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  • 1. Hong Wang Package Manufacturing Ltd.
  • 2. Company Overview
  • 3. Company Overview
  • 4. Brief Description We are a manufacturer with 10 years of experiences. We focus on Plastic Packaging with material such as LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, EPE, Biodegradable etc. We have a factory area of 55,000 sq. meter. We have recruited around 1,000 workers.
  • 5. Markets We Serve Electronic Medical Industrial Grocery Clothing Agricultural Health Care/ Hygiene Moldings (Starting 2011)
  • 6. Our Products Plastic Bags Patients Belonging Bags Plastic Films Stretch Films EPE Foams Draw tape Bags EPE Bags Draw string Bags Zipper Bags Biodegradable Bags Bubble Bags Antistatic Bags Aprons Printed Films/Bags Specimen Bags BOPP Films/Bags Heat Shrink Films Coextruded Films/Bags Barcodes Plastic Gloves etc.
  • 7. Product Pictures
  • 8. Product Pictures
  • 9. Product Pictures
  • 10. Product Pictures
  • 11. Product Pictures
  • 12. Product Pictures
  • 13. Production Processes Procurement Raw Material Storage Extrusion Dust Free Quality Control Environment Printing Slitting Final Product Storage Logistics
  • 14. Raw Materials We import our materials mLLDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE from Overseas. Exxon Mobil Corporation – U.S. Petalin – Malaysia Formosa – Taiwan
  • 15. Production Capabilities (Extrusion) Extrusion – 45 Machines Usage of 23,400 tons of Plastic Material per year Imported Machines from Taiwan, South Korea, South East Asia etc.
  • 16. Production Capabilities (Extrusion)
  • 17. Production Capabilities (EPE) 4 EPE Machines Imported from Korea
  • 18. Production Capabilities (Laminating) Laminating Processes – Combining PE films with EPE films.
  • 19. Production Capabilities (Printing) 2 Gravure Printing Machines (8 colors at a time) 10 Flexo Printing Machines
  • 20. Production Capabilities (Slitting) 70 Slitting Machines 10 Slitting Machines located in Dust-Free Workshop
  • 21. Production Capabilities (Dust-Free Workshop)Enclosed WorkshopsAir Shower in EntranceAir ConditioningInsect Killing DevicesHair Coverings must be worn before enteringHands must be washed before enteringFloors, Equipments are constantly monitoredand cleaned
  • 22. Production Capabilities (Dust-free Workshop)
  • 23. Warehouses Semi-finished Products and Final Products are located and monitored at the 3rd Floor of Factory in an enclosed area.
  • 24. Major Customers (Electronics)
  • 25. Major Customers (Electronics)
  • 26. Major Customers (Medical/Health Care andFood Packaging)
  • 27. Major Customers (Other Sectors)
  • 28. CertificatesISO 9001:2008ISO 14001:2004RoHS ComplianceFDA ComplianceSGS CertificateISO 13485 (Complete in 2010)ISO 22000 (Complete in 2011)
  • 29. Quality ControlFully equipped LabLab Tests areimplemented toensure qualityComply with AQLStandardsFollows strictlywith IQC, IPQCand OQC
  • 30. Environmental SustainabilityPlastic WastageMaterials and Cartonsmust be recycled andthen sold to othercompaniesRegulations on Electricity,Water Usage.Installation of Air HeatPump in DormsEnergy Saving AirConditioningProduce BiodegradableProducts
  • 31. Social Events Sports Competitions Traveling Year End Celebrations
  • 32. Financial Assets – We owned all Land, Machines, Equipments Financial Assets – Strong Financial Capital Inventory – Can hold stocks for long period of time and therefore reduce impact from economic uncertainties Liabilities – minimal Short Term and Long Term Liabilities Sales Revenue – Increases in Sales Revenue every year Profit – Increases in Profit every year
  • 33. Competitive Advantages Quality Assurances – Integrity and Responsibility is our main corporate culture Benefits in Large Scale Production Focus in Plastic Packaging Field for 10 Years Service majorly for Well Known Customers Accounted for 10% Shares of Total EPE Packaging for Computer, TV, Monitors for the whole Electronic Sectors.
  • 34. Competitive Advantages Strong Potential – New Phase 1 Factory completing in August, New Phase 2 Factory completing in December Therefore, New Dust-Free Workshop will be compatible with higher international standards Solid Management Group – Benefited from Employee Benefit Programs Strict Quality Control and Well Certified Offices in both Hong Kong and China
  • 35. Thank you for your patience and have anice day =)