms (ten toes - ten nations of the Mideast) shall be divided (at present the Mideast is violentlydivided between the forces of Communism and Zionism which are under the guidance of the master cultwhich originated these opposing cults. At the time of Christ, Communists and Zionists were calledSadducees and Pharisees)... "And there shall be in it (the feet of clay) the strength of iron (theimmortals), so that the Kingdoms (nations) shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thousawest iron mixed with miry clay (immortals mixing with mortals), they shall not cleve one to another."(though they look alike, because they are different they do not think alike)THE ULTIMATE IN HUMAN SACRIFICE
  5. 5. Wars are the result of the twisted thinking of a few men who, by means generally involving a certainamount of dishonesty, have attained wealth and positions of authority. If not born into such a state, toobtain wealth and a position of authority, the sharp-witted and ambitious man needs to know the"right" people which often means joining the right organization. Upon joining there begins for the manthe organization deems suitable for their needs an indoctrination during which the man is graduallyintroduced to mysteries completely unknown to him. Before he realizes, the man is caught in an occultweb of such fascination that he will never want to free himself. Ecstatic, with disclosure of each newsecret the feeling of power over the masses increases. Should he prove the right kind of tool, the manwill be placed among the Nations top leaders. From that lofty perch he will take part in decision makingthat, grave and dangerous, involves the Nation and entire world.Wars have never resulted in good for the people forced to engage in them. Despite the death, brokenlives, sorrow, want and suffering, strangely there has been little outcry, demanding answers... Take thiscountrys Civil War where fighting took place in the yards, fields, and even the houses of the people ofthe North and South... Pagans have always offered human sacrifice to their gods. How this nationssacrifice of male youth in that fratricidal nightmare much have warmed the heart of the blood-thirstySungod, the chief god of those Masons in the position to force wars upon an unwary, stupefied people.But their power will come to a sudden halt, and thereafter there will be no wars. The Almighty One willexact vengeance for every wicked deed. Mercilessly will He show contempt for His errant sons (Sons ofGod) closeted within Earth, the Sun and Moon. And when the Messiah returns to shake Earth terribly,they will be as helpless in His grasp as an incorrigible child when shaken by an angry parent."And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo there was a great earthquake, and the sunbecame black as sackcloth of hair (the sackcloth is the sun and inside the wires and cables are the hair)and the moon became as blood." (Rev. 6)... How long this solar blackout will continue, no one knows.Realizing our dependency upon the light and heat of that artificially-fired orb, one gains deeperunderstanding of why those who, having let their minds become twisted by secret knowledge, deemhuman slaughter necessary to the continuance of a seasonal system of appropriate weather patterns.It is difficult for the innocent to conceive of the villainy of top members of various cults operating withinthe framework, of Freemasonry: Picking up the thread of Albert Pike, William Guy Carr in his brilliantbook PAWNS IN THE GAME had this to say:"The headquarters of the conspiracy in the late 1700s was in Frankfurt, Germany, where the house ofRothschild had been established and linked together other international financiers who had literallySold their souls to the devil.""In 1830, Weishaupt died (Weishaupt was the founder of the Illuminati, an offshoot of Freemasonry -ed)... In 1834 the Italian revolutionary leader Guiseppi Mazzini was selected by the Illuminati to bedirector of their revolutionary programme throughout the world. He held this post until he died in 1872.
  6. 6. "Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit-trained professor of canon law, defected from Christianity, and embracedthe Luciferian ideology while teaching in Ingoldstadt University. In 1770 the money lenders (who hadrecently organized the House of Rothschild), retained him to revise and modernize the age-oldprotocols designed to give the Synagogue of Satan ultimate world domination so they can impose theLuciferian ideology upon what remains of the Human Race, after the final social cataclysm, by use ofSatan despotism. Weishaupt completed his task May 1st 1776."The plan required the destruction of ALL existing governments and religions. This objective was to bereached by dividing the masses, whom he termed Goyim (meaning human cattle) into opposing campsin ever increasing numbers on political, racial, social, economic and other issues. The opposing sideswere then to be armed with an incident provided which would cause them to fight and weakenthemselves as they destroyed National Governments and Religious Institutions."In 1776 Weishaupt organized the Illuminati to put the plot into execution. The word Illuminati isderived from Lucifer, and means holders of the light. Using the lie that his objective was to bring abouta One World government to enable men with proven mental ability to govern the world he recruitedabout two thousand followers. These included the most intelligent men in the field of Arts and Letters,Education, the sciences, finance and industry. He then established Lodges of the Grand Orient to betheir secret headquarters...."Thomas Jefferson had become a student of Weishaupts. He was one of his strongest defenders whenhe was outlawed by his government. Jefferson infiltrated the Illuminati into the newly organized Lodgesof the Scottish Rite in New England...."On July 19th, 1798, David Pappen, President of Harvard University, issued the same warning to thegraduating class and lectured them on the influence Illuminism was having on American politics andreligion...."John Quincy Adams had organized the New England Masonic Lodges. In 1800 he decided to opposeJefferson for the presidency. He wrote three letters to Colonel Wm. L. Stone exposing how Jefferson wasusing Masonic Lodges for subversive purposes. The information contained in these letters is creditedwith winning Adams the election." (end quote) ..............Note the close of the first paragraph of theabove quote states: "Weishaupt completed his task on May 1st, 1776." ............May 1st is the mostimportant day of the year to the occult conspirators. Why? Because it is the day set aside for specialtribute to the Skygod, the Sungod and the Moon goddess.Many countries celebrate May 1 in honor of the Labor movement. The birthday of Communism, on thatdate Soviet Union pagan leaders and their captive audience view Communisms military might. Paradingdown broad, grey, treeless boulevards, the atmosphere is as cold and uninspiring as the inside of therich mans mausoleum.
  7. 7. Unknown to those threatened with physical danger, the Distress signal Mayday is actually a plea topagan gods to send help. May is the time when Nature, given us by the Gods, enters its first flush ofmaturity; Mayday is the day when little children are first conditioned to become heathen... As a child inHouston, I well remember Mayday because on that day classes were not held in the elementary school Iattended. Instead, all the children gathered on the playground, all dressed up, for a day of celebration. AMay Queen had been elected. Seated on a throne alongside her King, the two watched haughtily theperformances of their subjects - the rest of us.The central feature was a Maypole. Festooned with pink and blue crepe paper attached at the top werelong streamers. As the music began each child upon signal - I dont recall how many of us participated inthis main event - would take a ribbon in hand and with the grace that comes only with childhood skipand dance around the Maypole.Little did we realize that our May Queen represented the Moon goddess, Diana, and the King, herconsort, Apollo, the Sungod, and that we were paying homage to them to show our gratitude for theApril showers and the pretty flowers that bloom in May.While Im sure the teachers and their principal were as deluded as the rest of us, the fact was that we,the children, and our dance, represented the circling planets of our solar system. The phallus uponwhich life depends, the Maypole in the center represented the Sun, the keeper of which is the Sungod,Apollo... Being indoctrinated, we were re-enacting certain pagan rites deemed acceptable by theNational Education Association!THE LIGHT OF LUCIFERCarr writes, "The word Illuminati is derived from Lucifer, and means holders of the Light." While that is100% correct, the author of PAWNS IN THE GAME can go no further in identifying the dispenser ofEarths light and heat. And thats a pity, because until we know more about this Giver of Light, we willremain stupefied and fail to see who and what is bringing the world down upon us. As for the Presidentof Harvard warning the graduates about the harmful influence of Illuminism on American politics andreligion, that was most commendable, and something I dare say has not been repeated since.Universities are traps set to catch the best of minds for the purpose of manipulation. However, not allcollege students have a brilliant set of brains. Far from it! My guess is that really prestigious institutionsof higher learning monitor each student, searching for the potential for subversion - candidates forsecret societies that could lead to the Congress, the Senate, and even the White House. Matters littlewhich political side they choose, since both the Democratic and Republican Parties receive instructionfrom the same source... Bush, the Rockefellers, are of the Trilateral/Bilderberger/CFR side, Republicansopposing the Masonic/Illuminati Democratic side of the conspiracy. Which is a lot of nonsense sinceboth sides come out the same pod of peas.
