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5 reasons why gold will unfortunately be worthless after the collapse of the dollar
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5 reasons why gold will unfortunately be worthless after the collapse of the dollar


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Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • 1. 5 reasons why Gold will unfortunately beworthless AFTER the collapse of the dollar.I predict Gold and Silver will have no value after the dollar collapse for 5 main reasons probablynobody has ever heard of. Yes we all know precious metal prices will skyrocket from now untilthe dollar collapses but afterwards it will be as worthless as a paper weight. In history it used tobe true that gold would regain itself as currency again after a paper currency collapsed but itwont work this time and Ill explain the reasons why.(Reason 1)With no currency, with what are you gonna sell your gold? The amount you paid for your goldbefore the collapse will by a long shot not equal the goods and services value, youll have totrade it for after the collapse and no one will want it because it wont really serve any purposeduring this time. Meaning for example most people will be forced to trade $1000 worth of goldfor $5 worth of food. Well people might argue "You can use gold for electronics and otherthings." I say whos gonna work at the electrical plants without a paycheck? The only electricitybeing made are survivalists who own windmills in their back yard and seriously how many of youhave those?(Reason 2)People will argue, gold will have to return to currency. I argue, whos gonna mint all those goldpieces for free? Remember when the currency collapses nobody is getting paid anymore so whywould US mint workers waste their time working for free? Everybody is gonna be busy guardingtheir food supply. Food will be the new currency. People who are not self sufficent will end uphaving to help people who are in order to survive.(Reason 3)The government wont create a new currency. Everybody thinks the Illuminati will introduce the"Amero" at this time. Those people who are the Illuminati network wont do anything withoutgetting paid. They are going to be hiding in their Apocolyspe bunkers that they paid billions ofdollars to reserve a room in the mountains. Once the dollar collapses everything and I meaneverything will shut down. The gasoline will dry up in 2-3 days, food will dry up quick, nobodywill work a job including the goverment workers. In these conditions the last thing on peoplesminds will be fancy jewelry or precious metals. The first thing will be how can they eat anothermeal and live another day. Everyday, people will get shot/killed for stealing food. You cant eatgold you know.(Reason 4)The dollar is currently the worlds reserve currency. The reason in history for thousands of yearsthat gold always returned its value after a paper money collapse is because it happened in atime when world reserve currencys didnt exist. What this means is formerly when one countryscurrency died, another would just take over. However in this case, the currency currently dieingis the currency that all other countrys currencys are backed upon. Meaning if the dollar dieshere, it takes down every countries currency that based their own currencys buying power orvalue upon the dollar.(Reason 5)Manufacturing and mass production stops. With nobody working because their paycheck is nowjust worthless paper, gold will cease to have a material or useful purpose. I mean seriously, whatare we gonna use it for?I would suggest this. Buy gold for now and hang onto it for about 6 months. Then immediatleysell it just before the dollar completely crashes when you notice inflation going through the roof
  • 2. and buy as much seeds and non parishable foods items as you can and bury it in containers inthe ground to hide it. Remember people will be getting killed over food so youll be able to getanyone to work for you in payment for food. Nobody will have any reason to want gold after thecollapse. I predict when it happens this may very well be the end of money all together and thebeginning of what Gene Roddenbury tried to portray when the character Captain Picard said"There was a time in history when the world gave up on money and decided to all work togetherfor the common good." Those who survive who be forced to live by this method. Meaning we willall become farmers and fisherman to feed our communities.