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  • 2. Welcome to the Library Science Department! Thank you for agreeing to participate in our internship program as a supervising librarian. Your willingness to oversee and direct your intern’s activities in the school library is very much appreciated. Your expertise will guide the intern. The time spent with you will contribute to the intern’s practical experience in the school library setting. The faculty appreciates your professional contribution to a vital component of the Texas School Librarian Certification and Master of Library Science Programs! Thank you very much. 2
  • 3. On-Site Internship Requirements  130 documented hours in a school library  Collaborative lesson with a classroom teacher  Video of intern in the role of school librarian teaching students  Pretest administered to students prior to lesson  Posttest administered to students after lesson  Activities and discussions that coordinate with the ALA/AASL Standards for the Initial Preparation of School Librarians (2010) found at schoollibrary/2010_standards_with_rubrics_and_statements_1-31-11.pdf  Photographs of activities to document intern experiences  Visit/interview from supervising professor 3
  • 4. Supervising Librarian’s Responsibilities  Oversee and direct a wide variety of activities for the intern in the school library  Evaluate intern’s collaborative lesson using provided rubric  Evaluate intern’s overall performance and dispositions in the library An online evaluation will be provided using Tk20  Provide feedback to supervising professor of intern’s performance 4
  • 5. Information in the Handbook for School Library Internship  Suggested tasks and activities related to:  ALA/AASL Standards for the Initial Preparation of School Librarians (2010) found at ollibrary/2010_standards_with_rubrics_and_statements_1-31-11.pdf; and  The six standards of the Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Part 7, Chapter 239, Subchapter B, Rule §239.55 found at$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir= &p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=19&pt=7&ch=239&rl=55  Supervisor’s Assessment of Intern’s Dispositions  Supervisor’s Assessment of Overall Intern Performance  Information Literacy Collaborative Lesson Information and Rubric 5
  • 6. Interns Should Be Familiar with:  The policies of the school district and the school  Abide by the rules and regulations required of the school librarian and in the school environment  The Code of Ethics of the American Library Association from  Any other information that is required by the school or district and that the supervising librarian recommends 6
  • 7. Dr. Holly Weimar, Coordinator of Internship Please feel free to contact me or a supervising professor if you have questions or concerns related to the internship experience. My contact information: – office phone: 936-294- 1150. Visit the Department of Library Science web page for contact information about faculty and staff:
  • 8. At the End of Internship Supervising Librarians complete the Assessment of Overall Intern Performance  Completed using Tk20. An email for Mr. Andy Oswald will provide you with your login information.  Assessment is based on the ALA/AASL Standards for the Initial Preparation of School Librarians (2010)  Assessment consists of 20 items  A comment section is provided for comments on the intern’s dispositions 8
  • 9. Thank you for the work that you do with your intern. Because of the expertise and activities that you provide for your intern, he or she will gain valuable experience in the field of school librarianship. We greatly appreciate your contributions. Thank you so very much. 9