  8. 8. As to the rift between the heretic Mason Thomas Jefferson, who "turned Illuminist," and John QuincyAdams, who practiced pure Masonry, I suggest the two were engaging in the same deceit practiced bypoliticians today: That is to say it was an act, a put-up job to secure the election for Adams. In effect,Jefferson and Adams were like two wrestlers who, after performing theatrical mayhem on each other inthe ring, head out together afterward to enjoy a beer at their favorite bar.Determined to destroy Christianity - Lucifers Nemesis - Weishaupt schemed and devised ways to bringinto the open a single personality, a shining figure to rule the world. Terrible to behold, master of allscience, a magnificent super-being to dazzle the people, to fill them with so much wonder that willinglythey would obey his every command. Weishaupts Herculean dream of a one world order ruled by aMaster figure would become reality via the ever-spreading, ever-evolving tentacles of a massive cultrising to challenge the authority of Masonry... Which was absurd, since Masonry absorbs that whichdares to threaten.Breaking down the age-old culture, pride, family structure and religious conviction would be a tedioustask. Necessarily the training would demand skill and subtlety, but everything would be achieved, andthe terrible war marking the Age End would, in the residue of total destruction, reveal the few stubbornsurvivors. Ah, how pleased would the Sungod be with the desolation and human sacrifice in amountbeyond measure!TOP HONCHOIn the late 1800s, Albert Pike, the fanatical occultist and Mason, eagerly locked onto Weishaupts plan.Styling it to serve his own particular taste for blood and death, the revised version included not one butthree world wars, all to occur during the Twentieth Century.I think it no exaggeration to state that the capacity of Masonrys top Honcho to absorb and exude evilexceeded even the appetite that placed upon a frame between 6 and 7 feet tall flesh in an amount ofbetween 300 and 400 pounds.For awhile Pike was principal of a grammar school in Newburyport, Massachusetts. In March of 1831 hejoined a caravan headed for Santa Fe, New Mexico. With transportation the back of a horse or seat of awagon, with hostile Indians perhaps just over the next ridge, such a grueling and hazardous journeymust have been backed by strong motive. What was it? Written history tells us nothing, but by theGrace of God and, in a most round-about way, Ive discovered the reason and in doing so put a handleon one of this planets most puzzling mysteries.The information Pike obtained while in Santa Fe doubtless influenced his decision to move to Arkansas.It was 1833 when he entered the lower stretches of the Ozarks. Beside the broad Arkansas River, thearea and its fast-growing influx of white settlers, its Indian tribes of thousands of years of Ozark
  9. 9. habitation, the intriguing Indian mounds, the beckoning caves, must have been an irresistible lure to thisseeker of occult knowledge.In Little Rock, Pike got right down to the business of building himself a 13-room dwelling. An Oddfellowat the time, it wasnt until 1850 that he officially joined the fraternity aligned with so-called godsattempting to overthrow the Creators influence on Christian inhabitants of the planet. An advancedoccultist and an apt and eager student, Pike quickly mounted Masonrys ladder of heady grades, afterwhich, to outdo the 33rd, he proceeded to devise a grade of his own, one satanic enough to outdo allthe others.His heart and soul dedicated to the service of Paganism, via paganisms prime vehicle, Freemasonry,Pikes Masonic record, according to his daughter, Mrs. Lillian Pike Room, is as follows:(Excerpted from Lady Queenburys *sic; Queenborough’s+ book, OCCULT THEOCRASY) "He was initiatedin Western Star Lodge at Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1850; became Charter Member of Magnolia Lodge No.60, Little Rock, Arkansas, and was Worshipful Master of that Lodge in 1853. And in that same year hewas elected High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Arkansas. (Many other Masonic honors were awardedPike, but other than, when in 1859 - just in time for the Civil War - he was elected Grand Master of theSupreme Council of Charleston, for our purpose, only those acquired in Little Rock are pertinent).(Revised by Pike, the "order of the Palladium," which was founded in 1730, had strictly limitedmembership due to the deep secrecy surrounding its deliberation - ed)... "Palladism is essentially aLuciferian rite. Its religion is Manichean, neo-gnosticism, teaching that the divinity is dual and thatLucifer is the equal of Adonay, (Adonay is Palladisms term for the Christian God - ed) with Lucifer, theGod of Light and Goodness struggling for humanity against the God of Darkness and Evil. In stating theprinciple of the secret cult of the triangles, Albert Pike had only specified and unveiled the dogmas ofthe high grades of all other masonries, for in no matter what rite, the Great Architect of the Universe isnot the God worshipped by Christians (denial of the Creator - ed)"That which we must say to the crowd is - we worship a God, but it is the God that one adores withoutsuperstition."To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the32nd, 31st and 30th degrees - the Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees,maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine."If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay, whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of men,barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him?"Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God, for the eternal law is that there is no lightwithout shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as
  10. 10. two Gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue,and the brake to the locomotive." (end quote)As pointed out before, Lucifer is NOT Satan, he is instead the rider of the great ball which, seeminglyaflame, rises daily in the East, rides the breadth of Heaven and disappears into the West... and, inconjunction with the Skygod who, carrying a sheath of lightning bolts summons the rain which,combined with heat from Lucifers chariot, awakens the slumbering earth. As the sap rises, thedeciduous trees prepare to deck themselves in fresh green finery, and the buried seeds swell and,bursting their confine, new life pushes upward to greet the morning sun.A glorious ritual, the roles of the Skygod and Sungod are of greatest significance; but these two arentsatisfied. Their overwhelming desire is to be the equal of the God who created them. Therefore theyconfer and connive together to free themselves of Him, to make a name for themselves in the Galaxyand beyond, regardless of the destruction, pain and death they cause.Like spokes radiating from the hub of a turning wheel, the leaders of civilizations many facetsdetermining the course of life direct the steerless masses into the path they want traveled. Their egoboundless, widespread misconceptions result from a teaching subverting true thinking. By a warpedmentality, they actually ascribe to the Christian God the evil of Satan! Utterly lacking spirituality theireyes are blind to the truths of the Old Testament, on which they based their belief that the ChristianGod is base and merciless, relentless and unforgiving.All of which springs from deliberately-taught misunderstanding of the ancient Israelites flight fromEgypt. As the Israelites pushed and fought their way across the badlands on their way to occupy thePromised Land, their God commanded that they neutralize various tribes of Canaanites (forebears oftodays so-called Jews) by destroying them outright, down to the babes and old folk... The Creator knewthe evil heart of Cains children; He knew that if allowed to exist, they would eventually affect His trulychosen people and, by their cleverness and desire to possess the worlds wealth, would eliminate them.Everything considered, it is no wonder that the overlapping triangles, the pagan Seal of Solomon, istoday Israels emblem. Masonry, which is guided by the teachings of the occult Jewish Cabala, is ruled byJews (usurious Hittite Canaanite) whose chief god is Lucifer... Becoming a Mason in 1861, the Jew,Eliphas Levi, said the following: "I come to bring you your lost traditions, the exact knowledge of yoursigns and emblems, and in consequence to show you the aim for the attainment of which yourassociation has been constituted."... He then tried to demonstrate to his coreligionists that Masonicsymbolism is borrowed from the Cabala. It was effort wasted; no one believed him.One objective of the Luciferians is to make you believe that communists are Atheists. How clever! Such abelief effectively masks the fact that they are pagans, which means the damned heathens worship godsopposed to the Great Creator and every action they take against Christianity and the Creator God onlyserves their transitory gods and goddesses. With Satan running a close second in the case of Weishaupt
  11. 11. and Pike, Lucifer was their divine chief... Lucifer, the Ammon-Ra of ancient Egyptians sitting beside Isis,the Moon-goddess, better known to us as Diana.Top Masons are Nature Worshippers. Why? Because they think that Nature flows only from theseeternal beings. Fire and Phallus worshippers, they are of the ancient heathen Parsee religion, of whichthe Hittite/Canaanite Sassoons who from Bombay India direct the moves of fellow Hittite/Canaanitebankers, are prime examples.Inescapable is the fact that our diseased government has been afflicted by these accursed individualssince the time our illustrious revolution turned, this Nation into a land that would alternate Peace andProsperity with War and Disaster. Why Lucifer and Diana? Because besides their role in directing Nature,they perform the balancing act without which Earth on its own would be unable to maintain a setposition in the solar system, a position that allows her to function as a living breathing planet, a fithabitat for all living things.Yes, it is true that without the light and heat of the sun life on the surface would soon perish. Butdespite admirable work, the tender of the Sun is not a noble, godly being. Quite the contrary. In theservice of these Masters living within the planets, top Masons work to wrest from their Creator allauthority over Earth. With the Tribulation coming into focus, because of them crime and chaos willreign. An out-of-control economy, revolutions, wars, plus severe calamities caused by weathertampering, will bring to the surface the underworld god known as Zeus. Horrendous warfare will eruptbetween the forces of this King of the North, this creator of Communism, and the King of the South, thecreator of Socialism and the builder of cities. When surface population has diminished to a low enoughpoint, the super-duper beings plan to make Earth the base of operations that will take their navigatorsand warriors out into the Galaxy and beyond. Motivation will be seizure of inhabited planets andexploration of uninhabited worlds which, with potential for habitation, have a nearby neighbor, thehollow interior of which could be rigged with the same kind of electronic gear that, within our Sun, lightsand heats our planets surface.A JOY TO SATAN"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords andexplanations are Jewish from beginning to end"... Rabbi Isaak Wise, 1855In her book, OCCULT THEOCRASY, Lady Queenborough wrote of Weishaupt: "Illuminism represented theefforts of the heads of the powerful Jewish Kahal which has ever striven for the attainment of political,financial, economic and moral world domination. The movement had been founded in 1776 by AdamWeishaupt. Bernard Lazare, himself a Jew, has written that There were Jews behind Weishaupt, andupon a close study of Illuminism, we find that the destructive forces which culminated in the FrenchRevolution were of three kinds: financial, intellectual, and anti-Christian." (end quote)
  12. 12. Cut short by death, other than picking up on the dream of the Jew, Moses Holbrook, the SovereignCommander of the Supreme Council of Charleston, which was to perfect a secret Satanic rite producingBlack Magic, I have yet to uncover evidence that Pike was influenced by Jews. In fact, from what Iveturned up, Id say that Pike needed no one to introduce him to trickery, treachery and subversion, for heappears to have been born with traits as wicked as any Hittite/Canaanites. For example, catalogued inthe British Museum Library is this portion of one of Pikes hand-written letters:"We shall release the nihilists and theists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which inall its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of themost bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the worldminority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilizations, and the multitudes,disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirit will be from that moment without compass, anxiousfor the ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through theuniversal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, amanifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow thedestruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."In his abject servitude, Pikes goal was that of his god: A destroyed world - the destruction of thePhoenix which is the world of Lucifer, the builder of cities and civilizations. The Phoenix - Civilization -having reached the point where progress is no longer possible, arranges a set of circumstances enablinghim to set himself afire. That accomplished, there rises from the ashes of the dead Phoenix, a speck oflife which in time becomes another Phoenix, a brand-new civilization.It takes thousands of years for a Phoenix to reach a height of perfection producing wealth, glory, andpower in abundance. But once the limit is reached, the process of reversal is put into action and theglow of perfection begins to dim and, in the way of cheap milled metals, corrosion begins.When you think youve learned all there is to know of the truth of our sick world, look again and youlldiscover youve only uncovered the first of layer upon layer of snakes. Drugs, crime, queers, a wildlyskidding economy, a corrupt Christianity, a dismembered family unit, a breakdown of law enforcementall proclaim the beginning of the weeding-out process. Those who survive horrendous conditions will bestrong, tough and resolute. Christian to the core, when the time comes they will become the frameworkof a new beginning.The black-hearted Pike worked to steer the world onto the path of self-destruction. Occult knowledgehad disclosed what very few people know, which is the fact that this planet has a subterranean world,both within its shell and hollow interior. These hidden truths, combined with what he learned while inNew Mexico, were beyond doubt factors motivating his move to Arkansas.OF THE ESSENCE
  13. 13. Two factors were necessary to the life of the Masonic conspiracy: One, control of governments throughcontrol of the purse strings; two, possession or control of specific geographic areas.The first factor posed no big problem because the masses believe what they read and are told; thesecond, which like-the first was mostly taken care of during the last century, was more difficult becauseit involved wrenching indigenous Americans off their land, land which sacred to them was theirs by rightof countless generations of possession.Continuity is of the essence to the conspirators. The timing of planned and connecting events isexquisitely exact - too exact to have come from the human brain. In this regard, Andrew Jacksons rise topower was timed to coincide with events which, having brought on the 1812 war with the British, wouldtrigger the Texas War of Independence, the War with Mexico and, that most satanic of all wars, theAmerican Civil War.The Nations seventh President, Andrew Jackson was born in North Carolina in 1767. At age fourteen, asthe war was coming to a close, he fought with the Revolutionary Forces against the British. Mediocre ofmind, rambunctious of spirit, ungovernable of temper, his "to hell with what anybody thinks" attitudewon him the admiration and support of the common people.His flamboyant ways made him invaluable to the conspirators. But he did cause problems, some ofwhich were so glaring that they had to be painted over with a glossy coating of gallantry and/orromanticism.For example, in the banker-made war with the British in 1812, Jackson and his 2500 volunteermilitiamen were discharged without pay while on the battlefield, after which the men were forced tofind their way back to Tennessee as best they could. Whatever it was, the reason for the humiliatingdismissal has never been disclosed - at least to my knowledge. Possibly it had something to do with theIndian situation which was rife at the time. Despite historys casual treatment of the subject, the truth ofJacksons brutal actions against the Redman were too flagrant, too open, for complete concealment.Could it have been that Jackson and his men were too busy pursuing and shooting Indians to bebothered with the British? For sure, the books I consulted were not telling.His discharge forgotten, in 1813 Jacksons commission was reinstated, after which he promptly tookafter the Creek Indians. In 1814 he was made a Major General and put in command of the Departmentof the South, a government-funded Open Sasame to explore the mysteries of southern hills, mountains,and plateaus, and to raid, scatter and kill all Indians found inhabiting terrain of a particular set ofelements. The Indians, whom he could only have regarded as sub-human, barred the way to that whichwas all important to the conspirators. In 1817, his brutal treatment of the Seminoles reached the pointwhere concealment was impossible, and (a quote) "He again incurred popular disapproval by excessiveseverity."
  14. 14. Jackson chose Tennessee and the area that is now Nashville as the place to live and launch a career.Possessing little talent for the profession, he nonetheless became a lawyer. Soon thereafter he becameprosecuting attorney after which he became a judge. Seemingly able to open all the right doors,subsequently he became a United States Congressman and, not long after, a member of the Senate.With little more ado, he became the "Common Peoples" nominee for the Presidency. Elected, he servedtwo terms, from 1829 to 1837.Fitting perfectly in Masonrys time slots, actions taken by Jackson during his administration were alldesigned to further the plans of Pike and other top Illuminists. As President he continued to stamp outand drive Indians off their lands and into desolate regions. His veto of another twenty year charter forthe privately owned Bank of the United States immediately plunged the Nation into financial crisis,which paved the way for the return of the banks in a position stronger than ever before. The third of hismost important acts as President was his introduction of the anti-Slavery issue which, manufacturingcontroversy, would swell to the bursting point some 25 years later.Pikes move to Arkansas, and his early actions in Little Rock, were timed to coincide with Jacksonspresidency.WHY ARKANSAS?I doubt that in the early 1830s a great many ambitious young men chose Little Rock, Arkansas as theplace to find fame and fortune. But with a personality more attuned to big city ways than those of theraw frontier, that is what Albert Pike did.Upon moving to Little Rock, Pike rather suddenly became a lawyer. Immediately thereafter he took itupon himself to revise the statutes. At the time Arkansas was not a state, so perhaps he needed nospecial authorization to redo old laws and make a few new ones, all of which doubtless had a lot to dowith the affairs of the heavy Indian population.This is pretty much confirmed by the fact that he quickly became attorney for the Cherokees, for whichservice he at one time received a fee of $100,000, a staggering amount of money for those days. Thispayment - for whatever reason - was made during the administration of Andrew Jackson - Jackson, whoas President must have had everything to do with the authority Pike came to wield in Little Rock. All ofwhich seemingly poses a paradox since Jacksons creed regarding Indiana was "kill all you can and movethe rest out." Pike, on the other hand, coddled the Indians, so much that they regarded him as theirgood, pale-faced friend.[pic: very ancient Indian artifacts found alongside the Buffalo River]
  15. 15. Beyond doubt, they looked to him for advise, guidance, and protection. Which boils down to two sidestaking opposing positions to achieve the same end, which was to move the Indian off his land after - asin the case of Pike - wringing from him all possible information regarding entranceways to anunderground world of strange beings and fabulous treasure.Pike and Jackson knew the legends were true. They werent the first white men to attempt to loosen theIndian tongue with pretended good will, trinkets and booze or, as they would wild animals, shoot them,to remove them from their lodgings which, close to the rivers edge were perhaps beneath anoverhanging cliff and beside a rough hole leading into a cave. The discovery and exploration of theArkansas, Missouri and Mississippi rivers, which form a rough triangle, was for something other thanmaking history and to bedazzle with tales of the beauty and richness of it all... Ponce de Leon, LaSalle,Desoto hundreds of years ago, and others thousands of years before them.Before the Indians came, before there was a recorded history, there lived in the land that is nowArkansas a people who, fair of completion, have yet to be identified. Carvings of these ancient dwellersof the Ozarks appear on the walls of caves, of which the region abounds. To have knowledge of thesebeings - earthlings or otherwise - would go a long way toward solving the larger mystery that of ourplanet and our beginning which, though known by a few, is not told to us.[pic: Indian head]Arkansas was named after the Quapaw Indians, who were also called the Arkansas. Of the Sionuin Tribes(note the Sion), the Quapaw were famous as buffalo hunters. In 1818 they were persuaded - by whatmeans I have no way of knowing - to give to the United States their land laying between the Arkansasand Red rivers. With the Osage and Cherokee prominent in the northern part, in one way or anotherArkansas Indians, as well as those in Missouri, were dispossessed of their hunting and fishing groundsuntil, by the year 1840, the larger part has been moved onto reservations in Oklahoma Territory. (WhileI dont have the current figure, by the mid 1950s all but a few hundred Arkansas Indians were living onreservations)EXULTATION AID DISENCHANTMENTBang, Bang, in quick order, the Texas War of Independence and the War with Mexico, both fought toannex to the Union all foreign owned land between Canada and Mexico. Then the biggest bang of allwhen the Masonic/Democratic South attempted to take over the Vatican/Republican North.A Texan born of Texans, Ill never forget the thrill I felt when as a child I read Texas history, over andover again.
  16. 16. Those brave men of the Alamo! Waiting for reinforcement that never came, their ammunition all butexhausted, a few too ill to rise from their bed, some active despite bullet wounds, all were weakened byloss of sleep and too little food. Taking the place of fallen comrades, those who could climbed theladders to man the courtyard wall. In the notches they positioned their old muskets and rifles; puttingtheir eye to the sights, they looked down the long barrels.Properly attired for the occasion, the bayonets at the end of the enemys fine guns glittered in the sun.Like robots the Mexicans advanced. When one fell, the gap was quickly filled. Dragging along theircannons, there was no need to surround the compound, for there were so many of them.Ah, but the Battle of San Jacinto righted that wrong. San Jacinto was the good part that made the badpart worth reading. There on that battlefield near the San Jacinto River the tables were turned - andgloriously! How that ragged little band - the very first sons of Texas - did show up those cocky littleMexicans and their great general, Santa Anna!. Surprised as they were taking their ease - and only half-dressed - they did run off helter-skelter, seeking escape from the fury of the vengeful Texans. What atrouncing they took!... And now Texas was free of the pesky Mexicans (Indians)!.... So much forchildhoods innocence ....Truth means death to the conspiracy, therefore only the framework of historys main events arechronicled truthfully... the rest is twisted to influence the thinking of future generations.Sam Houston was the leader of the rugged men who, at San Jacinto, wrested from Mexican control thevast territory of Texas. While Houstons life was colorful with adventure and great political and militarystrides, throughout his career he appears a haunted and unhappy man.As a boy in Tennessee he lived for years with the Cherokees. So much was he part of them that ChiefOolooteka adopted him as his son. Departing the Indians, at age twenty Houston enlisted in the regulararmy. There, under GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON, he made war on the Creek Indians and aided innegotiations with the Cherokees. Upon returning to Nashville and civilian life, he became a lawyer, afterwhich he served in the United States Congress. This led to his election as governor of Tennessee. Whenonly three months into the term he resigned as governor and returned to the Cherokees to live. Themiserable state to which they had been reduced over a short period of time must have shocked him forin a desire to help he went to Washington to plead their cause.In 1832 Houston went to Texas where he became leader of the colonists. After San Jacinto, he was madePresident of the new republic. Serving three terms, in 1845, Texas was admitted into the Union. Fortwelve years Houston was a United States Senator from Texas. Divided by the phony issue of Slavery, by1858 the people of the Nations North and South were hurling insults at each other... The American CivilWar was in the immediate offing. Running on the platform of preservation of the Union, in that year of1859 Houston was elected governor of Texas. In 1861, Texas Confederates voted for secession. WhenHouston refused to take Texas out of the Union he was removed from office.
  17. 17. Was Houston one of the conspirators? I doubt it. As most men are vulnerable to a chance at Fame andFortune, he appears to have allowed himself to be used for the sake of a political career. An idealist, andbeyond doubt of high moral character, his conscience must have been deeply disturbed by his actionsagainst the Indians while serving in the Army and under the command of Andrew Jackson.Houston lived in Nashville, an area vital to Masonrys plotters. Becoming one of them, the Cherokeesmust have told Houston many of the secrets of the world beneath Nashville, secrets extendingwestward into the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas[pic: Sam Houston (from 1907 reference book)]and westward into New Mexico. The very fact that he remained adamant in his desire to keep Texas inthe union proclaims non-involvement in the Illuminati-Masonic plot to divide the Nation and bring it intowar with itself.ANOTHER LINK IN THE CHAINLasting from 1846 to 1848, the war with our neighbor country to the south was but another link in thechain of Masonic crimes against humanity.The war with Mexico followed hard on the heels of the Texas War of Independence. Both conflicts werecontrived for the purpose of wresting from Mexico land which, contiguous to territories alreadyacquired, was valued for something of still greater importance than that which was obvious.The United States offered Mexico $15 million plus cancellation of her $3 million debt if she would acceptthe Rio Grande as a boundary line and deliver California and New Mexico as well!But the Mexican government refused to speak to John Slidell, the American minister to Mexico. Exactlywhat he wanted, Slidell, who was destined to become a commissioner in the Confederacy, proposedthat, like an impudent child, the revolution-riddled country be "chastised."[pic: Map of Old Mexico during the Mexican War, from 1912 reference book]Regarding this, my old reference book states: "The Americans wanted to occupy the territory Mexicohad been asked to sell. The United States could have won what it wanted without a war. They alsowished to invade Mexico in order to force the Mexicans to agree to peace terms."...Perhaps back then there were historians who, with some integrity, couldnt bring themselves togarnish the truth with a coat of lies.
  18. 18. There is little one can do but believe the contemporaneous record... unless one becomes sufficientlysuspicious and persistent. Bounded by Canada, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Gulf of Mexico andMexico, all territories were now secured. There would be a short period for relaxation and preparationbefore Masonry plunged the Nation into the most wicked of her wars.WILLIAM COIN HARVEYThe effect of the Civil War had lost its sharp edge by 1900, the year in which William Coin Harvey movedfrom Chicago to the Ozarks. At the time the people of the Nation had no idea that waiting in the wingswas an untouchable banking system that would pave the way for a world war that would yield to theworlds money lenders a harvest of unprecedented wealth and power.Harvey, who must have been something of a seer, sensed a lot of what was in store for the Nation. Anattorney, engineer, economist and author, he was a strong believer in precious metals as a monetarystandard; for that reason he was nicknamed "Coin." Aware, even back then, that the Nation andcivilization were doomed by the international privately-owned banking system, Harvey declared: "It isfair to presume that some evil trait in human character resulting in an economic poison in theconstruction of government and society is the cause of the death of the civilizations that have precededus... At the time this is written it is a fair presumption that it is now too late to save the civilization. In anera of political, mental, moral dementis, it is plunging to its ruin."Harveys feelings about what so few of us recognize led him to become the Liberty Partys 1931candidate for President of the United States. Of course Coin had as little chance of being elected as anew-born babe. Instead the stupefied electorate freely chose F.D.R., the bankers choice of their stableof Gentile toadies to eliminate the final barrier to fleecing the populace: GOLD IN THE HANDS OF THEPEOPLE.Harvey may have been eccentric but he wasnt stupid. Realizing his chance of becoming the Nationsleader was non-existent, perhaps he was only seeking publicity. A favorable press out of the question,Coin must have been a man like the anti-monetarist, Lyndon LaRouche, who now sits moldering in aVirginia jail cell.In moving to Arkansas, Harvey chose the Northwest sector. Why? Could it have been that, like theConfederate guerrilla fighter, William Quantrill, the bank robber, Jesse James, Gen. Joseph Shelby andothers of the Knights of the Golden Circle years before him, Harvey also[pic: building site]Cost was of no concern when Harvey was building his resort for the politically-minded rich. In the aboveyou see all that remains of his Grecian styled 1000 seat amphitheatre
  19. 19. knew what was hidden within the mountains, hills and valleys of that particular area... perhaps providingan answer to the question, where did he get the money to go forward with such an elaborate plan,much of which realized, involved the very best of ancient Greece and Egypts architectural tribute to thegods and goddesses.Of the four planned hotels, two were, built, also a railroad line... One thing for certain, Harvey was noslouch when it came to choosing friends, for he hobnobbed only with the rich and the famous. It wasduring the early 1920s, and the closest town was Rogers. Harvey had built on an island in the midst of alovely spring-fed lake a magnificent stadium, Grecian in design. Within the concrete with which it wasconstructed were encrusted iridescent river mussel shell. Seating over one thousand, the amphitheatersthrone-like seats and couches rose one row above another.With a platform rather than a stage, the stately. Stadiums purpose was political. Harvey had strongfeelings about what he and several others could clearly see: the deterioration of republican society. Nodoubt he was seeking some way to stem it, or stop the tide altogether... Possibly like many ancientGreeks and Egyptians, he too knew that civilizations problems would not be solved by those of thesurface but by those far beneath and high in heaven:William Jennings Bryan was among the famous who visited Harvey and his resort. They weretransported by Harveys special railroad and by gondolas gliding along an elm-lined canal. Upon enteringthe lake, the narrow boats moved toward the island and stadium as gracefully and unperturbed as theswans Harvey had thoughtfully placed upon the smooth water.The centerpiece of the spectacular was to have been a pyramid 136 feet high standing upon a 60-foot-square base (the figures no doubt symbolic).Harvey did get started on his pyramid. Hundreds of tons of rock were blasted to attain 70 feet of levelfoundation. A shaft was sunk in the solid rock of the adjacent mountain to reach a spring for gravity flowto test the solidity of the rock... Harvey never did anything halfway.Amidst all the old magnificence, these proceedings, plus a new feature, an elaborate swimming poolwith individual dressing rooms, had the natives gasping with wonder. Watching, they gossiped andbegan to make jokes and poke fun at all the concrete grandeur.No doubt Harvey was humiliated by this. But something far worse was about to happen. The StockMarket Crash ushered in the Great Depression. F.D.R. became President, banks closed and gold coinsdisappeared... a field day for the Usury Merchants! Along about this time Coins finances slipped to zero.In vain he asked for donations so he could complete his pyramid. His health began to fail and suddenly itwas all over.In 1956, most of what was built of the pyramid disappeared in Beaver Lake - at this point a dam wasimpounding the waters of the White River. Except for the highest of the seats and couches, the
  20. 20. amphitheatre too was submerged in water. However, the burial vault that Harvey had built was movedto the safety of a hillside.With the feel of the seer whose dream would fail to materialize, Harvey wrote: "The Ozarks are amongthe worlds oldest mountains, compared with them the Rockies are young. These Midwestern Highlandsonce reached an altitude of 14,000 feet or more but through erosion have been worn down to about1500 feet." Believing the valleys would eventually be filled by the silt of erosion, he planned a metalplate for his pyramid on which would be the words: "When this can be read, go below and find a recordof, and the cause of the death of a former civilization."In an area which like a magnet drew reckless men in quest of dangerous adventure, Harvey lived in theOzarks many years. The Ozarks are rich with legends of gold and silver hidden within certain caves.Could this have been the source of the vast amount of money Coin sank into his project? A teasingthought, after all, Coin hit the skids at the same time gold was removed from banks and peoplespockets.AT FIRSTWell I remember my first October day in the Ozarks. My husband and I had stayed over night at a motelin Marshall. A cold snap, probably the first of the season, had moved in. A novelty where I live, a bit ofice had formed, and the air was more than a bit nippy.Some seven miles beyond the tiny community of Morning Star, we drove the fifteen miles to the landwe had bought, at the time I didnt know for what reason, other than I wanted it badly. I shall alwayspuzzle over how easy it had been to talk Earl into "lets buy it." After all, it was 500 miles from our homein South Texas, where we had planned to continue living. We had no particular use for the place and,besides, we didnt have money to just "pitch around."The morning glowed with golden light. Shining benignly and taking the edge from the chill, the sungilded the leaves now turned to gorgeous shades of orange, yellow and red. I well remember that firstwalk down the rough path leading to the Hollow. The air all but crackled, it was so alive. My blood fairlytingled and I felt so brisk and good. It was as though I was being charged, plugged in, you might say.The Hollow is like a bowl with wide fluted flange. At that time there was in this "big dip" a log housebuilt on a narrow strip of flat land. Three rooms with a porch across the front, I had grand plans for thatold abode. (But, alas!...) Beside that poignant relic was a walk-in hole-in-the-ground cave. There the folkliving in the house had kept their milk, butter, eggs, canned fruits and vegetables.About a hundred yards away, and best reached through the boulder-strewn ravine, was a beautifulcave... that is before the bulldozer came to tear it up so the cows could get to the brook for a clean drinkof water. Sheltering the entrance to the cave was an overhanging bluff. After heavy rains come there
  21. 21. gushes from out its rock wall a spring of enormous volume. This has been happening for such a longtime that the rocks between which the water flows have been eroded into a gaping mouth.Here the Indians once lived and hunted buffalo along the nearby river. Until they depleted their find,folks came here to dig for Indian artifacts... To this day I can smell the cave smell of damp clay and rockand hear the sound of rushing water falling from the wall into the little brook wending its way to deposita share of water into the Buffalo River.From the start I felt the mystery here. But not until after the bones of both my legs were crushed did thefeeling take definite form. Something is happening down below and up above, and I must know!Military planes fly over so low that it seems their intention is to take off my roof. Helicopters toosometimes circle the place, like vultures scrounging for something special. For no apparent reason,numerous blackouts affect this particular vicinity. One clear night my lamps started popping and thetelevision went kaput. Only after I bought a new one did I discover the old one had suddenlyresuscitated and was working as good as new again.So, I find myself bearing down hard on Ozark mysteries... Always feeling guided, I stumble upon clues.One little clue leads to another. In this respect, my old reference books have been an invaluable aid.ARKANSAS PHENOMENAFrom the early 1950s, Volume A of the "newest" of my three encyclopedia states: "A people nowunknown lived in Arkansas country before men began to record history." The very name, Ozark (Oz-ark),implies mystery. Doubtless among countless unreported finds of a fabulous kind, from east to west, allacross Arkansas northern Ozarks objects of unaccountable origin have been found: Stone idols, largeand small (one wears a nose ring pounded out of a gold nugget and, pursuant to European culture, bearsa valentine-like heart symbol on the chest); figures of stars, men and animals and, inside a rockhousebeneath the overhang of a bluff, a black, onyx human skull and, lying beside it a book of metal plateswith peculiar engraving. (The book of plates was sent to the Smithsonian for identification.Acknowledgement has never been received, despite numerous requests. Thus are we thwarted in ourefforts to learn the truth of our planets remote past.)On the other side of Marshall, in the little community of Snowballs the skeleton of a 7 foot female wasunearthed, also a 20 pound hammer. A few miles away the magnetic field is so unsettled that thecompass jumps about wildly. And towards the nearby Buffalo River, WHICH - I AM TOLD - IS THE ONLYNATIONALIZED RIVER IN THE WHOLE NATION, numerous UFO sightings have been reported.Last October (1988), around 10 P.M., a light so bright that it appeared blue, arose from the Buffalo andspread out over the entire countryside. Seen all over the State one reporter remarked, "Weve been
  22. 22. having a lot of unusual phenomena in the sky recently, thats been unexplained. We get all kinds ofstrange calls."Not the first time that brilliant luminosity has been seen arising from the Buffalo, Armand Laprade, wholives in the Hollow, had an up-close view of the spectacle. Baffled and unable to isolate the reason fornumerous strange happenings down in the "bowl," he continues frustrated.In an old magazine someone sent to Armand is an article about the Ozarks. Oddly, one whole page isblacked out. Since that would hardly have been done by the sender - else why would he have botheredin the first place - presumably it was done by the publisher by design or on command. What remains ofthe article tantalizes and piques, leaving one at a loss. But there is this:In 1834, on the grounds of Cane Hill College - Arkansas first institute of higher learning - were ruins ofwhat was believed to have been the corner of an entire city, the rest having decayed and been buried bytime and the elements. (Cane Hill is in the county below the one in which, in the midst of architecturalreplicas of the kind ancient Greeks and Egyptians built to eulogize their pagan gods, Coin Harvey beganconstruction of his Cheops-type pyramid... All of which points to Coin having been pagan himself.)Cherokee legend tells of annual councils held in the ruins, considered sacred for thousands of years. Inthe wilderness of southern Carroll County, which is east of the county in which are the remains of Coinsgrand project, a sheer cliff rises beside a clear flowing stream emerging from a nearby cave. At the baseis a doorway which, carved into the escarpments leads to a winding tunnel ending abruptly in a tinyround room. The doorway is only four feet high, and the tunnel slightly shorter... A doorway manythousands of years old, leading to a tunnel that an adult human can barely squeeze through, yet there isno doubt that it exists and was carved by skilled hands... Could it have been the work of the "Moon-eyed" people, Moon-eyed extraterrestrials (ETs) three to four feet tall? All over the region, evidenceabounds.The meat of the article must have been on the missing page for in the windup the author asks: "Whatprompted 100,000 men to fight to the death in hand-to-hand combat 8,000 years ago? Who built thecity, traces of which were found at Cane Hill, and the tiny tunnel in Carroll County? And there remainsthe further unspoken question: How could so many discoveries have been made during the early yearsof this century and not have been followed up? Could it be that too much unclassifiable evidence wasbeing turned up and was suppressed?"Beautiful and beckoning, the Ozarks can be likened to the Lorelei, something of which the nativesappear unaware. But I feel it keenly, and have from the beginning. Like a Magnet the Ozarks drew mefrom my Texas home. Never waning, the feeling has grown more intense with the passage of time.
  23. 23. PIKE AND THE POOR INDIANAccording to his daughter, on March 20th, 1858, Albert Pike was crowned Active Member of theSupreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, at Charleston, South Carolina, and in an act committedexpressly for the purpose, upon the resignation of Brother John Honour, was elected Sovereign GrandCommander of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States on January 2nd,1859 (Just in time to make it for the Civil War - ed)Nineteen years later, in 1878, in an address before his Council, Pike confessed: "I am often asked whywe do not publish our old transactions, to which I am compelled to reply, that we have none to publish.We have no records of the transactions at Charleston from 1801 to 1860. What records we had weredestroyed during the War." Thus did "Free"-masonry burn its bridges to prevent the suspicious fromdiscovering the actual perpetrators of the War Between the States, the actual reasons why people of thesame blood senselessly slaughtered each other.Somewhere around 1855, Albert Pike pulled up stakes and, departing his 13 room house, the belovedIndian mounds and the secrets of Little Rocks Arkansas River caves, pointed himself northwesterly. Hisdestination was Fort Smith, in the county adjoining the one in which Cain Hill is located. Situated on ahigh point of land where the Poteau River flows into the Arkansas, to the occultist, this cave-studdedterrain, rich in legend of a hairy man-like monster creature, and small people with round eyes, musthave presented enormous potential for exploration and possible usurpation; then, perhaps, he knewvery well what was below, and his mission in Fort Smith was more a matter of protecting from curiouseyes hidden facts which, if known, would spell doom to Masonrys objective.Soon to serve as Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army, Pike would also be named by theConfederate Government as Indian Commissioner in charge of conducting negotiations with the mostpowerful tribes. Then to make operable an army of rampageous Indians, he was made Governor ofIndian Territory.[pic: The Fouke Monster, the "Big Foot" of the Ozarks]The plan was executed with military precision. Abutting the bustling town of Fort Smith and forming thewestern border of Arkansas was the Reservation with its heavy concentration of Arkansas Indians who,still trusting, failed to realize they had been trapped and betrayed by the man they called their friend.For a while Pike taught school in Fort Smith, which no doubt was a cover for other operations, such asinstilling in the Indians under his charge more hatred of Whites, particularly those of the North, andteaching them evermore barbarous ways of waging war.As one of its architects, Pike knew the time for Civil War was nigh. And well he knew the dates forcalamitous events. Then as now, Masonry relied upon a number system to work out a series of eventsleading ultimately to "a crisis." All of which, no doubt, was calculated by computer... Computers back
  24. 24. then? Of course, hundreds, even thousands of years ago! Even as, at the time of Albert Pike, highMasons in the United States had instant voice contact with high Masons in sensitive Masonic points inEurope and Asia. They possessed instruments of amazing simplicity, yet far more advanced than whatserves the same purpose today.Freemasonrys very existence depended upon a civil war in this country. Everything was at stake. Theindustrial Norths heavy population was preponderantly Catholic and/or conservative minded, while thesparse, cotton-growers of the South were more inclined toward Protestantism and a democratic (liberal)form of government.Therefore the Vatican, which was aligned with powerful Jews of the Pharisee kind (todays Zionists), hada heavy say in what went on in the North. Particularly was Catholicism a force to be reckoned withpolitically. The main barrier to pushing through banking bills that would, install a banking system thatcould - and would - take full possession of the Nations economy and, therefore, the government,perhaps of greater importance was Vatican/rightwing Jew control of Northern power points - locationswhere positive and negative elements draw together magnetically to form a power source of invisibleyet intense energy.Unknown to all except top initiates - and certain Indians - these places are vital to the nether worldinhabitants; they also are places where, if one could see their way in the dark, one might stumble acrossgold and silver treasure, and gems to stagger the imagination.Despite the fact that he was a known "abolitionist" - pro-slaverys opponent, Pike entered the war onthe side of the Confederacy. At last he was able to unleash Indian savagery with full force. The atrocitiescommitted against the men in blue at Pea Ridge and Elkhorn were so appalling that foreign governmentsupon hearing of them lodged protests, after which Jefferson Davis was forced to call a halt to the beastlyconduct. Due to his callous disregard for rules of civilized warfare, Pike was imprisoned for awhile. Butdisgrace has a habit of disappearing permanently when studiously ignored by those who write history.After allowing time to forget, Arkansas not only forgave Pike his miserable misdeeds but actuallyhonored him for what he had done! In time to make it for World War I, there was built just outside LittleRock a military training center. Accommodating over 100,000 recruits, the huge facility was named...Camp Pike! However, somewhere along the line there had to have been strong objection - no doubtfrom persons knowing the true nature of Freemasonry and some of the truth of Albert Pike, for thename was changed to Camp Robinson.Doubtless, it was to honor Pike, Masonrys number one Gentile destroyer - when, amidst wild protest ofangry white parents, Little Rock was singled out as the place to first thrust black children into a whiteschool... Remember, Pike was a school teacher in Arkansas... Adhering closely to Masonrys propensityto use the number 13 - a code used frequently and openly to convey messages to top-layer occultists -Arkansas State Flag was adopted in 1913, which was the same year Washingtons Masonic lawmakers
  25. 25. allowed the Hittite/Canaanite Federal Reserve System to sneak in and, with no strings attached,dispense the Nations money.The log cabin in which Pike taught school in Fort Smith has been preserved as a memorial. Looking overa 1976 (7+6=13) Bicentennial map of Arkansas, I note with interest the number13 marked on the damsite on Fort Smiths side the Arkansas River. Inspecting a detailed enlargement of Fort Smith, I note anAlbert Pike thoroughfare near the dam.Directly across the Arkansas River from Fort Smith is Van Buren. Serving both cities, there, not far fromthe waters edge, is the Crawford County Courthouse. Constructed on what remained of the originalwhich, along with most of the courthouse records, was destroyed by fire in 1877 (is it any wonder theconspirators adore the god of Fire?) the present Courthouse is charming with Eighteenth CenturyRevolutionary styling. Interesting is the shuttered cupola and its clock, over which, as though biding itstime, is Masonrys Triangle.A final note, Camp Robinson (formerly Camp Pike) and Fort Smith, both of which were Pikes stampinggrounds, are now federal reservations. I have read that Fort Chaffee, which is incorporated into FortSmith, is one of the concentration camps to which protesting Christian patriots are to be sent - probablyfor extermination - during the coming Time of the End.A CIRCLE WITHIN A CIRCLERecently it was announced over a Springfield, Missouri television station that the Ku Klux Klan is nowcentered in the Ozarks (Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas), with headquarters just out ofHarrison, Arkansas. Which completes a circle since it was right here in the Ozarks that well over ahundred years ago, twelve members of the Knights of the Golden Circle formed what would become thecontroversial Ku Klux Klan (Ku Klux meaning circle - Klansmen of the Golden Circle, in other words, menof the Sungod, Lucifer.)Although the Civil War had ended, the South continued to be bombarded by the North, only at this timeit was Reconstruction that was blasting southern landowners of what remained of their earthlypossessions.Although hatred of the Carpetbagger and outrage over that segment of black population that hadbecome arrogant and abusive due to new-found freedom did figure into the scheme in a secondary way,history has never and will never disclose the real reason for the formation of the KKK.In the beginning, the Klan was headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee which, in Davidson County, is onthe Cumberland River. Not distant from the Andrew Jackson Heritage House, the Klan building, in whichno doubt most of the organizations records were stored, stood on the spot where the Grand Ole OpryHouse now sits.
  26. 26. Which poses several questions, one, why two states instead of one in those days of difficult travel, and,two, is the house where the great of Country and Western music makers do their thing a sort ofmanhole cover hiding something deep beneath - say an underground passageway interspersed withcaverns winding its way westward into the mountains and hills of Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks -caverns housing people and gear of the electronic kind?The Klan symbol is the Maltese Cross, which is also the symbol of the Rothschild-financed Mafia. Longserving the media as its "whipping boy," the Klan has been one of Masonrys most effective tools. Untilrecent years a virulent adversary of Catholicism, the Klan is tricky and clandestine, a fact which escapesthe membership generally. Ostensively Christian, its influence is widely felt. By street demonstrations,newsletter and other literature, it appears the Klan is strictly for God and Country, against the mixing ofthe White and Black races and - against the Jew, specifically the Zionist Jew.Zionism has long had good relations with the Vatican, which is Communisms foe, as well as itsbedfellow, Masonry... But upon reaching into the depth of the sewage, one drags forth the stinking factthat Masonrys cabalistic head is like an aisle separating two enemies retching with hatred for eachother. To the right of the aisle is Masonrys religious, Zionist Jew, to the left is Masonrys non-religiousBolshevik Jew. With both sides possessing wealth to buy governments, Masonry achieves divisionresulting in tumult, revolution, war, internal and external...IN THE BEGINNINGIts time to dispense with all that confuses and to simplify, hence: The Knights of the Golden Circleequals the Ku Klux Klan which equals Illuminism which equals Freemasonry.Among the Illuminists - or Masons - who were founders of the KKK were Albert Pike, Judah Benjamin (AJew Rothschild agent said to have been the actual head of the[pic: illo of Klansman holding a scroll with the words "Hollow Earth"]Confederacy), John Patterson (Jefferson Davis alias), Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, Gen. H.I. Shelby, Prof. B.E.Bedezek, George Payne, the outlaws Jesse James, Bud Dalton, Lewis Dalton, Cole Younger, the terroristWilliam Quantrill. Due to belief in the integrity of Confederate politicians and military leaders and, nodoubt abhorrence of Albert Pike who believed in human sacrifice, hardcore patriots have chosen tobelieve there were two Klans originally, one led by Albert Pike, the other by Bedford Forrest. All of whichamounts to horse feathers.
  27. 27. Formed here in the Ozarks, there were no differences barring a union between Pike and Forrest, for allwere Masons serving the same heathen gods. (An interesting sidenote: Like others who have servedFreemasonry meritoriously, Jesse James has also been glorified posthumously. Articles, books, movies,TV, all portray Jesse as an arresting figure to be likened to Robin Hood; a brave son who had every rightto avenge his sacred mother abused by Northern scalawags by robbing banks and trains.)According to honest, Christian writers, at the close of the Civil War a number of Confederate bigwigs,and a few important men who had turned bandit, put their heads together to form the KKK. By means ofthis vehicle they proposed to take revenge upon the North by reopening the Civil War... Not satisfiedwith winning the war, the unconscionable North was mercilessly sending into the South unscrupulousand ruthless men. These agents were telling negroes wanting to lord it over strickened WhiteSoutherners to "go ahead," they were free now to do as they pleased. A situation shocking and beyondbelief, beleaguered Southerners were being stripped of the little they had left by outrageous taxation,crazy new laws and enforcers bereft of souls.Gardens had been ravaged, farm animals and fowl stolen, fields that once provided luxuries as well as aliving lay scorched, pitted and barren. Homes not burned to the ground had been vandalized andplundered of everything of value. Worst of all, too many husbands and sons were gone forever, andthose who had returned were maimed, or crippled, or so weakened by disease and unfit food that,instead of taking hold and running things, they were but another burden.All of which boiled down to justification by any means of obtaining the enormous amount of moneyneeded to revive the South, and put her on the march again. That is the scenario, or one much on, thatorder, that mostly honest publishers have led honest, truth-seeking Christians to believe.Holding all the high cards, Christianitys enemies stay out of trouble by ignoring that which mightprovide a glimpse of truth which could lead to other glimpses, after which the hand could be lost andpossibly the game!For example, in glamorizing Jesse there is omitted the fact that not only did the bandit visit Nashvillefrequently, he lived there four years, and it was there that two of his children were born. The otherthing carefully overlooked is that Jesse and gang hid out in caves... Both matters which seem of littlesignificance.Jesse and brother Frank were born and raised in Kearney, Clay County, Missouri. A hop, skip and jumpfrom the Missouri River and City of Independence which, the homeplace of bigshot Mason and demonPresident of the United States, Harry Solomon Truman, in the early 1830s was the area chosen byMormon Joseph Smith for colonization.
  28. 28. THE INDIANS KNEWYears before Jesse was born, two men who, years beforehand had knowledge of the coming AmericanCivil hurt moved into the Ozarks: Albert Pike, who was to become Masonrys big boss and Joseph Smithwho, if not a Mason at the time would become one later. Regardless of other secret society affiliation, atthe time both men were firmly in the camp of Lucifer, the god of the Golden Chariot, our Sun.While alongside the Arkansas River Pike was palavering with Indians and, as their "trusted friend andadviser," selling them down the river and onto reservations, alongside the Missouri River Smith wastelling his red and white converts that the land on which they stood (now Independence, Missouri) wasBiblical Zion.Smiths feeling toward Missouri Indians must have been mixed. Like Pike, he knew they possessedaccurate knowledge of the lower world. He had been guided to the site he called Zion by Indians. HisBook of Mormon glorified certain Indians as the Chosen Ones... According to Smith, the blood of theseIndians was mixed with that of ancient Israelites who, fleeing Palestine at the fall of Judah to theBabylonians, migrated to America, after which they were guided to the Ozarks, where they made theirhome.[pic: A New Mexico Indian pays tribute to the Sun by doing the Hoop Dance]It was early in the last century when, according to Smith, he dug from out of a hill in Palmyra, New York,gold tablets bearing Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Of recent date, scientists were digging secretly in Mt. Meadwhich, near Woodstock, is also near Palmyra (Because it was once surrounded by circling stones muchlike those at Stonehenge, Woodstock is also called "Devils Tombstone.")Before stopped by vandals who, upon learning what was going on, sneaked in to make off with many ofthe priceless artifacts, the scientists, because of the nature of their discovery, reached the conclusionthat the Catskill Mountains had been a beehive of activity 10,000 to 15,000 years ago: that, in fact theregion appeared to have been part of the lost continent of Atlantis!One of the artifacts unearthed by the scientists was a gold plate which they said bore inscription ofMayan influence. This, due to the nearness of Smiths dig to Mt. Mead, leads me to believe that Smithsplates were not inscribed with "reformed Egyptian characters," as he claimed, but instead bore markingsidentical to the plate uncovered by the scientists... And further, that it wasnt a Urim and Thummin thattranslated the markings on Smiths plates but Indians educated in the language traced to the time whenQuetzalcoatl visited the Americas for the purpose of giving the primitive natives a sophisticated cultureand a language of their own.Smith knew the origin of American Indians because through them he had learned of the lower world: healso knew how they had traveled to reach the Americas. Further, he knew that within certain tribes of
  29. 29. Indians in the Upper America and in Central America-Guatemala were tribes with members who,because of ancient breeding with the Caucasian, still retain fair skin, eyes often blue in color and hairoften reddish of hue.STAR GOD CITYIn the early 1950s there was an organization of Indians from Canada, the United States, Mexico andSouth America known as the "League of Nations Pro-American Indians." The purpose of the organizationwas to further the cause of the Lamanites, Indians who, with blood of the White, had been designatedby Joseph Smith as Chosen of God.At that time, a meeting was held in Independence by the chiefs of the organization to "adopt the Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" as the State Church of the Indian Nations.At the meeting a matter was brought up that was of extreme importance for it pertained to the mostcarefully guarded of the "secrets." The matter was the city of White Indians located in Guatemala. Thecity is called "Star God City," in commemoration of the visit of the white-bearded god who had visitedthe ancestors of the American Indians of Guatemala. It was from his symbol, the Morning Star, that thename "Star God City" was derived, (God of the Sun, the white bearded visitor was Lucifer who, takingthe form of a human, was known to Aztec, Mayan and Inca Indians as Quetzalcoatl. The phallic God, thisbeing not only accepted human sacrifice, he also taught the proper way to tear out the heart! To givehim the Morning Star - Venus - as his symbol amounts to total blasphemy, for the Morning Star is ofJesus Christ.)Star God City is located near El Gelbo, Guatemala, and is on the shore of a lake. In the early 1950s it waspopulated by some 200 white Indians. Around the city is a limestone wall. In each of the four sides is agate. Besides the dwellings, within the walls are four temples.The language of the White Indians is of the old Mayan people or, as Latter Day Saints believe, theoriginal tongue of the Lamanites and Nephites. Anyone visiting the city would need two interpreters,one versed in Spanish, the other in Mayan.According to reports, the people of Star God City, are looking forward with great longing to the "Secondcoming of the Star God" of Jesus Christ (again blasphemy) and the building of the Holy City in which theStar God will dwell (How Scripture has been bent to fulfill the desires of the utterly wicked. According toJoseph Smith, the Holy City is to be built in the area along the Missouri River once occupied by hisfollowers... Now the city of Independence, it is my belief that he meant in the vast caverns beneathwhat was once the hometown of the obnoxious Harry Truman.)At the 1951 conference in Independence it was reported that White Indians of Star God City haverecords of their people dating back to ancient times. Their belief is that the story of Esther (Biblical Book
  30. 30. of Esther) corroborates the records. In fact, their belief is that the Book of Esther verifies the"truthfulness of the Book of Mormon" (the Book of Esther is the one book of the Old Testament that Iregard as completely spurious.)Vicious and spiteful, the Jew, Esther, who wielded tremendous political power, instilled in all non-Jewsfear of the Jews (Canaanites), a fear which, persisting down through the millennia, is more pervasivetoday than ever before. Another point to be brought out is that Esther represents Ishstar [sic?] (Easter isa tribute to Esther), the Hittite/Canaanite Aphrodite, the Moon Goddess, the consort of Lucifer theSungod, whom both the Catholic Church and Mormon Church disguise as the Virgin Mary and her son,Jesus Christ.Discussed at the meeting were the records kept by the Guatemala White Indians. Containing history ofthe deepest past, not only of Indians of Central America but most of the tribes of North America as well,all is inscribed on metal plates... which brings to mind the metal plates found in the Ozarks which, sentto the Smithsonian, were never acknowledged.[pic: In their harvest dance, Navahos carry long poles with secret symbols. (the triangles upper cornersrepresent the Skygod, Zeus, and the Sungod, Helios - Lucifer. The pointed base represents, Satan, thelord of the underworld. The bird above the triangle would be the raven, the bird of the Sungod.)]It was also brought out that Indians in the northeastern part of the United States - the area where Smithlived as a boy - wrote on lead plates, some of which had been seen by Indians attending the conference.According to tradition, Indians have lived in America continuously since the time of Adam, and theirnumber has been augmented from time to time by fresh migrations (Migrating from where? Only oneplace is possible - the underworld!) This means that at the time of the creation of white Adam and Evethere were a number of races of people living within Earths hollow interior and after the time Adam andEve were seduced by the alien, Satan. Some of the inhabitants of the inner-world were sent upon thesurface to colonize the land. From the Book of Genesis I learn that before the Flood there was acataclysm which apparently destroyed the inhabitants of surface colonies, while reducing the life spanof coming surface dwellers from many hundreds of years to a mere hundred and twenty years. After theFlood destroyed Atlantis, and the remnant of Lemuria, the length of life of those who would againemerge from the sub-world to colonize the face of the planet would be still further reduced.The beliefs of these Latter Day Saints Indians closely parallels beliefs held by members of the IdentityChurch which is that during the time of King Zedekiah, Judahs defeat at the hands of the Babylonians,and the subsequent Captivity, a troop of Israelites departed the Holy Land to migrate to America.Winding up in the Ozarks, it is at this point that Identity moves in another direction... and veryconvincingly. Their belief is that the Prophet Jeremiah led the group, and that in their possession wasthe all-powerful electronic wonder, the Ark of the Covenant. Further, they believe the Ark of theCovenant was deposited within Arkansas State-controlled Magazine Mountain, which adjoins Mt. Nebo.
  31. 31. About midway between Little Rock and Fort Smith, these mountains are alongside the Arkansas River.Nearby are the twin Petit Jean mountains. Atop one of these mountains is the mansion of the late andone-time governor of Arkansas, Winthrop Rockefeller. Whether the headquarters, I do not know, but formany years the Rockefellers have maintained a ranch in this beautifully rugged and cave-pitted area... Itis my thought that within the mountain on which the mansion sits is an inhabited cavern, one of themost sensitive of the Ozarks underworld.Cramming Catholicism, and all its conjuring down their throats, Spaniards tried to wring from Mayan andInca Indians the underground locations of treasure too massive to measure; gold and silver bars, tooheavy for a man to lift, precious gems by the boxful, all untouched since the time of Atlantis.[pic: Andrew JacksonCaptain John Cleve Symmes, who fought in the War of 1812, traveled the country telling people thatPlanet Earth is hollow and has two openings, one at the top, the other at the bottom.Because of potential for trade with an underground nation, the Congressional Commerce Committeeconducted an investigation of Symmes claims. Unfortunately, a vote turned down funds needed topursue the matter. However, the extremely interested Secretary of the Navy, Southard, was able toauthorize a single Navy vessel to send to the South Pole to search for the gateway to that other world.Plans for the journey were under way when Andrew Jackson succeeded Adams in the White House. TheIndians worst enemy quickly skewered the plan and dumped it in the trash where it remains to this day.Until I began digging for clues with which to help solve the mystery, I had given little thought to theIndians of the Americas. It is as though what I write is timed; that pieces of the puzzle are given onlywhen needed... Perhaps otherwise my mind would become so cluttered that I would be unable to useany of it.Because of the fact that we are denied even an inkling of its existence, it is difficult to believe there is aworld beneath the one on which we live. But it is so. I know first from Scripture and now from othersources as well.I know now the truth of why Indians were massacred and ruthlessly run off their land. The depth of theinfamy is blacker than the nether world where there is no artificial lighting.
  32. 32. IN THESE PARTSI have been told that the Buffalo is the only nationalized river in the Nation. If true, why? Why was thislittle river singled out? Other than scenic and fine to float, the Buffalo appears of little significance. Todeepen the mystery, by the White River into which the Buffalo flows are the caverns of BlanchardSprings. Now owned by the government, these caverns have been developed. Now a tourist attractionto which visitors come from just about everywhere, there is an elevator to accommodate the two levelsof caverns open to tourists; all entrancingly lighted, a tour-guide explains and answers questions andmakes certain that Natures wonders are not touched by human hand.There is yet another level to this particular system of caverns, one which I doubt will ever be developed.Why? I think it is because of the division of a natural passageway and what is beyond. At this point thereis a choice of directions, one to the right, the other to the left. Written on one wall are these words fromthe Book of Isaiah, 2:10: "Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the dust, for fear of the Lord, and for theglory of his majesty." Preceding this verse are these verses, (7,8,9) "Their land also is full of silver andgold, neither is there any end of their treasures; their land is also full of horses, neither is there any endof their chariots: Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that whichtheir own fingers have made: And the mean man boweth down, and the great man humbleth himself:therefore forgive them not." To reinforce and give more meaning to these words of Isaiah are theseverses from chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation: "And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, andlo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon becameas blood; And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, whenshe is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and everymountain and island were moved out of their places.. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, andthe rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondsman, and every free man, hidthemselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains: And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall onus, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb."The words are plain enough, but to further clarify:... Hidden within caves of this planet is fabuloustreasure seemingly of endless amount. There are also "chariots" in this black world where one canbecome hopelessly lost should a wrong turn be taken. But what kind of chariots are these, and whatabout the horses? The answer is the UFO (which a number of people are beginning to suspect), and theirpilots, the operators of the strange craft-And what about the idols, the work of the hands, worshippedby the mean and great men? They are none other than electronic wonders of which we of the surfaceare only now getting our first full taste. The mean and mighty men will hide in their cities within Earth atthe time of the Great Earthquake, the time when the massive electronic equipment within the sun isdeprived of power and ceases to function; when the moon turns red and is moved out of her place and,control lost, ships within the heaven fall upon Earth. Earth will rock and reel, mountains will tumble,islands will disappear and from the waters depths new ones will appear. Men who control the wealth ofthe world, along with their Gentile henchmen - occultists all - will know the game is lost. Fear will raketheir evil souls as within Earth (and outerspace as well) they seek to escape the wrath of the One whosits on the Throne riding the heavens, and of His Son, the Lamb, the Messiah of true Christians.
  33. 33. Written on the other wall dividing the way in the undeveloped Blanchard Springs cavern are these wordsfrom the Book of Ezekiel, 21:16: "Go thee one way or other, either on the right hand, or on the left,whithersoever thy face is set." Preceding are these two verses: "Thou therefore, son of man, prophesy,and smite thine hands together, and let the sword be doubled the third time, the sword of the slain: it isthe sword of the great men that are slain, which entereth into their privy chambers. I have set the pointof the sword against all their gates, that their heart may faint, and their ruins be multiplied: ah! it ismade bright, it is wrapped up for the slaughter." Different from the others, the coming war will havedouble the casualties, and the ruins will be multiplied again and again over the other two world wars ofthis century. The sword today is in the hands of men as anti-Christian, as dedicated to the Skygod, theSungod, the god of the Underworld, as any of the leaders who, since the time of the Flood, havedevoted themselves to stirring up wars, bringing death, destruction and sorrow to the hapless, helplessmasses. Their gates - where are their gates?, They are underground where the treasures are hidden andguarded by strange little beings with round eyes...How do I know these words from prophets of the Old Testament are written on the walls of agovernment-owned cavern? Because a member of my immediate family saw them. A young spelunker,he was hired, along with other cave explorers, to go into this particular cavern to clean up clutter thatmay have been left by earlier explorers. when I was told about this handwriting on the walls, I was bothperplexed and excited. Whoever wrote those words must have known a lot of the secrets of the OldTestament... I had the feeling of being not quite alone.Arkansas Ozarks abound with communities with biblical names. About midway between BlanchardSprings Caverns and Calico. Rock (where I understand Jesse James taught school) is one called Mt. Olive.Eastward, and on down the White River a piece is Cushman with its Blowing Cave. It was there, atBlowing Cave, that Charles Marcoux, the noted cave explorer and believer in the subterranean worlddied suddenly. Marcoux and his wife had moved to Cushman for the purpose of exploring Blowing Cave.He believed that if he made the right turn he would come upon a portal that, upon entering, would leadto one of the ancient underground cities... Leave Cushman and move northeast into the next county andyou will come upon Smithville. It was there, near Strawberry River, that Gordon Kahl, the fiery TaxProtester and patriot was killed - or was he? A great mystery there. Kahl who, hiding out with friends inArkansas after fleeing North Dakota when forced into a gun battle with two U.S. marshals, was trackedto the Leonard Ginter home in Lawrence County. Made of concrete, the Ginter house was a sort ofbunker. Tracking Kahl to the Ginter place, law officers opened fire. Without return fire, they pouredsome three hundred rounds into the concrete and two windows. Tear gas grenades were hurled into thegarage. A fire started and within the house a body was burned beyond recognition. Gordon Kahl? Manydoubt it. At any rate, after shelling the Ginter home until it became a sieve, the FBI wanted to borrow aNational Guard gunship helicopter armed with bazookas to hover over and level the Ginter home. Forsome reason the governor of Arkansas refused permission... The Ginter house was built partlyunderground. Im wondering if, like Ozark outlaws of the last century, Kahl too disappeared into anotherworld, one reached through an underground passageway beneath Leonard Ginters place. The State ofArkansas and the United States government meticulously guard the secrets of the Ozarks.